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11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9:00 pm

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Tin House

Thai Restaurant in Anacortes, WA






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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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31 reviews for “Tin House

  1. The Tasteless Chef

    Taking a ride through town one day, noticing newer banners upon an old restaurant, from there I thought i’d cut my Sunday drive short and investigate. After seeing all of the newer renovations on the outside of the old Thai restaurant seeing the open sign in the window was a nice welcome sign. As some one living in town long enough to think that the powers that be would have torn the building down to make way for some new stylish 20th century box with no real class, personally I seen a rose finally blossoming into what I had hoped to be a nice place to take family and friends. What I could only imagine was the owner or a bus boy pop there head out to greet me before I ever disembarked my vehicle. ” Hello there I hope your hungry.” the gentleman said. “I sure am, so your all ready and open for business?” I replied, “Indeed it is, but its a soft opening, so we can see how things roll in town and what the people like.” A soft opening, I thought, that is a great time and place to take the family and see what they think of Thai food. “Then I’ll be right back, I’ve gotta go grab the family, they’ll love this.” we said our piece and I was back within 15 minutes with the lady that married me and our kid to give the new Tin House a try! We were not in the littlest bit disappointed! Walking into the restaurant seeing the beautiful semi open kitchen with the bar and new floors that looked like anyone could eat off I started scanning to the back of the house trying to see if we would set at the bar or if there was enough seating for 3 or 4 people. There were a few guests there with white plates full of vibrant colors, meat and even noodles! After the gentleman told us about the menu and drinks he had directed us to a very nice window seat. passing by the open waitress stand and a few guests I had asked what they would advise for a few meat eaters and liked a little heat in the mix. The gentleman asked what type of food did you have in the last Thai restaurant that was here? The first time I tried the curry was in college and with the old Thai restaurant having similar types I asked for the yellow curry with chicken so we could try there flavor of curry they had. Our child wasn’t very hungry, but being a young growing person we just knew the hunger bug would come when our food did. We went with a nice appetizer of satay chicken with a very nice peanut sauce. Now my wife is a little more eclectic when it comes to trying out new places for food, and this place was some what a new born off and running! Not being able to interpret all the words we looked into what the dish actually provided, before I could suggest anything for her, she came out of her shell with such a large “lets see what a PAD SEE EIW is like.” Such a large voice for a small lady, I was even caught off guard, and as almost every one close to us seemed to peer in her general direction the gentleman broke the split second silence with an equally large voice of “What type of meat would you each prefer?” Like an out of tune quire, the three of us almost sang out the words “chicken please!” looking and laughing the gentleman said “i’ll be right back with your drinks.” As we chatted my wife and child had asked about the wonderful smells that had seemed to be coming from every where but were most prevalent around the front of the house. As they were discussing the wonderful smells the gentleman seemed to pop out of no where with a couple hand fulls of steaming plates! Noticing the vibrant colors on each plate, including a plate full of satay chicken (chicken kabobs basted in something Delicious) with the peanut sauce that my wife said smelled like heaven and the kid started in on, it seemed as though they inhaled it! As the gentleman spoke about each dish, we would each have our first bites I noticed just how much my wife and child seemed to love what ever it was the gentleman had put in front of them. As they began to eat the food seemed to disappear from the plates almost quicker than even I expected. I think he knew we’d be back.

  2. Sarah Pritchard

    With the soft opening I got to try Pad Thai one of my favorite Thai dishes. The Tin House did not disappoint! Amazing flavor, plenty of food I couldn’t finish it all. Also tried Thai iced coffee. Definitely recommend hands down!

  3. Madhuri Sapre

    One of the best Thai foods we had in a while. Chicken satay were fantastic! Enjoyed Thai red curry & veggie spring rolls. Friendly owners. We will be back.

  4. Candice Caplinger

    First time here and hands down best Thai food in Anacortes! Definitely our new go to. We tried the yellow curry best we have had in a long time! Pad Thai and Basil fried rice were excellent as well! My husband enjoyed his Pad Kee Mao and my son loved everything which says a lot! We really enjoyed our food can’t wait to try something new next time!

  5. Jay Labrosse

    Was driving by and noticed the open sign but just barely! So I went in and asked and Nee the owner said yes ! Soft opening I guess. I had the Pad Thai as thats my favorite dish and it did not disappoint!! I had been in here a few times when it was a different place and it was very dated and dirty. BUT NOW it is all new and remodeled!! Fresh new look !! Nee the owner is very friendly and even made me a Thai tea ! I’d never tried before and it very good ! I can recommend you try this place with my whole heart ❤ I can tell they are gonna be so successful here ! The patio will be open soon too !! Thank you Nee for treating me like family!!

  6. Daphne Hooyboer

    Tried the pad kee mao, chicken satay and mango with sticky rice. The pad kee Mia was saucy and had a lot of veggies and chicken. The satay was well cooked and not dry out. The peanut sauce had a nice peanut flavor and they served it with the marinated cucumbers and red onion. For dessert, the sticky rice and mango was delicious! I really like the white sticky rice rather then the black. Mango was so nicely cut.

  7. Jazmine Ralph

    Great service and the curry tasted fantastic. Will definitely be returning!

  8. Robert Payne

    This is by far the best Thai food not only In Anacortes but anywhere I’ve been. All the people are so nice and the restaurant is clean and beautiful inside. This is my to go to place in Anacortes!

  9. Tony Bigge

    Best pumpkin curry EVER! One star was perfect heat. THE Best Thai food in Anacortes! Day 2…had the Pad See Eiw, EXCELLENT! sooo fresh and perfect spice.

  10. Kayti Clayton

    When I tell you this is the most authentic Thai food I’ve had since being in Thailand I mean it. My boyfriend took me here (I love Thai) as a surprise and holy Toledo it’s my new favorite Thai spot. Everything is delicious. Literally everything. And they’re so kind and so sweet and I cannot recommend it enough. It’s very cute inside but also has outdoor seating. Will be back 100%

  11. Becky Jahns

    Lovey new Thai in Anacortes. Great first experience

  12. Andrew Fosnacht

    Never had Thai food and asked for their recommendation. Was not disappointed with the Pad Kra Tiem.(I think that’s how it’s spelled it was garlic chicken and onions with rice). I also tried Thai iced coffee both of these were delicious. The restaurant is small but modern and very clean. The food is also reasonably priced. You can’t go wrong with giving this place a shot!

  13. Karen Berry

    Delicious new addition in town. The place looks totally different than the old restaurant, very nice update! Friendly staff, delicious food. We had Thai coffee, spicy green beans with chicken, and fried rice. Loved all of it.

  14. Talaya.

    So friendly! The food was hot and very fast. Bathroom was clean and smelled good, and they gave us a free drink to try. Very sweet people and the food was awesome.

  15. Tim Tyree

    What a blessings to have this place for our dinner tonight. Our ferry was cancelled, we have to get a hotel. Then we search for a Thai Restaurant. So glad we found this place. The server are so nice and generous. We give them 5 Star. Please come enjoy the best Thai food in Anacortes ❤️

  16. the RV ER'S

    We stopped in today 8/22/2022. This is a destination up north. We have been to a hundred of Thai and Asian food restaurants from main to Spain. This is the best north of the California boarder. So grab your loved ones and friends and git to the TIN HOUSE! Fresh new taste and great new/old approach to Thai street food.

  17. Warren Taylor

    Visited Tin House Tuesday, 8/23, and the owner Nee graciously spent considerable time explaining the status of their “soft opening” in anticipation of their grand opening. I was pleased with the menu selections, so I am sure the future full menu will be great. Highly recommend.

  18. Courtney Molnar

    Tried them for the first time today. The pad thai was so tasty, along with the crab Rangoon and shrimp donuts. The Thai tea from here is out of this world delicious! I will definitely be back to this spot.

  19. J. Ryan Denton

    Went back again. Portions are well worth price. Spice is done properly
    Clean business, friendly staff, delish food and a very nice atmosphere.
    This is now my lunch stop of choice

    Edit. 14 days later. 13 more dishes..
    I love the food, stayed consistent….
    YELLOW CURRY.. way too good. Omfg.

  20. Damien Christensen

    Best Thai place in town, trumps the other Thai place and has way better flavor foods. Price is way more reasonable then the other Thai restaurant in town and I haven’t got my order messed up!

  21. Lauren Brozman Olson

    We tried the Pad Thai Noodles and Pumpkin Curry with beef. Fantastic! Clean restaurant and quick, friendly service.

  22. myles h

    Best Thai food in Anacortes! Panang curry is phenomenal! Staff is really wonderful! Service is very fast. When they say 10 min they mean 10 min. Reasonable price for a nice portion.

  23. Jamila Godfrey

    Got the Phad Thai and it was really delicious. Can’t wait to come back and try more. My new favorite Thai place.

  24. Suzanne Harris

    Fun, wonderful food, nice people. Love the “tin” look! This will be a regular stop.

  25. Emily Metzger

    I had a DoorDash order go wrong! The DoorDash didn’t deliver all my food so I called the restaurant and they called me back to tell me the owner would drop off the rest of the food to me!!!! I honestly couldn’t believe it! The owners husband delivered it and was so kind. On top of the amazing service the food was delicious as well!!!

  26. Nathaniel Cooper

    Super delicious! Ordered the spicy eggplant 4/5 spicy and it was awesome, great heat levels and tons of flavor

  27. Miki Moto

    The Tin House was a restaurant that Anacortes needed. The authentic ingredients and flavors make this Thai eatery a cut above the rest. The Wontons so golden and crispy with the magic middle stuffed with a delectable bite of pork are the ultimate starter. This is the only Thai restaurant I eat at in Skagit county.

  28. Jens Peitersen

    Pretty good Thai,not the best. But it’s decent, nice people.

  29. Mert O’Finan

    I’ve eaten here twice and both times the food was fresh and tasty, and the service extra friendly. Price is right, too. We’ll be back!

  30. Thomas Demonbreun

    Great food, and consistent spice level. Which is huge!

  31. it’s just metal or gray is not an appealing color to appetites I know that’s silly but do you have to attract new customers by what your place looks like L. Carroll

    I wish the yard had some trees or plants I would not feel comfortable eating out there with just rocks and metal if it’s a Thai restaurant it would have some beauty so I have not eaten there I’ve read the reviews they sound OK but this summer I hope the owners put a few potted trees or plants in the yard

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