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Twigs Bistro

Traditional American Bistro in Spokane Valley, WA














“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

97 reviews for “Twigs Bistro

  1. Tatyana

    Amazing, everytime!

  2. Ann McLaughlin-Metting

    My favorite place to go! Everything is awesome here!

  3. lore lorenzo

    Lady bartender was rude, and didn’t make very good drinks.

  4. Lamour Solutions

    Went here for dinner with my wife, great food and drinks.

  5. Dave Wilson

    My Wife and i went for lunch while out shopping for Christmas. The service was not good we sat in the bar and there was only one person besides us. The menu is very limited and the food was ok , besides the fact it took forever to get our food and when we did the food was cold we ate what we could finished our drinks since it was Christmas i still tipped $20 overall we were disappointed.

  6. Lucy Avery

    Great food and atmosphere

  7. Stacy Bailey

    Usually they’re a pretty good restaurant, a little pretentious, but still tastes good. However, when I ordered for delivery this one time, my coulette/aka steak was way over done. When I called to comment on it (kindly) I was told by the manager that the steak continues to cook as it comes to me. Wouldn’t that be a factor that they consider when cooking it? And it’s 12 degrees outside. Just how much cooking could have been done in the mile to my apartment? I’ll never be ordering from them again, at least not for delivery. Hopefully if I order in the restaurant, it won’t cook too much on the way from the kitchen to my table.

  8. Britta Weeks-Hansen

    Used to be a 4-5, now it’s a 3-4. My favorite item is no longer in the menu, and the meat was dry.

  9. Corrisa

    My favorite place to go when I come back to Spokane. Robert D is my absolute favorite bartender. He is so kind and a great energy to be around. Chicken penne pasta and Key lime martini are the best.

  10. Donna Nowak

    Not good….ordered pecan ceasar salad with blackened salmon and the salmon was so small and dried out!! We cancelled our orders and went to The Pentagon in Liberty Lake….wish I had taken a photo…..we won’t be back to Twigs anytime soon….if ever.

  11. bonnie jones

    Yummy as usual. Love the new Fresh Sheet

  12. Jennifer

    Favorite place and best drinks but please bring back the jalepeno martini and the gargonzola burger!!!! Glad the inslada mista salad is back at least!!

  13. Melanie Little

    Well they have amazing coffee. If you like it strong and I do. The waiter was extremely attentive it was a huge crowd of us so we’re in a banquet room. The one thing I have a complain about was their French fries and gorgonzola cheese. You can tell that they pre-make their fries and they’re kept under warming lights, so when you get them they’re pretty much anywhere between warm too just cold. I sent them back and he came out and it was like nothing had changed. I went ahead and paid for the dish which was $10 total for lunch. But definitely not worth it although I have to say the cheese was excellent. And this just wasn’t me, there were other people that have been here and experienced the same thing saying that Twigs french fries are sadly always cold.

  14. Heidi Piccirello

    Consistency and great service! We love it!

  15. Amanda Miller

    Great food and great service. Everything was delicious and our waitress was perfect!

  16. Kelly Green

    It seemed like the recipes changed.. food was not as good as it used to be….service was great..

  17. Jill Nystrom

    Martini was good, service was slow and food was meh…

  18. Jennifer Fredericks

    Service was very good. The Salad was terrible. The chicken was cold, tough and tasted like it had been cooked the day before. Very disappointing.

  19. Laura Leat

    Key lime martini….aaaamazing. great service. Lil spendy. Cause I had 4 martinis….what did i expect? 🤪

  20. Janee Gabbard

    Love the martinis! I come here for my self date nights and I love it

  21. Arthur Rubi

    The atmosphere was mostly nice, although the music was a bit loud. The drinks were well-made and tasty, and the food was quite good. We shared the fries with the excellent gorgonzola sauce, and I really enjoyed the Kraken burger. The gojuchang ketchup made it great

  22. Casey Denmark

    The restaurant was very clean, the staff was very friendly. The smoked salmon tasted amazing. The music was a little loud.

  23. Ion V

    Nice and very clean facility with very polite, Customer focused waitress.
    Extremely good food and very well done.
    Don’t hesitate to take a dinner there.

  24. Sara Toombs

    They’ve changed the menu and prices are much higher. Service was ok. Food was ok. It used to be awesome.

  25. Lindsey Westford

    So busy they ran out of martini glasses at a martini bar – but service, drinks, and food was still excellent!

  26. Rachel Klins

    This place is f**king amazing!!!💗

  27. Tammy Mitzka-Crawford

    Nice atmosphere, with great food & excellent service!

  28. Katie Wildasin

    The Smoky Old-fashioned was excellent!

  29. David McIntosh

    the hostesses and servers are very friendly and the food is great!

  30. Corey long

    Ordered the orange chicken salad tonight I have been coming here for years but not after this dinner the chicken was so overcooked it’s was unedible. Sent it back twice and both times it tasted awful. The Won Ton chips were stale I explained this to waitress but unfortunately They still made me pay for it and didn’t really do anything. I definitely won’t be back. Sadly they are lucky they received one star

  31. TA Crawford

    Great food & excellent service!

  32. Patsi Day

    Such a fun place to eat when in the area.

  33. Abe Man

    Phenomenal food a little pricey but definitely worth it 👌

  34. Eric Schmidt

    Service was slow, no reason for it. Looked like the servers had a good time talking, laughing, and standing. I had a mint view the whole time. Piss poor greeting attitude by waiter upon arrival, likely based on our casual dress, after day of work at home (not filthy, just casual) happy hour, cater to the fancy? Missed out on a typically good tipper, my wife. I always let her pay because I think it’s b.s. So yeah, she handles that and said woulda been $10-12(on $70) and still gave $7, again lucky I don’t handle that part $0 with some feedback. She also didn’t care for one of the dishes. I won’t be back, and guess what I told her this before we went there, but she liked the place, and yes we’ve been there a few times pre Covid, dressed for dinner, guessing she probably won’t be back either. Side note we both had required work jobs through all of covid.

  35. Kerri M

    Went for a late evening dinner, food was fresh and tasty. Server was polite and understanding of food allergies.

  36. Mike Coleman

    The food was very delicious and full of flavor. Unfortunately they messed up my order. I asked for a hamburger with no onions but got a hamburger with onions but no tomatoes. I would have asked the waiter to fix it but I could see the kitchen was already starting to close so I didn’t want to bother them. The drinks were fantastic, I would go back again, just not 45 minutes before they close.

  37. Brooke Gill

    The food was good but service below sub par. 😔 Our waiter was non existent, water glasses empty & empty plates on our table for a while after we were clearly done eating & ready to pay. Disappointing.

  38. Ronnie Stuart

    It was pretty pricey to be honest and nothing really brag about. The martini’s were definitely the best out of everything we got

  39. Cynthia Novotny

    Busy night, cook wasn’t on point for them. But in the end great food and great attention to detail once fixed.

  40. Andrew Culver

    The place is a little smaller to the one in Spokane not as “Romantic” but the service and food was still good.

  41. Helene Hatch

    Pretty sad. Twigs used to be my go to for gluten free food. My boyfriend ordered the gluten free fish tacos for $18. He got 2 miniature tacos-which was enough to feed a six-year-old child. He called the restaurant to ask if there were only supposed to be 2 small tacos? The answer was yes. He was told there was nothing they could do to fix this weird situation. Never again, rip off.

  42. Trish Itve

    Always delicious. Classy atmosphere.

  43. Stephanie Duley

    We just left the Mother’s day brunch. It was so bad, we’ll never go back. The food was ice cold, the prime rib was so tough I couldn’t cut it with a knife. Service was extremely slow. The wait staff were awesome. I give them 5 stars, but the food get -5.

  44. Ron Burger

    Took family for mother’s day dinner. The menu only offered one option. Food was poorly cooked. For the ridiculous price, we were left with a feeling of never returning to their establishment.

  45. Laura Azar

    A Friend and I went out for a light bite and we hadn’t been to Twigs in a long time soo…Twigs it was!
    We had Appetizers the Calamari and French Dip Sandwich. It was Fabulous! My friend had never had Calamari and now she loves it! The Sandwich was very good also!

  46. Link Miles

    We love Twigs. Always good service, relaxed, inrushes atmosphere to unwind for the day, from the week.

  47. Sceptor Vlogs

    Had a lovely lunch with a group of my co-workers here. We got appetizers and delicious entrees. The Gorgonzola fries were amazing! Great service and a great atmosphere. Would definitely come back!

  48. Aubrey Cochran

    I’m in love with the Roasted garlic & gorgonzola burger ! Is it back yet? 😫😫😭😭

  49. DIYCyberPunk

    I had soup of the day (tomato) and orange chicken salad. Both were very delicious and fresh. Love coming here for semi-formal events like work meetings or taking the wife out to dinner.

    Update: the gorgonzola dip with fries and the pizza appetizers were really good. Tried the signature burger, and that was also really tasty. No complaints any time I’ve been here.

  50. Julie Jewels

    I am so very disappointed. I had dinner here last week and it was good. I ordered from Postmates tonight and most is going straight to the garbage. The pork tacos taste like a salt lick and the Moroccan beef is completely burned. What a waste of money.

  51. Ken Gunter

    Place sucked. No dressing on salad. Chicken sandwich cold. 30$ for 2 screw drivers extra 1$ oj. Never again

  52. Gregory Freeman

    Nice place to kick back and relax. Wait staff very friendly and helpful.

  53. Teresa Geidl

    I usually get delivery from Twigs and it was always good. I decided to dine in person finally and it was meh. Our server seemed annoyed, but hopefully she was having an off day. The music in the bar area was so loud my friend and I were having trouble conversing. I almost left as soon as we were seated because of it. Otherwise it’s comfortable and the atmosphere is nice.

  54. Victoria Callaway

    Excellent service and the signature burger and fries was delicious!

  55. Cortney Ditto

    We came in with our two kids wanting a light lunch. The server was friendly and took our order in a timely manner. We ordered tacos and a few appetizers, nothing complicated. We then proceeded to wait an hour before we saw our server again. She showed up an hour after ordering with an excuse about how our order was lost, but our food would be right out. We then waited another 20 minutes and no sign of any food or our server. We put some cash on the table to pay for our drinks and walked out. We spent in total 1 hour and 40 minutes there and never ate. What a dissapointment.

  56. Trent Dean

    Fantastic food and always accommodating service, only complaint is a touch pricy for the food and the bar is often out of certain ingredients for whatever the featured cocktail is. That aside, fantastic place and highly recommend it.

  57. Marsha Brascher

    What a fun place to be! Best Keylime Martini in a long time.

  58. Jannean Judy

    Twigs is the best! We love Rob. He is the best bartender in Spokane.

  59. James LeBlanc Sr.

    There are always one of my Favorite places to stop at always!!!

  60. Pat Turocy

    Delicious meals, wonderful Martini’s & great service!

  61. Terra Sotelo

    One of my favorite ‘nicer’ restaurants, but not too formal or fussy – great food and cocktails!

  62. Holland De Coria-Byington

    My best friend and I went to Twigs to have a light lunch and a cocktail. We sat down at the bar and were ignored for at least 5 minutes due to their shift change. Lucky us. After waiting, we were greeted,without any eye contact at all, by a dude that could not care less. Dude took our order providing one glass of ice water, I am guessing we were suppose to share, and her martini. Dude left us and put us off on another bartender, unable to complete our order. Wow. I ordered a cocktail that was so bitter to get down, I had to add sugar. Food was not amazing at all. Very limited menu with uncommon food items. I tried Twigs, they failed miserably, and I won’t visit again.

  63. Jeanie

    Fun time with friends! I didn’t like my first drink which was a huckleberry mule but I liked my 2nd drink. Good food too!

  64. Stacie Johnson

    We went for lunch and found a great little spot on the patio. Our appetizer, ff with gorgonzola fondue, was amazing! Our lunch entrees would have been better if our server would have actually listened to what we ordered. His service was lacking on many levels!

  65. Lara M

    Wonderful food, specially drinks, and service! Located at the edge of the mall property with lots of free parking. Service was very slow. They seemed short ataffed, so hopefully that will be temporary.

  66. Kasey Kraft

    Most all our food was great except the burger was cold. Service was very good too.

  67. Christian Harris

    The Bulgogi bowl would make my Korean friends wondering what the heck is this. They also try to sell you Osso Buco made from pork shank. Being Italian, it’s always made from veal.
    I will never eat here again. I left still hungry for the small portion of food and the exorbitant prices.

  68. M

    Great happy hour! Pretty great decor and service is fine. Would go back due to the fantastic drink selection.

  69. LA CA

    I got the blackened shrimp tacos (minus the dairy/chili lime creme) with fries and it was delicious. Delicious pear and beet salad not worth 13$ but not bad walnuts were tasty, wish there was more of the salad. Margarita pesto chicken dish was good per a friend as well.

  70. Lucy Kacenas

    I want to thank Matt, the bartender, for his excellent customer care last Friday night! We had some dissatisfaction with our meal and he made sure that we left wanting to come back! Twiggs in the Valley is one of our favorite restaurants!

  71. Elaine Swanson

    The staff tonight took incredible care of our family including our elderly parents. The server was wonderful and our food was great. We were very pleased how they resolved our problem of not having a reservation.

  72. Laura Hamblen

    The food was slightly above par, we had the pesto chicken pizza, a side of fries, and one iced tea.. total was about $40. That’s a bit much for what we actually got. Plus our server was not a kind fellow. Actually, he was quite rude to be honest. We have no plans to return after this first time experience, sadly.

  73. Tamara Poelstra

    Yummy and yummy. Food and drinks were excellent. Staff were wonderful.

  74. stephen engler

    Excellent server. She really made the visit great. Nor quite a five star but close.

  75. Oliver Lawrence

    Been going here for years, good food, fair prices and good service.

  76. Steve Mueller

    Patio setting was awesome. Food was good and so was the service.

  77. Steve Stringer

    Took thirty minutes to get an appetizer and an hour to get entrees.
    Staff was inattentive and more concerned with prepping to close and go home than wait on customers.
    Literally had to ask for everything from getting a menu to placing our order to getting the check.
    Worst service I’ve received in a very long time.

  78. osprey63

    good food. pretty good service. furniture is a bit grubby. would be 4 stars if not for the furniture.

  79. Blanca I Gonzalez

    I love this place. Everyone is about customers serving. Great job.

  80. Tony Mejia

    Good spot to grab a bite if you’re cruising through the mall shopping. The food is good, and it’s a pretty good spot to take in some people watching as well. I was with a party of seven, and we had just about everything on the menu. There wasn’t anything that stood out for me to say you got to try this dish out but you won’t have a problem with anything they serve.

  81. LAURIE M.

    Super lunchtime vibe in the bar. Chef cooked my salmon perfectly and our bartender/server was spot on and crafted 2 lemon drop martini’s beautifully. Definitely coming back!

  82. Celina Martinez

    I’ve done pick up orders for here and each time I’ve waited +20 min. I just waited 40 right now. So maybe don’t pick up here only sit down. Really embarrassing when they keep saying “another 5 min!”

  83. Dave B

    I like the ambience and drinks. Prices are reasonable. Having Celiac disease though, not a lot of gluten free food options.

  84. Shastina Henderson

    Their drinks and food are always pretty good at Twigs, the desserts are kind of hit or miss. Highly recommend their huckleberry lemon drops.

  85. Craig Ambacher

    I have reviewed these folks many times before. After many bad experiences in recent years and several BAD reviews.

    I can say that we had many times when we had written great reviews prior to Covid. During Covid trying to get a correct order from them was just impossible, They had employees that I swear had to be working on drugs, and management was not inclined to listen to the problems (even refusing to respond to my wife’s emails).

    My most recent visit was a corporate mini seminar and they did pretty good. Therefore this review is going from a 1 star to a 3 star. Maybe one day I can, in good conscience give them a 5 star again.

  86. joseph simons

    Just ate at this place with some friends and one of my friends had the crab Mac and cheese, he said it tasted off and another friend tried it and said the same. The waiter comped the item after we told him, which was the right thing to do. But literally upon leaving they were both throwing up I’m the parking lot. Careful…

  87. Barbara Austin

    Dietary restrictions: Many Gluten free options, with a Gluten free menu. These are delightfully tasty. Having 2 grown children with this need, it is certainly a nice option to be able to go out to eat at a nice restaurant.

  88. Teresa Brunette

    Awesome service!! We were in a bit of a hurry trying to get to the symphony on time, and the staff took amazing care of us <3

  89. Janna Murphy

    We go here quite often because they have a great gluten free menu and are very good about cross contamination. There food is great too!! GF friend had Kalua pork tacos and Brussel sprouts, definitely recommend! The Brussels sprouts have chili flakes so some heat but not too much. I had Apple sprout Salad and also very good came already dressed, which don’t usually prefer but they had it mostly on the greens which is perfect! The men with us had the Osso bucco and the bulgogi beef bowl. Really everything was a hit!!

  90. Pixel Stephens

    The food here is delicious but quite expensive compared to other restaurants in the area. Speed of service has always been decent, even during dinner on busy nights. They always have unique entrees and drinks on the menu, though I would like to see more non-alcoholic options. For instance, I don’t like mushrooms but their cream of mushroom soup is one of the best soups I’ve ever had in my life.

  91. Jennifer Taylor

    The service tonight was amazing. Food was very good.

  92. Russ Ward

    Always great food and good service. One of my favorite places to go! My only complaint is that it’s always very cold in there! Bring a sweater or dress to keep warm. Otherwise top notch!

  93. Kim Livingston

    The food is sooooo good.

  94. Mike Larsen

    Good food, service also good. Uncomfortable place to dine in.

  95. Deb Prindle

    Great place to meet up with friends. Great service and food

  96. Nikolay Zhuravlev

    Very good high end food. Many options and they are all very good. Perfect place to relax and enjoy food.

  97. Tom Shannon

    Disappointing. Below average food and service for premium prices. Twiggs in the valley has been in decline for several years, but our last experience was anything but upscale.

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