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Tubs Gourmet Subs

Sandwich Shop in Bothell, WA

39 reviews for “Tubs Gourmet Subs

  1. Nick Shelly

    Wow. So happy they moved here to Bothell. Quality ingredients, really good value, and most of all, super delicious!

  2. Steve Hastings

    Delicious sandwiches made with top-quality ingredients. We especially like the bread… chewy, a little crunch in the crust, exactly how we want the bread in a sub sandwich.

    We just started coming here and we are working through the menu, but I didn’t want to wait before leaving a review. It’s good. Come here and support a local business!

  3. Kanyon Powers

    Good sandwich but expensive.

  4. Jackie Peterson

    Very clean establishment. Huge unique variety of sandwiches. The Firecracker was awesome. I highly recommend this place. It is a family run small business as well.

  5. Ben A (Halfmexicanallfiesta)

    Got the Italian full sub sandwich and it was great! They are served on toasted buns so you don’t get a soggy sandwich even with the fixings. Nothing special on the inside in terms of seating/artwork, but great for a quick grab and go sandwich

  6. Parker Seeley

    Had high hopes seeing what replaced the den. Thursday afternoon around 5:30 or so, wasn’t many people there. Ordered a small plain toasted ham sandwich without cheese since I’m a little lactose intolarant and a chocolate chip cookie. Waited around 5-10 minutes for it, honestly expected less due to the low volume, 4 staff members, and the simplicity of the order. Sandwich was not toasted, but was otherwise what I ordered. It was alright, didn’t really live up to my expectations, but would eat there again if I had the reason to. The cookie was pretty dry though, would not recommend

  7. Traveling Foodie

    Innovative and delicious subs. The smalls are massive and very filling. The larges are wonderful for a snack later.

    I love the different flavor profiles and multiple meats. Yes you can get a classic club or ham, but you can also try the delicious sandwiches.

    There are a couple locations in Seattle-they all seem to have this level of quality and awesome staff.

  8. John F Crediford III

    I must say, I’m completely thrilled with the California with extra Avocado Sammy I received just a little bit ago. It is literally a masterpiece of a sandwich. Proportions where generous with lots of fresh veggies and I did get extra avocado. That’s what I was hoping for, a lot of places, you pay for extra of something and it’s not worth it. Not with Tub’s, it was definitely obvious they hooked me up. One of the best Sandwiches I have had in recent memory, outstanding, thank you ๐Ÿ™

  9. Katherine Shen

    Good value, great sandwiches! So glad itโ€™s close to our house!!

  10. Matt McNemar

    Unassuming place but don’t you dare underestimate it. I stake my fat man card on this place fully. I keep thinking I’ve finally had the best sandwich on the menu but each one I try is better than the last. This is definitely the place to go.

  11. Will

    Super good subs, my company will continue to order food from here for lunch!

  12. Jack Mack

    Great all around place and people!

  13. Roger Kimble

    Really enjoyed the spicy tuna sandwich I ordered. I ordered online and the order was ready when I got there

  14. Mackenzie Brisben

    Had the Voodoo and the Firecracker today. Super delish!

  15. Roger Andersen

    Really good subs.

  16. nate ross

    Really good sandwiches, great bread, but man do they take their sweet time doin it.

  17. Drew

    Fantastic sub sandwiches and friendly service. Customers flocking to this new location because itโ€™s amazing. Around $20 for a large sandwich with a tip.

  18. Janet Towne

    Iโ€™m working my way through the entire menu. Something I never do, but these sandwiches are so dang delicious, I have to try them all.

  19. ๊ฐ€์ฆˆ์•„(Gjk1996)

    1000th rater WOOOO its good

  20. Scott B

    Efficient sub making machine.

  21. Patrick Hyde

    Now that’s a proper Italian sub

  22. John Bresee

    I love these sandwiches! They are truly the best in Washington, and I’ve been changed for the better every time I’ve lovingly embraced the warm, fresh, perfectly toasted subs, they truly are gourmet.

  23. Matthew Powell

    Amazing sandwiches! Big fan of the Italian and whatever is on special.

  24. Lac Caw

    So, so, soooo good! Easily the best sandwich in WA by a mile, on par with what you find on the east coast. Super over priced though at 20 bucks for a large (same length and ingredient quantity as a normal Jimmy John’s)..absolute insanity.

  25. Debbie GIBBLER

    This is a great sub shop. They have a wide variety of vegetables and sauces to put on your sub.

  26. Aili Rene

    I’m glad the new Tubs is JUST AS GOOD as the og one! Great subs.

  27. Curt Evans

    Italian Combo and the Philly Dip were both great!

  28. Jeffrey Hebrank

    Vegetarian options: Lots of vegetarian options. I’ve tried the veg head and the sub panini and both were good.

  29. Chuck Heller

    Great subs. My team at work and our customer love them for lunch. They’re a great value and the flavor combinations work really well. I’m a fan of the bebop, and not just because it’s named after my favorite anime.

  30. Aqsa

    Excellent Mediterranean veggie sandwich! Highly recommend it!

  31. Daniel

    Good enough for a special trip. Best sandwich varieties and the ingredients are always fresh. Large portions.

  32. Male RN

    LOVE this place…best subs on the Planet. Seriously, test it. My goal–try every sub on their menu…Firecracker is the best so far ๐Ÿ˜‹

  33. Vitaly Krew

    Delicious sandwiches and very well priced. Had the Firecracker and it was amazing, looking forward to coming back here!

  34. Bajabug Hawaii

    Delicious subs. Fantastic service. Amazing staff

  35. j b

    Several vegetarian options!

  36. Lisa A.

    We got the firecracker on the left and Philly beef dip on the right (we shared to taste each). The beef dip is so good! Solid sandwiches.

  37. Kyle Nichols

    Parking: Small parking lot with a big grade to it. It fills up fast and people struggle to navigate it well, but there is a parking lot and street parking available.

  38. Scott Cuthbert

    Still going strong. Delicious options for sandwiches. They said they couldn’t cut the sandwich in quarters but were able to which we were appreciative.

  39. Nutzo locc

    It’s like they didn’t realize that we were people.
    But we kept it cool. Kept right on ordering. The place looked like it could have been.

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