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The Bearded Ginger

Traditional American Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA









“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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90 reviews for “The Bearded Ginger

  1. Natt Phillips

    Great selection of different plates and beans had a sweet heat that I really enjoyed. Highly recommend!

  2. Matt Holtz

    Excellent food great service , great place for the whole family

  3. Ricky Guerra

    Great atmosphere and the people are friendly. Ordered the Mozzarella Logs for a group of friends and almost ate them all (even though they were huge), so delicious. Also had the BBQ Grilled Cheese Sandwich with brisket and it was amazing. It came with perfect portions of creamy Mac ‘n Cheese and baked beans that had some sort of secret spices that were so good.

    Definitely stopping by again the next time I’m in Spokane.

  4. Ms. Money

    Immediately welcoming. Open, friendly atmosphere. The staff/bartender are warm and inviting.

  5. Karrin Jordan

    Probably the best seafood fettucine I have ever had. The drinks are very affordable and while it is on the small side, it’s a great place to stop by and have some amazing food. Owner comes out and talks to customers to make sure they are having a great experience. Service is top notch.

  6. samantha brott

    This place is fantastic! Great atmosphere, great drinks and even better food.

  7. Zack Huffman

    Showed up to have food and drinks for my birthday. After sitting for and hour or so we got asked to move because someone else showed up. I’ve never been asked to move when I’ve been sitting in an establishment. Not going again

  8. kaleigh bigarel

    We have been here for both breakfast and dinner. Both times the food was amazing and the service was great!

  9. kay

    Was excited to try this place last night. I live nearby and have been curious about it for a while. Their Facebook page had their hours listed as being open until 11pm. Around 9:45pm I tried calling the number listed on their Facebook to place a take out/pick up order. The call automatically went to a voicemail. The phone didn’t even ring, it was like the phone had been unplugged. Since I do live less than 10 minutes away, I decided to just go to Bearded Ginger in person and order the food there and wait for it. When I arrived at about 10pm, I was told the kitchen was closed. I was unable to find anywhere on their Facebook or this Google page that they had a different phone number or that the kitchen closed early. This would’ve been nice information to know.

  10. Allison Nichols

    Been wanting to check this place out and so glad we did tonight! The food is amazing. Daughter and friend loved the corn brûlée—if you haven’t tried it as a side, definitely do. Excellent service and food will bring us out of towners back for more! Thanks!

  11. Scott Hively

    The whole fam enjoyed this place. Great variety on the menu allowed something for everyone–in fact none of us ordered anything remotely similar to another and we all left happy

  12. Sijj Boii (SijjBoii)

    Decent food kinda, very overpriced great service though

  13. Crystal Amo

    This was my first time in. It will not be my last. Everything was delicious, service was fantastic!!

  14. Brian Schindler

    The cook forgot to make one of the two meals. Waitress was all alone working but was good. They gave one meal free for the long wait and the inconvenience. The stakes were over cooked but other wise it was okay experience.

  15. Kimberly Robb

    Always a fun place with excellent food and service

  16. Jana Castelan

    Amazing. Food, service and atmosphere. Love the place! Fair and reasonable pricing.

  17. David McCollum

    You must come by here and get some food!

  18. Dennis McAdams

    Had the rib eye special. Cooked perfectly
    Huge portions. Fun wait staff.

  19. A “Greedy Devil” Enriquez

    Came here after hearing about it on a Sunday afternoon for breakfast. They were busy and after smelling the food i can see why. Took about 15 minutes to be seated, it’s not a large place but still plenty of room to sit and enjoy your food.

    I ordered the Eggs Benedict and wife ordered the Chicken Fried Steak.
    Eggs Benedict was a little different from traditional and same with the sausage gravy. Not bad but just their own spin on it. Definitely worth trying if you come. Chicken fried steak itself was well cooked and not too tough but not too soft.

    Only complaint i can say if i have to give one is the bloody mary was Okay, granted everyone makes them different so can’t speak ill of it. But i didn’t come here for the drinks but the food so won’t rate them on drink.

  20. Teresa Hart

    5 star dive bar. Try the cream corn brulee

  21. Jen Lee

    Best dinner and service in town! Thanks to the cook Aaron 👍

  22. Michael Smothers

    Great service and friendly atmosphere. Great brisket. Awesome nachos

  23. Jessica Masden

    Absolutely phenomenal food. Creative and paired with down home feel good favorites.

  24. shawn bright

    Food was mediocre and service was absolutely horrible. Fried cod was greasy and mushy. And burger basket was an over priced McDonalds cheese burger.

  25. Carla York

    A bit crowded. Had to wait for a little bit. But was well worth it. Will be there again and again!!!

  26. Forrest Stimans

    Mixed review on this place. The food was good but could have been better. The location Is alright but the parking and size of the place isn’t. The service was also not very good but not lacking. They were attentive enough but the delivery and spirit of the service is what was lacking. Often I felt that the waitresses didn’t want us to be there. Probably won’t come back but won’t discourage anyone from trying it at least once to form there own opinion.

  27. Adrianne LaScuola

    An absolute diamond in the rough. Good mood food served fast, hot and fresh. The motzzerella sticks… Whoa! They stole the show. Service was top notch, the waitresses were friendly and fun. Regulars were welcoming new comers, it was just a great vibe for an evening out. We left fat and happy, looking forward to trying more of the menu.

  28. Elizabeth Boyd

    We ordered the loaded jojos to start, the steak and bake with the chowder and Mac n cheese, and the brisket ceaser salad.

    The jojos came out with the meal, the cheese one massive congealed puck. The jojos were crispy tho.

    The steak was tough as old boots and overdone. Mac n cheese was bland. The chowder was delicious, with a nice bite.

    The brisket was hardly present in the salad and the lettuce was wilted.

    When our server was present they were attentive but we were largely left to our own devices.

    I spent $60 for what was probably the worst meal I’ve had in a long time. The indigestion it gives us ensured we would not return.

  29. Matthew S

    Had the smokehouse platter.. disapointed to see them use store bought bbq sauce. The meat was also meh.. they warmed the brisket up on a griddle or something(why..?) And came out burnt and dry.

  30. dani chulla

    Service, very good.
    Menu , lots of choices.
    Ambiance, cute bar…. good vibe…..looks like a lot of locals. Fine to take kids.
    Food,, was ok. Husband had rib eye, 23.95…. good…..good price for the cost of beef these days.
    Ordered pork ribs, 16.95. ok…..
    Large chicken caesar, 16.95…..very overpriced…..taste was good, not great.
    Kids split a logroller sandwich…..15.95….I expected it to be huge,,,nope.

    Decent place,,,I know prices have skyrocketed lately but too expensive for what they’re serving.
    $85 plus $20 for tip! Thank goodness we only had water.

  31. Melissa Smith

    This place is awesome! The prime Rib was tender and smokey, Sally from the Valley was freaking amazing! Definitely will be back, so good!

  32. Mandy Giese

    Had a blast. Drinks were good, Karaoke was fun, can’t wait to try the food on my next visit!

  33. Beagle

    We had a great experience the service was excellent and so was the food.

  34. Fuzzy Bunny

    Not impressed with the menu. But worse yet is the amount of really sketchy people that come and go from here. First-time experience and probably my last time experience. Plus it took forever for the food.

  35. Jeri Stabler York

    Great 5 Star Dive Bar. Food and service is great. Friendly, “cheers” style bar, where everybody KNOWS your name.

  36. Tanishia McArthur

    This place has AMAZING food and good drinks and nice staff. Definitely worth every penny.

  37. Happy Tomato

    Very good gourmet bar food, get the mozzarella logs they are huge and delicious!!! If you like Amber’s get the porch light very good locally made beer!

  38. linda harada

    Great food. Friendly. Large portions. Great environment!

  39. No one you know BOI

    The staff was very friendly and the food was amazing

  40. Jeffrey James

    Un real! Shout out to chef for that meal!

  41. Brent Reser

    On Sunday, May 1, we went to the Bearded Ginger after running Bloomsday. I had been to Charlie P’s a couple times not long before the change and wanted to see the new concept. The new menu is eclectic and large. Some really intriguing BBQ options but I do feel many of the items are overpriced, especially given the venue. But perhaps that is the predomintant problem. I think the concept change was made in part to make the bar more of an upscale restaurant. However, I don’t think enough was done to convey the change. The name, logo, and menu are changed but when you walk inside it just looks like Charlie P’s. With that said, I ordered the ½ pound cheeseburger and it was decent. I really enjoyed the JoJos. They give you a lot and are very flavorful. My brother and sister-in-law ordered BBQ entrées and both were large portions. We sat at the bar and appreciated the service from our bartender/server, Nickole. Luckily for us we were able to order our first choices of food but the couple sitting next to us ordered several items only to be told they were out of stock. One more minor complaint: my brother and I each ordered different draft beers but they were both warm. I appreciate the overall effort the Bearded Ginger is making but I was not blown away.

  42. Peter Kerr

    Ordered the loaded jojos with pulled pork and the grilled cheese with brisket with a huckleberry margarita and holy wow is this place incredible. Quick service and kind bartenders and a fun and relaxed environment perfect for watching the game and hanging out with your friends! Really fair prices too especially with all the inflation! Definitely coming back

  43. ninja spy

    The place gives you the biggest portions ever. This has meatloaf in it and is the chef’s own spin on a sandwich they had in corde de lene

  44. L R

    Always a pleasure to eat here the food is fabulous and bring an appetite you’re going to be full 🌝

  45. Johnny Pitts

    Loved the batter used on the fries. Ribs were great and beer was cold.

  46. Nathan Price

    The house mix bloody mary tasted a little funny, I mentioned it to the waitress, and she went and mixed me up a really tasty bloody mary. The large Mac and brisket is definitely share size.

  47. Sheila Borst

    Great waitresses, always asking if we needed anything, both working as a team to clear the table and check on us. The mozzarella sticks were huge and the cheese is wonderful. Pizza was good, crumbly crust if that makes sense. Pasta was good. Overall, great experience.

  48. Rose Brodrick

    Just ok. Was in Saturday night and there was live music. Music was good but for size of building WAAAAY to loud. Food was mediocre at best. Mozzarella logs were good. Unfortunately nothing great. Prices high for what you get. Won’t be back

  49. Alicia Christiansen

    Friday evening we went out to dinner and decided to come try this place out. We were not disappointed! We ordered Margaritas, Mozzarella Logs, Mushroom Onion Swiss Burger, and Smokehouse Delight! Everything was delicious and we were extremely happy! Shout out to Nickole for the great drinks and great service!

  50. Ally C

    What can I say!! Food, service and drinks all spectacular…the steakhouse omelet was amazing and perfect portions and the biscuits and gravy were phenomenal. Gravy is soo good.

  51. Pier Heger

    Went for lunch, but came a little too early. Breakfast was good and filling. Easy became two meals.

  52. Karly Umbach

    The food is delicious with huge portions! We will definitely be back!

  53. andrey bondarev

    Most amazing food and crowd , will give 10 starts if possible , hidden jem of Spokane , Spokane valley ! Owner is amazing

  54. Jeri Stabler York

    Awesome as always. Down home “Cheers” type of bar. And the food is fantastic.

  55. Dustin Read

    The mozzarella sticks are the best around, I’ve never had any like those before and should be the standard. Also the Texas toast sandwich was so good. Also the Mac and cheese was awesome. We are playing on doing my dad’s 70th birthday there because it was so good.

  56. Shanna Simmons

    Food was great. We finally got a table this time. Think we got there 4-4:30. 1st timer’s. I remember that was a old Pizza Hut dine in restaurant. LOOOONG TIME AGO. Anyways.. great food. Definately bar enviornment. No problem with it but is anyone needs to know. Hope we can snag a open seat again soon!!

  57. Whitney Richardson

    I’d give this place a 3.5. I liked the food and the waitress was nice, but a few things just was a bummer. I’m dairy free and asked about the fish and chips, she was awesome and went back and checked for me, “breading is all good!”. Great, ordered that, but the plate came out with garlic parm bread and coleslaw… just said I was dairy free… I asked about both, she said they make it in house and went to check. “can’t guarantee the slaw”,… I thought you made it in house? also I never got a water refill, but they were on it with my husband beer. So like I said, just little things that were a bummer, but the food was good. I can’t I’m imagine bringing kids there as it definitely felt like a dive bar.

  58. Raven Spellman

    Fantastic fish and chips! Heaping portions. I was pleasantly surprised that my meal came with coleslaw and two slices of garlic bread. Service was great despite it being crowded with only one server. She was amazing! I’ll definitely be back.

  59. Tiffany D

    Great food, great atmosphere most of the servers are amazing, but seriously you should try the food, you’ll keep going back we do.

  60. Lee Spencer

    Food was awesome. Did not take long for my order, maybe 15-20 minutes. Burger was perfect and onion rings were great. I’ll be back.

  61. Fred Cousins

    Service was good. I had the grilled cheese sandwich with pulled pork was delicious.

  62. Jacob Lince

    My girlfriend and I have been here twice now. Both times the staff have been beyond awesome and an absolute delight to be served by. Everything from the burgers, to the shrimp, and mixed drinks have been phenomenal.

    Our absolute favorite so far has been the mozzarella logs. They are inordinately large, but are hands down the creamiest, freshest, and best tasting mozzarella sticks we’ve ever had.

    I highly recommend the Bearded Ginger for everything. Even the owner is attentive and incredibly friendly.

    Definitely one of our all time favorite restaurants in Spokane now.

  63. Darrell Brown

    Awesome place for dinner and drink. Had great service and quick with bringing the food out. Large portions of foods and yummy drinks. I would recommend this place

  64. Susan Hitch

    This place is the best!! Great food and great service!! I’m from out of town, bought my car at Honda dealership next door. I really look forward to my oil changes. Plus I feel right at home I’m a Ginger..but with out the Beard!!

  65. Ashlen Nottage

    Took the whole family for dinner. Everyone was pleased with their meal. Ribs and chicken was cooked to perfectly fall off the bone. Definitely will return.

  66. Carrie Cole

    We have been coming to the Bearded Ginger well it will be a year next month. We move here from Arizona.You folks and I’m speaking not just of the Owner and Staff, but also You Regulars at the Ginger You welcomed us in with open arms. I would like to say Thank You All for being the kind of people you are!!!
    You All Are Awesome 😘

  67. Chris Pick

    I am amending my visit again.. Restaurant just transferred ownership (mid Aug 2022).. They said no staff changes, and already fired Sally from the Vally (Jen).. Easy way to not be back.

  68. Jennifer Fredericks

    New owners..fired the best staff. We will never go back.

  69. Cody Cost 333

    I used to love this place they had the absolute best bartender in Spokane. Many know her as Sally From The Valley. I simply know her as Jennifer , she is an absolute gem and such a fixture there. She will be sorely missed and unfortunately The bearded Ginger will no longer Be a place my friends and I attend. However we will be attending wherever Jennifer ends up. Management really screwed the pooch on this one.

  70. Rae Presnell

    Was good when it was good when it was Charlie Ps, went steadily downhill since, then they just sold it again and looked quite unprofessional and posting horrible things about their workers.

  71. Scott Davis

    Overcharged for alcohol. Check your receipt before you pay.

  72. James Green

    Updated review a year later. New service is super slow and new prices are super high. Not the right recipe for a dive bar!

  73. Lisa Turpin

    WOW, JUST WOW!!!
    I had been Facebook stalking this place from afar and just moved back. I was impressed by the owner/chef and how he cares for his team and gives them breaks when they need it – not just after the money. Also, the food looked incredible! So my husband and I went at about 2pm on a weekend. So glad we did! Don’t let the location or the old pizza hut building fool you!! Inside was clean and comfortable. Service was good. And the food is AMAZING! We got the giant crispy mozzarella logs, a cup of seafood chowder, the smokehouse sandwich with a side of Mac and cheese. Oh my!!! Overall, one of the best meals we have ever had, and we are picky! (My husband is a 30+ year chef and restaurant manager!) Some of the best seafood chowder he has had. I died over the mozzarella- light crispy crust!! I’m a cheese freak and this was over the top! And the super buttery Mac and Cheese was AMAZING! Just like I love it! Lastly, that smoked brisket?!? That sandwich flavor?!?!? KILLED IT!!! It’s a bit pricey but so worth it! Also, loved the vibe- will come back for drinks, too! We hope very much to meet the owner, chef and tell them they are doing a fantastic job! Can’t wait to try everything on the menu!! Literally!!

  74. Brystol Myers

    Wow! The cheese logs were huge light and crispy… the seafood chowder was the best regional and better than some coastal in my home state of Florida. The smoked brisket dip is a craver that will continue to bring me back

  75. Daninja

    Best mozzarella sticka ever. Food is freaking fantastic. Hands down best restaurant around

  76. RoseMarie Witter

    Two stars cause the Mac n cheese was good. Baked beans had zero flavor. Mozzarella sticks had potential if they weren’t lacking salt and were actually cooked through. The inside was cold…. and the cheese wasn’t gooey at all. The log roll sandwich was very meh and also lacked any flavor, somehow the pepperoni was burnt while the rest of it was cold, Not sure how that happens. Fry’s tasted like literal burnt oil. Very meh experience for the price. We sat for maybe 10 minutes before anyone served us. Table had a weird smell. Waitress seemed overwhelmed with three tables, but was nice, just kind of forgetful and a little out of it.

  77. Caleb O'Bannan

    Would never order from this place again. Wasted over $30 on a to go order just to find out it was missing items, over cooked and sub par ingredients. Don’t waste your time on this place.

  78. FolkloricoMonarca

    We did carry out for a small dinner party, everything was delicious!! Every plate was devoured.

  79. Kacey Titus

    Always a good eat!! I got the BLAT and asked for it as a wrap. Definitely a winner! Forgot to take a pic, ooops.

  80. Cynthia Mattern

    The service was horrible, the food was no better

  81. Traci Walker

    Great place .. Great service. Menu ! Is great

  82. katryce phillips

    Awesome food, good drinks. It was a fabulous way to celebrate!

  83. Scott Burke

    Food and service was great, I had a sandwich. Can’t wait to come back and try their ribs.

  84. Ariel Dearth

    Kid-friendliness: Under 21 allowed before 9pm and they were very nice to our kids and our kids weren’t the only ones.

  85. Connie Kent

    Love there food and love how they rearranged the seating area, looks so big and open 😍

  86. Kevin McGowan

    Waitress was awesome. We ordered the wings for an appetizer and some of them were under cooked. I ordered the smoked platter and chose the chicken hind quart, ribs and brisket. The ribs were ok, the brisket was good, but instead of getting a chicken hind quarter I was served 3 chicken wings and again some were under cooked. Last time I checked hind quarters were thighs and legs. The waitress offered another meat from the list, so I chose the sirloin roast, I could not eat it. I gave 2 stars cause my wife didn’t have any problems and the waitress was so good to us.

  87. Miesha Phillips

    Garbage. Servers were great and very nice but food was horrible. Salad was soggy with way too much dressing, chicken was cold, fish came out uncooked. Totally lost my appetite.

    It was busy, so obviously others like it.

  88. William Schmitt

    It was real good and the service was real good! It wasn’t packed but it was very nice. Nice enough I would not only recommend but I’d go again. We don’t go out that often because of being disappointed and being expensive. This place was very good and we will go back.

  89. Catherine Weathermon

    Great little dive bar with surprisingly very tasty food.

  90. Kathleen Wendlandt

    Great place to eat!! Food was excellent and the staff were friendly:) want to go back and try the bearded bloody Mary:) I was the dd tonite;)

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