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The Fairhaven

Traditional American Restaurant in Burlington, WA






“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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58 reviews for “The Fairhaven

  1. Nate Hanson

    Delicious, fresh food. Hand pie was amazing. Mac and cheese side, also amazing. Load up on deserts on your way out!

  2. P S

    Incredibly good flavors. This is definitly our newest favorite place to eat in Burlington. The Korean Bbq was HUGE..and the Vegi Cheese was more than I could eat but only because the bread was toasted perfectly but was a really good bread to start with! Also had the ginger lime soda and if you like very very tart drinks this is perfect. The Cuban was very good as was the garlic fries.

  3. Courtney Scott

    Outstanding!! Talk about amazing quality of food and attention to detail all the way down to the types of spices they use and the presentation. Husband had the Spicy Nashville Fried Chicken Sandwich and I had the Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich. Very yummy and can’t wait to try the rest of their menu!! Staff were very welcoming and polite and took great care of us.

  4. GoDs3nD

    Spent a week in Sept 2021 on Whidbey Isl at a nice AirBnB. Spent a couple days in Seattle playing tourist, ate at some highly recommended places. I lived in Napa/Sonoma CA for 25 years (known for amazing foodie destinations), and have had many good meals and fine dining… but nothing compared to this little gem of a stop. We went in on a whim, for lunch, during one of our drives admiring the scenery, and my table of 4 all had something different. We were ALL convinced it was the best sandwich experince we’ve ever had!! Mouthwatering Alaska Salmon, the Meatball Sandwich was to die for, just a perfect flavor! The fried chicken mmmmmm. The fries were the best my partner and I have ever had, crispy flakey and salted perfectly. It’s now February 2022 and I was thinking of our trip and how I meant to leave a review.. so here I am. This stop was a highlight for sure.. Can you open one of these in Spokane please??? OMG!! We will definitely be back next trip to the PNW ❤❤❤

  5. Miriam Barger

    The Fairhaven is my favorite place to eat in Skagit County! Delicious sandwiches, great specials and an amazing dining atmosphere 😊

  6. Mary Andrade

    Wow! The sandwiches here are like no other. Completely unexpected. The bread is delicious, the flavor combinations are exceptional. Homemade fries-yum!!!! I will be returning to try everything on the menu!

  7. Cole Brown

    The food is always delicious and the staff is always very nice. Would definitely recommend to friends.

  8. Aaron Stevens

    The Fairhaven never disappoints! Long been a fan of their meatball sub, one of the best in the area. Tonight we went for the Grilled Tuna Salad, and the Spicy Nashville Classic Fried Chicken Sandwich. The salad was so fresh, with avocado, cilantro and cucumber. There was plenty of seared tuna and house made dressing. The chicken sandwich was dynamite! Perfectly fried chicken, the sauce was just the right amount of spicy. Great dinner.

  9. VedaMarita BullockAshley

    Wow! Food is awesome. Very friendly atmosphere.

  10. Neal MacFarlane

    Amazing food with extremely friendly staff! Honestly the only way this place would be better is if they were open on Monday’s too.

  11. Graham Finch

    4 meals, chicken strips, meatball sandwich, korean chicken sandwich, and beet/arugula salad.
    All 4 meals were above expections in appearance and flavour. Good value too

  12. Maryia Schwartz

    Love this place. The food is amazing! Thank you for treating us to your fantastic creations. I am yet to have something I didn’t like.

  13. Martika 773

    First time and it was so delicious! 😋 great costumer service.

  14. William Carpenter (Bill)

    Great food and a even better staff. Friendly, courteous and just a delight to interact with. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Definitely a new go to place.

  15. Crystal Sweeney

    The only thing disappointing about The Fairhaven is that it’s close to 5 hours away from us. We stopped in here after traveling and read some reviews. It was honestly some of the best tasting food I’ve had. Do yourself a favor and get the garlic fries. They were amazing! My husband got the jerk chicken sandwich and it was packed with flavor. The Bahn Mi Salad was delicious and even the kids cheese burgers were the best kids meal I’ve had.

  16. Mario R. (DaCoolDude)

    Gone a couple times and I love the food, the lamb and Korean sandwich are my favorite. I always do take out, but you can eat inside or outside when it’s sunny. The inside is pretty awesome, the workers are amazing. The menu isn’t big, it’s perfect. Salads, sandwichs, sides (awesome sides, I recommend the jalapeno chips), drinks, beers and wines. I highly recommend, they also have USB wall chargers. So if you need a charge while eating and have your wire, both you and your phone will be full

  17. jane hansen

    This was my first visit to The Fairhaven. The decor is pretty contemporary and yet very welcoming. I was a little confused about the style of service, so sat down and kind of watched what other people did. It is place your order at the counter and then sit wherever you want. There is outside seating and that was my choice. Their menu is salads and sandwiches and some pastries, and various beverages. I ordered the Salmon sandwich. It was really good. The salmon was a nice thick piece and it was cook just right. I’m going back and will try a salad next time!

  18. Kaira Sirs

    Very yummy sandwiches and the kiddo loved the baked mac and cheese. We looked up local spots as we were visiting the nearby Tulip Festival and were not disappointed.

  19. Paul Houser

    Wow what an amazing venue! Homemade from scratch dishes. Locally sourced from farmers in the area. The soda flavoring was simmered in a pot!

  20. Susan Ding

    This restaurant is like a cute sun room, bright interiors with plants and nice paintings. The sandwiches are fresh, much bigger than I expected and taste yummy. Many varieties on the menu to satisfy your taste buds. Outdoor seating area with picnic tables and grass is great for sunny days.

  21. Fei Huang

    Dining Experience: 5 Stars,
    Taste of Food: 5 Stars,
    Drinks: 5 Stars(strongly recommand the berry beer, I forget the name, should be the one with the 7.4% alcohol)
    I have not yet seen a 4.9 review restaurant for a while, and it is definitely worth 4.9 ratings.

  22. matt thompson

    Everything I’ve tried is great. Fresh, scratch, local, sustainable. I’ll be back again and again.

  23. David Hiley

    Try it! I classify myself as a relatively picky diner. This place did a very good job. The food was very good and there is a relatively diverse menu. Prices were very reasonable I thought. The atmosphere was nice and the staff were friendly. If I lived closer this would be my go-to spot.

  24. Leo Trujillo

    Food has been great every time I’ve been here and the staff is very hard working. I only had like 15 minutes to catch my bus and they pushed my order out in no time at all. Thanks to the staff at The Fairhaven I can finally be happy.

  25. Jess Walters

    Amazing chicken sandwich, great prices and value for the quality of the food. Will definitely be back if in the area.

  26. Johanna Miller

    The sandwiches were huge and amazing! All the ingredients tasted fresh and overall experience was excellent. Definitely deserving of the 4.9 rating!

  27. Zac Cobb

    Terrific food, beverages, and service. Highly recommend. Didn’t get to try the Reuben, but the grilled cheese got it done big time

  28. Ciara Linayao Leckie

    Delicious sandwiches, beautiful decor, paintings and indoor plants. The staff was extremely hospitable and charming. Amazing little spot! Love it!

  29. Steve Jones

    Great sandwiches, the Cuban and Carolina Gold grilled cheese are so good. Plus you need to get the jalapeno chips they are a must. Best Sandwiches in Skagit.

  30. Mercy Mercy

    Fried chicken sandwich and crème brûlée were delicious!

  31. Jerrad Ely

    Not my cup of tea. The staff was friendly but the food wasn’t up to my standards. I had
    The fish and chips. The fries were… bad. Just didn’t taste good. The fish lacked seasoning in the batter so it was just bland. We had the deep fried jalapeños and the batter again lacked seasoning so they were a bit of a let down.

    Can’t say I was impressed or that I’ll be back unfortunately.

  32. Scott Stilson

    I love this place. Every sandwich I’ve had has been just amazing and the portion size is generous. I’d especially recommend getting the Carolina Gold Grilled Cheese sandwich or the Korean Fried Chicken sandwich. Pretty good beer selection too

  33. Anna Palucci Young

    We have eaten at The Fairhaven several times and have found the food to be consistently fresh, delicious and creative. We have dined in and done carryout and the staff is kind, patient and professional. We always look forward to going there and can’t wait to go back.

  34. Lynnie Ochoa

    The Asian chicken sandwich was super good, also the molasses cayenne cookie was delicious as well. Highly recommend both.

  35. Dave Wright

    Some of the best sandwiches around! Nice little outdoor dining area but a little noisy at times with the traffic going by on Burlington Blvd. The staff are friendly as well

  36. Lisa Stinz

    Fantastic good, verynice employees and the resaurant and outdoor seating was very clean and inviting. The BLTA was awsome with lots of crispy bacon and fresh veggies!

  37. Katherine Engel

    Vegetarian options: Delicious falafel salad with garbanzo beans, substitutions also available with herb marinated grilled chicken for those non garbanzo bean lovers or carnivore indulgent.

  38. Stephanie Nispel

    I had the Fairhaven burger, which was delicious 😋…friendly staff, but my mom ordered fish and chips and the fries were burnt (and not just a little bit. Seems like someone should’ve known not to serve them.

  39. Natalia Finlay

    The restaurant is very cute, we loved the decor. The food was sooo amazing. So fresh, and delicious and HUGE. I had the grilled cheese and it was bigger than my face. We will definitely be back 🙂

  40. Mandy D

    AMAZING. I’m not usually one to review but I thought I’d give the credit where due. My boyfriend and I stopped here on our way to the airport heading back to Boston. We chose this because of the raving reviews and the menu (of course). I had the falafel and side salad. My other half had the classic chicken sandwich and the jalapeño chips. We shared the potato and cod croquettes. We ate almost everything we could stomach. The falafel was incredible and the flavors were beautifully synergistic. The side salad had perfectly fresh ingredients. My standards for produce are ridiculous and this surpassed that. His chicken sandwich was delicious. The jalep chips were awesome and unique. You can tell when people really care about the food they are putting out and this places nails that. We spent 12 days in Washington and this was by far the best food we ate during the many stops we made through the state. We’ll definitely stop here next year when we return and anyone reading this should too!! 5 stars all the way!!!

  41. Katrina Gurr

    Incredibly delicious and perfect for vegetarians! I went back twice in one week because I loved it so much! I had the Tofu Banh Mi, Chicken Fried Cauliflower and Lemonade – all so good and fresh. Definitely recommend and I’ll be back a ton!

  42. SM Tan

    This place has great sandwiches. Somehow Burlington and Mount Vernon seem to have attracted yet another very good restaurant to the area. I ordered the Classic Fried Chicken in Nashville spicy – it was good, though not exactly Nashville style (I lived in Nashville). My dining partner ordered the Asian Chicken Sandwich, which was not as good but still good. And the garlic pesto parmesan fries were delicious! I’d recommend the fries order to go with your sandwiches. There’s a little outdoor patio in the front of the restaurant that’s nice when the weather is good.

  43. Jack Otto

    A friend turned me on to this place. We were passing through the Mount Vernon area and they insisted we stop and try the sandwiches. And boy did they not disappoint. Some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had! The sandwiches were toasted, and hot and delicious. Look to me like they also sell beer on tap as well as wine. If you’re in the area definitely recommend stopping by here for lunch!

  44. Geena-Maria van Dijk

    The Fairhaven has a very nice ambiance. My lover liked the jerk chicken sandwich and my sister and mother loved the grilled cheese and lemon bar. I personally didn’t have the same experience. I ordered the falafel wrap and it was.. let’s just say not the best falafel wrap I’ve had. I did however ask for the sauce to be removed to make it vegan. My falafels were also burnt. Very burnt. Other than that we also really enjoyed the fries. Overall 3 stars because people can make mistakes. Maybe all the flavor was in the sauce. I’m not sure but I basically changed their recipe so I don’t feel like I’m an accurate judge… so maybe not here if you’re vegan. I also find them a but pricy.

  45. Richard Bohme

    I’m going to give my positives first. Staff was very nice. Food is cooked well. My personal opinion is they go a little too fancy when they don’t need to. The burgers taste excellent no need to add everything funky. The chicken strips were cooked perfectly no need for the extra. My advice would be add a basic of their meals on the menu for the less adventurous. Other then that if you like your food favorites with a twist I would recommend it. Parking is a little tight but manageable.

  46. Steve Woodward

    Wonderful atmosphere, unique and delicious food choices (we loved the jalapeno fries), and friendly, helpful staff. We will be returning for more!

  47. Brett Dodd

    Wowza! Incredible food and service at a fantastic price as well. Everything we’ve had at The Fairhaven has been delicious and so well prepared! Even their Gluten-free baked stuff is amazing!

  48. J K

    The most delicious food I’ve ever choked on!
    (As a plus the staff helped me not die, thanks again!)

    If I ever had to choke on anything again I wish it would be the jerk chicken sandwich – it is delicious!
    Edit: Some would say “it was to die for”

    Also pictured: the sandwich prior to the last bite I would get out of it.

    Will be back!

    UPDATE: Was back Nashville spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich was as good or better than the Jerk Chicken.

    I’m gonna have to try everything on the menu…

  49. Bill Kaeding

    This place is great! Have passed through twice in last two years and the sandwiches are off the hook! Carolina gold grilled cheese was absurdly good and the fried chicken was also amazing! Please come to Denver!

  50. Mary Hartman (Banjoyist)

    I love a great Reuben, and I’m kind of picky about them. I was blown away by Fairhaven’s Reuben! The corned beef was falling-apart tender and tasty, the kraut, cheese, and sauce fused into melty gooey deliciousness, and the bread was crisp and fragrant. It was served piping hot off the grill. Ooh la la!

  51. James Grigsby

    Didn’t take any pictures of my food because I couldn’t wait to taste it! We came for our first time on a Sunday, a limited menu but certainly not disappointing. I had huevos Rancheros. 2 poached eggs atop 2 tamales, sour cream, guacamole, pico and topped with fresh cilantro. With a delicious spicy sauce on the side. The flavors were perfect, I scarfed it down in no time and it filled me up but I wanted more deliciousness so I helped my son finish his. He had steak and scrambled eggs with hashbrowns and an english muffin. The tri-tip steak was cooked perfect medium rare and sliced on the plate, excellent flavor and tenderness. The eggs were scrambled just right, not dry and overdone. The hashbrowns were freshly grated potatoes, piled thick and cooked with a nice crispy crust on top and bottom. The freshly made English muffin was light and crispy and large and served with raspberry freezer jam. I cant say enough about our delicious meal. Took home a brownie and a couple snickerdoodle cookies.. Ill be back during lunch time and am looking forward to trying the reuben, the cuban and the fried chicken sandwich. My compliments to the chef! Well done sir!

  52. Leeann Kelley

    Carolina Gold Grilled Cheese. Unbelievable! We slip the sandwich and had plenty.
    Wonderful outdoors dining on a warm Autumn day.

  53. Jane Cho

    Loved the atmosphere, drinks and the jerk chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich had excellent flavors. Reuben, not so much, meat was overcooked and dry. Overall a great experience, highly recommended!

  54. Jeffrey Airman

    Absolutely delicious avocado/pablano veggie burger. Do not miss this masterpiece. Staff is always kind and engaged. What a thoughtful establishment.

  55. Grant Rich

    Drove all the way down from Bellingham and absolutely worth it. Best chicken sandwich I have ever had! Staff are so friendly and nice. Garlic fries are amazing too

  56. Wade Wright

    Impulse stop in the way to see family. What a great surprise. The food was delicious. The staff was very friendly and warm. My new place to eat when I’m driving through. Will be back!

    Came back and it was even better than before. Our favorite place driving up I5.

  57. Michael Drotts

    Awesome food and great little place!
    My kids loved the burgers and I’d have to agree! Definitely one of the best places in the skagit!

  58. Liz P

    This cute place has amazing sandwiches , fries and salads

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