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Top of India

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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75 reviews for “Top of India

  1. talia beebe

    Delicious and fast take out. Love korma and butter chicken. My daughter loves the channa masala and you have to get the naan of course

  2. Arianne Cabeza de Baca

    Went there for some dinner and everything was delicious. So amazingly delicious. Grabbed some Vindaloo, Coconut curry and Korma… So good. The staff was delightful. Definitely 100-10k% going to go there again.

  3. Anna Christopher

    This is a cute restaurant. The Naan was amazing and the dishes did not disappoint either, got the standards, butter chicken, veg biryani, lamb korma, chicken saag. They had a pretty robust takeout going on too.

  4. Sarah Vaughn

    This is by far our favorite Indian restaurant! The food is incredible and the servers are always very friendly. The environment is very comfortable and welcoming. I highly recommend this restaurant! The chicken tikka masala is my favorite!!

  5. Jack Bingham

    Very Delicious. I had a lamb tiki Masada. They ask you what spice level you would prefer so you can get just the amount if heat your looking for. Very clean venue. I’m impressed

  6. SherifSpeedy

    I hate to give bad reviews but I am sorry today wasn’t a pleasant experience! First, it took long to get our food! I ordered Byrani, and my food didn’t /taste like Byrani! The rice didn’t taste or look like basmati but more like Jazmine rice! The serving was very small for a Bryant order! I ended up returning my order and not eating lunch cuz it was just not a pleasant experience!

  7. Abhi Sandhu

    Absolute waste of time and money, don’t know how to serve, rushed to get the customers out of the door. And lack of knowledge of Indian cuisine.

  8. Jesse Sandhu

    The worst indian food I’ve ever had. Horrible customer service. The lady had attitude issues. Even she told us that i know that you guys didnt like our food but thanks for comming in. She didn’t even apologize for the kind of service and food the provided but instead nailed us pretty good on the bill. Worst experience ever.

  9. Phanindra Garimella (Phani)

    I visited this restaurant first in 2018 October part of my cross country drive in Spokane. It was Friday and they were packed. I was alone so I ordered and felt super happy after my dinner so I got another few items to go. So, I got a chance to visit this place again during our Christmas vacation last week (2021) nearby and I took my family including my 2 kids including a toddler. The overall experience drastically came down.The items we ordered weren’t really tasty or made us wow. I got the same response from my family members too. There was only one person taking orders and serving too. A few families were there and not very busy may be due to a weekday. I don’t know what happened to this restaurant, but my 5 star experience came down to 3. It’s just okay if you don’t have options around or what you are looking is unavailable.

  10. Phanindra Garimella (Phani)

    Quite good food. There was a bit of a mix-up about which of the 3 of us wanted #5 on the spicy scale but we didn’t care enough to fuss about it. Note that #5 is, indeed, HOT. Friendly staff. Will go again.

  11. Kate Davis

    Quite good food. There was a bit of a mix-up about which of the 3 of us wanted #5 on the spicy scale but we didn’t care enough to fuss about it. Note that #5 is, indeed, HOT. Friendly staff. Will go again.


    Worst food ever, we were a group of 14 drove 3 hours to eat some good Indian food but we’re very disappointed. We complained about some half cooked kulchas and some tasteless pranthas then they wanted us to pay before we were even done. Left them more than half of the food ordered on their tables but no apologies. Owner Lady has some attitude problem if you are a business owner be humble and appreciate those who come in your door and if your customers are not satisfied take care of them don’t just focus on getting $$

  13. Foodie Fay

    I have never had Indian food with the pureed texture they serve. Maybe they adapted tastes for American palette. It did not taste authentic like I have enjoyed at many other restaurants.

  14. Matt Pumphrey

    I love the food. The Owner and her Staff does a fantastic job.

  15. Alex Dayton

    My wife and I had an amazing experience here yesterday for a late lunch. The food took a little bit of time but definitely worth the wait.

  16. Gabby Whitehead

    Best Indian food I’ve ever had

  17. David Bingham

    Ate in the restaurant for lunch. Only a couple of other people were in the restaurant. Looks like most people are coming in for take out. Food was good but service was mixed. Ordered the samosas and keema naan. Neither came. The bill was on a tablet and only showed the total which looked about right. Found we were charged on the emailed receipt for the missing items.

  18. Shuga Ghost

    I was really looking forward to this meal after reading other reviews and wish I could rate higher. Unfortunately, the food didn’t meet my expectations. I could only manage to stomach a couple bites. There was practically zero flavor in my entire meal. The chicken in my butter chicken felt undercooked and rubbery, the sauce was bland and my garlic naan was burnt and plain. The take away packaging was great and the service was wonderful, so I really do wish I had enjoyed my meal, but the food was a major disappointment. I was really looking forward to trying a new spot but this was missing all of the spice and flavor I love about Indian cuisine.

  19. Robert Capoocia

    Great food. I have been wanting to try them for a couple of years. I totally enjoyed the food.

  20. Chris Reynolds

    So good. For real good. Most places like this make white person versions food, half the flavor and spice. It is so saddening. This, I took a bit and began to tear up for two reasons. My expectations were met, and my sinuses were under assault. This is good Indian food. I cannot wait to spend more money here.

  21. Mehtab Singh

    Waste of money only it was look like indian food but taste👎👎

  22. Selena Noll

    Where do I begin? This restaurant didn’t answer the phone. I tried for 40 minutes. I finally drove over there to ask if the chicken vindaloo had onion in it because of allergies. The waitress said that the phone didn’t ring at all, so I showed her the number of calls I made from 6:26 pm to when I walked in. She told me to wait and she would get the manager. The manager neither acknowledged nor apologized,. The vindaloo does have onion, so I drove 4 miles for nothing.

  23. Chad Gordon

    This was literally the worst Indian food I’ve ever had in my life. The chicken vindaloo sauce tasted like marinara sauce. The Aloo Gobi was flavorless and the vegetables weren’t even cut up. Just huge chunks of cauliflower and potatoes. Very disappointed to have to pay good money for such an incredibly poor meal.

  24. Logan Routien

    Amazing music and vibe really enjoyed being there staff all seems down to earth and really cool great place to have a convo with the fam while eating pretty solid Indian food

  25. Sara Kjeldgaard

    Friendly staff, delicious curries and naan. One of our favorite restaurants to order from!

  26. Rick Bryceson

    I don’t have enough space to fill in all I love about this place! Love it all, never been disappointed in any way!

    Maintaining my regular visits? You better believe it!

  27. Jaclyn Knight

    Delicious! Some of the best local Indian food I have tried, the mild plus is a perfect cozy warm spice! If you like a medium salsa this is a good heat! All of the food is amazing! 10/10 would go back! Lots of vegetarian options!

  28. Dante Knight

    Food was good, staff was great. The family with the screaming toddler sucked!

  29. Paulo Dichone

    Glad to find the best Indian Food in Spokane. We’ll definitely be back 🙂

  30. tparbs (Terri)

    Top of India used to be a good restaurant that we really enjoyed. They have steadily been going downhill over the last couple of years and we stopped going there or ordering takeout several months ago. We decided to give them another try tonight. Big mistake. I called in an order and was told it would be 30 to 35 minutes . My husband went to pick it up and was told it would be a half an hour. This is 15 minutes after I called. The woman lied to him and told him I was told 40 to 45 minutes. No apologies, no anything. Never again.

  31. Scott Ring

    Wonderful service and top shelf cuisine!! You must come and experience TOI!!!

  32. Madison Geisinger

    4.5 Delicious dining experience, (I recommend the french creme!) I am a HUGE fan of Indian food and the mango tree did not cut it for me when I first moved here from Seattle area, but Top of India (as well as Authentic Indian Cuisine in Post Falls) is a must go to when craving authentic Indian food. I recommend spice level of 3 or 4 ☺️ if you order raita I add that to it to cool it down for my daughter 😉 I know there’s not much to do about this but it’d be a five star if I wasn’t paying close to 20 dollars a plate

  33. Namar

    This is an automatic 1 star and I didn’t even step foot into the restaurant. We were looking for a spot to park in the back and noticed there were multiple boxes of frozen meat being defrosted on the doorstep. That said everything I needed to know!

  34. Randa Alaubaidy

    Food not worth how much chagrin for!!! Service is terrible. For how much I paid I expect to get a better food quality and descent service. Would not go there again, I will rate them zero star when possible

  35. Sridutt Miraskar

    Good ambience and true spice levels as someone else mentioned in their reviews (true Indian spice level). Abundant parking space.

    I must say the quantity they serve is less, so you won’t end up overeating. We ordered chicken biryani, chicken chilli and chicken tikka (appetizer). All was good except chicken in chilli chicken was probably stale or over cooked (so they lost 1 star here). But a definite place to try again!

  36. Billy Burnham

    Good Indian food.

  37. Jesse Kidwell

    The food and service is always great but please bring back your lunch buffet.

  38. Tia Sol

    Their cocktails were unique and the food was wonderful. Great service too. We will definitely go back.

  39. Brad H

    nothing great

  40. Joban Pannu

    Very tasty food and Aman give great service

  41. Becca Brahman

    Absolutely delicious

  42. Chris Pick

    Loved it.. The tandoori chicken Tikka was amazing.. been there 3 times in 2 weeks..

    Been a few months since last visit, but always seems consistent.. time to lay down and pass out .

  43. jayant tiwary

    Food was good as expected and price was reasonable

  44. Farrell Heide

    Small restaurant with BIG flavor! We were so blown away by the food and enjoyed thoroughly.

    The restaurant itself has a pleasant modern interior with full bar. We tried a variety of selections (samosas, cheese Naan, tandoori, biryani, coconut curry) and were so entirely pleased with everything we ordered.

    Love, love, LOVE the food!

    We will be back so we can try more! Maybe next time we will remember to leave room for dessert. The food was so good, we could not stop eating.

  45. Tajinder Dhami

    These guys put staples pin in my samosa chat
    And they charge me $9 for one samosa

  46. Chef Rich

    Much better experience than my previous Spokane BIR meals. Staff was awesome. Food was amazing. I’ll be returning when I come through Spokane again. Enjoy! Chef Rich

  47. Cory Fitzgerald

    Excellent food, very attentive staff.

  48. jack montgomery

    Sauce always is dripping off of my receipt, bags leaking and contents spilled after handling it perfectly delicate. I let them know and it still happens. Very rude and unprofessional to serve in that manner. And to the staff 5 minutes means 15-20 minimum…

  49. Sarah Horn

    Delicious!!! Having so much fun randomly choosing from the menu and taking my taste buds on a scrumptious adventure lol wonderful service and amazing chic atmosphere! 10/10 recommend!!

  50. Louquisha Walker

    Today got delivered it took about an hour. However product was yummy and fresh ordered tandoori chicken and butter chicken with garlic naan.

  51. LA CA

    Phenomenal food, didn’t want to stop eating until we were over stuffed, we ordered the Dahl, the Vendaloo, 2 roti, and lasuni aloo. The atmosphere was very nice as well.

  52. Druscilla Brumfield

    Food was absolutely delicious and ohhh so flavorful! I’d like to add that the restaurant was very clean and my server which may have been the owner was friendly. Definitely recommend.

  53. Robin Robin

    Very very bad food.


    Quantity is very less and even they bluff on the quantity. They said 1 plate pakora has 8 pieces but in 3 pakoras they gave only 18 pieces and on asking they said we provided the 3 plates. Service is also very slow.


    One of the pathetic service. Lady owner considers Indians are cheap.

  56. Stevan Veselinovic

    My favorite restaurant, but it has gone downhill. The inside is falling apart, the tables and seating areas haven’t been cleaned or disinfected for what looks like forever, so much so my clothes were sticking to the seat and the backrest. Food is delicious as always, but service and cleanliness doesn’t exist. Combine that with the thermostat being set to 79 degrees and you’ve got a wonderful recipe for a bad experience.

  57. Tri-City Local

    Do not go here! I used the restroom as soon as we entered and the toilet was dirty with the lid off. The inner workings of the toilet were literally tied together with plastic bags!! When I returned to the table we heard the manager in the bathroom fixing the toilet for a few minutes then returned to the table. SHE DID NOT WASH HER HANDS and tried to serve us! Disgusting! We didn’t even order, we left immediately.

  58. Kathy Miller

    I picked up take out, my daughter loves this place.

  59. Disha Patel

    Food was really tasty but customer service was pathetic.. servers doesn’t smile on their faces. One was acting like knows everything but bad service. Thanks but no thanks

  60. Alex

    I’ve dined in, I’ve carried out, and had food from here delivered. Every experience has been phenomenal. Always have had great service and incredible food!

  61. Arshdeep Singh

    Food was not good at all👎

  62. Edward Holcroft

    Food’s okay. Service needs work.


    Briyani was ok
    they forget to deliver riata when i tried to call them they hang up on me and then stop picking up my call
    Americanized indian food not for desi

  64. Kris Williams

    Ordered on DoorDash at 7:43p, at 8:30 the driver came to my house and said they had nothing and TOI said it was too late. I drove to the restaurant, was there my 8:40 (they close at 9:00), doors locked. This place is a DUMP that has gone downhill: Used to love it and will never go back, will spread the word of my experience.

  65. Shane Morrow

    Food was delicious. But the $17 butter Chicken had two pinky-finger sized pieces of chicken. It was absolutely a sauce that happened to have a smidgen of meat in it. Tasty but not filling or worth the price. Feeling misled.

  66. N S

    Great Indian food! Their dishes are definitely favorable and delicious. I agree the price is much higher than expected, but I would agree that it is must better than some of the other restaurants locally

  67. Scott Mader

    Top of India is our favorite Indian food in Spokane. Best Indian food in town. Really great service and just good people. Hard not to eat too much LOL!!!

  68. Opal McD

    Was planning a group get together for the lunch buffet only to find out even though is says all over everything they have one they no longer do that and have not for a long time but never thought to update information. Will not be goin here, if they can’t even update a website how old is the food 😝

  69. Carl Sagan

    One of my absolute favorite places to get delicious vegan food. Highly recommend. Their staff is Incredibly kind, patient, and diligent. Very cute table arrangements at atmosphere.

  70. Carlos Rodriguez

    Food smells and taste delicious…. But I recommend bringing your phone charge with you. I’m sorry I’m a very patient person but If I have to wait over a hour to get my food that’s a huge red flag

  71. Jayson

    Crowded but great food

  72. Jamie

    Great service and food! So delicious!

  73. Taz Singh

    Service and the food is very bad, servers are rude, not an authentic Indian or punjabi restaurant, I just wasted my time ordering food there

  74. Tariq Shah

    If you plan to waste some money then go there.

  75. Tim Wallace

    They make some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had. The Lamb Korma (spice mild plus) is my go to, and it was delicious as always. My wife ordered the Kashmiri Kofta (mild) and it was delicious, though the dumplings were a bit spicier than expected.

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