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Sports Keg Grill

Bar & Grill in Burlington, WA










“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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46 reviews for “Sports Keg Grill

  1. Michael Tremblay

    Got the sonic boom burger. It was fantastic. They also have 5 or 6 pool tables pretty well separated from the rest of the dining area. Definitely will go back, probably gunna make it a stop on one of my big motorcycle rides.

  2. Eric Veal

    Decent place and the Burger dip was decent as well.

  3. John DeFord

    Large portions. Helpful staffing. Delicious food. Fish sandwich and fries were cooked to a perfect golden. Flavorful, juicy, and crispy.

  4. Joel

    Looks fun, just don’t go to this sports bar expecting them to have the sports you’re looking to watch. That’s just not good planning.

  5. Jody Belisle

    We had the Thai Shrimp salad,
    Sirloin steak, and clam chowder….no complaints at our table! Steak was butter tender and salad is my personal new favorite!

  6. Brett Parker

    Good food, interesting combinations. The Thai shrimp Ceasar salad is one(see photo) Good drinks, friendly staff, and it can get pretty busy.

  7. Tru Canady

    Great food, had the rib eye and it was better than outback. The drink selection was great and the service was as well

  8. Tez Mousey

    Terrible. This place is located in a poorly maintained gravel lot making it difficult to access when disabled. Dining outside is near impossible. They take your card behind the bar if you eat outside. They refuse to serve or bus the outdoor area. Orders must be made at the bar and you must stand there until the food is ready. You have to bus your own table and take everything out and in. Staff is stand office and do not wear masks or disinfect. In fact there were no masks on the property outside of my party. Do not go.

  9. Joseph Picotte, Jr.

    Good service, didn’t need the “darling” BS, great food, pandemic pricing too much. $28 after the tip, will try again later in my life.

  10. Michael Houlihan

    A truly good time. Decent tap selection. Great waitress, awesome hamburger and tasty fries. Had 3 good beers on tap and a very satisfying cheeseburger. Pleasant atmosphere, plenty of tables and pool! Traditional “American Sports Pub” experience.

  11. William Goring

    The sports cake has a nice atmosphere not too bad at all grab something to eat their hamburgers are pretty good and their fries Just remember not to drink and drive keep your alcohol consumption low if you’re driving it’s not a place to go get drunk

  12. James Ramos

    Good ol fashioned breakfast, and the sausage patty is the Bomb!

  13. Harlan Shinn

    Great outdoor beer garden that’s dog friendly as well. Good tap selection and the kitchen does a great job with the menu.

  14. Bj Hedahl

    Junk, unhealthy for both body and earth… slow service, although when we asked to be able to turn down the music so we could hear ourselves talk, they did so. Lots of cleavage…

  15. Connor Parks

    Last time I was here was about 3 years ago. It has definitely gotten worse. Granted, I was there on a Wednesday night, so maybe the rude staff is only there in the middle of the week. As soon as my buddy and I walked up to the bar, we were greeted in a very rude fashion by one of the female bartenders. She told us to sit down and someone would come to us (even though were standing right at the bar, 2 feet from the barstools). We proceeded to sit down and we waited. Pool is $1.50 per 15 minutes, which is a little pricey, but whatever. When I went back for a second beer, I was called “needy” by one of the other bartenders. I’m not sure what we did to wrong the staff here or what we did to deserve this treatment, but needless to say, we won’t be back.

  16. Ashlynn Longnecker

    Bartender couldn’t read my ID because she didn’t have her glasses on, refused service after confirming I’m 34… copped an attitude and told me to go take a seat- without service. We were prepared to spend $100+ on food, $100 on pull tabs… plus drinks… and I always tip 25%+ separately on those services depending on service. Your bar, tender, and server lost money yesterday because the elderly uncouth woman behind the bar couldn’t be kind for even 5 minutes. This is the 4th time we’ve received terrible service from her, and this time we just walked out instead of rewarding abusive treatment. Good service shouldn’t be reserved for “regulars,” otherwise you’ll never end up with return customers who become just that. My husband and I had our first date there 12 years ago and I doubt we’ll ever return 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. Becky Ellenberger

    Our first time stopping in. It is a huge, fun place with lots of television s and pool tables. We really liked the atmosphere. The menu has a lot on it, the food is good and so is the customer service. A great selection of spirits and decent selection of beers on tap. Definitely looking forward to coming back to try more of the menu offerings.

  18. Earl Mallonee

    Sports Keg was wonderful, servers were friendly & attentive to taking care of you food was good.

  19. Chalamar Nichols

    I’m not sure why this place rates as well as it does. It’s super loud. The bathroom, while clean still smelled horrible. Their garlic cheese bread is just a pile of garlic in the middle of a piece of bread with some cheese on it. Decent burger and fries but nothing that makes us want to go back.

  20. Bakerbikes

    Came in late at night because they keep their fryers on. Ordered chicken wings, no alcohol.
    Got thrown out of the establishment from a screaming bartender.
    From these reviews, you’d think they want to up their quality of workers. Anyone can bartend.

  21. Richard Gaudette

    The service wasn’t that good. The atmosphere was nice. The place is clean. And the food is great. Had the grilled chicken Cesar salad and the loaded tots. Both were enough to be filling and a little to take for later.

  22. Dave Smith

    Casual homey atmospher and good food and service, not fancy. A must if you just want a good meal at a reasonable price.

  23. Roger Jewell

    Absolutely great burgers. Waitress was super. The only thing negative was 2 guys at the bar having a conversation by yelling to each other

  24. Natasha Fithen

    Best fries you will EVER GET! FROM ANYWHERE!! Other menu items are also very tasty. Very homie, small town feel.

  25. Tanya Garcia

    First off my drink wasn’t even filled all the way even though I’ve been ordering this drink here and Is always full. The drink didn’t even have sugar on the rim. The lady who served us said I couldn’t order a second drink until 45 min after my first? This is the first time I’ve heard this since I’ve been coming here. Every time I come in here the same lady is always like that. I feel like I’m being discriminated against every time I come here.

  26. Tiffan Cross

    This place has always been a great place to eat,drink and socialize!

  27. Ron McConlogue

    Our waitress acts like we are putting her out.

    Out of items on the menu.

    Disappointed in the experience. Heard great reviews.

  28. Bella Billingsley

    Great drinks and friendly service. Well enjoyed. Pool tables and outdoor, lighted patio a happy bonus

  29. Jocelyn Griffin

    Great energy, service, and bartender was on point. Thank you for giving us a great night

  30. Sarah Greenwood

    If you want extremely slow service and very RUDE wait staff, this is your place. Been there twice now, never again. She even overcharged us $15.

  31. kirk packard

    Lots of wonderfully beers. Every game you can find on screen. Didn’t get to try the food but looked really good and very large plates! Good smells from kitchen!

  32. Dustin Sakrison

    Getting Drinks and Food was like pulling teeth, took 45 minuets to come back to take our order. It wasn’t even busy, it was a monday night. Multiple waitstaff working, and we couldn’t even flag one down

  33. Dena Walker

    Super busy and to go order took more than 30 minutes before it was ready. Food was good tho! Didn’t know they did breakfast until we saw a lot of cars in the parking lot in the A.M.

  34. Firedawgys Girl

    Havent been here in years. Was in town on Holiday visiting my sons. Love the atmosphere. The outside area Rocks. Good food, great service…

  35. Timogene Redmond

    I enjoyed the fish and chips very much. Cole slaw tasted different to me. Mind you it wasn’t bad,. Just an acquired taste that I wasn’t prepared for.

  36. Aidyn Hull

    Genuinely some of the best food I’ve had in Burlington, and I’ve lived in the area my whole life. I’m not a big bar and grill guy, so I wasn’t expecting much. That said, I was blown out of the water. The food was excellent, and everything that was fried came out *immaculate*. The fries were crispy and flavorful, the poppers were big and packed fulla yummy stuff, and the burger (Sonic Boom burger, do recommend!) was absolutely delicious, not to mention HUGE! I’m not a small man, and I struggled to take my first bite it was that big! The service and seating were excellent, and our drinks were brought out to us very quickly. The only thing I have to ding these guys for is that we were waiting on our food for a solid 30-40 minutes, if memory serves. It was midday on Game Day, so that definitely contributed! All in all, it was well worth the money spent, and I’ll be coming here again soon!

  37. Tim Smith

    Service was overworked and slow, but went out of their way to make sure everything was great. Atmosphere was friendly! Drinks were great! Some food better than others. Do not recommend the cheese steak.

  38. Annie Kaspar

    Awesome service. Amazing outdoor area. Our new summer spot

  39. Bri Chvojka

    We recently found this place and really loved it. We drive all the way from Camano Island to come here and today we came to watch the Mariners game. We found a spot at the bar and then were told we needed to move because the people behind us wanted to watch the Huskies game and the TV in front of us was the only one with a connection to the network they needed. We moved and got a table, had some food, went out back to smoke. When we came back in the servers had given our table away and didn’t seem to care. We paid our tab and left. We will never be going back. No one even knew who had our tab so that we could pay and leave. Terrible customer service.

  40. Stephen Ellis

    Went here for breakfast. It was pretty darn good, typical eggs and sausage. Felt comfortable. They forgot to keep the butter off the toast but no big deal. Portions were big and I was stuffed by everything else anyway. Not the bartender’s fault that service was a little slow. She was running the bar, waitressing and bussing all the tables by herself. Quite the warrior. I hope she gets rich. I’m sure I’ll come back every now and then.

  41. Ron & Lona Reed

    Completely delicious! And we were overserved… with food! We will be back!

  42. timothy davies

    Terrible service. Has been getting worse and worse over last few years. Last time was there i waited over 20mins and not 1 server came to check on me. Despite them walking back and forth.
    Used to have great service but they’ve been fired or quit.
    Food is mediocre at best.

  43. Carl Carrothers

    Just had a horrible experience there. Went for lunch today maybe watch some football. I was totally ignored for 5-7 minutesbar was not that busy it was 115. Not 1 employee acknowledge me, so I got up and left. Found a different bar that wanted my money

  44. Jamie Goad (Jamie G.)

    This place has the best food the best portions the best staff the best prices…. And if you think I’m joking go check it out. My dad and I meet here at least once a month and I look forward to it very much and I look forward to seeing my dad lol

  45. Kimberlee Fisher

    Why can’t I get hot biscuits and gravy!! I even ask to make sure it’s hot when ordering!! I come here all the time and always have the same issue!! Very disappointing

  46. Brenda Blanchfield

    Good food, t
    Slow service, got food 2 hours later. Fun party place.

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