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The Commonwealth

Traditional American Restaurant in Snoqualmie Pass, WA









“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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33 reviews for “The Commonwealth

  1. Gage White

    Very good food and some of the best tomato soup I’ve ever had.

  2. Swati Joshi

    Good food( especially their potato wedges) and good service.

  3. Shoko Imamura

    Beet salad contained a minimal amount of beet, and it made me sad. Maybe they were out of beets that day.

  4. Brian Rowe

    Good salmon sandwich

  5. Matt Swift

    Burger and wedges are pretty nice.

  6. David Folweiler

    The beer was tasty and cold. The service was fast and friendly. My pulled pork tacos stood to learn something from Mexico. The salsa was great – some sort of salsa verde. The toppings of onions, cotija cheese, and cilantro were spot on. Sadly the main parts of the tacos lacked. The tortillas were clearly not fresh and were reheated in a way that made them delaminate and kind of fall apart. A good corn tortilla for a taco is fresh and heated on a comal (griddle) in a bit of greasy sauce to become pliable and contribute to the taco’s overall experience. When I saw that the pork was nicely pulled apart and red in color, I expected much more. It was way under-seasoned and tasted of little but pork. Where was the chili punch and a bit of fat and salt to make it tasty? Missing. I’ve had far better at many a taco truck and in Mexico.

  7. Sergio

    Commonwealth was a great dining experience. Pomegranate margarita was refreshing! The chicken wings and bacon dip mix was a great appetizer. The ascetic of the place was really unique. Outside there are tables with fireplaces in the middle. Really enjoyed the experience at this restaurant will come again in the future!

  8. Kathryn Saini

    Good stop on our road trip. Definitely better than fast food, but nothing to write home about either. We split the fried chicken sandwich and beet salad. Ou waitress was lovely and funny. Would stop there again in the future.

  9. Kira Budinger

    So glad we found this place on our road trip home. Food was great, especially the Mac & cheese. Super crispy potato wedges. The portions are big. Prices are pretty reasonable considering the location & quality of food. Next to a brewery. Nice staff. 5/5!

  10. Matt Strong

    The chicken is done right

  11. Christian Henriksen

    burger was really great, cooked to order, potato wedges and homemade chips were also fantastic!

  12. J and B

    Food was amazing! Best Cuban sandwich I have had in a while, sit outside or by the window! View is breathtaking!

  13. walid baattiyah

    Food was great!! Service from the first waitress was pretty good. 8/10 all-around. Second one just didn’t care to take the time to engage. Granted I don’t know everything they go through or understand there workload. From my perspective, the place was pretty slow and we were more engaging, friendly and outgoing then her. Even when given the opportunity to bounce back and engage in simple banter for a few seconds we were totally shot down. She did the bare minimum when questioned about the menu and her opinions about the food. For example, we asked “what’s good here”. Her reply, “what ever you like”. Totally disinterested and walked away. I got the impression that because we were working class that we weren’t worth the time or she thought we weren’t going to tip so didn’t want to wast the time . I just want to say that I could totally be misreading and objectively wrong but I like to follow my gut. most of the time there is at least some truth to that impression. Not going to write off this place but when there’s so many businesses that serve amazing food and also have that immaculate service. My next trip there if any, will be based off convenience rather than experience.

    Also other random things, burger was awesome!!! High quality beef. Decor was loosely themed around , mountain, vehicles and two christmas-esque candles. Not sure if I just don’t get it or it’s a hodgepodge of decor. Wish you all the very best. Peace and love.

  14. Timothy Davis

    We had a table of 18. The service was excellent, food was good, and they were really fast on getting our food out. Impressive! The HUCKLEBERRY MARGARITA is a must have. I will likely make the hour and a half drive just for that.

  15. Pothga Phillips

    Food is worth the stop, even though it was a little busy. It was still super fast.
    Ok. Best, I mean BEST chicken sandwich I’ve had in a while. It’s busy in there so have a little patience and get this jalapeño bacon dip. We got ours with no bacon and it was amazing.
    While the restaurant was separated from the other shops, the bathroom is shared. Staff were friendly, place was clean.

  16. Christopher Wilde

    The Commonwealth is an oasis in the Snoqualmie desert. The atmosphere is pleasant and the service excellent with friendly staff. I dined here twice on July 29th and then the 30th. The first night I struggled between choosing a burger and the street tacos. The burger proved to be a phenomenal decision. Add bacon and avocado for complete satiation that won’t leave room for dessert.

    The second day, I returned for the street tacos and what I hoped would be a Washington Apple crisp. The tacos had a lovely presentation. Unfortunately, the chicken didn’t taste grilled. Instead, it tasted like overcooked chicken from a can. Fortunately, it came with a popping sauce that nearly hid the unpalatable chicken. Dissatisfied, I then opted for dessert. Google users may have seen the photo of the Washington Apple Crisp that looked worth hiking 246 miles for; unfortunately, that is replaced with a disappointing apple tart. The dismal decision to replace a crisp with a premade pastry seems solely the province of someone who hates food. It’s the act of someone who relegates their mother to a basement apartment, exploits her for child care, and then pays her by deducting her labor against the cost of rent for the apartment.

    There are two primary rules of the restaurant desert. The first is to offer phenomenal dessert on par with a quality cheesecake or don’t offer dessert. The second rule is always to provide dessert. Sadly the Commonwealth dessert is dismal.

    While the negative factors don’t detract from an otherwise pleasant experience, I would come again, the failures do stand out. These are the kind of mistakes a restaurant makes when they exchange their own convenience for quality.

    On both visits I communicated both my satisfaction and dissatisfaction to the wait staff who heard me, but clearly lacked agency and did not seem to have a managment staff who should have, at a minimum, stopped by in the half hour I sat here writing this.

    To my fellow patrons. Talk, demand more, praise when they do well, but, expect care and concern when they do not. The best in town Is not an excuse when the town itself has so few bests. If someone is bleeding out,
    calling 911 may be better than others but it is not an excuse for refusing to put pressure on the wound.

  17. Jennifer Snow-Boscolo

    We are local and enjoy meals at The Commonwealth on a regular basis, we love it. My favorite is the fried chicken sandwich.

  18. Amanda Logan

    Great food.. Great service!! The Fried Chicken sandwich and Blackened Salmon Sandwich were amazing. Our server Nathan got us seated, drinks, and food right away even though it was busy.

  19. Tania Alves

    Best burger ever with best service from Nathan- we love this place and all we ate here is delicious. Highly recommend

  20. Jeff Yurcisin

    Great night. Love this place. Good, solid food. Great drinks. Awesome environment and just exceptional service. Had a waiter wearing a Blockbuater t shirt (Nathan), and he engaged in witty banter w my kids and helped to ensure we had a great time. Now going regularly. Mix of classic bar food (burger, salmon and club sandwich), but also mixes in a Beet Salad and a Beyond Burger, Strongly recommend.

  21. Zephyr Gilmore

    Nate recommended the secret buffalo style chicken burger and it absolutely slapped 😋

  22. Alexander Lesher

    I went to the Commonwealth tonight and got two falafel with wedges. It was great and our server Nathan was very accommodating and quick. Very appreciated after a long hike in the sun.

  23. PJ M

    Delicious meal. I-90 burger superb! Cuban sandwich was delicious. Beer and wine good selection.

    Our server Nathan was great. Attentive and a genuinely friendly guy! All staff friendly and fast!

    Will definitely recommend and be back!

  24. Chris Earle

    The burger is about the same size as a mcdonald q-pounder but somewhat better quality. The large beefalo chili was an ok size for an appetizer but did not contain any meat to speak of. An honest merchant would call it black bean chili. I won’t be returning to this joint.

  25. Alex Marvin

    Good ambiance. Average burger: nothing to complain about and nothing to be super excited about. Potato chips were a bit rubbery and kids burgers were not very tasty. Their regular cheese burger was okay and did the job!

  26. A. Todd Emerson

    Great menu and bar selection. Gastro-bar experience with a friendly staff. The fried chicken sandwich was amazing!

  27. Matthew Perkins

    Salmon sandwich is great. An actual fillet, not a patty. Our server, Nathan, was attentive, polite, and easy going. We stop here almost every time we head over the pass.

  28. Jackie Shields

    The French dip was great. Hubby’s hamburger was under cooked. Fries had sea salt on them, if you like them that way. Home made potato chips, not so great in my opinion.

  29. Brooke Karr

    Good food and gorgeous, laid back atmosphere. They make wonderful cocktails. Love their pulled pork sandwich, crispy chicken and kale salad! Great beer on tap. Nathan, our waiter was amazing! Thank you Nathan!

  30. Alissa C

    Lovely atmosphere and shaded outdoor patio in the summer with amazing views of the mountains. Sandwiches and burgers were delicious and the wedge fries with the burgers are 🔥. Potato chips were a bit undersalted but still super crispy and delicious!

  31. Nick Gosseen

    Solid. Love the wings and the crew is super nice. Thanks Nathan, we’ll be back!

  32. Pete Simpson

    Can’t get enough of that salmon sandwich. Thanks for the great service Nathan!

  33. Benjamin Komen

    Not a very good experience.
    I came in and was seated promptly and given water. Then I was ignored for at least 15 minutes. They were busy, but people coming in later were served in 5 minutes.
    I ordered the burger and a porter. The porter was good, the burger was very juicy, and I didn’t receive any napkins, also I saw some undercooked meat, but I thought “oh well, it’s beef so that’s no big deal”. However, the whole night my stomach and bowels begged to differ.
    The potato wedges were tasty but some coated in salt.
    I wouldn’t come back to this place. I can handle slow serving and lack of napkins but feeling sick from the food is not acceptable.

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