12303 E Trent Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216


47.690033900756, -117.23942397965


8:00 am – 11:00 pm


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Stormin Normans Shipfaced Saloon

Traditional American Bar & Grill in Spokane Valley, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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40 reviews for “Stormin Normans

  1. Sheila Borst

    I don’t mind this place but I’ve had two subpar experiences with staff not helping or being attentive enough. We waited about 20 minutes for a drink when there were two behind the bar and it wasn’t that busy. Just the pour was slooooow. Drinks are designed well. It’s a fun interactive place. As far as the food. Get the chicken strips, you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Benjamin Radoslovich

    First time in and I will be back. That prime rib lunch special is amazing. The prime rib was cooked to perfection and the service is top notch.

  3. Jonathan Jones

    This is a great place to visit and have a drink or just enjoy the atmosphere. Friendly staff and good food stop by relax, and enjoy

  4. abby

    okay so me and my bro were here and we were chilling and stuff we got a lunch also fyi when we arrived they told us they had NO BACON LIKE GIRL -1/10 i needed that fresh pig meat in my belly and bam! NONE. disappointed okay anyways we went inside and there was ROACHES ALL OVER AND ONE LITERALLY GOT IN OUR LEGS I MEAN INSIDE our pants i felt that all over like also these people.. also this place is literally so bad… like norman, do better. stop stormin around the whole restaurant, instead clean it, get your roach spray or get a man over here to clean it up!! the food was OKAY. it was good i wanted bacon though, i told my mom later how bad it was and i cried, i went to denny’s instead and got bacon there. DENNYS IS BETTER THAN NORMAN. norman become normal fr, anyways, the food was 7/10 but i love food, -1/10 for the inside and stuff, and out, also there was a sign outside and it was very problematic, i also saw a roach on that sign i am not joking, there is one to many roaches, is norman a actual roach? i have many conspiracy theories about roachin normans okay that’s all for my rant, GOODBYE AND HAVE A GOOD DAY.

  5. Sandy Balch

    Good food , friendly patrons, but the bar is all white inside, very cold atmosphere.we’ve known the lady that runs the place for 15 or so years so that makes it nice!

  6. John Harvey

    Had pretty good hamburgers and excellent fries. Very friendly wait staff was a really good lunch. I would highly recommend it.

  7. William Covington

    Friendly staff and good eats. The smoking area has gas fire pit. Would have given 5 stars if they could keep this chef. His salmon plate was served like a 5 star restaurant 😋

  8. Savannah Thornbrugh

    Was a regular customer until last night when I was told that my tips weren’t sufficient. I never tip less than $10 and my tab is usually around $45. Customer service was terrible. Will most certainly be taking my business to much more appreciative place!

  9. Michaelle Yaeger

    Great service, food, and atmosphere! The outdoor fire pit was awesome!! Def going back!

  10. Zak Kennedy

    I absolutely love this place, great people and amazing food. I actually went Les time because I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich (theirs is the best in town) but it turns out that it was prime rib night, so I had that. The prime rib was amazing too! No surprise because everything there is great.
    Anyways, definitely a must go!

  11. Dixie Malmoe

    Love this place, the girls make you feel like family. Miss Marcie is a kick in the butt, always picks on my husband

  12. Dixie Malmoe

    Love the bar, great drink prices and staff is super friendly!!! Great place to have a drink!!

  13. Russell Joyner

    Hands down one of the best hole in the wall Pubs. The food is fantastic and at great prices.

  14. Amanda Turnidge

    Great atmosphere, drinks are poured to perfection, nice outdoor area for us smokers, and the staff is AMAZING. Good is great also. Go check it out

  15. Jeri Stabler York

    Finally made it to this place. Nice outside area with lots of seating, some cover, nice size fire pit with bar stools around to enjoy the warmth. Inside lots of beverages to choose from, lots of open seating, good size menu choices, decent prices and TV’s…… Good handful of TV’s!. My friend says the men’s bathrooms were quite interesting 🤣, women’s not so much. There’s paintings on the ceiling that reflect being around the water, nicely done…. Can only imagine the artist’s back and arm pain when they were finished. Good food, different style fries. Had 2 entry doors, one facing Trent the other kind tucked around the corner towards the back side. First time being there, sat in my car to scope out where the doors were. Service was a bit slow but maybe it was because it was a Sunday (Saturday night recoup and all).

  16. Carrie Cole

    Storming Norman’s IS AWESOME!! The waitresses are right there to help you. The drinks and food is very good. On Wednesday they have live music 🎶 and the Special is Meatloaf & scalloped potatoes and sauted baby carrots 🥕 😋
    Yum. Oh and NO I and my family don’t know the owners we just know Awesome service and good food and NOT watered
    down drinks. We love the patio with the 🔥 Pit you can sit around and smoke.
    What more could you ask for !!!

  17. Angie Deahl

    Love this place, always visit for breakfast and pull tabs when I’m in town. Marcie is a hoot!

  18. Jason Wayman

    Great bar, can’t hear the music very well and it was super packed though so it was loud. Great energy and friendly patrons I might add. Took a while to get a drink as there was only two bartenders, my hats off to those ladies working back there!

  19. Sarah Burgess

    Callie was an awesome bartender and the food was awesome!

  20. Cole Bashor

    We went into Stormin Normans on a Tuesday night around 9:00 PM. The place was clean, well staffed and everyone was very friendly. The outdoor patio was our favorite part of the visit. It had a large fireplace in the middle, tall privacy fences with portholes and a good view of the sky. We didn’t get there until after the kitchen had closed but they were still serving from a small menu of fried foods. The house fries were FANTASTIC. Drinks were affordable, the environment was fun, the staff was kind and well trained. Highly recommend!

  21. william hodgson

    Great food and good prices. One of the best chicken fried steaks I have had.

  22. Shanna Legere

    Waited a hour and half for cold food. Hopefully we don’t get sick definitely won’t be back.

  23. Roy r

    Great place. Great severice for how busy they were while I was there. Keep up the good work.

  24. Laura Sala

    The atmosphere is awesome, people are nice. Bartenders are great, most of the time.

  25. Mega Hobbs

    Great Customer Service, wonderful atmosphere & fabulous prices. Breakfast is fabulous & you can get drinks if you are so inclined.

  26. Ethan Hval

    Fun place. Great drinks. Good place to have a bite and some shots. Pretty fun atmosphere. Pretty busy when I was there but we got our drinks and food when we needed. Definitely coming back. Very fair pricing I felt.

  27. Billi Jesse

    Such a fun place to hang out with your friends, listen to music, dance and karaoke, if you’re so inclined to do so. Sweet, friendly staff!

  28. Jeri Stabler York

    Nice place. Decor is awesome. My 13 yr old son thought the bathroom was hilarious. He wanted a t-shirt, so we picked one out, didn’t know at the time how much they were…..OMFG, never again? Seriously $30 for a t-shirt!!! Never have I paid that much for a bar t-shirt. Never again!!!! Not worth it. But anyways the food we had was good, service decent, cocktails ummmm ok.

  29. Zed

    Always enjoy the food and drinks, fun atmosphere, nice outdoor patio, music, just a great neighborhood bar to have a fun night at.

  30. Kayla G.

    We were excited to try this place when they opened back up during the pandemic. We unfortunately didn’t make it until last night when my mom was in town and wanted to try them also.
    We sadly won’t be back.

    The service was hit and miss. Walked in to no greeting, no sign letting us know to seat ourselves or wait to be seated. They had one server who looked like she was also bartending. Some blond chick was dressed as an employee but she was too busy chatting and tossing her hair around a big group of guys and a few women outside and playing with the bingo lady’s toddler. She was of no help to the restaurant inside. Our server was alright, she looked like she was working twice as hard to keep people taken care of. She definitely wasn’t super friendly though and only came by for drinks and food.

    We ordered nachos and the meat was disgustingly salty and overcooked and dry. There is no chicken option, only ground beef and the seasoning ruined it. We barely ate half of them as it was just too salty. The seasoning needs cut with another product or just ditch it altogether.

    I ordered the club sandwich, it was good but the side salad left a lot to be desired. They threw the 5 small green pieces on top and everything below it was white. I picked through it all looking for edible salad leaves and got nothing. Should have taken a pic at the end of what the salad really looked like.

    I get that prices are lower than other places we go to, but whyyyy use iceberg lettuce? It’s bland, no flavor and negligible on nutrition. My club sandwich had nice leafy lettuce or Romaine on it but my salad was a plate of all white “lettuce” with a few green pieces in there. Had one bite and couldn’t eat it, I don’t know if it’s their way of cutting costs or if they always serve iceberg as the salad. Either way I’d rather pay a couple bucks more to eat a real salad.

  31. Candice Smith

    Went for their taco Tuesday. Tacos were okay, simplistic. You can make better at home. Terrible service. There were only 2 servers who also had to tend the bar. The only open tables were ones that were dirty and hadn’t been bussed. It took them over 30 minutes just to get us our drinks. We ordered half hard tacos and half soft tacos, but the unapologetic server just brought us all soft tacos. Definitely not a place I’ll be going to again.

  32. w b

    I like this place! Very friendly and very attentive staff. Beer selection covers the bases. I had the BLT on toasted sourdough with a side salad. Thick cut bacon made this a home run!

  33. Robi Thorsness

    We attended the beard contest. Good times and the waitresses and the help were really on the hustle. Good job good job.

  34. Ang Auger

    This place is so cute!
    The food was typical tasty pub food.
    The servers were fast, awesome and personable!

  35. Wesley Burkes

    Ice cold affordable drafts!! Sweet little patio area as well

  36. Craig Wies

    I was so happy that they were there, I needed to take an emergency sit down. And they totally saved the day, thank you!

  37. Jackie Curl

    The building and the name does not go with this place at all. My wife and I seen the name and seen the building and thought heck a nice dive bar to go to . we walked in Took one look around And realize it was pretty much just a sports bar/restaurant looked at each other and we both walked out.

  38. Bob Aberfachee

    Service was top notch. I had the lunch special, which was a meatloaf melt. I had onion rings with it. It was delicious.

  39. PJ M

    Delicious club sandwich! Definitely not your humdrum, greasy bar food! Service was great!

  40. Abigail Rodrigues

    Been for taco Tuesday many times! Great deal, simple taco but totally worth the price. Great service too.

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