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11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm





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Thai Smiles

Thai Restaurant in Aberdeen, WA









“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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32 reviews for “Thai Smiles

  1. Elaine Schnee

    We have had delicious pad Thai but today was terrible. Couldn’t chew the pork, the noodles were mushy and stuck together. The sauce was not good. Perhaps we got a leftover portion. We were so disappointed. Sorry to post a negative but it was bad.

  2. Dena Edwards

    Amazing as always!

  3. Robert Mills

    I think it’s the best Thai food in town…. Heads up though, even the 1 star is a little warming to the mouth.

  4. Morgan Riemer

    Paid for extra meat, got my food and there was little to no meat at all in my rice.

  5. Falynn Maloy

    Quick, Simple, and very delicious food.
    If you don’t know any place to eat cuz you’ve been to them all this place is worth a try.

  6. Nate Berge

    Service was great food was great and they took great care to follow all safety guidelines and precautions to keep their customers safe from Covid-19. Could not be more pleased. Thank you so much!

  7. Marcin K

    Great place for lunch. The food is very fresh and authentic. I would recommend it. Plus if you are stuck in traffic getting through this might be great idea for a stop. Great food!

  8. Teresa Gallion

    Really good, authentic Thai food. Excellent prices and a whole lot of food for the money.

  9. Daryl Rodrigues

    Holy horrible. Phad Thai with undercooked noodles. Peanut sauce tasted like it had a detergent in it – seriously it seemed like Phad-Palmolive. We also ordered Thai chicken fingers which were intended to be a twice fried Thai chicken. It was dried out (over cooked) the first time then fried again. As ever we will give everything a second and perhaps third chance but oi vey! This was HORRIBLE.

  10. thewolfe

    Well, pretty disappointing. Ordered a wide noodle dish It’s supposed to have bell peppers, tomatoes, mushroom and some other vegetables. With chicken. Chicken was pretty sparse but I wouldn’t complain about it by itself however all other vegetables were pretty sparse. In fact there was only one single fragment of tomato. Mushrooms I could count on one hand and bell pepper pieces about 10. In other words, it was mostly noodles. The price was pretty cheap but I’d rather spend more and have a better dish. Like I said this was mostly noodles. I won’t go back.

  11. Jacquelyn Sidor

    Great food! Great people!

  12. Clinton

    Thai smiles is the best in the NW. Hands down.

  13. Christina Tuominen

    The quantity was great, but they used too much ketchup in the pad thai sauce.

  14. Z. D. Watson

    Yum. This is my very, very, very, most favorite place to eat.

  15. Mike

    Zuper nice people good food and a fair price

  16. Brandon Shackleford

    A lot of the guys in high school would sneak out to buy pad thai

  17. Vikki Stiffler

    Very nice staff. Excellent food.

  18. Lori Anderson

    All of my food ended up in the bag. All my husband food was mostly inedible.

  19. Cynthia Dumas

    The chicken didn’t taste right at all. Gave my whole family an upset stomach. Didn’t even eat but a few bites. Will not be eating there again.

  20. Donna Benjamin

    Great, fast service. Spring rolls (fried) were myeh. Curry quite good. Popular.

  21. Leigha B

    Large portions of delicious thai food at low prices.

  22. tara arnold

    Never open. I’ve lived in Aberdeen for almost 3 years I seen it open like 3 times that’s it

  23. Raeanne Wolfley

    I love this place. They are responsive, quick, and their food is delicious.

    Their family fried rice is the best in the harbor!

  24. Tony Gunk

    Fresh rolls were horrible. They were filled with iceberg lettuce, sparsley dry chicken, 1 piece of shrimp. This is loaded with garbage cheap fillers. To sum it up It’s a lots of iceberg lettuce, dry pieces of chicken breast, and 1 small shrimp. Clearly cutting costs to make a buck. What was missing; fresh mint leaves, fresh basil leaves, & fresh cilantro.

  25. Chelora Trice

    It was alright but not exactly what i wanted the larb tho is dank nation cannot eat there

  26. Lloyd Flores

    Delicious and very reasonable! Highly recommend.

  27. Patrick Daugherty

    I asked for an extra portion of large noodles They could not believe how many they stacked Is for an extra $2 great food great noodles

  28. Alyssa Doyle

    I don’t know if i have the palette of toddler or what but everything tasted like dirt to me. :/

  29. Robert Miller

    The best Thai food without a doubt in Grays Harbor County. Fast service and super flavorful food, the cashew stir fry and fresh rolls are amazing. 100/10 worth your time.

  30. Kay W

    I don’t know if it was because if what we ordered or if it was because it was the end of their day but my food was really bland and wasnt that great. I was told by a local person it was their favorite thai place. I didn’t enjoy it. I also paid more for meat and there were only a few pieces in the entire dish. I felt ripped off.

  31. Shayne Tillman

    Best food in town! I love this place! Get the noodles!

  32. Brian Healy

    Thai smiles is smiley. Food: lots. Elephants: cute. Yes: yes.

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