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TT’s Old Iron Brewery

BBQ Restaurant & Brewery  in Spokane Valley, WA









Uber Eats


“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.   Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  

86 reviews for “TT’s Old Iron Brewery

  1. Jennifer Vonderwell

    Nice hometown brewery in the valley. Cant beat the combination of nice beers and tasty smoked meats done many different ways. They had the pulled pork nachos on special when I was there. Great sweet pickled onions made this dish fantastic. Worth the trip from Spokane every time!

  2. Shawn Smith

    The brisket was great. The loaded baked potato was not what I expected with jalapeños sour cream shreaded meat but it was good. I’m sure I’ll be back to try a fre brews as they have a brewery in back.

  3. Doug Holl

    Awesome food and brews! Service rocks as well! Great place!

  4. Jeremy McClintock

    Best BBQ in that Valley!

  5. Scott Hively

    Had a gift card and stopped in. We will return! My whole family loved their meals and I split a platter with my wife. So glad to see more BBQ choices popping up around here–I remember when Longhorn was the only one I knew. Prices were reasonable and their TT’s Pale Ale is a winner.

  6. G Dawg

    Barbecue was good, had the ribs and brisket, they were delicious. Ambience was good, service was good, sides were lackluster…

  7. Kasey Kraft

    Very good BBQ and their BBQ sauce was great! Mac and Cheese is too gooey velveetaeeee. They were out of the ranch and had no blue cheese for the wedgie salad that was not a wedge salad but on chopped romaine. Beer was good and friendly service.

  8. Mark Norisada

    Great dining experience! Many unique beer options to try , along with a great selection of bbq! The corn dish was delicious, keep up the great job 😋👌

  9. Lori Rayner

    Amazing!! 10 out of 10!!

  10. Cheryl Dilgard

    I had been craving bbq, so we ordered a variety of meats. Brisket, ribs and pork butt. It was Delicious!!! The brisket had great smoke flavor, perfect ‘burnt ends’, and super juicy! The pork butt was smoked perfectly, and so tender …the ribs were smoked to perfection, seasoned delightfully and the meat was tender, juicy and came off the bone the way good ribs should!!! I was Not disappointed! I have eaten bbq all of the country… this was great!

  11. LeRoy Lieurance

    The pulled pork was so delicious!

  12. Georgia Oxford

    The beer and BBQ here will not disappoint! The atmosphere and staff are genuine and fun to get to know.

  13. Mikel Conway-Hernandez

    This place is so good.

  14. James Garmon

    Stellar place, stellar food, stellar owner. I can’t say enough great things about this place.

  15. Sheila Borst

    Came here with friends and a little one. Flavors and variety were great. Loved the atmosphere. Friends lived the different beers available. Overall, a great experience!

  16. Michael Sodergren

    Went in hungry to fill our void and had that brisket on the table in due time so not to quench our thirst with a pint. Felt right to try the brisket our first time, yet my wife so wanted us to do the smoked bologna. Stunning sides and great selection of craft brew. Thanks. Watching the weather for a patio night.

  17. Sheila Unrau

    This place is great!! Went for the first time yesterday and the crew helped me navigate the process of ordering beer and food. Very well rounded brewery! My husband really liked the beer and the food is incredible! Pulled pork and brisket both highly recommended. We go brewery hoping and I have to say that this is hands down my favorite.

  18. Cinda Rodgers

    Always delicious bbq and tasty beer!

  19. steven bradford

    Wife and I were both disappointed. Cole slaw was OK, but just. No smoke ring on the brisket tasted like liquid smoke.

  20. Darcy Stephens

    This is the best BBQ around. The brisket is cut perfectly. The rub is delicious and smoked for the perfect amount of time. All of the meats are rich and juicy. The sausage is a little Spicy but still so delicious. I really do miss the seasonal yams, but they have so many other great sides. Would always recommend

  21. Steve Pengra

    TT’s is as good as Austin Texas Stubbs.. We loved it, the BBQ, the sides, the brew, the ambiance and the amazing staff. A great place to celebrate our Son’s 23rd birthday. Travis has a wonderful place and staff. Ashli was an amazing hostess and server. I would rate this place a 10, or 5 stars!!

  22. Lucio Morales

    All in all a nice place just not enough items on menu. I not into just eating meat… enjoy other things to go with meal where are the veggies?

  23. Anthony Solik

    They have the best bbq in Spokane by far! Nothing up here can come close plus the beer is amazing and the staff is friendly. Definitely worth checking out. Their turkey and pulled pork are our favorites.

  24. Jeffrey Long

    TT’s is one of the best places in town for BBQ. Just make sure you get there early as they sell out fast sometimes.

  25. Jessica Villella

    Blah, basic, the BBQ sauce on the ribs was great,but the stuff on the sandwich &bottle on the table was different. Watery & blah…

  26. Garrett Busch

    Nice people and good beer! The food could be on a higher level. Watched the zag game and had a lot of fun.

  27. Jason Romesburg

    Great beer and BBQ. 6 big TVs and outdoor seating. Why not?!
    Back 2 yrs later and still love this place. The smell when you walk in… oh the smell!! Beers are better than I remembered (improving?). The brisket, potato salad (red potatoes) and corn salad were amazing!

  28. Danyon Greymoon

    I read that this place was the best BBQ in Spokane on the inlander. I was skeptical, however after getting a platter to share with my friend from Georgia who is very picky about her BBQ, my expectations were blown out of the water.

    Everything was moist, smokey, and tender. Both of our favorites at the table were the brisket which is always in limited supply so make sure to get in before it runs out. Also they don’t shirk the sides. The Mac and cheese was fantastic and they even coated my plain baked potato in a spice rub.

    The atmosphere was nice and I knew I was going to love the place when I read the beer list and only 3 of the 15 beers on tap were IPAs.

    I think my only concern would be to make sure if you’re bringing people that can’t handle spice, ask what things are hot. Because the smoked sausage was spicy, which I loved but my friend was not a fan.

    Finally if you’re wondering about the white bread… It’s a traditional Texan napkin. Probably one of the most environmentally friendly practices coming from the state.

  29. Ed Freeman

    Excellent BBQ. Good beer. Friendly service. Nice spot to grab a bite and a beer

  30. Chelsie Carter

    The food was delicious, but even better: the service was awesome! We came in for the cheesesteak, but will definitely be back to try regular menu items.

  31. Sam Morris

    Great food and extremely fast service. they were busy but we still got our food with lightning fast speeds. Highly recommend their pulled pork and their burgers are top notch!

  32. Boise bizman

    Hit this gem on a recent business trip to Spokane. I sprung for the sampler platter with beans and a baked potato. Had two beers too, a hazy IPA and a Kolsch… Both were very good.

    Restaurant was hopping on a Friday night, but we showed up during the dinner rush and only had to wait about 10 minutes for a couple of stools at the bar. We enjoyed the seats and the service. The front of house manager (?)/bartender was awesome and being up front guaranteed we got whatever we wanted when we wanted it.

    The brisket was great and the sausage was one of the best Texas style sausages I’ve had forever. Amazingly, I loved the turkey too, and I never really enjoy turkey. If I ever make it back, I will definitely get a Frito Pie, pimento cheese and banana pudding to gorge on back at the hotel.

    Nice experience, clean, perfect service, good modern brewery and excellent barbecue. What’s not to like? We will be back when in Spokane.

  33. crystal l

    So delicious! Had their cheesesteak and brisket!

  34. Crystal L-O

    Their brisket is the best in town!!

  35. Ryker Murdock

    Some of the best BBQ in Spokane

  36. Ray Clark

    Super good food love this place prices are reasonable

  37. Nicole Ortega

    Love the atmosphere. Food was good. Mac and cheese and the burnt ends were awesome. Fiance loved the cornbread.

  38. Brenda Goodwin-Winn

    Best BBQ

  39. Izzy Pruner

    Amazing food. Amazing service. Great atmosphere. Hands down best restaurant in the Spokane area! Our favorite place!

  40. David Zack

    Great bbq. Good beer. Fun atmosphere. Nice package for the Spokane Valley

  41. M Meyer

    Amazing food and atmosphere.

  42. Tavis Ottun

    Amazing service and Food@

  43. Ashley B

    Such a fun place to go! They load your plate up & the restaurant atmosphere is really cool.

  44. Chris Horsley

    Just went for the first time….and WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM!!! I tried the Super Cheesy Smoked Brisket Burger and this was REAL DEAL SMOKED ya’ll!!! It had so much flavor!! I also tried the Smoked Pinto Beans which were awesome too!! The beer is made in house, and the Smoked scotch ale I tried was great. This place is a MUST TRY if you’re looking for good Q! Highly recommend!!

  45. Rob Hawn

    Great food and friendly atmosphere. Beer and brisket were good. Small parking lot.

  46. Amanda Speer

    Run. I’m not kidding. Any day of the week, any special I’m sure it’ll be epic. Insanely good! Brisket burger and all the sides were insane. Fast service, attentive employees, best food ever!! What more could you want?

  47. Robert Friedman

    It’s a joint, not a fancy restaurant. Don’t expect a matre d . That being said, the food was great. The staff were friendly and helpful. I’d go back!

  48. Mel Cardenas

    Finally made it in for their famous Saturday cheesteak- so worth it! Delicious!

  49. Brian Anderson

    Great beer and prime rib!!!!

  50. Misty J

    Maybe it’s just because we’re from KC, but this was honestly the worst barbecue we’ve ever had. It’s like if bbq was fast food. They offer two different sauces on the table; the barbecue sauce tasted like fruity vinegar and was super runny, and the yellow sauce, which we assume was supposed to be some kind of mustard, tasted like deviled eggs and made my husband nauseous. The mac & cheese was overcooked and only tasted decent for about three minutes. The cornbread tasted okay but fell apart when we tried to eat it. The spicy sausage was fine, but nothing special. The pulled pork was so dry that we couldn’t finish it. Ribs were also a bit dry, but not as bad as the pulled pork. The brisket was only okay and came in a thick slab instead of being thinly sliced. The turkey was a bit gamey. I thought the chicken was nice and juicy, but it was too spicy for me. They give you a number and bring the food to your table (ours only took a few minutes), but the drinks are self-service, so there’s really no waitstaff to speak of. The only thing I genuinely liked about this place was the music they were playing that day.

  51. Kathryn Pearce

    Service was excellent. All the meats on the sampler were really good. My only complaint is with the sides. The slaw was limp and flavorless and the mac was good when it first came out but got thick and gummy when it started to cool off.

  52. Mandi Taylor

    March of 2021 I won a gift card from Washington Grown to TT’s Old Iron Brewery. Oh my goodness!! This place is the best. Excellent service, excellent food, and good atmosphere. And the place was hopping. So many people in and out while we were here. ❤️❤️
    We got a sampler platter (six different kind of meats) with corn bread and potato salad. 😋😋

  53. Ray Titus

    Delicious and huge servings!

  54. Crookedfly

    Loved the food. Sausage is spicy. Loved it. If you can’t handle mild heat don’t get.

  55. carcazum

    Always a good time haven’t had a bad meal.

  56. Brittaney Edsall

    Brisket and beer! Need I say more? The staff is lovely and the food is amazing!

  57. Randill

    Pretty amazing food

  58. Dawn Armstrong

    Love this place, great BBQ, great beer & great service! Need food for a party? Give them a try. Two of us shared the platter and had enough left for 2 or 3 more meals. All the meats are cooked to perfection 👍

  59. brian myers

    3.5 stars here. Out of the way, funky, warehouse feel spot with the brewery on-site. Indoor and outdoor seating. Plenty of tv’s for sports fans-be aware they are Chiefs fans here. At least 15 beers and ciders on tap. We chose no to partake so cannot review any of the brewery products. It seems based on our visit that the beer is a bigger draw than the food. But the BBQ is what drew us here. Light smoke smell noticeable as we entered. Did not actually see a smoker. All the usual suspects here on the meat side-brisket, pulled pork, sausage, turkey breast, pork ribs. Menu seems to lean most towards the Texas bbq style but not completely. Having learned our lesson previously, we chose to order one platter to share. The choice was the two meat platter with turkey breast and brisket with sides of mac & cheese and potato salad (slaw and smoked beans also available). Wife chose to order the Wedgie salad also. Basically a traditional wedge salad but served like a tossed salad. Corn bread added and a surprise-banana pudding-chosen to end the meal. When the platter arrived the first, most noticeable, thing was the brisket was all one color-brown. With little discernable smoke ring. Neither meat was served above luke warm. Brisket had reasonably good smoke flavor but not real robust. (Probably would have been better earlier in the day). Adding mild sauce (spicy also on table) added a bit to the flavor. Turkey initially had a very pleasant smoke flavor but after a couple minutes significant heat started to emerge from the cayenne in the rub. While not inedible it was too spicy for our tender taste buds and diminished the enjoyment. By the way, they do sell their different rubs in bottles here.

    The sides were clearly made in house. Mac and cheese had nice flavor but if you ignored it too long it seemed to turn into gelatinous lump. Potato salad made with red potatoes. Very fresh and nicely seasoned. The only drawback was the shredded cheddar cheese. Who thought this was ever a good idea? It just becomes a mushy distraction from a perfectly good without it potato salad. The wedge salad was ordered without the gorgonzola or blue cheese dressing but surprisingly the only other dressing available on our visit was a white bbq sauce “dressing”. Really just seemed to be an Alabama white bbq sauce, possibly thinned, to be used as a dressing tasting of mustard and vinegar. Pickled onions added a nice touch. Rest of the salad was unremarkable. The corn bread was served with a good sized dollop of butter(?). When I picked it up it immediately crumbled back onto the tray. Clearly not the freshest product. I brought this to the server’s attention and she cheerfully took it away, promising to find me a better piece. And the new piece was fresher, warmer and very tasty. But it was still quite crumbly, not the firm texture that is my personal preference. Ate it all though. Our service all around was very friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive. Kudos to all the staff. Topped off the meal with the banana pudding. This had a nice texture, light on banana flavor, and served over what appeared to be a bit of graham cracker crust that unfortunately became quite mushy after creation. Enjoyed the experience here and would give them another try with different items-and maybe some beer-if in the area.

  60. Peter Mattfeldt

    Amazing service!! Food perfect and beer was delicious

  61. Margaret Holm

    Really enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Staff was attentive and kind. Great place!

  62. Nobody Special

    This place delivers great food and service every single time. We are obsessed with the Brisket sandwich. Let’s be clear, they aren’t giving this food away, but it is still a great value. Great sauces, great sides, although In my opinion, sometimes the potatoes in the potato salad are a bit hard, but still really tasty. There is a bit of a “Bro-tastic” vibe here, but don’t let that put you off. Great food, nice people, professionally run establishment.

  63. Douglas Keene

    Top bbq restaurant in area!

  64. Jordan Anderson

    I take my clients here as often as I can.

  65. Jerry Holcomb

    Delicious and the mango IPA is amazing

  66. Kirill Dovhan

    Small plate was amazing, good enough for a group of 5.

  67. Wendell Rodgers

    We ordered the sampler with Mac and cheese and cheesy corn for our two sides and it was 10/10. The brisket was top tier and melted in your mouth! will be coming back asap

  68. Timathao Barlos

    Solid BBQ fair. Protien selections were well done even if side options were less than inspiring.

  69. Chuck Matheson

    Amazing BBQ! I didn’t try the brew,but definitely will next time. My new fave, cheesy corn!

  70. Annie May and Chad Thompson

    Just had the best pulled pork. We had it take-out style and everything was on-point, including the take out presentation… it was eaten so fast, we didn’t even have time for a photo! Thanks TT’s – we’ll be back!

  71. Thomas Neel

    Great restaurant, cool to see them smoking the meat in-house!

  72. George Loaiza

    Great bbq! The brisket and cornbread is my favorite. Yummm!

  73. Loren Carver

    First time I’ve been here. Got the order to go. Probably not the best idea. Anyways, I got the beef and cheddar with mac and cheese. It tasted alright, plenty of meat but seemed to be lacking on the cheddar and Bbq sauce. Mac and cheese was decent enough. Also ordered the u hi chicken sandwich with potato salad. My wife enjoyed them both. Definitely gonna try this place again when we can sit down to eat.

  74. Jamie Conley

    Love TT’s

  75. Valentine Nikkithia

    Super nice service. First time there and the cashier made a mistake with my order, it didn’t bother me but their lead server offered to get it right on the house. The mango IPA was sooo good and the TT special, the bbq pork was so mouthwatering. I appreciate the service

  76. Josh Baumgardner

    Best brisket I have ever had in my life!

    Hands down best Q in Washington.

    The PitMaster was awesome.

    Outstanding selection of draughts.


  77. Kim Cerimovic

    The best barbecue in Spokane

  78. LiMiLoNuOl YouMe

    Now this was a burger! Both my husband and I got the special Reuben brisket burger with our choice of side. We got M&C and Banana Pudding. 😋 The burger itself was an inch or more thick, loaded with real corned beef and kraut with Swiss. Oh my! If you are there and they have this on special, get it.

  79. Michael

    Best bbq around and great beers!

  80. Robert Robinson

    Great food and lots of beer on tap 🍺

  81. Daniel Davis

    Best BBQ in Spokane!!

  82. Tamarra H

    The brisket is amazing and so is their sides. I tried the cider and it was delicious as well. Love the atmosphere and the staff were so friendly and knew the menu well. I will definitely be back for the brisket

  83. Tony France

    Wonderful place to eat and finish up work.

  84. Carley Cuzzetto

    Had university turkey sandwich! YUM!!! Was so good and tender! Husband had Spivey sausage and loved it! Will ge back !!!

  85. Ron Susinger

    Tried the cheesy corn tonight…diff but very good. My usual IPA and the house burger.

  86. Tim Wheeler

    Absolutely phenomenal!!
    I looked at other reviews and would agree it’s best to eat the ribs or brisket without adding BBQ sauce. The brisket was falling apart and juicy, possibly the best I’ve ever had. The sausage was super tasty and juicy.
    The ribs were delicious! I didn’t try the Mac and cheese but the rest of the group said it was the best they have had!
    Would highly recommend!!

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