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Three Sisters Restaurant

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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40 reviews for “Three Sisters

  1. Vamsi Krishna Bharadwaj

    We had the beef pho #12, pork spring rolls, almond chicken w/rice and chow menu. The pho was bland and covered in cilantro. I am not a cilantro fan. Spring rolls were ok/good. They don’t have a chili sauce on the table. Service was extremely slow. The tables with old dishes that were there when we got there, we’re still there as we left. Over an hour. Our waitress had zero interest in our ordering and we watched her doing a brief drive by of our table and another table, she leaves your table quickly, doesn’t ask if you’d like drinks. It was bizarre and the food was below a good standard pho. This was our first and last visit to this restaurant. Maybe the service is due to understaffing, but the taste was not good.

  2. Wkmmjj

    Always my go to if I’m picking up diner or hanging out with someone. Their pho is so tasty and filling for the price you pay. I would suggest their chicken pho (19) or their seafood (22) if you are wanting something to try. Oh and if you like lemon grass and spicy food tell them and they will add that too your soup.

  3. Namar

    Great food, great service and clean space! We were the first customers of the day and was immediately seated when we walked in (please don’t forget your masks or they will ask you to get one). Definitely our go to Pho place now here in the Valley!

  4. Laura Diaz

    Best pho in the Spokane area. Plus they also have delicious vegetarian dishes. Service was slow but it might be that they weren’t fully staffed. In any case, it was totally worth the wait!

  5. Megan Piro

    15min wait to be seated. 30min wait to order , because We are not allowed to order before earlier customers. And an old lady told us that we could leave if we don’t want to wait. Really rude. Not recommend

  6. Kasey Kraft

    Meh. Pho was pretty good but the egg rolls were almost gross. The meat inside was dry and had a weird flavor. Very skimpy on spring roll shrimp. We forgot to put our masks on before we came in and were promptly told to leave and come back with a mask which is fine but the food isn’t worth coming back.

  7. Sammykinnz

    The staff was friendly but the food was not worth the prices. $5 for the smallest portion of spring rolls I’ve ever seen. 6 pieces of beef in their Mongolian beef. It was basically $16 for bell peppers and onion.

  8. Tess Williams

    Horribly rude service. Our family made a point of supporting Asian-owned businesses during the pandemic but we will NOT be back here.

  9. bianca frank

    I tried the banh mi and tofu pho and it was so good. one of the best sandwiches i’ve ever had and only $4 with plenty of veggies and the perfect bread with perfectly cooked meat, i will be getting it often. and the pho was wonderful, so soothing and perfect for a pick-me-up meal, there’s so much of it and it feels so fresh. i wanted to take pictures because it was beautiful but i ate it too quick

  10. Edwin Weber

    Excellent pho and other Vietnamese and Asian dishes. Quality take out option (just reheat the broth in the microwave) and you’ll feel like you’ve just been served in the restaurant.

  11. Savanna Kitchen

    I looked up the best pho place in Spokane and it showed three sister. Me and my friend went and won’t be coming back, and the meat in the pho was all fat, the meat at green on it. The costumer service sucks.

  12. Luka Betts

    Take out or dine-in, it’s super good! Always get the specials for your family to save a little money and get a variety of food.

  13. Holly Merrill

    I bought a banh mi sandwich here last week and it was severely disappointing. I ended up throwing it out. I would give them another chance for the pho I guess but not for sandwiches. The chicken tasted strange and the veggies weren’t pickled as I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to be.

  14. Richard Stout

    We think the Pho here is the best this side of Vietnam. They really seem to know what they’re doing back there in the kitchen. Always a delight to come dine and taste their cuisine. We give three sisters five stars in our household⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  15. Rosa Ruiz

    Honestly threw my whole food out, it looked and tasted not so well. So hard to find a decent chinese food place. waste of money honestly.

  16. Witch_Freakk

    A year ago, my mom and I came here.
    She found a strand of hair in her spring rolls.
    None of the cooks were wearing a fish net for their hair.
    I don’t eat here anymore, but I hope they can improve so customers don’t have strands of hair in their food.

    I don’t mean for this review to be negative.
    All I hope is that this review is taken seriously.

  17. Jesse C

    The personal service that we receive every time we go here is amazing. The authentic food is always great and served hot fresh.

  18. Dylan Arnette

    Very nasty. Took 30 min for food and way to much for what it was

  19. Terry Jones

    Went in around 7:00 and they close at 8:00. The greeting was less than enthusiastic. The food was only mediocre at best. A bit disappointing for a Friday dinner out.

  20. Aja Owens

    They have take out and dine in options. Best Pho` in town. The woman who runs establishment is very sweet and kind. Food is always fresh and delicious

  21. Payton Walling

    Best pho in town and Tammy is the best restaurant owner/server/cook in town. This is THE hidden gem of Spokane. We absolutely loved our dishes and cannot wait to go back!

  22. Jacob Schwartz

    So good!!! Definitely my favorite pho in town. All the sisters are absolutely amazing!

  23. Samson Delilah

    Great pho, They have tripe tendon tendon beef bone good broth and friendly service in this service there was only 2 people in the restaurant where I was on a Tuesday

  24. Sam M

    Had the lunch special, almond chicken, chow mein and prawns. Probably the worst Asian food I’ve had in a long time. Pretty sure I was also overcharged by $7. The place is run down and dirty.

  25. amelia

    Amazing food and service. The staff are so kind and sweet. Its a must have

  26. Paty Navarro

    Service was Terrible, lady working here was so Rude!

  27. Lana Arta

    Trust me, is the best pho in spokane.
    Just little slow on service but it’s worth it!

  28. Joe Cunningham

    The food is not good here. They don’t use quality products and they have super wierd results

  29. ron damon

    I must say that this place has great tasting pho !!! I had the spicy beef pho and oh my goodness , the beef was so tender it easily came off the bone ,it was spicy enough to actually enjoy the meal with out burning ur mouth , i was gonna complain about the wait but now i understand why it’s so busy and totally worth it !

  30. PJ Priestley

    This is the best vegan food, even compared to Hawaii, and San Francisco! The stir fried vegetables were perfectly cooked, well seasoned and the tofu was perfectly cooked. The spring rolls were amazing! We tipped almost the cost of the meal we had! The Restaurant was larger than the 3 sisters in Spokane. Lots of places to sit comfortably. Food was good enough to make a trip just to have it. It is a hidden gem in Spokane Valley for those of us who love good vegan food! This was not just good, this was excellent!

  31. Alicia Shabinaw

    This place use to be really good. They consistently are missing items off the menu, last time I went in they told me no service 15 minutes prior to closing. I get it, you’re closing but I would of ordered to go at least. My spring rolls didn’t have any pork in them or sprouts. Just lettuce and two small shrimp. After all these things on different occasions I decided to write a Google Review and not go back.

  32. T K

    Brisket and Rare Beef Pho Soup – delicious and the large bowl was the perfect portion for a big appetite. The Wendy’s restaurant atmosphere quickly fades as you take your first bite. Looking forward to returning soon!

  33. Caryn Seidel

    Amazing pho!! Used to go at least once a month. They have dropped many menu items because they don’t sell as well and they can’t spend money just to toss the stuff out. The virus has really affected them and they’re having some trouble bouncing back it seems. But they really are great.

  34. Yelena Knudsen

    Very delicious pho. Before we moved to the area we took my truck driver Papa to this restaurant. He never ate pho before. Now he loves it. He even ate 3 green hot peppers, I was horrified. This time we went without him and I ordered large pho with extra shrimp. So delicious, and don’t have to wait long. So love pho. ❤😋😋😋

  35. Kimberly A

    Went here for lunch on a Friday. I wanted to buy a pint of broth since I am fasting. They would not sell me broth alone. So I bought a small chicken noodle pho. They packed it up separately, so was able to have the broth. I will save the goodies for another meal. Needless to say, the broth was so salty. Epic fail. Might have been good with all the goodies in it. Good pho starts with good broth.

  36. T

    Pretty decent pho for spokane. Definitely not the worse in spokane. I am biased tho my best friend growing up was viet and his grandma made the best. Nothing like her 10 hour beef bone broth with bok choi yum. I love pho I recommend it if you have never tried it

  37. Derek Larson

    First time going there, ordered food to go. It was hit and miss. The BBQ pork appetizer didn’t come with spicy mustard or sesame seeds and was pretty bland without it. Not sure if that was a mistake or if it normally doesn’t come with it, but it was a disappointment. We also ordered two dishes that were supposed to come with rice and only got one small container which was barely enough for two servings. We ended up needing to make more rice at home for the leftovers.

    However, we did really enjoy the kung pao chicken and almond chicken. These dishes were good enough that we will give Three Sisters another chance, but will avoid the BBQ pork next time and do a closer check of our order before leaving the restaurant.

  38. Andrew Z

    Extremely disappointed. My gfs pho was alright but I wasn’t feeling pho tonight so I tried to get short ribs, something I’ve ordered many times in the past here. Said they didn’t have it. Ok so I’ll just do teriyaki chicken, pretty easy right?

    Chicken was super tough and dry, almost like it was buffet chicken that’s been sitting out a day or two. Honestly tasted like it was old, spit out a few of them and ended up not eating half the chicken, just the rice cause it was not good. They put broccoli in the chicken too which I appreciate but they left a little too long of stems in my opinion on it.

    Honestly concerned about how bad that chicken was and hoping I don’t get sick from it. Likely probably won’t eat here anymore as I’m concerned about how fresh the meat is there now. Teriyaki chicken is 100 times better at panda and cheaper


  39. David Baker

    Basically, in short, for ten dollars it’s not a terrible deal but not the best. My entrée was mediocre to not so great. Chicken is tasteless even when smothered in sauce. The soup probably saved the meal. If there’s one thing that keeps me coming back, it’s the Pho.

  40. Ludmila Verkovod

    I wouldn’t come again: their customer service is bad, it feels like you are a “burden”, especially if you ask for an extra plate or something else( I was there x3 in the past 2 months). Pho is good, but they use MSG.

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