427 E Fairhaven Ave, Burlington, WA 98233


48.475757621752, -122.32932928087


8:00 am – 10:00 pm


8:00 am – 10:00 pm


8:00 am – 10:00 pm


8:00 am – 10:00 pm


8:00 am – 11:00 pm


8:00 am – 11:00 pm


8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Train Wreck Bar & Grill

Traditional American Bar in Burlington, WA


45 reviews for “Train Wreck Bar

  1. Illogical Bacon

    A great place to sit and socialize if you need to meet for lunch. While not the fastest kitchen, does it need to be? The charm of the place is fun to take in (we even had an actual train go by just outside!) and the food (and food portions!) are excellent. Friendly staff, very attentive, and always willing to answer questions about the place and food. Do try the jalapeño ketchup! And the elk burger was so worth the eat.

  2. Lizzie Marie

    Best restraunt around by far

  3. Hélène Lestage

    Cute place! I had a super yummy sandwich for lunch. I’ll be back!

  4. Jordan L.

    We love this place!! Their breakfast options , Nameless Pig/Chicken BLTA, fries and most soups are all off the charts delicious. My go to is the Pork Verde Burrito. To not seem like a fanboy, the chicken tenders seemed to have gone downhill a tad bit over the years and the Korean Pork Tacos is just a no.

  5. Ryan Burke

    Stopped in here on a whim and had a killer brunch. Chicken and waffles were great and the breakfast sandwich was tasty, messy, and had home made bread.

  6. Michael

    Train Wreck is unique and special restaurant. A net force for good. I like the special menu offerings they create.

  7. Steve Fabian

    Pork tacos were delicious

  8. Robert Spurgeon

    Omg this place is outstanding, the food was great. The fries were home style and a lot of them.

  9. Rhonda Phelps

    We love swinging in there on our way up north. Delicious food, never disappoints! 😋

  10. Ken Root

    Good food. Great service.
    Great price!

  11. Michael Harward

    Oh my the best food 😋 and drink in the valley. Go get some today 💪

  12. Jennifer DeSanto

    What a FUN and cozy restaurant! Grilled cheese and salmon Cobb were amazing! Even the bathrooms were cute! Highly reccomend!

  13. Alfredo Arenasrivas

    Food amazing and cold snacks were hitting just right.

  14. Tracy Gill

    Always love the Train Wreck. Food is great. It’s just a cool place to be!

  15. Thomas Rasinen

    Comfortable place for great food with excellent service.

  16. Melissa Kaiser

    Amazing food and drinks!

  17. Casey Bahr

    Best around hands down!! 5***** every aspect!!

  18. Gregory Shearer

    It’s been a while since we’ve been here. This time they had a new (to us) rear seating area. That’s great that they made more room. We enjoyed the new seating area. It also allowed us a clear view of trains going by.
    Service was ok but not outstanding.
    Unfortunately the portions were much smaller, their selection of burgers was almost nonexistent. The menu looked like a something you’d see in a more “hip, yuppie, fancy” restaurant. It felt like that’s their new target customer, very wealthy “to do” types. Not the locals.
    We left feeling shocked at the cost, and very disappointed with the overall experience!
    This used to be one of my favorite places, but definitely not any more.
    I do plan to give it one more shot just in case it was just a fluke. But the high prices on the menu, and the distinct lack of hamburger options were definite and I really don’t like it.

  19. Lynnae Pompeo

    Food was absolutely amazing!! I was actually shocked! Can’t wait to come back.

  20. Tom Biro

    Really awesome spot to dine or sit and sip with friends. Great service, tasty food all around, good portions, and good prices. Highly recommend this spot whether you’re on the road or just looking for a cool vibe in the area.

  21. Lori Nichols

    Enjoyed some excellent crab cakes! Will definitely have them again. Soon, hope…

  22. Ron Wright

    Great drinks, food, and service. Inviting, charming place.

  23. Kelsey D

    The Rueben sandwich here is the one by which all other Rueben sandwiches shall be judged! Amazing! Best Rueben I’ve ever had, by far – you’ve now ruined every other Rueben sandwich for me!! Really cool atmosphere too and the service was excellent! I can’t wait to go back and try some of the other items on the menu.

  24. April Callaghan

    Cozy, great service, amazing food. We had a scramble and stuffed French toast.

  25. Andres “Andre”

    Real nice food and very creative. Don’t assume you can only get the boring bar basics. They play with flavors and spices and try new things often.

  26. Jenna Weed

    I am always happy to eat at Train Wreck! I love the drinks, good service and atmosphere, and the food is delicious – the brownie sundae is to die for!

  27. Jenna Paulsen

    I had the Chipotle chicken wrap. The portion was huge! But the wrap lacked flavor. Plenty of lettuce maybe a couple diced tomatoes and a very very small chicken strip diced and in 2 bites of this massive wrap.
    Was disappointed j haven’t ate here in a few years. Not saying I won’t go back. But after 30$ for one person meal and just water to drink. Definitely not worth the head of lettuce that was on my plate.

  28. Pastor CAT

    Best cheese curd outside of Wisconsin…. get some

  29. Stevie Thompson

    enjoyed the young vibe.

  30. Rob Hunter

    Great food. Brisket is awesome. They have some branded merch too and a fairly interesting history.

  31. Richard Getz

    Such a great bar. The food was fantastic and the drinks? Astounding (try a bloody merry ) and fun. You

  32. Pat Fisher

    Food is insane. Drinks are insane. We always leave full and happy. It’s our go-to for date nights since we can’t bring our son there and it’s 21 and over. And for the price, it’s super reasonable as well compared to the prices of similar places in our hometown of Oak Harbor, which offer less and charge about the same if not more. Highly recommended!

  33. Kyle Meier

    Good food and service. Love that it’s next to the tracks.

  34. Mecca Galiza

    Brisket fritters ,the elk burger next level tastes 😋

  35. Laura Fabian

    Not a bad thing on there menu, I’m not a drinker but man did there drinks look fantastic 🤩

  36. Kevin Land

    I hate to pay $20 for a sandwich without near enough meat on it. Sorry guys we gave you 2 tries. The Shrimp and grits sounds great though.

  37. Evan Seager

    Excellent food and craft cocktails.

  38. Dana Ontheave

    Noisy, crowded, staff seemed overworked but the food is worth going in for

  39. Jeff Severson

    Great atmosphere and wait staff the food is B grade.

  40. Deborah Vaders

    Not my favorite place but reasonable quality with prices that feel a bit higher than their competition.

  41. Carolyn Iwata

    This is a great place with delicious food made in house. Fish and chips were 👍🏼

  42. Mark Redis

    One of the coolest places in Skagit county! Great food and excellent service is the standard here!

  43. Peter Rios

    So I was really looking forward to coming here and bringing my fiance but was completely disappointed. I ordered stuffed French toast with a side of country style potatoes smothered in cheese. Potatoes came cold and French toast were overly toasted to the point where it was crunchy and the ends were burned. I asked for another order of potatoes and I’ll just withstand the burned French toast because i was hungry. The potatoes were warm this time around but realized they taste old or had been frozen. So I took 3 bites and gave up.
    My fiance had ordered over medium eggs with crabcakes. Eggs were gross, way under cooked and cold. We both had to wait another 25 mins to get the other half of our food done. Bad food, bad cooks for the price of $57.00 not including tip. Very very disappointing. Our server however was good and she was kind. That’s the only reason why I gave 2 🌟.

  44. Wayne Tomchick

    You gotta try the elk burger! Best ever.

  45. Dale Carlen

    Ordered the veggie burger without aioli and cheese (lactose intolerant); it came out with cheese (melted so there was no picking it off). Ordered a cocktail with club soda (can’t drink sugared soda) and it was good; however, I ordered another round and the server neglected to make the drink the way I ordered it the first time. I couldn’t drink it. Paid for a burger I couldn’t eat and a drink I couldn’t drink. This was a first time here. Not impressed.

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