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10:00 am – 8:00 pm


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Taqueria Mis 5 Estrellas

Mexican Restaurant in Anacortes, WA






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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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24 reviews for “Taqueria Mis 5

  1. Jay Labrosse

    I enjoyed my steak burrito I was a little thrown off that they didn’t have chips and salsa …maybe it was just today? The gentleman serving me was kind enough to break up a tostada bowl for me which I thought was super nice . I fee like I ordered the wrong thing though . I seen so many good food dishes come out as I was eating and thought I should have ordered that! I would definitely come back to try more of their food.

  2. Ken Molitor

    Don’t forget about this hidden gem whether you’re passing through Anacortes or call it home. Friendly staff, awesome food ,and a deep menu.

  3. Daniel Valderrama

    Just scrumptious. The best lengua tacos I’ve ever had, and the quesabirria ones were spectacular.

  4. Stephen Ellis

    Darned good tacos, and they’re cheap. It looks like a family-owned business. Nice people, I’ve done several deliveries for them. I will be back.

  5. Trisha Ferreira

    I have been craving real good Mexican food. I asked my gardner’s where to go and they recommended this restaurant. I went there and ordered the carne asada plate and a bowl of menudo. The carne asada was good but a little over cooked. I received good home cooked beans but was expecting and hoping for refried beans. They were ok too but a little runny. The rice was ok. The home made tortillas were great and the menudo was very good! There was no hominy in the menudo which was fine with me. The tripe was perfectly cooked, juicy and scrumptious. I had them add a pigs foot which was out of this world yummy. *Would I go back? Probably ONLY for the menudo and tortillas. There seemed to be only two people working, the cook and the order taker/server. They were very nice but a bit over worked. I’m not going to knock them for the tables not being cleaned quickly. They were doing 5he best that they could.

  6. Nicholas Mccreary

    I absolutely love this place! I used to come here with a Hispanic friend of mine that I worked with for years. Whenever we were in town we would always make it a point to go here. He recently passed away. I still love it just as much and appreciate that I can go there and eat and reminisce on the friendship we had. Small integrity driven business. Great food and great service! I highly recommend this restaurant!

  7. PATRICIA Bamesberger

    They don’t have chorizo on their menu but it is delicious and I get the chorizo tostada for $5.00. Such a deal!

  8. Rob Wingard

    Great food. I come for lunch and get the torta! Such a treat. Only place in town with Tortas.

  9. Michael Xariux

    There’s one of the only restaurants open before 11, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of food. The place is very clean, the food came out quickly, and tasted amazing. Steak tacos and steak sopes in the pictures. Highly recommend!

  10. Blattermaus

    Quesadilla was bang bang.

  11. jessica hernandez

    This place was delicious! Hand made tortillas, pozole was on point, and the mole was incredible. Don’t let the fact that it’s connected to a gas station deter you!

  12. Regan Robertson

    This is my favorite taqueria! I love the carne asade tacos especially. The service is fast & friendly, and the food is delicious. They have great sauces, and fun seasonal treats and drinks. Highly recommend!

  13. Denali Williams

    Excellent, helpful service. Great food.

  14. Derek Mead

    The food blew my socks off, didn’t realize tacos this good could be found near Anacortes. And the salsas were even better. But you know what? The best reason to come here is to support a family that’s putting out incredible food that is guaranteed to make you happy.

  15. Licigbadassb

    Tacos, sopes, burrito, coctel de camarones, quesadilla, tortas and more. Meats includes: Carne asada, tripas, pollo, camarones, cabeza, lengua, pierna and more. Tamales, soup and Combo plates are offered. No nachos, chips and guacamole. Just really good food. I had a Carne asada sope and two tacos each of tripas and Carne asada, husband had a quesadilla de Pollo. Everything was great: try the salsa Roja, I usually like verde (and the verde was good) but the red was tasty fire. We’ll be back soon!

  16. Andy Kurniawan

    Mexican food doesn’t get any better than this. It’s just impossible to beat the taste of their cuisines, hospitable atmosphere and second-to-none service.
    We live out of town and since we found this place we make regular visit just to dine here – worth the long drive!

  17. Lola Lopez

    Best Mexican food in town of Anacortes

  18. Tonya Bayley

    Awesome tacos! Thanks so much.

  19. Brian Thompson

    So much flavor!

  20. Carrie Klein

    Amazing and tasty food! Great service.

  21. Talia Ram

    Delicious tacos with quality meat and homemade tortillas. Tastes fresh and authentic. Friendly staff too. Big fan for an easy, quick, affordable meal!

  22. Jonathan Perez

    Hands down, the best in town.

  23. Travis Carroll

    Great place, great food and the nicest people. Get tacos almost every time we head to the ferry. Sooo good

  24. Avery Hufford

    This place is a real taqueria! If you’re coming here be ready for authenticity. The staff is nice too.
    They have good size portions for the what you pay!

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