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Trapper’s Sushi

Sushi Restaurant in Covington, WA



Amazing Roll $15.50

Tempura shrimp & spicy sauce covered with tuna, avocado & teriyaki.

Andromeda Roll $13.95

Crystal shrimp, tempura shrimp, white onion, green onion, garlic sauce, spicy crab, & rolled in tempura crumbs. Topped with Sriracha, sweet chili sauce, & warrior sauce.

Asparagus Roll $11.00

Tempura asparagus, spicy sauce, teriyaki & avocado

Barackade Roll $15.50

Garlic cilantro sauce, white onion, avocado & crystal shrimp rolled in French fried onions covered with seared Tuna, ponzu sauce & Japanese pepper.

Bonney Lake Roll $16.50

Crystal shrimp with cream cheese, fried in tempura, covered with spicy crab, teriyaki & hot sauce.

Brooklyn Roll $15.00

Spicy crab, tempura zucchini, cucumber, garlic cilantro sauce topped with avocado teriyaki sauce and tempura crumbs.

Buddha Roll $14.50

Crystal shrimp topped with avocado, green onion, hot sauce, teriyaki & sweet chili sauce.

Buddhalicious Roll $15.00

Crystal Shrimp, cream cheese fried in tempura topped with avocado, sweet chili sauce, Sriracha, green onion & teriyaki.

California Crunch Roll $11.50

Spicy crab, teriyaki & avocado rolled in tempura crumbs

California Roll $10.00

Crab & avocado.

Captain Crunch Roll $15.00

Snow crab, cucumber, avocado, teriyaki & masago rolled in tempura crumbs.

Covington Roll $16.95

Tempura shrimp, tempura asparagus, spicy crab & cucumber covered in tuna with a special sauce, teriyaki & green onion.

Cryssi Roll $13.50

Garlic sauce, asparagus, portabella mushroom, zucchini, white onion & cucumber fried in tempura topped with avocado, sweet chili sauce, a touch of hot sauce, teriyaki & green onion.

Dragon Roll $14.95

Shrimp & cucumber covered with eel, avocado & teriyaki.

Sushi Rolls E-P

Firecracker (Tony) Roll $12.00

Salmon & jalapeno in tempura with cream cheese.

Jaysin HAND ROLL $9.50

Spicy cooked scallops, teriyaki, green onion & masago.

Magnificent Roll $16.50

Cream cheese, spicy tuna, & crystal shrimp. Topped with a fire fried jalapeño, habanero masago, warrior sauce, Sriracha,& teriyaki sauce.

Mariner Roll $12.50

Tempura shrimp, spicy crab, teriyaki, green onion & cucumber.

Marvelous Roll $16.50

Tempura shrimp & tuna in a garlic cilantro sauce covered with teriyaki & avocado.

Miles Roll $17.00

Cream cheese, spicy crab & corkscrew shrimp topped with tempura eel, teriyaki, creamy sauce & green onion.

Monster Roll $17.50

Tempura shrimp, spicy crab & cucumber rolled in tempura crumbs topped with eel & teriyaki.

Mountain Roll $17.50

Crystal shrimp covered with tuna, salmon, Albacore topped with spicy crab, teriyaki, green onion & masago.

Mr. Charlie Roll $16.50

Tempura shrimp, spicy salmon, masago & green onion topped with avocado, cilantro, sweet chili and special sauce.

Mt. Rainier Roll $17.95

Crystal shrimp covered with tuna, salmon, Albacore topped with spicy cooked scallops, green onion, masago & teriyaki.

Mt. Si Roll $15.50

Smoked salmon, apple and cream cheese topped with avocado and sweet chili sauce.

New York Roll $11.50

Salmon, avocado & cream cheese.

Phoenix Roll $13.00

Grilled salmon, cucumber, avocado, ponzu, spicy sauce & Japanese pepper

Puyallup Roll $15.50

Salmon, avocado & cream cheese fried in tempura topped with a special sauce, teriyaki & green onion.

Rainbow Roll $15.00

Spicy crab covered with tuna, salmon & Albacore.

Rammy Roll $14.00

Crystal shrimp & spicy sauce topped with kamikaze-hot spicy crystal shrimp and green onion.

Release the Kraken $17.50

Crystal shrimp covered with tuna & octopus, topped with spicy cooked scallops, green onion, masago and teriyaki

Rock & Roll $17.00

Cream cheese, shrimp, snow crab rolled in tempura crumbs, covered in avocado, French fried onions, warrior sauce, teriyaki, sweet chili sauce, chili powder & green onion.

Salmon Skin Roll $12.50

Grilled salmon skin, cucumber, spicy sauce, teriyaki & masago.

Seahawk Roll $14.50

Eel, cucumber, teriyaki & avocado.

Seattle Roll $12.50

Spicy sauce, shrimp, cucumber & green onion

Skywalker Roll $17.00

Snow crab & avocado topped with torched spicy tuna, tempura crumbs and green onion, drizzled with Covington sauce and teriyaki.

Smurf Roll $11.50

Tempura portabella mushroom, garlic sauce covered with avocado & teriyaki.

Sonic Roll $13.50

Tempura salmon in garlic sauce with cucumber, teriyaki & masago.

Sounder Roll $16.00

Spicy crab cream cheese & cucumber covered with salmon, avocado, warrior sauce, teriyaki & green onion.

Spicy California Roll $10.50

Spicy crab & avocado.

Spicy Tuna Roll $12.00

Spicy sauce & tuna.

Spider Roll $16.50

Spicy sauce, soft shell crab, cucumber & masago.

Stp Roll $17.00

Tempura shrimp, white onion & garlic cilantro sauce covered with avocado, topped with spicy albacore, tempura crumbs hot sauce, warrior sauce & green onions.

Sushi Town Roll $13.00

Tempura shrimp, avocado, white onion, spicy sauce, teriyaki & masago.

Samantha Roll

Lobster and tempura avocado, topped with our lobster mix with scallops in a spicy garlic sauce, then torched to perfection!

–Out of stock–

Thrill Roll $17.00

Spicy tuna, jalapeno & white onion topped with avocado, honey-Sriracha corkscrew shrimp, Japanese mayo, honey Sriracha lime sauce & cilantro.

Timmy Roll $14.95

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail & spicy crab fried in tempura topped with hot sauce, teriyaki & green onion.

Tis’ the Salmon Roll $16.00

Spicy crab, white onion, jalapeño. Topped with tempura smoked salmon, cilantro and teriyaki sauce. Plated over drizzle of Lucy sauce.

Trapper Roll $15.50

Crystal shrimp covered with spicy cooked scallops, teriyaki, green onion & masago.

Trump Roll $19.50

Crystal shrimp & cream cheese covered with salmon topped with teriyaki and a torched garlic sauce. (FULL ROLL)

Tukwila Roll $15.50

Spicy crab, cucumber & corkscrew shrimp topped with avocado, lemon slices, blue masago, green jalapeno masago, sweet chili sauce & teriyaki.

Uncle Steve Roll $12.50

Spicy tuna, green onion. jalapeno & masago.

Vader Roll $17.95

Avocado and cream cheese tempura battered and fried, topped with spicy scallops, green onion, masago, teriyaki sauce, sweet chili sauce & cilantro.

Veggie Roll $10.00

Green leaf, carrots, cucumber & avocado.

Volcano Roll $16.50

Spicy tuna, cream cheese, jalapeno & cucumber fried in tempura and covered in avocado, topped with sweet chili sauce, warrior sauce, teriyaki & green onion.

Warrior Roll $16.00

Tempura shrimp, cucumber & spicy sauce covered with tuna, special sauce, masago & green onion.

Willis Roll $14.50

Spicy crab, green onion & cucumber rolled in tempura crumbs covered in special sauce, teriyaki & cilantro.

Yuppie Roll $10.00

Green leaf, cucumber, avocado, & spicy sauce.

Zucchini Roll

Tempura zucchini, teriyaki & spicy sauce.

–Out of stock–


Crispy Fried Calamari $10.50

Deep fried calamari served with a spicy dipping sauce.

Crystal Shrimp Appetizer $7.00

Four crystal shrimp served with a tempura dipping sauce.

Cucumber Salad $4.00

Cucumber salad with a ponzu dressing.

Edamame $4.00

Edamame served with salt.

Gyoza $7.50

Fried pork pot stickers.

Miso Soup $4.00

Miso soup with wakame and tofu.

Rice $2.00

Side of rice

Sashimi (App) $14.95

A chef’s choice variety of sliced fish (6 piece).

Seaweed Salad $5.00

Marinated seaweed, sesame seeds.

Shishito Peppers $8.00

8 Shishito peppers, lightly battered in tempura and fried. Served with warrior sauce.

Soft Shell Crab $8.50

Whole fried soft-shell crab served with sweet sauce.

Squid Salad $6.50

Squid and marinated veggies.

Tempura Shrimp (App) $7.95

Battered and fried shrimp, sweet dipping sauce (4 piece).

Tempura Vegetable (App) $7.95

Battered and fried fresh seasonal vegetables, sweet dipping sauce.

Trapper Bites $10.00

Tempura fried krab bites served with our Lucy sauce.


Portabella mushroom, spicy tuna and cream cheese, fried in tempura. Topped with masago, warrior sauce and teriyaki.

–Out of stock–


Teriyaki Chicken $16.95

Grilled chicken thighs served with Trapper’s special recipe teriyaki sauce.

Teriyaki Salmon $20.95

Grilled fresh salmon fillet served with Trapper’s special recipe teriyaki sauce.

Teriyaki Steak $24.95

10 oz Angus sirloin served with Trapper’s special recipe teriyaki sauce.


Long Roll Variety $24.95

Four pieces of the Trapper, Buddha, Mt. Rainier and Mountain long rolls.

Nigiri Plate $24.95

Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail, Shrimp and Surf Clam.

Sashimi Plate $24.95

A chef’s choice variety of sliced fish (12 piece).

Sushi Combo $24.95

Roll of the month and a chef’s choice variety of either 5-piece nigiri OR 6-piece sashimi.

Trapper’s Dinner $27.95

Roll of the month, 6-piece nigiri and 6-piece sashimi.


Fried Ice Cream $8.50

Vanilla bean ice cream covered with pound cake and fried in a sweet tempura batter, topped with a caramel and chocolate drizzle

Mochi Ice Cream – Cookies & Cream $4.95

Pounded sticky rice with a cookies and cream ice cream filling.

Mochi Ice Cream – Mango $4.95

Pounded sticky rice with a mango ice cream filling.

Mochi Ice Cream – Mint Chocolate Chip $4.95

Pounded sticky rice with a mint chocolate chip ice cream filling.

Mochi Ice Cream – Strawberry $4.95

Pounded sticky rice with a strawberry ice cream filling.

Mochi Ice Cream Flight $9.50


Happy Mac & Cheese Bites $8.95

Creamy mac & cheese in bite size pieces served with sliced apples and rice

Kid’s California Surf Roll $8.95

Cooked crab & avocado roll served with sliced apples.

Kid’s Chicken Teriyaki $8.00

Grilled chicken thighs & teriyaki sauce served with sliced apples and rice

Kid’s Crystal Shrimp $8.95

Breaded deep fried shrimp served with sliced apples and rice.

Kid’s Crystal Shrimp Treasure Roll $8.95

Breaded shrimp roll & teriyaki sauce served with sliced apples.

Kids Crab Bites $8.95

Tempura fried seasoned Krab pieces served with sliced apples and rice.

Kids Rice $1.00

Bowl of rice.

Kid’s Golden Nuggets $8.95

Breaded chicken nuggets served with apples and rice.



GF – Albacore $7.50

GF – Mackerel Nigiri $6.50

GF – Octopus Nigiri $7.00

GF – Salmon Nigiri $7.50

GF – Seared Tuna Nigiri $8.50

GF – Shrimp Nigiri $6.50

GF – Squid Nigiri $7.00

GF – Surf Clam Nigiri $6.50

GF – Tuna Nigiri $8.50

GF – Yellowtail Nigiri $8.50


GF – Sashimi Plate (12pc) $24.95

A chef’s choice variety of sliced fish (12 piece)

GF – Nigiri Plate $24.95

Salmon, tuna, yellow tail, shrimp and surf clam (10 piece)


GF – Teriyaki Chicken $17.95

Grilled chicken thighs with gluten-free teriyaki sauce.

GF – Teriyaki Salmon $21.95

Grilled salmon with gluten free teriyaki sauce.

GF – Teriyaki Steak $25.95

10 oz. top sirloin with gluten free teriyaki sauce.


GF Baja $13.50

Spicy tuna & avocado rolled in tofu paper.

GF Buddha $17.00

Sushi shrimp, snow crab & cucumber rolled in tofu paper, topped with avocado, green onion, sweet chili & hot sauce & gluten-free teriyaki.

GF California $11.50

Snow crab, cucumber & avocado rolled in tofu paper.

GF Mountain $18.50

Sushi shrimp, cucumber & avocado rolled in tofu paper, topped with tuna, salmon, Albacore, snow crab, green onion & gluten-free teriyaki.

GF Mr. Charlie $17.00

Ebi shrimp, spicy salmon, cucumber, green onion rolled in tofu paper, topped with avocado, cilantro, sweet chili & Covington sauce.

GF New York $12.50

Salmon, avocado & cream cheese rolled in tofu paper.

GF Phoenix $14.00

Grilled salmon, cucumber, avocado, spicy sauce rolled maki style with tofu paper topped with gluten-free Ponzu sauce & Japanese pepper.

GF Rainbow $12.50

Snow crab & cucumber rolled in tofu paper topped with salmon, tuna & Albacore.

GF Seattle $13.50

Spicy sauce, shrimp, cucumber & green onion rolled in tofu paper.

GF Spicy Tuna $13.00

Spicy sauce & tuna rolled in tofu paper.

GF Trapper $16.50

Sushi shrimp, cucumber & avocado rolled in tofu paper, topped with cooked scallops, green onion & gluten-free teriyaki.

GF Trump $20.95

Sushi ebi, cucumber, cream cheese rolled in tofu paper, topped with salmon, torched garlic sauce & gluten-free teriyaki.


Cascade Platter (4HR PREP) $79.95

Please note that all platters require a minimum of 4HRS to prepare. Twelve orders of Nigiri (24 pieces): Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Albacore, Shrimp, Octopus, and Surf Clam.

Mount Adams (4HR PREP) $120.00

Please give us four (4) hours advance notice for this Platter of Twelve (12) Rolls: California, California Crunch, Spicy Tuna, Firecracker, (2) Buddha, (2) Trapper, (2) Bonney Lake, (2) Puyallup.

Mount Baker (4HR PREP) $160.00

Please give us four (4) hours advance notice for this Platter of 16 Rolls: (2) California, (2) California Crunch, (2) Spicy Tuna, (2) Buddha, (2) Trapper, (2) Firecracker, (2) Bonney Lake, (2) Puyallup.

Mount Rainier Platter (4HR PREP) $220.00

Please give us four (4) hours advance notice for this Platter of Twenty-two (22) rolls: (2) California, (2) California Crunch, (2) Spicy Tuna, (2) Buddha, (2) Trapper, (2) Firecracker, (2) Bonney Lake, (2) Puyallup, (2) Mountain, (2) Willis, (2) Mr. Charlie.

Mount St. Helens Platter (4HR PREP) $80.00

Please give us four (4) hours advance notice for this Platter of Eight (8) Rolls: California, California Crunch, Spicy Tuna, Buddha, Trapper, Firecracker, Bonney Lake, Puyallup. PLEASE NOTE THAT PLATTERS THAT HAVE A DEFAULT TIME OF 4 HOURS THE LATEST ORDER TIME IS 5PM FOR SAME DAY PICKUP. IF PAST THAT TIME THE PLATTER WILL BE READY BY THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY.

Olympic Mountain Platter (4HR PREP) $160.00

Please note that all platters require a minimum of 4HRS to prepare. Twenty-four orders of Nigiri (48 pieces): Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Albacore, Shrimp, Octopus, Surf Clam, Seared Tuna, Seared Salmon, Seared Albacore, Smoked Salmon, Fresh Water Eel.

Tahoma Platter (4HR PREP) $90.00

Please note that all platters require a minimum of 4HRs to prepare. Ten pieces Nigiri & sixteen pieces Sashimi (36 pieces): Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Albacore, & Shrimp Nigiri. Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Albacore Sashimi.









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

72 reviews for “Trapper’s Sushi

  1. Peter and Leah Burke

    There is no better sushi place anywhere

  2. Michael Sands

    New years resolution roll was fantastic

  3. Michael Sands

    The best sushi I’ve ever had and the service is much higher standard at this location including the chefs quality – a work of art for my stomach to enjoy

  4. Arturo Jarquin

    Ordering here it’s so difficult even if you call they always miss the orders or just tell you never get it. Over all the food is good but is crowded and small place to dine in.

  5. Sergey Vdovenko

    Love to come over to Trapper’s in Covington. Busy place, but well worth the wait. Great food and friendly people.

  6. Tiffany Thompson

    Always amazing I’ve been here a few times! No complaints! The cook even gave us some free sushi!

  7. Julie Isom

    Our favorite place locally for sushi. So many options of rolls. Got their Valentine’s special this year and loved the wine pairings.

  8. Michael & Lisa Ahlen

    Food was fabulous as usual. Served our three rolls, two full trump’s and a Mt. Rainier on one plate for the two of us, then just napkins to eat from. Small plates would have been appropriate to eat on. Since we were only given two napkins, there were no napkins to wipe our hands or face as it was on the table with soy sauce on it. When spending this account of money, small plates are a must and should be standard please.

  9. Linda Plater

    I came here approx 6 months ago and complained that the calamari (one of the few hot things on the menu) was cold when my takeout order came. At the time I posted the review, they said to come back to try again. Unfortunately I did. This time I stayed to watch. My calamari sat waiting on sushi rolls for approx 10 mins, going cold. Service and staff here are absolutely useless. When you have maybe one or two hot items on the menu, how hard is it to realize it should be served warm?!?!?!?!?

  10. Shannon

    Americanized sushi. Subpar fish hidden under sweet sauces. Not for those who appreciate real sushi.

  11. Claudia Ruslan

    Came for lunch and they offer all you can eat (totally forgot since its been a while coming here). So decided to go with that and it was totally worth it. I wish I could remember which sushi is which from the picture but all of it are just so delicious! The one that got the “Wow” by other guest was called the Bonney Lake (fourth picture, top one). It was an amazing experience, amazing food, amazing staff! The place is smaller than Tukwila and Federal Way, but since I came for lunch, there was no issue with anything. Definitely recommend coming here!

  12. Monica Claypool

    Fresh & delicious!

  13. Nathan Alldredge

    Trappers sushi is great. I love it and that’s why I keep going back.

    I do NOT love the dinner service. No matter how many or few customers they have, their service is always pretty mediocre. Servers forget to bring items, sushi rolls sit on the counter waiting to be served, and no one checks on you after you do get your food.

  14. Jaehan Park

    Everyone (a party of 6) agreed that the portions were very small for the price we paid. Food took a long time to arrive. We left the restaurant hungry after paying about $200.

  15. Savannah Harding

    Tried doing to go with them twice and both times I have to wait over 20+ minutes for 1 or 2 items, the point of to go is to have it ready when you arrive, not start it when they get there. If i had the time to wait for them to make it when I get here, I would order when I got here. No updates once you get here either.. just sitting in the parking lot waiting an hour after the order was placed , yikes

  16. Logan Wake

    Food was great drinks were pricey for what they were. Will go back.

  17. Jeremy Gomsrud

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote a review on the service, how slow it was. We have always loved the food and had great service, we frequent Trappers at least once a week and had never had that kind of service.
    Well I’m happy to report that this week’s service was top notch as well as the food. We sat in the bar, we’re attended to right away. We got our drinks and the food was fast. We enjoyed our time there once again!
    Great Job, Trappers Sushi Covington!! Great Job!!

  18. me_keely Tequiley

    Alright sushi… slow as hell though for to go orders. All trappers are slow. I try my hardest not to order sushi from them…. but I didn’t bring lunch for work. Big mistake. Lol 1 roll took 40 minutes. This is my 3rd time ordering lunch to go and will be my last.

  19. Lisamarie Flores

    Good sushi

  20. Matt Perrone

    Trappers is a chain sushi restaurant known for its can eat sushi bar for a good price. Their quality of fish across all locations is fantastic. This location has lots of parking outside and a little over a dozen tables inside plus the bar area. The staff are friendly here, portions are decent, and they have good hot sake. Now you ask they sound so good, why 2 stars? Well for the all you can eat, be warned – no matter how busy they are, they’ll only let you order one roll at a time since they are trying to have you fill up and eat less. It tqakes about 15 minutes on average to receive your roll too, which for those two reasons (the opposite of wanting to do all you can eat) are why I would avoid this location and go to the other like Kent.

  21. Izzy Marquez

    This place is amazing. All you can eat sushi bar combined with some skilled sushi chefs! I almost don’t want to leave a good review so I can keep this place a secret. Huge selection of rolls, large variety of fish. Great appetizers

  22. Samantha Myre

    I was very disappointed.
    Today is my daughter’s birthday party, anime theme and she specifically asked for trappers. A huge love from our whole family. I ordered online at 11am specifically right at opening so it would be ready in time. I called at 11:30 to make sure my order was received and would be ready. The guy that answered said “yes, we got it, it’ll be ready by 12.” I showed up at 12:15 and the guy at the front said it hasn’t even been started yet. We love trappers and Covington is convient for us since we live here, but it looks like we will have to start visiting another location.

  23. Tamara Standfill

    Sushi is okay, but overpriced.

  24. Susan S

    Americanize sushi place. You can’t find tomago, uni, toro and Japanese gourmet items here.

  25. M M

    Excellent sushi, sashimi. Very fresh fish. That makes a diff! All sorts of types of rolls some traditional, most created by them. All delicious and some are so rich you can hardly finish. If you like sushi, highly recommended. Great service too. They have a sushi bar as well. You can watch the busy crew creating it all. Good place to go. They’re a little pricier than most other places, but well worth the visit. Very attentive servers.

  26. Maiya Didit

    Always love the veggie rolls

  27. Kiley Kemmer

    Amazing! Loved the variety of rolls, good service, and quality sushi! We got edamame on the house then got 3 rolls for $30. Well worth the trip, will be gladly coming back!

  28. Michael Matthai

    Good as always! I didn’t know you could order a bowl of baby scallop topping or spicy crab. New staple for us!

  29. Catricia Haspe

    Yesterday I did a pick up order and it took over 1.5 hours. Today i gave them a second chance and I pre-ordered and they gave me a set time 30-40 minutes. I came at 45 minutes and still not ready. I waited another 20 minutes for my order only to get something that is not correct. Causing them to have to remake it, thus extending my wait time even more. Normally I’d give it a 0 but the food is a redeeming thing for them.

  30. Spencer Smith

    If you can, go for lunch on a weekday for the “Pick Two” Special.

    Yeah, this sushi is too good. I’m probably going to end up going here too much. It doesn’t look like they have all you can eat, but I don’t blame them with inflation and everything. It’s pretty affordable for sushi still, especially in a group if you split the Trapper’s Special.

    Extra points for the names of their rolls. Good service, too.

  31. Dawnelle Carroll

    My first time at Trapper’s. I had no clue what to order. Sitting up at the sushi bar the sushi chef was helpful with describing some of the rolls he thought I might enjoy. I highly recommend the CRYSSI veggie roll. Amazing!!!
    So flavorful and yummy!!! Thanks for the great experience. I’ll be back!!

  32. Itetsu Taru

    This is my first time I order from here and I am very very disappointed. I live in Seattle for 7 years after moving from Japan. The AYCE might be good but the bento (teriyaki whatever combo) is probably the worst I have ever seen so far. It looks like leftover meal. Paid for $40 and what you got is totally different from what you saw in website. The tempura is just 3 small pieces wet and taste awful. The rice is tooooo tough. The teriyaki has no taste (no source and no one ask if I need source) No miso soup or salad while most of Japanese restaurant usually come with it in combo or bento (e.g kisaku or mio sushi in Seattle, momoya in Renton with lower price). This is humiliation for Japanese food and hard working staff there. Either remove it from your menu or improve it.

  33. Dauntlessmmm

    Great sushi! There are also non sushi alternatives! It is great option for everyone!

  34. Joshua Lindley

    Walked in, placed a $200 order to to go. “45 to an hour wait’ they say, and ‘we will call you when it is ready.” No problem. But after an hour, I walk in. Order is sitting on the counter, and waitresses are standing in the back by the soda machine chatting. Only when I ask, ify order is ready do they say it will be a few minutes while they get my sodas. But instead, they help people who have only just walked in the door, after I have been waiting for an hour and my food is sitting on a counter. Not great organization?

  35. Ben n Amber I

    Revising my last post since my families last visit 2 months ago.
    Adam made this whole experience right, he reached out and welcomed us back , treated us great and we have since been back again , ordered take out tonight had a great experience everyone seemed happy and helpful. Now the most important part THE FOOD WAS AMAZING!! Thank you Adam for being incredible Trappers is lucky to have you..

    SO SAD !!!
    Last weekend waited 35 minutes for a table thankfully got seated . Watched three different groups of customers from about 8:20-8:30pm on , get turned away. Tonight we Actually made reservations online for 745 pm , got seated right away only to sit without any recognition for over 20 minutes.( no water , no hello, no eye contact from anyone of staff ) We were being patient because of staffing, Covid residual Etc whatever the reason. To then watch another group get seated, given water instantly and the trigger their waitress was taking their order as we watched . There were 2 other families in our situation as far as timing from being seated . We got up and walked out. Sad because we like their sushi but with other just as good options around we will not return to the Covington Trappers, Bad Business. Sumo Sushi , Maple Valley for the win tonight 👍

  36. Lisa Selthofer Dog Agility Judge & Trainer (of Spot On Agility)

    As long time (12+ year customers dating back to their original location) We will NOT be back for 3 reasons.

    1) We ordered off their gluten free menu due to an allergy and they added a $1.00 per roll Celiac Allergy charge. Why? Health Department regulations already reguire cleaning to avoid cross contamination.

    2) Our rolls all fell apart, making it a crumbly mess and impossible to eat.

    3) worst $200 spent. Value does not match the price.

    Compared to the trappers of 4 years ago, the new and improved is mediocre at best and we will no longer recommend.

  37. GTA REKT

    Got all you can eat, amazing food and amazing service

  38. andx79 _

    Trappers is always great. The prices have gone up a little but they’re not bad and there’s tons of selection. if you get there at a good time they have a bar with all you can eat sushi I would highly recommend that

  39. michael slaughter

    Typically have great experiences and food here. But this last time here is a really bad experience. First off the offer all you can eat sushi but only at the bar. Which Typically fine, but not when you can only have maybe 10 people there at a time. Showed up with plenty of time and they said minimum 45 min wait to get in, the issue here is the stop this deal at 830 amd this was 745 so we wouldn’t be able to get the deal for what we came.

    I asked can you sit us at another table since there were some available which they said no, and you ha e to be on thebkidt to get a table. There was no one in line to get a table and probably 4 tables ready to be seated. And 3 or 4 tables that needed to be bussed. I asked them you really can’t do this for 4 people who are hungry and want to spend the money here and they said no.

    So be weary they are not willing to make their customers happy, pretty much won’t be going back to this location. Hopefully the others will be better when and if I decide to spend money again

  40. Darlene

    Great sushi and really fun and delicious rolls of the moth!

  41. curtis and jiyoon

    I got a togo order today. I got there on time and waited 20 minutes.

    What I got wasn’t worth the wait.

    The picture of an order of yellowtail nigiri is the one I took right away after we got back to our car (I wanted to get the tempura out first so we can eat while it was still hot)…So I paid $7.50 for you to pack this pair of nigiri like you would an order of soggy chili cheese fries at TGIF?

    Similarly, the tempura was disappointing- it was lukewarm and tasted like it was fried and then sitting out for a long time.

    The rolls are just… OK. Nothing to write home about… For my taste, they have way too much rice, which is probably what they do to patrons who go there for the all you can eat (rice fills you up quick)

    The only semi decent thing was the dipping sauce for the gyozas… 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Needless to say, we won’t be back again.

  42. John Oriolt

    All you can eat American style sushi at a decent price when sitting at the bar. Expensive in the dining room with the same all you can eat quality. Some of the rolls are really tasty, but consistency just isn’t there.

  43. Jennie M

    I’ve been a trappers sushi fan for a hot minute.. since the Covington location first opened and their sushi when eaten there is delicious but their practices are a bit off. They have a 3 for $30 deal and if you get that deal you get charged the regular retail for the tip so when you select a percentage of the tip it will tip on the full price for everything instead of the discounted price. I recommend doing the math old school for your tip and not trusting their automated calculation. I called them and they made it right but it’s a known problem and they don’t fix it for customers in store. If you know a customer is ordering a 3for $30 deal the ethical thing to do is fix it when they get their bill. We ordered 4 orders and it made a huge difference. Like i said we had to call and point out the I discrepancy they acknowledged it’s a known problem and credited our card when we called but I don’t feel like I should have to watch my receipt with a place that I felt comfortable going to

  44. Devin Anderson

    Rice felt like I was eating paste. Almost inedible.

  45. Olivia Jokumsen

    Food is good but service is bad.
    We’ve come here a couple of times and have had pretty rough service. Today my family and I came in and were seated immediately. After 15 minutes no server ever came to our table; no introduction, no water, not even to take an order. 3 other families who came in after us were seated, received their water/drinks, got their orders taken, were given their appitizers, and needless to say we left.
    Btw when we got up to leave the front desk staff who seated us said, “have a good night” and I replied that we are leaving due to never being served and he replied “that’s weird”.
    Edit: I was told in the comment below a manager would reach out to me after I have tried to reach out to them twice. It’s been 7 months and have not heard back.

  46. sandra chapman

    Good food, a bit pricey. Edamame cost to buy for the table (used to be free)

  47. Grey Acuna

    Amazing food! One of my favorites, although it took quite a while for the food to come 🙁

  48. Jacque Gifford

    Great sushi, sometimes a long wait to sit down.

  49. Eunice Caster

    Amazing food but service is very slow even when their is only 4 other people in restaurant . (Twice in the past 2 wks.) Unbelievably SLOW!.This has happened numerous times over the past year If, this doesn’t improve it’s going to affect business.

  50. Debbie Tynes

    We arrived at about 8:30 pm. They were not busy at all. We had to wait to be seated. We asked to sit in the bar area cause there was one clean table and the waitress said we had to wait 5 minutes. Really? So we waited. The place was so dirty. Tables weren’t cleaned off the whole bar area was not cleaned off. Floor was so slippery the kids aka workers were standing in the back by the soda machines talking. The manager shay was on the line. He is so slow, and not directing employees on what to do or even to do anything. The young lady working the bar is very nice and was hustling. The employees really need to hustle. Especially since it was not busy at all. I don’t think we will be back. It’s not like before when I was here. Very disappointed

  51. Jesus Flores

    Sometimes a little slow in the kitchen, and sometimes the dining area could be cleaner, that’s why I gave them 4 stars instead of 5. But the sushi is always on point at relatively reasonable prices

  52. Dawn Dawn

    So Yummy ! Perfecto ! Thanks 👍

  53. Amiran Raskovalov

    I don’t recommend it, because I personally ordered takeaway food directly at the restaurant, firstly, I didn’t like that the waiter didn’t even offer a menu so that I could order food, as if I should know the entire menu as a keepsake, secondly, when I came to pick up my order, it was not ready yet, and most importantly, when I arrived home and discovered that they didn’t put me a whole roll out of the five ordered, and when I called the manager, he promised to refund the money for the roll, but I didn’t received, I don’t order at this restaurant often, and now I won’t at all.

  54. Chris Hamel

    If you like sushi it’s a great place to be. My grandson absolutely loves it which is why I drive all the way out to Covington to get it with him

  55. Steven Friedrichsen

    Had a great lunch…excellent variety of regional favorites.

  56. Imani Asante

    This location has always been very busy both dine in and take out. The wait for food is at least 30 mins most times and sometimes longer. People are often frustrated by the wait for take out. I would say call your order in and show up a hour later and your order will likely be ready. Food is great 👍

  57. Mark Bennett

    3.75 for a soda and yes that without alcohol. That’s crazy. Even though I like the food I’m not going to return to a place that takes advantage of their customers by charging so much for an item that people tend to order without looking at the item on the menu.

  58. Jeff f

    Meh! Way too busy for the number of servers. Food is fresh and tasty, service is slow. Took way too long to order. We wanted to add on, but the server never came back.
    When they finally came with our bill, they left another tables order on the bar and walked away.
    The reception staff were very friendly.

  59. Jeremy Kay

    Sushi is really good. Wait times are atrocious. Plan on at least an hour after ordering before getting food.

  60. Tim W

    What we got when we ordered a California roll, two rainbow rolls and a cucumber salad. No wasabi. No ginger. Gave it 2 stars only because it was trappers level fresh.

  61. Faith Marks

    Showed up on a Thursday evening and was told it was a 25 min wait to dine in. After being seated it took another 45 minutes before food arrived. The frustratingly long wait is a common experience the 3 times that I’ve dined in here.

  62. Pauline A

    Nice place to eat and hang out. Clean, spacious, and great services! Fair price, great portion! Parking was a bit crowded but still manageable. Walking is nice in the area anyway because the air is fresh and the mountain view is pretty. The food was amazing. Really close to the authentic taste. Will definitely visit here again if we happen to be in the area!!

  63. Brian Price

    Super busy. Bar was full. Dining room was full. Food was good. We liked it.

  64. Some Guy

    The food is always good. The Shrooman is so unique and delicious.
    The hosts never know how to seat a table though. They ALWAYS make you wait 15-20 minutes for no reason. Literally, open tables the whole time you wait and then they stay open the whole time you’re there

  65. Brandon Franco

    1hr30min for two simple rolls

  66. Richard Tice

    They make fine sushi rolls, nigiri, and sashimi plates, but almost everything has a sauce on it. Very Americanized. The te Pura was

  67. Gina Helms

    Food is good, service from the sushi chefs was amazing, wait staff service was poor.

  68. Eds TV

    The one in Kent station used to be great, this location is terrible. Fell down after slipping on floors with no hazard sign, no warning. They were rude to us and kept changing time for another 20 minutes which resulted in 2 random hours that should of have been done in 15. We never got our table even tho there were plenty of open ones. So we ordered to go and still waited for a hour. The waitress had a lot to say which made us want to leave. She had no professional service. This place will not give a good impression and is a disgrace to the tappers sushi company! All works talk instead of doing their job, they are lazy and work per hour instead of getting their job done.

  69. Wai Hon Chan

    Staffs are friendly and good food. Bar seat can be a little bit of wait when ordering. Overall good

  70. Janet Shrieves

    As much as we enjoy Trappers Sushi, the servers at this location don’t seem to understand the hospitality industry. They are too self absorbed and expect their customers to wait until they’re ready to help. Today we came in and it wasn’t busy with empty tables. Staff neglected to seat us so we left. Dodged that bullet and went to another restaurant and it saved the night. We won’t be back or recommend this location.

  71. Dima Gluzman

    I ordered sashimi as it allows me to actually taste the fish without all the fillers.
    The dish didn’t look good at all. The fish wasn’t with ice and didn’t look fresh and wasn’t cut thin. No ginger and wassabi. What sushi restaurant doesn’t give ginger?
    Not sure why this restaurant got such a good rating, maybe the all you can eat thingy? No idea because the actual food is not good at all especially given that there are so much good sushi restaurants near by.
    Few more things – miso soup wasn’t good.. and the cucumber salad was all wrong.
    Giving it 2 stars and not one star as the service was good

  72. Crystal Riches

    This was a great sushi place, especially those who are gluten free. They had a separate gluten free menu and it was extensive and detailed. It was quite loud and small for in person dining, but it was comfortable. I got the barrackade roll.

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