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10:00 am – 8:00 pm


10:00 am – 8:00 pm


10:00 am – 8:00 pm


10:00 am – 8:00 pm


10:00 am – 8:00 pm


10:00 am – 8:00 pm



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Tortas Locas in Buckley

Mexican Restaurant in Buckley, WA



All of our tortas include: mayonnaise, refried beans, onion, tomato and avocado

1. Torta Loca $13.99

Breaded steak, hot dog sausage, American cheese, pork leg and chorizo

2. Crazy Torta $14.99

Breaded steak, hot dog sausage, American cheese, pork leg, chorizo, Mexican cheese, ham, egg and pork head cheese (meat)

3. Cuban Torta $13.99

Breaded steak, hot dog sausage, American cheese, pork leg, chorizo, Mexican cheese and ham

4. Chilanga Torta $12.99

Pork leg, American cheese, hot dog sausage, Mexican cheese and ham

5. Toluqueña Torta $12.99

Pork leg American cheese and chorizo

6. Loquita Torta $12.99

Breaded steak, American cheese and chorizo

7. Hawaiian Torta $12.99

Ham, American cheese, pineapple, more ham

8. Don Ramon Torta $12.99

Eggs with chorizo, Mexican cheese, ham and American cheese

9. Choriqueso Torta $12.99

Chorizo and melted Mozzarella cheese


All of our tortas include: mayonnaise, refried beans, onion, tomato and avocado

10. Chorizo with Egg $11.99

11. Breaded Steak Torta $12.99

12. Ham Torta $10.99

13. Chorizo Torta $11.99

14. Pork Leg Torta $11.99

15. Asada Torta $12.99


16. Cheese Quesadilla $8.99

17. Pork Skin Quesadilla $10.99

18. Tinga Quesadilla $9.99

19. Mincemeat Quesadilla $9.99

20. Mushroom Quesadilla $9.99

21. Huitlacoche Quesadilla $10.99

22. Pumpkin Flower Quesadilla $10.99

23. Asada Quesadilla $10.99


24. Pork Skin Gordita $9.99

25. Chorizo Gordita $9.99

26. Combined Gordita $9.99

27. Asada Gordita $9.99


28. Sope $7.99

29. Huarache $10.99

30. Pambazo $10.99


31. Beef Tendon Tostada $11.99

32. Tinga Tostada $10.99

33. Mincemeat Tostada $10.99


34. Asada Tacos $13.75

35. Chorizo Tacos $13.75

36. Al Pastor Tacos $13.75

37. Tripa Tacos $14.99

38. Tongue Tacos $14.99

39. Suadero Tacos $14.99

40. Cabeza Tacos $14.99

41. Combined Tacos $13.75


42. Carne Asada Plate $17.99

With rice, beans and tortillas

43. Green Enchiladas Plate $13.99

With rice, beans, green tomatilla salsa

44. Tamal Plate $11.49

2 tamales with rice and beans

45. Alambre Plate $14.99

Steak beef, bell pepper, onion, bacon, mozzarella cheese with flour tortillas

46. Flautas Plate $6.49


47. Burrito $13.49

48. Veggies Burrito $9.99

49. Breakfast Burrito $11.49

Eggs and chorizo or egg and ham


50. Lamb Meat $7.99


51. Asada Fries $12.99

Fries topped with mozzarella cheese, steak, more cheese, sour cream and pico de gallo

52. Mexican Style Fries $7.49

French fries topped with mayonnaise, ketchup, yellow mustard and jalapeños

53. French Fries $5.49

French fries topped with mayonnaise, ketchup, yellow mustard and jalapeños


56. Mini Cheese Quesadilla $4.99

57. Del Chavo Torta $6.99

58. Chilindrina Torta $5.99

59. Mini Sope $4.99

60. Chicken Nuggets & Fries $8.99


Soft Drinks $2.99

Smoothie $4.99

Coffee $3.99

Champurrado $4.99

Flavored Fresh Water $3.99






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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

31 reviews for “Tortas Locas Buckley

  1. Shawn Lindsey

    Our server was very attentive to our needs, as usual and food always amazing.

  2. Shawn Lindsey

    Awesome takeout.

  3. Velcro Merkin

    Huge portions great flavor

  4. Ann Kershul

    Amazing food! Everything is good!

  5. Judy Ravencraft

    Awesome food great service nice prices.

  6. Michael Stillings

    Delicious food, and large quantities! Enough for two meals.

  7. Mike Green

    Great food at a reasonable price best place i have found so far for authentic mexican food.

  8. Jay McCombs

    Love this place, foods good. Family owned and operated. Local business that needs your support.

  9. James Johnson

    Truly authentic food. Loved the chorizo Tortas. Good food, good price… what more could you ask for. Becoming a daily ritual.

  10. Katie Goeman

    I have been to all the Tortas Locas locations and the Buckley one by far has been my favorite great customer service and the food is always amazing

  11. Chad Karlewicz

    Had the pork tacos. One order comes with 5 tacos. Very fresh and hot. Delicious!

  12. Jazmin Figueroa

    Delicious Mexican food! Awesome prices huge portions, definitely my favorite here in Buckley

  13. Michael Shutt

    Carne asada fries are amazing…friendly staff and great prices

  14. Minuteman Press of Kent

    We stopped by and bought dinner for our team! They have excellent customer service and amazing, authentic food! We highly recommend!

  15. Tiana Gaulke

    Staff was very nice. Food was good. Tried the torta. Not sure it’s my favorite. I think I’ll try their tacos next time.

  16. Alex Montoya

    Food is fresh and amazing there always very friendly and kinda the quesadillas with avocado onion and cilantro is fresh and were amazing recommend to everyone

  17. Amy Zarelli

    Went in for the first time and was pleasantly surprised! Torta was bigger than I expected and had great flavor. We’ll go back.

  18. Melody Woodall

    Delicious!! Fresh and hot Mexican street food. I highly recommend the gorditas and quesadillas. Just like my mom’s: authentic, full of flavor, and generous proportions.

  19. Tamana Kamboj

    The best veggie burrito I ever had and loved the salsa

  20. Andy Wolz

    I moved to western Washington from Arizona almost fifteen years ago, and the entire time I’ve been waiting for a place like this to open. All of their food is absolutely incredible and will strike a chord with anyone who has been longing for true Sonoran Mexican food like I have. The tacos are full of flavor, and the tortas are large enough for two grown men to share.

  21. Tiffany Wolz

    This place is so good. These are authentic tortas. The tortilla used in the quesadilla was the best I’ve ever
    had. My husband got the Don Ramon torta and the flavor was amazing. Their totras are huge. The service was great. We will definitely be back. My 3 kids loved the tacos, tortas and quesadilla. We are so happy to have a place like this in Buckley.

  22. Kylie Engle

    I ended up trying this after restaurants closed down, it was one of the only Mexican type restaurants on DoorDash for delivery. WOW I’m glad I did. It’s our new FAVORITE. The asada fries are so good (ask for them extra crispy if you like crunchy fries) the street tacos are packed with flavor. The burritos are bigger than your head. The sandwiches/Tortas are so good too! The only time I was t a fan was when I ordered one with potato in it, but that’s personal preference I’m sure. Everything comes with the most delicious green and red salsas…AMAZING. We order at least once a week now. You won’t regret trying it out!

  23. Jason R

    Their menu is very unique, and the food is definitely a great experience. They mentioned “Hot Dog Sausage” on a torta which is something I never seen or heard of before. Their Loca Torta is nothing short of amazing. This is one of those places where you have to come back and try something different each time because I believe their menu has additional offerings I would be disappointed to miss out on!

  24. David Plata

    Very tasty huaraches, tacos, and asada fries. My favorite is the huarache, the meat was very flavorful. The pastor is one of those foods that you’ll inhale, so delicous. Always go here after done hiking.

  25. Jessica Shaeffer

    Wow! We have been looking for authentic Mexican food here in BL and Buckley for awhile. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. They make everything from scratch. SO GOOD. Not to mention, so friendly and welcoming. Will be back regularly!

  26. Pablo Ramirez

    The food was good the Sopes was excelente

  27. Yagyu Clouds

    Disappointed on my spicy pork tacos, 5 tacos for $12.99 not bad.. swiped my card getting a tip option I went with minimum tip because I take it to go. Ran up $17.+ for 5 tacos I’m fine with that. I got 5 tacos and 2 sauce cup containers and I ask for more sauce. She ask how many do you want? I said at least 2? She responded this cost 50 cents each. I smh I could of gone with no tip to get more sauce.

  28. Abagael Terrell

    Love how friendly this restaurant is. But most of all the food is the best. My favorite Mexican restaurant! Yum

  29. Corey Buck

    Makes the absolute best Carna Asada fries !!

  30. Darshana Rathod

    Awful food, very overpriced. Torta and burritos lacked flavor. Mushroom quesadilla was decent but full of half cooked onions. Insane prices given its location.

  31. B Cruson

    Growing up in Southern California, I use to drive to San Diego for really amazing Mexican food.

    This place blows it out of the water! I ordered the Carne Asada Fries, and it was the tastiest and best Carne Asada Fries I’ve ever had. The fries were so crispy and didn’t get soggy under the weight of the pico de gallo and asada. The cheese was covered throughout the fries, and I was in heaven. I ended up sharing with my husband, so two people (or a very hungry one person) can demolish this beautiful creation in no time.

    We had to wait a little during lunch since there were only two employees working, but it was well worth the wait, and won’t deter us from coming back. We’ll definitely be calling in the order next time so they’re not too overwhelmed. Definitely check this place out.

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