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The Ref Sports Bar

Traditional American Bar & Grill in Spokane Valley, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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53 reviews for “The Ref

  1. Darryl Clark

    I’m giving a four star just because I like going to The Ref. Like the atmosphere, service was good. I have never tried the pizza or calzone. Just going to suggest
    uping the burger game. I was a little disappointed. Think fresh patties and charge more. A sports bar needs great burgers and sandwiches. Best of luck as we start to reopen. I will be back.

  2. DeAnna Wilson

    Great service, yummy food, clean and spacious lots of TV’s. Good place to go!

  3. Meghan Setzer

    Food was disgusting and the service was poor. Not impressed.

  4. Doug Goldsmith

    Waited 2 hours and never saw food so we left!!!!

  5. Kayli Ross

    Went to The Ref for dinner tonight. My whole family was pretty disappointed. Walked in and the waitress seating us/helping us didn’t say a word until I asked how her day was going. I’m not going to name the waitress because maybe she was just having a bad day. Regardless, with how NOT busy the place was, we only saw our waitress when she brought our appetizers and our food. She never asked how we were doing. Never asked if we needed anything. Never asked how the food was. She simply was just not around. I waited for her to come back to see how we were doing to order a drink. I eventually walked up to the bar and waited another 10 minutes for no help. Luckily, after awhile I was told to sit down and she would come get my order. She brought our food and got my drink. Didn’t see her again the rest of the time. Unfortunately, not only was the wait staff not friendly and not around, but the food was not good. The only thing I would recommend out of the 4 entrees and 2 appetizers we got was the pretzel bites which is the only reason I gave even a 1 star. Sadly, we all were disappointed and super unimpressed. Which makes me super bummed because I had high hopes. 🙁

  6. Kayli Ross

    Funny/unique names on some of the menu items but ultimately, it is mostly normal bar food. I thought the boneless wings were exceptionally good, tried multiple flavors. Service can improve but we were treated good, overall.

  7. jeremy summers

    The waitress Sara Jean was awesome. However the cook tonight was to much in a hurry to leave and didnt properly cook our food my gfs philly cheese steak was damn near cold along with her au jus at barely room temperature and my calzone wasnt even half done. Sara Jean made it all right and took those items off the check. Her service was excellent even before that. But the cook two thumbs down…. The date is may 18 2021

  8. Michael Bryant

    Cold food, servers clowning on their cooks about food, never asked for a refill, not attentive, overall comical. Hence 2 stars since I got a good laugh at least

  9. Heidi WADDELL

    Waitres was wonderful food average nothing special

  10. A. Beem

    New owners and they have upped their game.

  11. Mel Cardenas

    Such great service, specials, impressive menu and drinks

  12. James Garmon

    Not too busy these days. I recommend the wings… stay away from the cheesy bites. It’s just bread with cheese on it.

  13. Jeffry Hanson

    I’m giving 2 stars because the fries were good, and the boneless wings were ok. I was spending a Saturday alone with my son. I decided to order us some food thru Grubhub online. I ordered us each a BLT melt from The Ref, with fries and a lb of the boneless wings. I don’t like to leave a bad review unless food is REALLY bad. But this food was REALLY bad. I’m not sure how you can screw up a BLT, but this place did just that. These sandwiches were nasty! The overwhelming flavor was sesame oil. Apparently they didn’t clean their grill between orders. Absolutely no BLT flavor. And no marinara sauce, although it wouldn’t have made a difference, but the menu said it comes with marinara dipping sauce. I will never order from The Ref again. Waste of money. Disgusting sandwiches. I’m sorry.

  14. Joe S

    New ownership it says but didn’t really see a difference. Pizza we ordered was meh. Inside hasn’t changed a bit from previous owners. This place needs to be better Buffalo wild wings to survive in spokane limited sports bar scene. You’ll get better service and food from bww. It’s only a couple miles away also. Wont be back to the ref until then.

  15. victor martinez II

    Well let’s see, BEER, SPORTS, and FOOD! Duh, it’s the shiznit!! Just go and find out for yourself. It’s muey excellente.

  16. Michael Reynolds

    Pretty good service, a little on the slow side. Had appetizers and drinks. Food was excellent but “happy hour” well drinks were rather weak. Priced right and would certainly go back

  17. LeAnne Momb

    Our server, Tara, suggested some menu items she’s tried and the pizza was delicious. Nice smile and fun conversationalist.

  18. Nathan Mccargish

    Lots of TV’s to watch your favorite team, friendly staff and decent food. I love the fact that they have a half court basketball court out back

  19. Merle Craner

    Not exactly a stellar performance by a bartender, who was sick and unmasked. We should have left but as the only two patrons felt obligated to remain. Nothing says “come back soon” to this establishment.

  20. Mark Van Dorn

    In all honesty the worst possible service and I don’t even mean service perhaps because the waitress didn’t even come to our table. We sat in our booth for a 1/2 an hour before the waitress even came over she took our drink order and about 10 minutes after that brought only half of our drinks. For the next 20 minutes she didn’t even come back to our table no food order taken no appetizers taken it’s almost like she went out of her way to ignore us and it wasn’t that busy maybe 3 or 4 tables other than mine. I have never been this disappointed I just wanted a nice dinner out with my family and this place had the worst service ever

  21. Alex Presnell

    Terrible service! Went in there and sat at my table for 30 minutes and never was approached. Went and stood at the bar for another 20 minutes and wasn’t acknowledged and the bartender just looked at me about 5 times without saying anything. Eventually just left, have never had such bad service in my life.

  22. Russ Baker

    Good Pizza. Big screen TV to watch sports. Good selection of beer.

  23. Jennifer Williams

    Food was fantastic the drinks weren’t homemade

  24. John Beaudry

    It was a decent place. I had the shrimp. I think it was breaded in house.

  25. Kaden Perala

    Great Sports Bar! Super great value for quality and quantity of food! The alcohol prices are some of the cheapest I’ve found in all of Spokane.

  26. Alex Pira

    Really unique location, bartender/waitresses were excellent, more then enough coverage on any sports you want to watch pool/golf/darts.

  27. Sra Estela Cantu

    Awesome staff. The food was great too. Very good prices for the pitchers too. 10+

  28. Lynn Blanchard

    Family had a 70th birthday group of 12 people. Bigtime disaster. No service, only half of the party ever got food. Left hungry and sure I would never come back. Absolutely ridiculously bad. Thumbs down.

  29. Miss Niki

    Closes before they actually close. If you’re gonna stop doing business @ whatever time, then FN close at that time please and thank you.

  30. Kim Nelson

    I would give the food 4 stars. It was wonderful when we got it or when we finally got the whole order. The service was absolutely terrible. An hour and half spent waiting for our server … with only about 5 occupied tables. We asked another server eventually to refill our drinks and track the rest of the order. Wasn’t overally impressed with the previous ownership but the food is the only improvement.

  31. Maddie Hall

    if i could give this place 0 stars i would. just went in there and sat there for 30 min with no service except to get waters. place was not busy at all there were only two other tables and the people working there were standing behind the bar not even doing anything. horrible service

  32. Trina Shaw

    Very busy place and a little understaffed, but they work their butt off!!!! Have patience, relax and enjoy your experience!
    The first time we were her, our server, Christina, was absolutely AMAZING and deserves some special reward!! She was running, and I mean literally running, her butt off to help a very very busy bar(at least 70+ people at one time and she only had 1 new person to help her). She smiled thru all the craziness and the impatient, grumpy customers. The food was good, but you can definitely tell the cooks aren’t highly experienced.
    2nd experience, planned a large bday party and it was amazing! Great food and even better service!! A big thank you to Glen! He really went above and beyond!!
    Love this place and recommended everyone to try it!

  33. Jim Shaw

    Had my 60th birthday party here, Glenn made sure everything was awesome! We just had dinner there, and again, Glenn made sure everything was good, even as busy as they were! Great food, and super service!

  34. Ed Freeman

    The gentleman that waited on us rocked. Food was amazing. I had the 4 alarm burger with sweet potato waffle fries and a dipping sauce of fire aoli

  35. Thomas H

    I was doing kind of a Recon mission since this place is just a couple blocks away. I couldn’t be happier to discover the Diamond in the rough! Modern clean organized and well lainout. Excellent prices and great menu for a pub-stop or an evening out for a dinner and a game. Laid back comfortable atmosphere. Everyone seemed happy!

  36. josh finley

    2.5 stars.. on arrival the bartender looked at me and my date but never said a word even after i asked how he was doing. He just turned away from us. Thier were only two customers at the bar at this time.. bartender seemed irritated that we even wanted to order a drink let alone food afterwards. First pizza we ordered was not even close to what we ordered had to be sent back. Pool tables were ok. No music but was ok knowing all tvs had basketball on them. Food was good once we got what we wanted.. hoping to try it again and see if it was just a bad day for the workers.

  37. trustintravis

    A buddy and I stopped in for wings and a beer and the service was horrible. The waitress I’ll call J was a complete drag. Like she didn’t want to be there let alone wait on us. She checked in on us reluctantly once! Tossed our check at us before we were even ready. Then when I asked for a box or two to pack up our leftover wings she rolled her eyes and left. Came back 15 later and threw the boxes at us and walked away. Never going back. The wings were cooked perfect so compliments to the cook.

  38. Bobby Edmondson

    Doordashed because my daughter and I are sick. Ordered the big Bleu burger, one of the grossest and messiest looking burgers I’ve ever had in my life. Tasted about the same. They were out of crispy onions so they just threw a whole bunch of grilled onions on top making it even messier and inedible. Definitely won’t be returning to try more food.

  39. Ted Morgan

    Decent. Lots of good food and fun atmosphere. The pizza was okay. Still gave them a 4 because the other fiid products stood out!

  40. Daren Roybal

    Terrible service. The worst I have had in the Spokane and Spokane valley. Obviously the people working there hate their job and they should all find new jobs to suite their terrible attitudes. I will never spend another cent if my money in this poorly ran establishment. There are plenty of great places to enjoy a night out and this place should not be considered.

  41. Joey Cervantes

    So the setup is cool and chill with big screens, a big oval bar and some side areas for other seating. What turned me off was during a Friday night while the NBA playoffs are going on they will not play the TV volume and instead put it to some music playlist from the rock station. I did not go specifically to a sports bar to here a Spotify playlist while watching the game. Kills the vibe and makes it feel like any other bar. They said it was that they stop playing game volume after a certain time, so essential they have staff that rather listen to music then play the game volume for their patrons. Cool I’ll be back for maybe a hawks game but anything else and your better off going somewhere else that actually enjoys sports

    Last thing, the main hostess/bartender was very short with anything I asked for and the place was pretty empty on a Friday night with playoff games going. It should be packed. For them to not only not be good to sports fans but also close at 10 pm on a Friday?!? What’s the point to having the bar then for games that start at say 7 or 8 pm those games are still going before they would technically close. Just bizarre

  42. Dani F

    Best Calzones in Spokane Valley! Ever since Petes Pizza in Greenacres shut down, there has been no place in the valley for calzones, and now we have it! Crispy thin crust, packed with deliciousness inside mmmm mmmm good! Better than River City by a long shot!! And excellent bar service .. Cheers to Heather, pleasant happy smiley nice fun friendly personable! Thank you Ref for hiring excellent cook, and waitstaff! Thank You!

  43. Curt Whitteron

    Great service and food while we were in watching NHL Playoff action. Friendly staff were very accommodating and food was very good!

  44. Leah

    Good food, nice atmosphere, games for the kids and amazing bloody mary

  45. Ron Koljonen

    Nice clean bar with great viewing on TVs. Friendly staff.

  46. Jason Neal

    It is ok. There are Much better places to go !

  47. Sky Walker

    When I finally got the right order the hot wings were good. Garlic bread were not. No Ac, They messed up my Simple order and the bathroom was very nasty. Looked like it had not been cleaned in a week. New ownership how could you be proud of such a place?

  48. G M

    We been going to this bar for awhile now. But for the few months we had such bad luck here. Poor drinks and service .

  49. Rick Rossberg

    Great place to watch a football game . Really busy when the seahawks are playing. Decent Bae food. Alcohol drinks are kinda spending

  50. teresa morrissey

    I had a birthday party here recently and I absolutely Adored our server she was sweet and checked in on us all throughout the night. The service was wonderful. The food was great! I would definitely recommend having an event here.

  51. Audrina Fay

    I’ve never been so disappointed in management and staff. My friend was assaulted by the staff. Cursed at and humiliated. When asked to speak to a manager one never came. I had to approach another staff member who told us that he was in fact the manager and he didn’t have the time at the moment to answer to our complaint. Told us that he sent the waiter home and explained how our side of the story wasn’t relevant at the time. I told him that if he wasn’t going to address our concerns that we were going to leave only than did make our experience seem valid. He did in fact address that his waitress assaulted our friend and he did comp the tab. Regardless, will never go back.

  52. Sarah Marcum

    This was by far the worst customer service I have experienced in Spokane valley. I would not recommend coming here for any matter if you want any dose of human decency. The past four times I have been here for work gatherings, the service has been awful, and we have simply been neglected and dismissed. This last time was the final straw; after commenting on the lack of service, our table of 12 was then cussed at and flipped off by Daniel-the waitress. After this, the waitress was sent home, and management still neglected to acknowledge how unprofessional this was—stating “he didn’t know which story to believe.” This place does not deserve to be in business when there are plenty of other local pubs that would kill for the business and have amazing customer service as well!

  53. kuldeep mehra

    Excellent service,and great food
    Fast and very knowledgeable , friendly

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