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Toro Sushi Place

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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58 reviews for “Toro Sushi Place

  1. Aj Somera

    Came in af 625pm today and was sat to my table immediately. The server never came to my table after 25minutes waiting. The host had to check if I been helped. WORST SERVICE EVER….

  2. Victoria Callaway

    Everything was delicious and the service was great

  3. Alonna Reeves

    Amazing sushi, attentive service and relaxing atmosphere!

  4. Katherine Marie

    We come here pretty regularly and last night’s food and service was great! Thank you so much!

  5. Aida Tanner

    The best sushi in all of spokane. Seriously.

  6. Galina Korovnik

    I had such an incredible experience ordering sushi to go here today. I walked in and placed my order and it took only 10min of waiting! I ordered two new rolls I’ve never had so was a little bit nervous if I was going to like them but I absolutely loooved both of them and the price you couldn’t beat it! Will most definitely be back again!

  7. Baird Sjae

    After 4 months of trying to get ahold of these guys to see if they’re open, I have yet to succeed It says “open” yet they always turn their phone off for some reason. “the wireless customer you call caller you called is unavailable at this time please try again later” sometimes it just saying “customer you called etc.” and hangs up and this is after MONTHS of trying and YES during business hours! MULTIPLE TIMES. Yes the correct phone number. Etc. How are these people even still in business is mind boggling

    To the owner: I think you should get another phone company and/or try calling your own line once in awhile because it 1000% says that on multiple occasions. I double checked the number and tried on many days. It’s not us it’s you

  8. Hailey Peltier

    Service and drinks were great! Unfortunately, I spent the rest of the night and the entire next day with food poisoning & all I ordered was a California Roll 😭

  9. rogelio luna

    Mediocre sushi, very bland and sloppy rather disappointing.

  10. Joseph Buschette

    Best sushi in the Valley hands down!

  11. Ashley C

    We love this location! We order pickup regularly over the phone and it’s almost always perfect. (Nothing is.) The food is delicious.

  12. K B

    The chef refused to make my child a simple Avocado Cucumber roll as he “wasn’t making any exceptions” tonight. When I spent over 100 on dinner. Really?

  13. Fuzzy Bunny

    Great place to eat at. Good selection on the menu. Hard to get in always busy. Not to loud great place to enjoy and conversation with your table. Also like there to go orders. They will even bring it out to your car. Love the extra mile in customer service.

  14. Diana Colgrove

    Great food, amazing service. Wish you were still open for lunch

  15. Mario Coronado

    The rolls were very good, my server was great, friendly and attentive, but she was the only one who was. From when I walked in the one thing I noticed was that nobody was friendly or welcoming. After I got seated I noticed that the staff were all so serious, almost like they didn’t want to be there. My server was the only one who smiled when she interacted with the other staff or other customers. Food was great atmosphere sucked

  16. Jordan Padula

    We have been here many times for dining in and for pickup and they have never disappointed. Food is amazing and the price is absolutely worth it. It’s honestly a great place to eat and the staff is friendly and efficient. I went in hungry and came out stuffed. Definitely check it out!

  17. Daniel Worrell

    Food is always good here service it top knotch

  18. Aaron Jourdan

    The food was fresh and made to order by 2 experienced sushi chefs. Very good I will have to go again.

  19. Kathi Jo Patterson

    I’ve been coming to Toro Sushi for a number of years. I used to rave about the sushi, sashimi, and service. Unfortunately, it’s really gone down hill. I got yelled at by a sushi chef tonight because I tried to clarify and make a modification to the sashimi sampler. It was so embarrassing! They wouldn’t tell me what type of fish was included. Absolutely no accommodation for my food sensitivities.

    UPDATE: The waitress came back and stated that the sushi chef was refusing to serve me because I am a liability risk. Never got the boot before – first time for everything. We’re heading to Sushi House on Trent. Highly recommend.

  20. Emily Edwards

    I called three times in a row for a takeout order. 3 times I was hung up on. I used to love this place, it was my go to for sushi. Not anymore.

  21. Casey Nelson

    Walked in to get a carry out, said would be 50 min wait. went out to my car and ordered for a carry out said it would be a 5min wait, poor customer service that must be why there not open more than a few days a week, service sucks. Not recommend

  22. Todd Folsom

    The staff was a little busy this Saturday, but the food was supper good which made it all worth it.

  23. mockchew

    I’ve been going to Toro for almost 4 years now regularly and the quality of the fish and sushi is hands down top 3 in Spokane, however, since Covid the service has severely deteriorated. The lack of management in the front of the house really shows, I’d recommend going right when they open at 430 or else show up with a lot of patient’s. Everyone is really friendly but the waiting staff consist of a lot of new employees with very little experience.

  24. Caleb Malek

    This used to be our go to sushi place in the valley before the pandemic. After is a different story, we have gone in and waited to be seated for 10 minutes and nobody even came over to ask us if we have been helped or seated. Very bad customer service, we thought maybe this is just a one time thing and we went in again a few weeks later and the same thing happened again, we walked out and haven’t been back since

  25. Travis Valle

    The service was really good, and our waitress was very nice, the atmosphere was great. Unfortunately, the food wasn’t very good. The sushi really didn’t have good flavoring. Maybe it was an off day for them. I really did like the friendly staff.

  26. A C

    It took us 75 minutes to get our food, as a party of 2. We watched people come and go as one of the chefs yelled at the front of the house about the carry out orders. Awkward.
    Didn’t get one of the rolls I ordered, but it was on the receipt. Everything was taking so long I didn’t even want to talk to anyone about it. I just left cash so we could leave. Won’t be back.

  27. Namar

    AMAZING food and great customer service! Very clean and the employees were all so welcoming!

  28. A Berryman

    One word: phenomenal.
    Exceptional service, exceptional food, neat atmosphere, and a large menu serving one-of-a-kind rolls and dishes. A MUST SEE!

  29. tparbs (Terri)

    I’ve been going to Toro since it opened. Sadly, it’s been on a slow downward slide for years. I just went for the last time. The vibe is so depressing –no smiles hardly at all (I actually felt sad for the waitresses), the service is slow, and the sushi is just okay. Tonight the rice was so bad. It didn’t hold the nigiri at all–it just all fell apart. The albacore was the worst I’ve ever had–I’m hoping it wasn’t bad. I’ve been eating sushi since 1990–it’s my favorite food. Do NOT recommend. 👎

  30. david schwab

    Very fresh very tasty. The decor inside is fine, not the best, but the quality of the chefs makes up for it

  31. Admiral Thrawn

    Update June2022:
    Always closed whenever we want to eat here.
    Can not believe they close for lunch.
    Update Sept2020: sushi overall is good but service is very slow. They need more staff to handle the amount of people.

    Update: I lowered the star again because the phone is unplugged from the wall so they don’t receive any take out calls. Very frustrating.

    I love coming here for sushi but the owner needs to work on his business skills. All the staff act like they are going to get yelled at any second and they are closed during commonly busy hours.

    Plan ahead if you want to eat here.

  32. Allen Wong

    over priced, bad quality sushi, every piece of the roll I ordered fell apart instantly. Not worth spending your money here.

  33. Samantha Hoffman

    The rolls are amazing, absolutely delicious 🤩 Service and wait time was mediocre, but not enough to deter me from coming back!

  34. Sarah Wimer

    The food was delicious and the ambiance was nice!

  35. Crystal Giacomini

    Our favorite sushi! The candy and toro special rolls is our go to!

  36. Pixel Stephens

    The best sushi in Spokane Valley that I’ve tried so far, but the restaurant seems to never be open.

  37. janet ECKERT

    Kato & crew make the best sushi! Always consistently excellent quality! Extensive menu! They also offer Tempura and Teriyaki entrees! I order the Hawaii roll every time. Fun to try other rolls and appetizers! We love the spicy mussels and monkey brains. I order the cosmo with NO sugar. My husband tried the Pina Colada yesterday. It was refreshing and not too sweet. We like the new booths!

  38. Aja Owens

    Delicious and the staff are so nice. The food has never disappointed us.

  39. Lyme Channel

    these were the most terrible rolls and sushi that I have ever eaten, it was not very tasty, sushi and rolls fell apart, cooks cook with their bare hands without gloves, without masks, two waitresses for all guests, cooked for about an hour, people stand in the corridor and wait in turn, but many tables are empty and no one approaches them, the table at which I sat staggered and was dirty and sticky, I asked to wash the table, but no one did, but I am at a dirty and sticky table, I will never return to this restaurant and I don’t recommend anyone to go there.

  40. Brian Weiss

    While I came in to eat here. Store looks very inviting and was seated at my own leisure. Waitress was very kind and the Su chefs did not disappoint as there plates were beautiful constructed peace of art. Almost didn’t want to eat my Batman roll or Marlyn Monro roll because it look so preetty, and the Miso soup super good.Thank you for a great dinner

  41. Ian Feir

    Sushi was good waitresses if that’s what you call a bunch late teen/early 20 girls talking to each other and not even doing the semblance of their job! Get sushi take out if you go here, skip the hot dishes unless you like over cooked and dry chicken

  42. Tim Dunn

    Had a great time. Very good food and service. Had a beer and a margarita. Good selection of drinks and food.

  43. Benjamin Allen

    The service is lovely. Full send at this spot.

  44. Colin Duenas

    The fried calamari and gyoza was so delicious and perfectly cooked.

  45. tachypnea

    bunny roll, spider roll, shrimp/veggie tempura, and hamachi kama were decent. bunny roll would’ve been better if there wasn’t spicy mayo on top and salmon was more seared. did not like the salad that came with the hamachi kama

  46. Cathy Bissett

    Traveling can leave you…starving. I asked around and people spoke highly of this restaurant. I listened to people commenting as they ate or waited in line. And it was all true! Wonderful food in the Oasis of Spokane Valley.

  47. Blaton Pappas

    We’ve picked up a good amount of orders and love their sushi probably the best in town. Tried dining in once we waited forever to be seated, got seated and were told they didn’t have any hot food available so we ended up leaving. Would have been nice to have been told they were out of “hot food” in a restaurant that was still open for two more hours while waiting in line rather than 20 min after getting there. What set me off completely and why I will never return is their terrible service. The last situation and one that just took place. We placed an order for pick up arrive 5 min after they said it would be ready. I waited in line for a few minutes approached the register for a few minutes felt awkward because not a single employee acknowledged me then I went and sat for an additional 5 min. Was there for over 10 min saw 5 different employees and not a single one of them could at least great me. I honestly feel as if it were a racial profiling situation unfortunately because of the experience my husband and I had trying to dine in including this one. Once again great food. Terrible terrible disrespectful unfortunate service

  48. Suzy Scura

    The ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!! Try hiring someone over the age of 12 to manage your front line. After 5 loyal years, I will find another sushi place.

    Update: Your hostesses/servers are a bunch of giggling children who clearly cannot handle your busy front end – especially on a Friday night. Over the past several months, your service has gone very far downhill. If we don’t call in our order by 6:30pm, you run out of our favorite dishes. Was told to come for my order in 20 minutes – I showed up after 30 minutes and then had to wait another 30 minutes for one out of the 4 dishes I ordered. All of that time, my cooked food sat around and got cold. All your “hostess” could say was “it’s not MY fault”. No chopsticks, soy sauce or wasabi included with my $70+ order. We always look forward to our Friday night sushi but will no longer support Toro.
    Too bad because the food is good.

  49. Abisail Murillo

    Waitress was nice, service was good, it was a little too hot to enjoy the food felt like I was eating fast to get out of there. Only spice they have was sriracha, bummer as I like everything spicy but hate sriracha lol I would give it 5 starts if they fixed the AC issue and had anything more than sriracha.

  50. Alexis Gonzalez

    Walked in and seemed busy for what seemed to be only one server but she did great! (Besides rushing to pay the bill). Food was good and didn’t take too long! I had the gyoza and the Kato’s III

  51. Frosty Watson

    Always have the best experience here very friendly customer service!

  52. Ariel Mizrahi

    Terrible service. We waited 20 minutes or so for a table. After being seated and placing our order, the waitress apologized and mentioned that they were out of beef. We were understanding as it was a Saturday night and proceeded to order chicken instead. She came back and proceeded to tell us that they were out of chicken as well and lectured us about how the tables that ordered before us are first priority. She then says that they aren’t cooking hot food for the rest of the night. We felt so unwelcome that we just got up and left. Complete waste of 40 minutes, and we will definitely never be returning.

  53. cody kiss

    Sushi is good but hours are so inconvenient. 8/10 shushi or Chinese restaurants don’t open until dinner time. I have had to go all the way out to CDA when I want sushi or Chinese before 430p.m. Because of this I have found a much cheaper and tastier restaurant that is open normal hours in CDA SOOOOO good and prices are amazing!! Chinatown restaurant in CDA

  54. Rosemarrie Diaz

    The service was very good, the was great and they kept your drinks full. It was very busy, and well worth the wait for the amazing food.

  55. Laura Conley

    This is our favorite Sushi house by far!!
    We will drive over an hour one way to eat here. There are plenty of Sushi places closer to us but Toro is worth the drive and the gas…. Even with gas being over $5.00 a gallon.
    The staff always friendly, the food is AMAZING and the pricing is reasonable for what you get. If anyone knows Trapper’s Sushi in the Seattle are, Toro Sushi tops them by far!
    Thank you Toro Sushi for the great food and service! We are your forever customers…. No matter how far we live from your location!

  56. Marianna Fernald

    Amazing food and amazing service. Thank you.

  57. E H.

    Most roll cost about 14 dollars and nigiri are 7 for 2 pieces. This is a decent sushi place for those who are craving. However, their service is not the greatest.
    I understand Saturday can be crowded but when they have only one waiter that takes order while the others only serve water/ food or fulfill phone order, that causes long unnecessary wait times even with a few empty tables. We were seated quickly and water also came quickly but it took 30 min for someone to take the order and took another 20-30 min to get food. Also took 15 min to get someone to give us check but only take less than 5 for them to come grab signed checks and tip. It is hard to get acknowledge by waiters. Talk about customer service right?
    If you must go on Saturday, go an hr early before you get hungry or learn to pull a waiter even if they are not looking at your way.

  58. Rene Upchurch

    There were six of us and we ordered a lot of food! It all came out faster than we expected and just as ordered. Good sized rolls and very fresh. Definitely recommend Toro Sushi!

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