11980 W Sunset Hwy Suite A, Airway Heights, WA 99001


47.643198916352, -117.57623858859


10:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 8:00 pm

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Teriyaki Spice

Japanese Restaurant in Airway Heights, WA



Monday – Friday 10 am – 2 pm. 16-ounce drink included.

#1 Chicken Teriyaki $6.95

#2 Hot & Spicy chicken $7.59

#3 Chicken & Shrimp $8.09

#4 Teriyaki Special $8.19

(Teriyaki Spice) Teriyaki

Charbroiled and Grilled. Served with rice & vegetable.

Chicken Teriyaki $9.64

Beef Teriyaki $10.14

Pork Teriyaki $10.14

Salmon Teriyaki 11.64

Ribeye Teriyaki $11.69

Teriyaki Special $11.09


Chicken Yakisoba $10.14

Vegesoba $9.64

Shrimp Yakisoba $11.64

Beef Yakisoba $11.14

Hot & Spicy Chicken $10.14

Sweet & Sour Chicken $10.14

Chicken Katsu $12.15

Orange Chicken $11.19

Tofu Plate $8.59


#1 Chicken Teriyaki with Pot Sticker $11.19

#2 Chicken Teriyaki with Egg Roll $11.14

#3 Beef & Chicken Teriyaki $11.09

#4 Pork & Chicken Teriyaki $11.17

#5 Beef & Pork Teriyaki $11.09

#6 Chicken & Shrimp Teriyaki $12.97

#7 Ribeye & Chicken Teriyaki $12.97

#8 Woodland Special $14.29


Hawaiian Beef Teriyaki Burger $9.89

Hawaiian Chicken Teriyaki Burger $9.89

(Teriyaki Spice) Appetizers and Sides

Pot Sticker (3 Pieces) $4.22

Egg Rolls (2 Pieces) $5.04

Noodles $5.09

Steamed Rice $4.07





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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

25 reviews for “Teriyaki Spice

  1. Johnny Cashh

    Great lunch prices and taste great!!

  2. Phil Dobson

    First time their. The food was absolutely delicious. Must go.

  3. Ryan Sawtelle

    Finally, a legit teriyaki joint in the Spokane area. They’re everywhere back around Seattle but never found one out here.

  4. James Bautz

    Good food and large portions. Good prices and service.

  5. Eternal6k

    The food and service here is consistently good. They are giving panda a run for their money for sure.

  6. Stacey Whitaker

    Generous portion sizes and delicious! Fast service too. We will definitely be going back.

  7. Connie Mapp

    Just tried it for the first time and there food is great I haven’t had good teriyaki in a long time they will definitely have my business

  8. Liz M

    Very good food and great service. Got the woodland special, definitely enough food for two people.

  9. Therrisa Christine

    Delicious food and friendly people quick service my husband and I will be regulars that’s for sure

  10. Brandon Anderson

    Way to go Teriyaki Spice! …Keep up the good work…food is great, place looks clean, music inside was nice… and the food is much for the right price… I’ve been here twice and I’m now diving into my second trip here … I’m very happy with it

  11. Lisa Lehman

    I enjoyed everything I have tried here. The teriyaki chicken, pork, beef, rice, salad and the egg roll is absolutely the best I have ever had.

  12. Caleb C

    First, whoever owns this place I would like to shake your hand. In a world of inconsistency and garbage you have delivered something truly special. You can go to this restaurant and get a hot and healthy meal with incredibly fresh and quality ingredients for $10. I cant think of anywhere this is the case nowadays, especially to this degree.

    Please come see for yourself.

  13. Mario Colville

    Prices were good, my boys enjoyed the food. Pretty good amount for what you pay.

  14. Megan Jasso

    It is a clean little restaurant, but the food was just okay and the server did not seem to listen to my dining partners requests at all. Overall it’s okay in a hurry but not somewhere I’d write home about.

  15. Rachael Rydholm

    I am an Uber eats delivery driver and I had an order here today. I went to pick it up and looking at their menu and smelling the place… it seemed like a great place to try. So I went to deliver my customers food. Placed an order and came back to pick it up. Food is amazing quality, and taste is great! Pricing is fair. I am a new repeat customer!!!! This place is great!

  16. Wade Merritt

    7 bucks chicken teriyaki lunch with drink very good food I’m big eater and I get full most will have some left over can not beat the food to price ratio ……and it’s really good teriyaki chicken

  17. Dan Wareham

    Seattle style teriyaki finally in the Spokane area, it’s been a long wait!!!

    Fantastic traditional westside yaki with great char, well cooked with perfect rice and dressing type on the salad. The important condiments are on each table.

    Very clean and inviting. Consistant quality visit after visit. A true hidden gem.

    A dozen visits prior to this rating, I take yaki seriously, many bites “everyone knows the rules.”

  18. Melissa Dobeas

    It’s nice to have a legit teriyaki place back in Spokane again. The chicken teriyaki was absolutely fantastic, and the egg roll was probably one of the best egg rolls I’ve ever had; not greasy, or tasting of old oil like 90% of them from your basic Chinese restaurant. The teriyaki beef, however, was a major let down. The pictures show strips of beef, and what they actually give you is closer to chopped cheesesteak style beef. The order also took a very long time to arrive. I will definitely be trying it again.

  19. Alex Dunn

    Not a mistake we’ll make again. Katsu was burnt, most containers were primarily filled with rice and lettuce…very little meat. Most meat and egg rolls were over cooked or burnt. Sweet and sour has no flavor, just a handful of burned breaded pieces. The overcooked rice was the best part of the meal! For the price we paid, we would’ve had a better meal at Taco Bell, McDonalds, or the nearest garbage heap. We were sorely disappointed. Good luck if you dare to order from or eat here.

  20. Ryan Roop

    I new to the area and stumbled upon this place and so glad I did! The Food was delicious! Fresh and great presentation. However the thing that really made it 5 star was the customer service I received. Owner is very friendly and restaurant was very clean. It my new favorite spot!

  21. Savanna C-H

    Delivery chosen. Food arrived cold yet overcooked , missing silverware & napkins, and all sauces that were supposed to accompany our meal.
    I called the restaurant and they tried to blame it on Uber Eats. Apparently it’s UE’s fault, and they burned our dinner. Not the restaurant?

  22. Alan Buechler (alanb4130)

    New Teryaki spot just opened up. Really good food. Fair price and good portion size. If in the area a must try . Today I tried the Chicken Yakisoba

  23. Jessi Dragoon

    Food is amazing! People are friendly and helpful and everything we tried, even the to go order was delicious! Definitely will be back!

  24. ShamRae Strain

    If I could give a zero I could. The disappointment of the yakisoba was not tossed together, just the meat thrown on top. My rice tasted watery and had the dressing from the salad all underneath the rice as well. My chicken was dry and extra charred the sauce was salty. The food might be cheap but the quality isn’t even worth the cheap price. Wouldn’t feed it to my dog.

  25. Jerome Nepluw

    The food tastes great for a fast food place. Portions are great. It is not expensive, pricing is more than fair. Good place to get teriyaki in Spokane.

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