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The Shrimp Shack

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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154 reviews for “The Shrimp Shack

  1. A P

    The clam chowder had flour globs in it…not my favorite to bite into. The fish and clam strips were ok, but extremely expensive. $52.50 for 2 people for a walk up and order place. Not a good value in my opinion

  2. Staci Alberi

    Hubby says that was the best Crab Burger he has ever had! If you are looking for GREAT food, then this is the place!

  3. Rob Souchek

    The clam chowder was thick and full of clams!!

  4. Elsa Conklin

    Stopped here on our way home after an afternoon at Deception Pass state park. Super convenient location for those also visiting. We ordered the clam chowder, house fish and chips, the veggie burger, and a side of hush puppies. All were delicious — clam chowder was hearty and filling, the fish and chips were crispy, and the fries were to die for. The veggie burger was good for a seafood shack — glad they had something for a vegetarian to eat. Definitely will be stopping again if in the area.

  5. Ihor Soroka

    I stopped here for lunch. I liked the restaurant, there is a summer terrace with tables and benches.
    The employee who took the order was polite and nice, but confused the order, and I was served another dish.
    I recommend trying “Popcorn shrimp basket” – a very tasty dish. I recommend this place for seafood lovers.

  6. Faaiz Khan

    Got the popcorn shrimp, it was really good! The shrimp was great quality, the burgers were nice too.

  7. Hector Rodriguez

    First time I buy here the fish was very tender very nice but it did not have a whole lot of flavor but it was okay but not okay for the price but still okay

  8. Sergey E

    Expensive and not that great food. They charge for the sauce that I didn’t even asked for.

  9. Ronald Barker

    oysters by the bag .great stop oyster burgers a strange treat

  10. Alane Chen

    We accidentally came out of season for the fresh shrimp (May-Sep), but we got their burgers and they were quite satisfying. The fries are really really good and our friends got the chowder as well which was delicious. The burgers were a little one-dimensional in terms of flavor, but they were still good.

  11. Rachel Buchan

    Such a disappointing experience. I use to come here with my family all the time, and Im not sure if they’ve changed management but the food and service was horrible.
    The popcorn shrimp was almost $11.00 and they only gave us 10 little pieces, so basically $1 a shrimp.
    As for the Alaskan cod, I’m pretty sure it was previously frozen. It was so soggy and didn’t taste fully cooked. The only thing thing that was good were their fries.
    Not to mention when I took the shrimp back the lady gave me the biggest attitude and closed her window. Unfortunately I’ll never go back. I recommend Seabolts in Oak Harbor.

  12. Rob Beechy

    Food was really good. Would recommend if you’re hungry.

  13. Lora Jennings

    First visit to the Shrimp Shack!! Great food, good portions and nice friendly people!!

  14. Kersti Muul

    Excellent oyster burger. Butterflying it makes it less soggy. Not covered with lots is sauce either to hide flavors. Well done.

  15. Cody Bogart

    Love the shack man been coming for years

  16. mary mattson

    Over priced,small amounts average taste.

  17. Puyallup NDN

    I just found this past year, and I’ll drive from Olympia depending on traffic it’s a 2hr drive.

  18. Hunter Miles

    Easily one of the best seafood restaurants in Washington state. With a walk up ordering, and sit down area that is covered from the elements, it’s a beautiful place to enjoy your fresh seafood with a view of the mountains in the background. Whether you get the fried oyster that were larger than almost any other restraunt, or the gator burger made with real alligator you are in for a mouthful of taste and bully painfully full of food.

  19. Alex Cam

    We drove up north to check out sculpture forest and stop by shrimp shack on the way back. Overall the food was fresh when we received it. We had to wait about 15-20 minutes for our order. We paid 100 for 4 meals and one side dish. The calamari strips were delicious and the kids enjoyed the popcorn shrimp. All the seafood tasted fresh! The only thing is the burger was over cooked, but the oyster on top tasted fresh. Enjoyed the adventure of stopping by and trying a new spot. We weren’t disappointed.

  20. Annette Williamson

    we drove from Auburn, WA. to the Shrimp Shack, while waiting in line in cold, damp weather we were told it was a 30-40 mi. wait. Their indoor dining consists of a tent, provided restrooms are Sani Cans in back. I appreciate the reviews of menu items, but was disappointed in facilities. The Sani Cans were disgusting.

  21. Ian O (Trek not Track)

    Great shrimp and chips. Super popular so be ready to wait a bit.

  22. Kim Moore

    It’s certainly popular! Pack your patience and a snack. We waited 45 min for some fantastic fried shrimp!

  23. Oleg Moskalensky

    Out of the way, pricey but totally worth it!

  24. Mike Sanchez

    This place get busy, I tried the Dungeness Crab burger and fish tacos and it was awesome!

  25. Luly

    The food is always fresh and SO good. The ambience and the employees are always great. I miss going there.

  26. Lolly Welch

    Adorable, on the side of the road, you’d drive by if you didn’t know… run don’t walk! Voted in multiple categories “Best in Washington”…
    Fyi, no indoor seating, but they put up a spacious tent out front with heaters and ample seating. Can’t wait to go back in summer!!!

  27. Ryan Dean

    There are a lot of tasty options here. The oyster, crab, and shrimp burgers are all excellent. The patties are fried, and they are hot and crisp (same for the fries, onion rings, and shrimp).

    There is a good covered outdoor seating area.

  28. Spencer Smith

    Super fresh food. Workers were so nice. Fun seating area that was quite warm even though it was cold out.

  29. Patti Gibbons

    Great service. The food was excellent. This was my first time there portions were good size. They have a nice covered area outside to eat. Will definitely be back.

  30. reina sameon

    Food was good but nothing special. A little overpriced and the wait was long. The combination of price and wait time made it not worth it when there’s other things in the area to do or visit.

  31. Lawrence Jackson

    The food was very fresh, and my only complaint was that it was a little light on seasoning that being said, I would go back

  32. Taylor Morrissey

    10/10, would recommend the popcorn shrimp.

  33. Brittany Gutierrez

    I wanted to like it, really! Born and raised in Skagit County people rave of this place and considering it’s normally pretty packed I figured I’d swing in while in the area (and not as busy). The shrimp burger was sold out so my next option was a buffalo burger since I just couldn’t get myself to get the gator. My friend ordered the large order of clam chowder. The gal that took our order was polite. The amount I paid for my burger and what I got was dissatisfying – SUPER dry and bland not to mention it wasn’t very filling and we waited a while for our order. The patty itself wasn’t impressive then throw green leaf lettuce and other stuff on top of the thing just was not the best. I ended up dipping the few French fries that came with my order in with the clam chowder. Other things on the menu might be decent but this wasn’t anything worth while not to mention $20 for the thing🤣 there’s WAY better options for burgers in the area for better prices and the amount of food you get with it

  34. Tim Meamber

    Had the fish tacos. They had good flavor with a little spice and a fair portion. We will be back when the fresh shrimp are in.

  35. Sam Brotherton

    Awesome fried shrimp and also a great fish sandwich. Definitely worth the price and the trip.

  36. Mir Mur Archer

    I don’t know why this place isn’t atleast 4.8 stars! The meals are huge and delicious. I’m super picky. I eat it in air fryer next day there’s so much and it’s so Flippin good everytime ,that EVEN leftovers are amazing! Every item on menu I’ve had wonderful for years since I was a kid (in my 40’s) now. Consistently nice people and the food is worth it for sure!! RIGHT DOWN TO THE SAUCE 5 STAR

  37. You reap What you Sow

    Wow. The freshness of the fried oysters is unmatched, and the fish sandwich was delicious. Get extra cocktail sauce. Also trade in the fries for some onion rings…and it’s the best meal hands down in regards to seafood

  38. Jackie Owens

    Loved the popcorn shrimp! The fries were not quite as good, but still good. Thus place is almost always busy and I can see why. The menu is pretty extensive and includes non-seafood items and a kids menu. Lots of fun and we will return

  39. Garrett N.

    Fresh shrimp season starts in May, but there is still a lot of deliciousness to be had. Love their blue crab burger and fries!! 🦀 🍔

    Call ahead your order so you won’t have to wait and check the calendar for seasonal dishes!

  40. Elaine No name

    This place was okay. Purchased the colosso shrimp but no taste. The pawns were bland. This being said, need to add spices or something to the batter- garlic, johnnys seasoning, salt/pepper..something! For the price of this order.

  41. Beth Miller

    Been here a couple times, and it’s really not all that. Food is tasteless, and lines are long. I felt sick after the last time.

  42. Michelle A

    We used to come here a lot but recently we noticed that the prices are high and the food is minimal. Very little seafood but lots of breading. We left hungry. Load up on the French fries if you don’t want to starve after you leave. Waste of money

  43. David Lersten

    I went alone to Shrimp Shack today for a quick lunch. I ordered one fried oyster with fries and two pieces of shrimp with a small chowder. It came to almost 39.00!
    I thought, I could of had a Gourmet lunch for that! I understand that things are going up but really! On top of the price I had to wait 45 minutes. Im glad they are doing a big business but I won’t be back soon.

  44. Alycia Stone

    I’ve eaten all down the coast but the shrimp shack is the best fried seafood hands down. Be prepared for a little wait. They’re always busy.

  45. Howard David Wallace

    Pretty good place. Ordered the captain’s dish the fish was great the shrimp were great. She loved the oysters. I’m not a fan but that’s just me. The tartar and cocktail sauce were good but they need a remoulade sauce really bad for the prawns.
    We didn’t eat there on the side of the road but drove South about half a mile and enjoyed overlooking Deception Bay.

  46. Jeremiah Harju

    It might take you half an hour to get your food but it’s well worth the wait I had the oysters and chips and it was fantastic!

  47. Andrew Wilson

    Their tarter sauce is the only thing that has any flavor. I’ve never had such bland fish and chips. I realize prices of everything has gone up, but $70 for lunch for three for completely flavorless fish and fries is a terrible deal.

  48. Andy Wrucha

    My favorite chowder in Washington! We always stop here before going to blue fox drive in shrimp havnt been that great the past couple times but the chowder us always awesome

  49. B Jams

    The scarcity makes this place good…Otherwise nothing special. Food is very average but it’s pricey. Lady in the window was super nice though!

    We took our food to the deception pass bridge to eat so that was a good vibe.

  50. Charles Kennedy Neilson

    A must stop and get a tray of their delicious food, very good service. It’s a roadside Cafe and it’s 👍 👌

  51. Dangergirl B (Dangergirl)

    Super overpriced. But shrimp was hand battered.

  52. Ravi Pandit

    Their chowder was good. Though I was fine waiting for over 45 minutes for food, everything is overpriced recently especially their portions have less seafood and more fries. Food was bland as fried fish didn’t even have salt.

  53. Zhaolin Zhang

    The actual price on receipt is higher than their menu (inflation is not an excuse)… Long queue for ordering, and another long queue for pickup. If you estimate 30 mins to wait, actual wait time might be 1 hour then. Not a great experience.

  54. Aaron R

    Excellent oyster burger I really liked how it was fried up and the topping in the sandwich. Hush puppies tasted very good as well. Long wait time on the weekends but worth it.

  55. kelly t

    so good, I come all the way from Seattle to get it every summer.

  56. Ray Harrison

    Been driving past this place for years but never stopped up until several months ago. So far we have only had their great clam chowder, it’s a 10 on the chowder scale ⚖️. Place is always crowded. They have outside dining at picnic tables many are under cover. We brought thermos and poured out chowder into them. We then drove to Bowman Bay in Deception Pass State Park. Lunch with a great view!

  57. Dylan Blackburn

    Food was ok. But the wait was almost 90 minutes to get my order 🙁

  58. Todd T

    Not the kind of place you’re likely to find anywhere else. Great tables for eating outside very confusing method of ordering but once you figure out one line is for anything cooked or fried and the other line is simply for shrimp in a bag you’ll do just fine.

  59. Tara Miller

    Seasonal shrimp was worth the drive. We need to make it early enough for the crab next time!

  60. Tim Edwards

    Food was excellent! Clam chowder was delicious! Atlantic Cod sandwich was supreme! Oyster sandwich was sooo good!, clam strips were a real treat! Highly Recommended!

  61. Rich Dunaway

    Unfortunately we did not get the clam chowder (talking amongst friends post visit, this is supposedly really good!)
    We ordered fish taco’s and fish sandwich, these were far from decent. Almost no flavor- tacos were good minus the fish. For the price, I don’t think we will be back. $60 for two plates @ lunch.
    Also really disappointed with the lack of “shrimp”, assumption on our part, given the name very few items on the menus contain shrimp…. Staff was friendly, but food needs to be stepped up. Season your fish, offer “fresh” fish vs frozen. There are multiple restaurants off hwy 20 that are offering far better seafood….

  62. Thomas Bradley

    Best chowder, best peel and easy shrimp, and great cod… make the stop, it’s worth your while, you’ll be glad you did

  63. Robin M

    Fried shrimp goodness with crispy fries, tasty grilled cod tacos with a Chipotle crema. Pair it with a tasty IPA and sit out in the picnic area for a great afternoon.

  64. Simon Liu

    My wife and I have visited this place on several occasions. We have had coonstripes and several items on the “grill” menu including shrimp burger, blue crab burger, dungeness crab cake burger, and colossal shrimp. The coonstripes were fresh and tasty. The items on the grill menu were not good at all. They were actually deep fried and did not have the taste fresh seafood would have. My advise is just get coonstripes and nothing else.

  65. Nic Denman

    My wife had the grilled fish tacos and I had the fried fish tacos. Both served with a slaw and was dosed to be a spicy jalapeño ranch sauce. Wife that it was spicy, I thought it was weak. Hush puppies were spot on and the onion rings were amazing in my opinion. Perfectly battered and crunchy, onion didn’t pull out when you took a bite. Delicious over all.

  66. Rochelle Sears

    I have been meaning to stop in this place for years. OMG I have been missing out, this place is great.

  67. Merrillee

    Great fish tacos and onion rings.

  68. Taylor Koufos

    Deliciously sweet shrimp. This place definitely deserves the hype.

  69. Lauren R

    Not worth the wait! 50 minutes to get popcorn shrimp…. My clam chowder was cool by the time I got to eat……. The line takes 15 min and then the wait for the food takes even longer….. it would have been nice for the cashier to let people know it is an hour wait to get food….

  70. Deanna Creole

    Nice outdoor place for some decent food. The jumbo shrimp were good but the steak sandwich was not. The service was amazing though.

  71. Eric Haller

    This place ALWAYS has an insane line out front!! Not today.
    Ordered the Popcorn shrimp & onion rings. The food is really good
    She gave me a sample of chowder
    While I was waiting and it was
    Amazeballs!! Organic ketchup to boot. Tastier than anticipated.


  72. Candace Lawson-Crossfield

    This place was simply okay. The wait was an hour as it was very busy, which we completely understood. Staff were courteous. The let down was the flavor. We tested the house fish and chips, fish tacos, and popcorn shrimp. Each item had no seasoning and was very bland. If I was ever to come again, I’d only recommend the fresh shrimp (no wait) and steer clear of the grill. For 65$ we left a bit sad.

  73. Shu-ting Chang

    It’s our first visit. We ordered Shack burger($20.53), Dung crab burger($19.7) and a cup of clam chowder ($5.59)
    If the prices fit you, the Shack burger is tasty and big. It has fried oyster/ beef patty with solid bread. Burgers com with fries and they are quite good. Dung crab burger was the staff’s recommendation but it didn’t blow our skirts up. Chowder is good but a bit small.

  74. Josh Maple

    Had the dungeness crab cake burger was amazing

  75. ehale2001

    Only got the clam chowder but it was amazing.

  76. Kevin Miller

    Walked in with high hopes for a delicious lunch. Those hopes were crushed by the overbearing amount of bread hiding my popcorn shrimp and crab burger. It felt like I was bushwhacking through bread to find the small delicious bites of seafood. This ain’t a bakery! Y’all a seafood shop. Would recommend more seafood and less bread.

  77. mtman69

    If getting shrimp, no problem, little bit on expensive side but with everything else not to bad, however ordering food side better off passing on that, greasy and undercooked enough said.

  78. Cindy Lieberman

    Unless you pack a lunch, the pickings are slim near Rosario Beach. Fortunately The Shrimp Shack offers fresh seafood and burgers cooked to order plus peel-and-eat shrimp. Since the orders take a LONG time to cook, order some beverages (beers on tap and spiked seltzers are available) and relax at the outdoor tables, tented for shade and rain. They were out of their famous shrimp burgers on the Saturday we visited. I had grilled cod tacos (tasty but messy!) and my companions had the Dungeness crab burgers (high marks). The fries are nice and crispy. I wish they had a recycling bin for all the cans and bottles. You stand in line to order (at all hours) then grab a seat to wait until your number is called. The restrooms are porta-potties Prices were not inexpensive (considering the lack of amenities) but portions were generous.

  79. Lori Lowe

    Best fish and chips around. Have also had their blue crab burger and fried oysters. All superb! And you know it’s fresh cuz it’s so busy with lines out the ordering window! They also sell fresh boiled shrimp by the pound. Have never bought this, but it looks delicious from what I’ve seen.

  80. Michelle

    I love their shrimp! Always go here every year. Although it’s getting more and more expensive by pounds. Their grill items such as burgers, sandwiches and fish and chips are delicious. My brother always gets the oyster burger. Their house fish and chips was delicious as well. Big pieces.

  81. Jordan Manseth

    Had the popcorn shrimp and clam strips. Both were delicious! Can’t wait to go back for Alaskan cod fish and chips and fresh Dungeness crab

  82. Tim Cotton

    Stopped in the place after disc golf I was looking for somewhere to eat. It was Poppin on a Saturday afternoon so I ended up with the calimari special. So good and a Little spicy

  83. Gordon Mitchell

    (Updated 06/06/2022) Stopped by today for lunch yet again! Never fails to be impressed! Next time we need to grab some “swag” @ their “swag shop” and promote the business up here in Bellingham and beyond! Such a great experience, each & every-time!!Previous review: OK so we all have the same photos. Great shrimp, excellent fries, calamari strips, scratch made, nothing fancy, JUST GREAT FOOD! Get the FRESH shrimp, so much fun and so unique. We’ll be back, again, again, again and again!!

  84. JS E

    Quality has gone down quite a bit since we were last here. Maybe they should just focus on shrimp and nothing else.

  85. Matt Perryman

    Good stop! It’s the only thing like it around so the wait was long. Good, filling food and nice service. No frills.

  86. PON PON

    I drive by often and see the lines. Decided to give it a try.
    Fire Cracker cuttle fish tentacles were very tender, deep fried oysters (6 decent sized, if they were not, they have me more smaller ones which makes up 🙂) with a light with a light batter were great (got them on both visits) and good fries, they had a coating of some sort which make them crispy but tender in th inside.

    Love the tents they have over the picnic tables, made some friends, they let me tried one of their peel n eat shrimp, fresh but smaller than I expected.

    Definitely, check out their menu, they offer elk, crab cake and few other types of burgers.

    Beware, your order can take up to 40 min, but know every order is freshly cooked to order. Eat while their still hot, to best enjoy seafood.

    Kid-friendliness: Kids running around, didn’t seem to bother anyone, plus all tables are outside on top of wood chips.

    Parking: Parking is limited on each side of the shack. If you’re coming from the east, don’t drive too fast, you’ll miss the turn off just around the bend, but if you did, no worries, turn into the gas station next door and make your way through.

    Wheelchair accessibility: No indoor seatings. Very difficult but doable, picnic tables sit on wood chips for a reason, help control the fishy order for droppings.

    There a few tables close by one if the larger entrance with tables with short path to tables.

  87. Xiong Zeng

    The fresh shrimp is fantastic 👍 gotta try it if you are visiting the neighborhood. And it’s a seasonal offering

  88. Richard Perkins

    I heard good things about this place and I wasn’t disappointed. We had the popcorn shrimp and fries and took some clam chowder and a salad back to our Airbnb for dinner. Very festive atmosphere. Very dog friendly

  89. Linda Creed

    Have known of this place for years but don’t get up this way as often. Absolutely the best colossal shrimp ever!

  90. Katie Yeager

    For the cost and quality of food then could make portions decent sized. A side of popcorn shrimp is close to 10 pieces.

  91. Sara Griffin

    We can say we’ve been! Clam chowder was delicious, the rest was good, crab shack, kind of food. Tartar sauce was fantastic!! Staff very helpful and cheerful despite a hot day with a very full parking lot and a line to order. If you’re pressed for time or have hangry people, you might be better somewhere else.

  92. Alexis France Staley

    Very underwhelmed.

  93. J. Fletch

    I have been coming to the shrimp shack for over 40 years. Great folks and food. Worth the drive for the food and neighboring views.

  94. Alisha Woolls

    We had the shrimp. The price was decent, the shrimp were amazing. I’d rather they be headed for me but they were still great.

  95. Brian Shannon

    Stopped for lunchon our way back from Deception Pass to Mount Vernon. All was delicious! Fish and chips, fish sandwich, calimari strips (!), popcorn shrimp.

  96. Abusequalsintake

    Did we pay $190 for two big bags of fried seafood? Does that sound insane? Not when you eat the stuff. Truly the best prawns, fried oysters and card you will ever eat. They have a great ordering system, and you are probably going to wait 20 minutes to get your stuff but it will be worth it. I’ve been going here since 1975. My dad and I would go jigging for smelt in La Conner, and we would end up at the shack. The new owners have done such a brilliant job of updating the concept of the place without understanding that looking back is still pretty important for the old time customers. Every single change they’ve implemented has made the restaurant better and I would imagine much more profitable. They do a hell of a job.

  97. Natalee Lopez

    This place was fantastic. We biked here and while we couldn’t find a place to park our bikes we just leaned them near us and that felt safe enough. Service was fast and accurate. Everything tasted delicious!

  98. Charlie

    We had cod and chips, popcorn shrimp, and fire calamari. The calamari was the best.

  99. William Doherty

    Really good everything i would definitely suggest eating there while going to the “Deception Pass”. All seafood but the spicy calamari is amazing, there is also this shop that is open sometimes, it wasn’t open when we got there but there is or was one there at one point. Highly suggest it

  100. Cody Hale

    Delicious food, really expensive, 3 stars because they told me it was too busy for a phoned in to go order. Seems like not a smart business move
    Expect to pay $25 a person but the portions are nice

  101. Jade Wilson

    Pretty tasty and a solid, filling meal. Wasn’t mind blowing out anything, but no complaints, either! Pretty quick for fresh-made food.

  102. kirk packard

    Lots of micros on tap! Food looked and smelled very good. Just enjoyed a beer in the picknick area. Noted food was very spendy?

  103. Jeanette Alvau

    We had fish & chips, popcorn shrimp, and chicken strips.
    The batter on the cod was extremely poor. It was soggy and bland.
    Very long wait as we got there with 12 people ahead of us.

  104. Albert Lee

    I had the oyster burger. It was good but not worth the drive and paid almost $20 for the burger. Deception Pass was very beautiful and worth the Drive though.

  105. Tanya Houle

    The shrimp 🍤 were great and at a great price. Great service and great location. Free parking and covered outside seating for a large groups. Grill options, beer, oysters and various sizes of shrimp. Highly recommend!

  106. Austin Tran

    I wouldn’t order anything besides shrimp, otherwise you will wait over an hour. The food is good but not worth the wait.

  107. Mike Jackson

    Mediocre food for a 30 min wait. It’s fresh, that’s all it has, and everyone around is doing that. Nothing to write home about.

  108. Doug Clark

    This place is Amazing! Fresh wild shrimp by the pound ready to eat! The reason they don’t get 5 stars is it’s a terribly long wait! It will take 90 min to eat lunch here during peak summer hours! Other than that, Fantastic!

  109. Joel Friesen

    It took over an hour to get our food. There was many upset customers also waiting for a long time. The food is not worth the time.

  110. Mark

    Over rated. 45 minute wait for fried food.

  111. Joel Stamm

    Honestly wasn’t anything special – literally just fast food, without the “fast” part. Took forever for our order to be ready (close to 30 min for fried seafood and a burger). I will say it tasted good for what it was, and I definitely liked the size and the way they did their deep fried oysters. Would probably come back for those if I was able to plan a long wait.

  112. Mark Gray

    Quite possibly the best shrimp I’ve ever had. Although the lines are long for the grill and hot food, the line for the shrimp is short. Either way it’s worth the wait. Had the oyster burger and 2 pounds of shrimp. The burger was fine, but the true standout is the shrimp (It’s in the name). Peel and eat, sweet, tender shrimp. No need for lemons or cocktail sauce. Cold beer sold here as well. Can’t beat eating shrimp and guzzling beer. Definitely on the must return to list.

  113. Daniel Kruglov

    Love this place, great to go food!
    – Take the food and go to deception pass and enjoy great food with great views 💪

    Food is a bit more on the expensive side and the lines seem to be always long. But it’s for sure worth the price and the wait.

  114. Davil Davis

    My 1st time their.HOT & SUNNY Standing In line wow BRING YOUR Umbrella because they have no cover to shield you from the SUN. Be careful of the outdated credit card machine very tricky use cash is best .Made a mistake with entering the amount And they charge me double the amount on my debit card. it’s been three weeks and I still haven’t gotten my return money back to my Account yet .SAD I guess I have to take a different approach on the large amount so be careful on the outdated credit card machine and don’t forget your umbrella food was Good .will notI suggest friends will not go their until they update the cash machine and protect their customers from the sun when standing in line.

  115. Dan Battern

    Gave up due to the wait and $20 burgers

  116. Reza a

    over priced tasteless food.

  117. Ps H

    Service at the window, ambiance, and fries were great. The cod tacos were fine. The “clam” chowder had no discernable clams in it, quite a few barely cooked potato chunks, and one giant clump of what I hope was unmixed in roux. It’s not cheap for a bowl of flour/fat paste and potato. The popcorn shrimp meals were okay, however one container had more than twice as many shrimp as the other. The oyster burger was not good. How come the fried oysters were cold (on a hot day) but the bun and other toppings were hot? If we go back, we’ll get a bag of shrimp and not bother wasting money on anything else.

  118. Rick Ray

    We had the cod fish and chips and a salmon burger. Excellent flavor on the fish and chips. Salmon burger was ok, very spendy for what you got. Dont think they make them in house. Paid $40 for the lunch for 2.

  119. Keith Gormezano

    Wonderful food but be aware that you will be charged more for using a credit or debit card so think about bringing cash. And why isn’t this tiny notice prominently mentioned on their outside and online menus?

  120. K W

    Located just off the highway with a giant shrimp 🦐 ! You order at the window in front of the parking lot. There is quite a bit of variety (including fresh shrimp). We ordered the crab burger and popcorn shrimp. It was a good portion for two people. The popcorn shrimp was very fresh!

  121. mukund

    Really want to like this place but there was a 40 minute wait for anything other than the steamed shrimp and the clam chowder. One of the foot pump hand wash stations was not working either.

  122. Clayton Stika

    Way over rated. They have not had the shrimp burger for over a year I was told by an employee. All of the items seem to be made by a third party… Pre-processed food. The only item that is local are the small shrimp. I mean the size of a pinky on a small person. The credit card machine would not let me pick “other” for the tip. I was forced to give a minimum 15% tip and wait 30 minutes for the food in addition wait in the line to order for 15 minutes. The french fries were good. The crab cake burger only ok. My wife had the cod fish tacos and they had a hot spice on them so you could not taste the fish. People like that they see all of the people in line, but that is because they do not have enough employees. The out door picnic tables were dirty and the garbage cans over flowing. The sani-can toilets had not be cleaned for 4 days. The food is over priced for what you get.

  123. Jas C

    Huge crowd with long wait time, there is a sign that warns the wait. We were told they were too busy to make certain items on the menu which was a bit odd and we ended up getting oyster and salmon burgers instead. Both were just OK. The grilled food is not really worth the wait. They do also sell cooked shrimp, and that was delicious. We will come back for more cooked shrimp and skip the grilled food in the future.

  124. Karma Dymon

    Get there early! The food is cooked to order and perfectly fried. We had the shrimp basket and chicken tenders basket. The fries are perfect, crispy, and salted just right. The chicken and shrimp were tender and juicy. I definitely want to go back.

  125. Zachary Voss

    I don’t know of any locals that eat here regularly. Tourist trap with old oil. Once in a while, I’ll stop by when there is no line to see if the last time I ate here was a one off and it will get better…it doesn’t.

  126. Harry Levin

    Hot food Grill time was over an hour to get the food! Not sure why they have a grill if they can’t deliver the food in a reasonable time. The peel on each shrimp were so tiny they weren,t even worth eating. I tossed in the trash. They need to buy much bigger peel and eat shrimp.

  127. Daniel Hanson

    The crab burger was delish. It was mostly a large crab cake on a bun. The fries were also delicious!

  128. The Steeliskt

    Peel and eat shrimp varied in size from tasty morsel, to not-worth-the-effort-to-peel.

    Clam chowder was more like a veggie chowder.

    $1.50 for a side of cocktail sauce… Why?

  129. McKenzie Kargel

    The fried fish was slightly soggy and flavorless but the fries were amazing. None of my group got the shrimp, so maybe that’s where it’s at. We did like the vibes of the beer garden and the local craft brews.

  130. Kwok Yin Chan

    Stopped by this place when we visited the Deception Bridge and were pleasantly surprised by varieties and quality. We ate oysters, calamari, crab cake and shrimps and enjoyed every bit. We BYOB, sneaked some white wine to pair with the seafood, because only cold beers would be available there. Ended up we were so sleepy after the lunch to enjoy the walk across the bridge and the beaches.

  131. Jennifer Curry

    Had some high expectations so maybe it’s just me. Wasn’t a huge fan. Pretty pricy.

  132. Steven

    Always enjoy a stop by the shrimp shack. It’s usually very busy midday during spring and summer, and slows down later in the day. Some of my favorites are the oyster burger and the clam/shrimp baskets. Stop by and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

  133. S. Burgess

    I love fresh seafood but not always fried. There were no grilled/baked options on the menu. The shrimp was pretty good but the fish sandwich was tried and ultimately trashed. It’s always got a line so maybe we had an off day. The staff was nice.

  134. Patricia Tabak

    The food is amaaaaazing, expecially the popcorn shrimp en calamaris.

  135. Jo Haroldsen

    A very busy place during summer tourist season ( very near Deception Pass). We went on a Monday, mid-Sept. There was a road crew right working a few paces down the road which only allowed 1 lane of traffic at a time, so it was a little difficult getting into and out from the shack. Despite that, our meals were hot, tasty and crispy as fried food should be!

  136. Rober Haza

    We stopped here on our way back from Deception Pass. Girls loved the fried shrimp. The fried oysters were enormous and really good. The fish and chips moist and crunchy. Everybody happy.

  137. PEter Klinefelter

    Worst fish and chips I have purchased in over 50 years

  138. Jamie Stinson

    The popcorn shrimp was good but I really want crab and they didn’t have any. Said it wouldn’t be in till October might want to note that on the large sign that draws people in.

  139. Gootie

    It was a great experience, but as a seafood noobie, the soft shell crab burger was a bit off towards the end. But fun environment, and great staff.

  140. Robert Schluter

    Had tiny amount of oyster shooters.and they were not very good.since they were out of oysters during OYSTER RUN.we got burgers.and they were ok.just ok.not even good.the fries tasted like fish prob use the same fryer for seafood they do.every thing else and three of us cost over 120$ and waited 45 min. NOT Worth it.

  141. Deb Kapteyn

    Got the fish tacos. Completely unseasoned, lots of bones, and my stomach was upset for days. Never again

  142. diane harvey

    Wanted to experience this,, but was disappointed. The French fries were excellent!!!

  143. Sai Pisupati

    Food is great! The wait time was really a lot- waited for more than an hour for a burger- will defintely recommend to have plan B or backup

  144. S. Jackson

    Kind of pricey. But VERY DELICIOUS!

  145. Shane Pearson

    Most of my reviews are bad. If I did sll my good reviews. I’d be in here everyday all day. But every now n then. One place stands out to me. This time it’s the shrimp shack. I’m not big in seafood. But gosh was it good. Fresh caught. Mmmmmm this place deserves to be called the best

  146. Mandolin Fugate

    I was super disappointed by their clam chowder. There was clumps of flour in it. I get that flour is a thickening agent but it’s gross when you keep biting into clumps of it. I paid 10$ for a bowl which wasnt much bigger than a cup and it wasn’t worth it at all.
    It sucks because in the past I’ve really liked this place but the prices are crazy now and if this is what you get for big prices I’ll pass.

  147. Bret Garrett

    I saw this restaurant on my way towards Deception Pass and knew I had to hit it on the way back home. I grabbed the shrimp tacos with a jalapeño sauce and some fries. There was a bit of a delay waiting for the food but it came out looking fresh and warm. Everything was delicious and the tacos were gluten free. Well worth the wait, if there’s a line. On nice days there’s a covered patio to eat at but not much in terms of views.

  148. Breanne Harbison

    Holy cow! The Shrimp Shack did not disappoint. Excellent service! Amazing food! Even the salad was to die for!

  149. Michael Drotts

    Used to like this place but unfortunately quality seems to have dropped. Went a few times the past month and wasn’t impressed.
    Great service staff but food needs some work.

  150. Cristian Quinones

    Small little place on the side of the road, during summer times it is fairly packed, however I stopped by after summertime was over. For the price food was okay, I didn’t think all the ingredients were as fresh as I would have liked. Seating was only available outside and that was a bummer because the only bathroom facilities available are portable potties and you could catch a faint smell while sitting outside.
    However if you have the chance to go please do yourself a favor and go che k them out their menu does have items that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

  151. Evey Cahill

    I thought about giving 2 stars but the food is so HILARIOUSLY EXPENSIVE that it didn’t seem deserved. You will save a lot of money by going to Seabolt’s further south on Whidbey or literally any other seafood restaurant on Anacortes. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for the exorbitant prices.

    Part of the problem was my fault; don’t order a burger at a place called Shrimp Shack, but I thought I’d be safe with half their menu being burgers. The burger I ordered was so dry I almost couldn’t eat it. The patty definitely tasted like it had been cooked from frozen, and there was no sauce whatsoever despite supposedly coming with a chipotle sour cream.

    The prices have increased 20% in less than a year, so I’ve uploaded a new menu since Maps doesn’t currently show the increase. You will probably pay $20 for a burger and fries, and an additional $3.50 to substitute a small side salad. All seafood will run you between $17 and $30 (for a plate of fried fish and oysters!). I get that the place was popular, but the prices are absolutely insane. A SIDE DISH of onion rings will run you $7. Save money, go anywhere else.

    The one good thing I can say is that the service was very friendly.

  152. C W

    We ordered the oyster burger with onion rings and fried shrimp with french fries. Everything was a little greasy.

  153. Jessica Carbullido

    Food was really good. Dungeness crab sandwich was sooo good. I had it yesterday, and wish I lived closer because I’d go back today to get another one! Fries were sooo good! Homemade, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and seasoned sooo perfectly. For the two meals (including main and side of fries) came out to $40. The chicken strips I got for my kids were a little dry though. Everything was made fresh, so there was a bit of a wait. We were there about 30 minutes including time to wait to order, then waiting to get our food, but worth it though!

  154. tim shenkin

    One of my all time favorite places to eat. We make our way through Whidbey Island often, and make sure to stop every time. I had a particularly outstanding experience yesterday 12/13. Delicious food, lovely staff and awesome location!

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