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11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm



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Teriyaki Time

Japanese Restaurant in Anacortes, WA








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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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22 reviews for “Teriyaki Time

  1. Ely Beeson

    We ordered three separate entrees and two sushi rolls. Everything came out perfectly and exceeded expectations. The portions are all super generous too which is really nice. The inside of the restaurant is quaint, cute and the employees were all friendly. I’m definitely going to be ordering from here again!

  2. Tommy Alligator

    <3 sushi<3 garlic chicken 🤤 awww so goood!
    Thank you so much for your food makes the ferry line so much easier to deal with

  3. Daniel brown

    Love the food. Place needs a bath. Little elbow grease and cleaning to give a clean appearance.

  4. Mike Smith

    Been here many times and loved it. Went today (3/11/22) and the beef (meat) was terrible. Both fatty and with lots of gristle. I hope they get their quality control back under control.

  5. Bret Perry

    Food is good, chicken was not dry, rice scoops were smaller than everywhere else. Didn’t like the menus, would rather had the menu on the TV that played the violin music.

  6. Sophie Dunbar

    absolute best sushi place i’ve been to. hole in the wall. we got 3 rolls, nigiri, and the teriyaki chicken and were all incredibly happy. absolutely phenomenal.

  7. Susie Dunbar

    Without exception, the best teriyaki I’ve ever had. Not only that, but the sushi was fresh and the rolls and nigiri were exceptional! Even the salad dressing was remarkable! The service was impeccable and the restaurant was clean and bright. We loved our visit. Everything about it!

  8. Barry Grant

    Great food and outstanding customer service!

  9. ken boyle

    A good little set up. Food always tastes fresh. Its not fast food but its good food.

  10. equeek _

    Their vegetable ramen was literally just store bought ramen. It tasted exactly like shin ramen. Overall I expected more, should have just gotten the chicken katsu

  11. Houston Foist

    I am reviewing the sushi. As that’s what I had. Very expensive for what you get. More rice than fish or any other item that goes into a roll. Have had better sushi rolls at Haggens.
    I will not return for sushi. I am willing to try their other menu items. Seems like a lot of folks like to come here.

  12. minilan Brown

    Good food and friendly staff , only thing is bit pricey!

  13. Eilbron Meghdies

    Seriously amazing food and fantastic service! We drove a long way to try them out as a recommendation from a hiker along the trail. Definitely worth it! Thank you! We will be back.

  14. Melissa

    Food was decent but way overpriced. The floor was dirty and wet, my father who is handicapped had to hold on to the walls because of how slippery the floor was and even after mopping the floor was still sticky. The wait staff was nice. Accidently opened a garbage bin to throw stuff out and it was full of rice, gross. I had already ate at this point or I would have left. I dont see myself returning.

  15. vvardenfell_outlander

    Let me say that I have loved this place and eaten here hundreds of times over the past 15 years. With new owners came trepidation and now that I’ve given them three chances I’m only left with one conclusion. The Teriyaki Time I knew and loved, is dead. The prices went up and the quality and quantity of food went down. The new staff seems indifferent, and from some reports I’ve heard, rude to customers. My love for this restaurant could survive the prices increasing, but in combination with everything else I’m afraid it’s just too much to ask. Goodbye Teriyaki Time. Thanks for all the food.

  16. Anders R

    Good food during trying times.

  17. Lisa House

    Really great selection of food. I love the stir fry

  18. Justin Knox

    What a savior tonight!!! This place is open until 9 PM. We weren’t sure how the food would be in this small town but this place is legit!!! Had a full day at Lopez Island and still 30 min to our hotel. Got the chicken and beef teriyaki, they were delicious. And we got the chicken katsu, the crust was so perfectly crisp and delicious. It means their tempura must be good too!!! Nice owner! We recommend the Japanese food here for sure

  19. Lindsay Y.

    I have enjoyed all of the food so far! Service is quick and food is always hot and fresh even when I order it on doordash delivery.

  20. M (Tzeck00)

    Not as much meat as I expected, but really good flavor.

  21. Cthippo1

    Food was quite good, but service was slow and it was fairly expensive for what you get. I ordered a chicken and pork and a Pepsi. The Pepsi came in a can and the meal followed 20 minutes later. It was good teriyaki, but the portions were fairly small. Total cost was $21 before tip. Anacortes does not have a lot of good dining options and sadly I don’t think this place is in that list anymore.

  22. Eddie Pole

    Ok food, but the thing that threw me was the price difference between what is shown on the web site and what it is presently.

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