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Sweeto Burrito

Mexican Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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46 reviews for “Sweeto Burrito

  1. Joshua Finley

    Do you like your burrito with sugar?! If yes, this is the place to go. I was hoping to get a classic need burrito but I think they forgot the meat and used sugar instead.

  2. The Real GooberBerry Sundae

    This place use to HIT when it first opened up. Everything was really fresh and they made everything spot on. Then comes the pandemic. I get it. Your business took a hit in 2020, but ever since you’ve reopened nothing is made correctly nor tastes freshly made. Decided I’d give you guys another try today after about a year now and you’ve once again failed to make a quality burrito that’s legitimately worth $11. I wish I had better things to say about this place but this is probably the 4th or 5th time you’ve let me down. Lost a customer for life here, but thanks for the good times in the beginning.

  3. Olivia Carel

    Unfortunately won’t be returning. I purchased a Lil chicken and fry meal for my daughter, when I received them they were cold and dry. Not to mention the damn near $10 burrito that has always been my favorite, was half the size of what it used to be, and was also luke warm. Really disappointed in the price and quality of this experience. Will choose another drive through next time.

  4. Olivia Carel

    I don’t understand how this place can screw up our order EVERY SINGLE TIME we go here. We don’t go here that often for this to happen every single time. We order a buff chick, a smoked chicken salad with no beans, and an appetizer size of chips and queso every time. We’ve gotten the complete wrong burrito, beans in the salad, no dressing, wrong chips size, and random sides of french fries that we didn’t order on numerous occasions.

  5. james house

    Make sure you get a receipt with your order. Went through drive thru and got 2 burritos and 2 large drinks, charges I believe $29 and some change. The charge was pending through bank for a couple days and when cleared it showed the charge being $35 and some change. Gave himself a tip!
    I will be going in to the store today after work and speaking with the manager. I hate thieves, even over $5 bucks, but if you add up the thievery through the day than it’s a lot.

  6. Jonathan Palmer

    Usually sweeto is quick and on point with my order. Very dissatisfied. Waiting in drive thru for 1 person with a fat order for around 20 mins. I ordered Carne assassin burrito, tater tots and a medium diet pepsi drink with salsa and ranch. Totally messed up my order. It was simple. They gave me a white chick burrito no sauces. This burrito is barely Luke warm and also i got some type of lemonade. Very disappointing.

  7. Stephanie Leavitt

    The cost has gone up and food portion has become so small, also our food was cold and my food had eyelashes in it. $4 taco is the size of a $1 taco anywhere else, now. My fiance gets the most expensive burrito on the menu, usually it comes with some weight to it. He handed the burrito back to me thinking it was my chicken taco, it was that light.

  8. Rebecah Lakman

    The owner is really friendly and it’s a fun atmosphere but the burrito had a lot of rice. Pretty tasty though!

  9. Pam Melville

    Excellent food and made fresh. Excellent service.

  10. Sean Bahr

    Not your average burrito place. I love the variety of choices. I have not found a burrito I didn’t like. Great for a filling meal.

  11. joseph beckman jr

    Friendly staff, food not as good as when they first open, more rice than anything in a 10+ burrito.

  12. Michelle Washburn

    Would give less than 1 star. The white chick burrito was AWFUL. 🤮 But this is not the first time, gave it another chance. This time I ordeted it with siracha and there was NONE, NO SAUCE at all, it was so dry and disgusting, esp for the price. Will NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!

  13. Lydia Lukes

    Me and my kids tried the All American burrito (kids got the kid size) and it was delicious. Which is great because my kids have a hard time trying new foods or ones in different shapes. If you are looking for a combo of American and Mexican this is a great place to go

  14. Sumies Nunya

    These burritos are massive! They no longer offer the smaller size ones. They are really good though. My favorite is the American one, it’s pretty much a cheeseburger meal with fries wrapped in a tortilla.

  15. Your Mother

    This is my favorite location. The staff are so friendly and always put a smile on my face. I usually just pop in by myself when I have some time for “self care” …. It’s always a nice pick me up to have such wonderful people and experiences when you’re out. Thank you. 💕💕💕

  16. Stephen Kilgore

    When I visited the Spokane Valley Washington Sweeto burrito on Broadway at 8:45 PM at night.They did not have bacon or black beans and said that they wouldn’t make any more.So I had to order something completely different missing bacon on my favorite meal there.Then they gave our meal to the car in front of us in the car in front of us gave them your back to the cashier to give to us when we went up to the window.I did not think that was sanitary so I asked for the cashier to please make us a new one.He went to talk to one of the other employees with a nasty attitude and said that they don’t want us.Horrible customer service I will not revisit that location

  17. K W

    It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever had, it just wasn’t very good. I hate to say it but it just tasted muddled, steak was chewy and there was no unique flavors. Some acidic salsa (guacamole salsa maybe?) being offered may have helped balance it out. I think the gimmick of the luchadore mask is brilliant. Kick up the freshness and flavor and I really think you’ll take off.

  18. Patti B

    Never got my full order. Nobody answers their phone. Even what I received it was wrong. They used chicken for my steak burrito. I mean seriously?

  19. Dayleen

    Not impressed what so ever. They didn’t have rice for the burritos and the tater tots were cold and stale. Wish it was better but I won’t be going back.

  20. T.C. Cochran

    Nobody was in parking lot and drive thru was empty so I walked in. Nobody in place but still took 20 min to make 1 burrito

  21. Katherine Blycker

    It took 15 minutes for them to make 2 burritos, with us being the only customers in the restaurant including the drive through. The lady behind the counter seeming to be the manager was talking very loudly about other customers. I bought a churro that comes with a raspeberry sauce, when they didn’t provide it I went back up the counter and asked for it. The lady behind the food line heard and started loudly saying it doesn’t come with it and it’s not on the menu since my churro only cost $1.99. I checked on the menu, it clearly states Batavian cream filled churro with raspberry sauce. After they gave me my sauce (took them a while) I could hear her complaining very loudly, still, about me asking for the churro sauce.

  22. Jacob Easton

    It took 15 minutes for them to make 2 burritos, with us being the only customers in the restaurant including the drive through. The lady behind the counter seeming to be the manager was talking very loudly about other customers. I could hear an employee complaining very loudly, about my friend asking for the churro sauce that was clearly on the menu. The burrito was good but the customer service was the worst I’ve ever experienced.

  23. Shawn Smith

    Sweeto burrito is a deceiving name, since there was nothing sweet or flavorful about my food. It had no flavor. Carna asada bowl and chicken bowl was lacking in any uniqueness what so ever. Might as well get a can of black beans make some 5 min rice and add some color minus the meat protein and it would of had the same results. I will never eat here again and it was my first time and last time. To add comparison taco bell when they had the southwest steak bowl which is what they tried to make here was a ten star to this card board tasting food which would not even be rated. If I had a choice.

  24. Jos

    Smokehouse with steak and queso is bangin. Good fries too. Well worth the price. Never had bad service here.

  25. Suzanne Tracy

    Ok I liked my burrito but wrong prices on the menu board and we asked about it and they said they can’t fix it. Asked the cashier about a certain burrito and she said she doesn’t know she doesn’t eat them. Not impressed

  26. Thalia Kottke

    The sauce was spilled over the entire contents of the bag and they didn’t replace that sauce when we went in to get corrected.

  27. Justin Hughes

    Gave this place 5 stars two years ago but with my food being uncooked and their support being unresponsive, I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant to anyone unless you want to waste your lunch break getting an $11 raw chicken burrito.

    Looking through the recent ratings, they have more 1 star reviews in the past month than any other rating, and not a single response from management.

  28. Nathan Lemmons

    Great food great people except for the lady that works the front gave me a dirty look the whole time I was ordering maybe she should find a new job

  29. Randy Keller (CountedMarrow15)

    This place is a twist on the original Mexican burrito, but don’t let that fool you. These burritos are filling, the tater tots are extremely crispy and seasoned well. The selection of burritos are amazing. The burritos are juicy and have a solid mix of meat, salsa and everything else.

  30. Ray “RayJay” Crandall

    Not worth it for the lack of flavor. There’s a place across the street from here called Costa Vida that is the same price but worth it due to the flavor. One upside is that they have a pineapple cream soda on tap.

  31. katherine zawada

    During my one and only visit, our burritos were missing key ingredients i.e., beans, tomato, COLOR, FLAVOR. I’ve never had a burrito this BLAND. I wish I had taken a photo of the burrito itself but I threw it out. It looked nothing like the posted photo. Imagine brown stuff wrapped in a light brown tortilla. It was basically a brown rice burrito. If that wasn’t bad enough, half the fountain drinks were out of syrup which they told us after we purchased drinks. The only positive was the friendly staff.

  32. Tight Lines (Gortonsfisherman)

    Nothing like putting a big fat burrito in my mouth especially a buff chick burrito! These burritos explode with juice! There a little messy so make sure you ask for extra napkins cause your gonna get sauce all over your mouth!

  33. ernesto chitica

    Chicken in my burrito was raw. Also salsa for chips was bad rotten something going on with it. This place has gone downhill big-time. Menu is different from when they originally started and this will probably be my last time ever experience in Sweeto burrito.

  34. Michael Pratt

    We usually love Sweeto Burrito. The lobby is closed. We were on a trip and they wouldn’t even open the door to let the kids use the restroom.
    They also only had two people working the store and food took forever to get through the drive through.

    Poor service and majorly inconvenient. Don’t go to this location.

  35. Darren Peterson

    I bought a carnivor burrito and it was nasty no meat all rice and the size of a Taco Bell cheese burrito. Horrible food

  36. DJ L

    To some it maybe good but to me the beans were not cooked enough (crunchy) and lots of rice in the burritos and one lacked flavor and the other one had too much flavor. Just wasnt a place to share about for me 🤷‍♀️. But others may love it!

  37. Marilyn Kamau

    Just stop right here and don’t go. Please even stop reading you’ll be disappointed that you used energy, money and gas if you think about getting food here. Most disgusting, burritos you could buy. You could even wonder how to mess up a burrito, well they do a good job at just that. So please save your money, stay home and stay hungry before you think about getting in your car or walking to get food here.

  38. Brittney Z

    This was our first time eating here. Their computers were down so they were only doing drive-thru. I was very surprised at how well the ladies that worked that day handled the computers being down. They stayed calm and were kind to the customers. The food was amazing. I wish we had one of these and Cheney. Highly recommend!

  39. Lucky Flower

    Food is usually yummy here but service is declining so fast we don’t wana go back anymore!! And burritos are shrinking in size. Used to be so big and fat now they’re skinny and disappointing.

  40. Leland Hutchison

    This location was always a good one, not sure what changed. Terrible service, none of the employees seem to care. The girl with the green hair, the manager from my guess, seems to only care about chatting it up cus she is awful at talking to customers. Ordered 2 burritos and it took forever only to get my order missing the fries. Told them about it and noticed they started to cook a new set, did you leave them out of my order because you didn’t have any? I wouldn’t waste your time going here.

  41. Joel Poquette

    I have been to Sweeto a few times hoping it will be better each time. My final visit was two days ago and I will not be back. My burrito was bland even with the extra hot sauce and it is way too expensive for a burrito with a negligible amount of meat.


    Went in for lunch got a chicken burrito asked for no sauce no cilantro and when got the food it was saturated in sauce and had that icky cilantro in it called and was told to bring it back I was on lunch break and could not basically told me I was s.o.l so not only did I not get lunch but I had to pay for it with no help from who ever was on the phone so just double all you special orders make sure they are right before you leave

  43. Ryan Hess

    When through the drive thru, they seemed like they were in a rush didn’t ask how I wanted my buritto or total. Had a long wait for one car and when I got my food, the fries were old a cold and the burrito was mild to cold when I got it. I went from sweeto burrito to the Walmart parking lot and my food was cold. I tried to call multiple times, but then never answered and when it said they did it was a insta hangup. They had 1 car and looked like no one inside. With at least 3-4 people at the front working…..

  44. Di Smith

    I did a pickup, did not dine in, so I couldn’t leave a rating on the atmosphere, being that I ordered to go and it was quick wait, if that. Food was awesome, the churros are bangin! I can’t wait to try the other dessert they have, the cheesecake thing. Yes will be definitely back for more:)

  45. Megan Wicks

    My Macho Nachos didn’t have queso, sour cream, or the ranch sauce. So it was just some un melted cheese and meat. Also the two burritos we got had no sauces and there were no side sauces. Overall I wasn’t happy.

  46. James Lee

    I’m the only person in line… nobody in the store.. I sit around for 7 minutes until they finally come get my money then another 11 minutes of waiting for them to make my burrito. A girl in pajamas is back there play fighting with the other employees. This place is ran by teenagers. They look unhygienic as well.

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