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9:00 am – 10:00 pm


9:00 am – 10:00 pm


9:00 am – 10:00 pm


9:00 am – 10:00 pm


9:00 am – 10:00 pm


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9:00 am – 10:00 pm

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Two Columns

Greek and Italian Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA








“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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34 reviews for “Two Columns

  1. Brent Riddle

    Love the food its delicious. Good costumer service always friendly

  2. Peggy Whitby

    Horrible food and horrible service

  3. Rhonda Roo

    Best Greek food in town!

  4. Nicholas Gamber

    The service was great warm atmosphere,great wine selection and dessert was all homemade

  5. Kristen Hazelton

    Gyros are fantastic! Will definitely go back. I would suggest not going if you are in a hurry. They aren’t slow, they make everything with love and that takes time ❤

  6. kissfannnn

    Horrible food and horrible service

  7. Randy Ditch Noziska

    This place is the best . Good wine and he uses only the best olive oil and sea food

  8. Kerry Barta

    Wonderful food and amazing quality. The owner and chef Mesada is a gracious host. Thank you Mesada.

  9. HotButter McBungus

    Stopped here by complete accident but sure am glad I did. I found my new Gyro spot in Spokane! It’s not a place for a quick lunch but that gyro I had was hands down the best I’ve ever had in Spokane!

  10. Adam Anderson

    Not the fastest but worth the wait.

  11. Drew Bayless

    Very slow service. Food is not fresh and is lacking taste. Very disappointed.

  12. shayne weable

    I had just finished mowing my yard for the first time this year. Had lost track of time and didn’t have the energy to make dinner. Stopped by to get something to eat, and wow was I treated to the most generous portion of lasagna for $18. Completely satisfied and very appreciative. He could tell I was hungry.

  13. Kane Mindermann

    This review is difficult. I wouldn’t recommend visiting. The atmosphere, clutter, service, and food were sub-par. I understand it’s a one-man band, but that can’t be the excuse. In the most respectable manner possible, it’s extremely disappointing. Please take your money elsewhere.

  14. Jeremy Fox

    This guy is authentic and the food is top notch. 10/10

  15. Karlee Osborn

    This is hands down the best Greek food in Spokane, it’s a little hole in the wall. Owner is so sweet, prices are fair and portions are very generous. His dressing and tzatziki are homemade, a gyro and his fresh salad are a must have they are to die for.

  16. Meagan Bloom

    Amazingly authentic food!!

  17. Joy Matisse

    We drive by this place all the time. Finally stopped by walked in last week waited a few moments nothing. We called out nothing. We walked out. This places decor out dated and dirty. Would not try eating here.

  18. Shirley Reinke

    Delicious Gyros, yes the place is outdated and more of a hole in the wall hidden gem. The gentleman that created this restaurant and the authentic Greek food is amazing for sharing such wonderful food. Eat local, support places like this and people who have true passion for food and love filling people bellies and hearing how much it’s enjoyed. Keep doing what your doing sir and who cares about decor it’s not about that. It’s about the food and the creator of it. So so good! Thank you!

  19. Matthew Mechtly

    Best Mediterranean food I’ve found in Spokane Metro area.

  20. Ahmed Adam

    Came in today first time,and I gotta say the atmosphere felt so equivocal defiantly a hidden gem thanks again for the old man that made my euro it was right just right

  21. Stephan Reckie

    Great food cooked and served by a very nice owner. I love the ambiance and the freshness of the food.

  22. William Burnam

    Enjoyed this place! Lasagna was great, lamb chops were fantastic. Everything here seems to be made from scratch except for the gyro meat.
    Now please understand, if you’ve never been here before, you will find that the gentleman owns and operates the place mostly alone. He’s not equipped to handle a full house at the same speed as a fully staffed restaurant. Please come, and be ready to be patient, enjoy some drinks and good conversation or enjoy some good jazz music he’s playing and expect to take it easy while your meal is being made fresh.
    I totally respect where this guy is coming from and will absolutely dine here with some regularity. I like it and wouldn’t want it to change. But then again, I’m Gen X and not as spoiled as many who followed us.
    If you need constant attention and you’re not built to handle patience and can only tolerate perfect climate controlled indoor environments, then please find comfort in one of the many corporate affairs within a mile of the nearest shopping mall or Home Depot.
    Life’s too short to not sit and enjoy some good food.

  23. Rich Godsil

    Nice good authentic Mediterranean food (Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern) that is decently priced – a hidden gem!

  24. R Miller

    Horrible. The food and the establishment. Microwaved old Costco lasagna. Looks like a homeless camp in the parking lot.

  25. Amy Tucker

    The cheesy pita was a microwaved pita bread from the store with unseasoned tomato sauce and parmesan cheese… The mixed seafood pasta claimed it would be served in a lemon butter sauce, it came in a tomato based sauce with entirely too much cumin and mixed frozen veggies mixed in. The Greek salad didn’t come with the traditional Greek vinaigrette they just tossed another cup of taziki in the box. The husband ate the seafood pasta… The rest will not be eaten. The gyro meat was like lunch meat and again the pita seemed to be those cheap ones you can get at the wholesale store qty of 300 for $5. Disappointed overall.

  26. L B

    He’s an old man trying to survive and my wife feels so bad for him she won’t allow me to put a truthful review on here. Enjoy

  27. Ahmed Ajlan

    Sad to leave this review but I drove too far to be super disappointed. Salad is too cold, meat seems too processed, too much tomato sauce that tastes really unpleasant.

  28. Lara M

    After countless times driving past and not stopping here, I will definitely put this on my shortlist for places to eat in the future!
    This is a small intimate space with a few tables. A family restaurant with the owners on site.
    The menu is focused yet diverse with several options. The food is very flavourful and well presented. Water and wine were both served in beautiful glassware.
    They were happy to suggest good options for both food and wine to fit our taste.
    Walk up to the counter to pay after the meal as they do not provide a check at the tableside.

  29. nicolette brant

    Excellent food and generous portions.

  30. Jeff Stewart

    The food was just bland and overcooked.

  31. Mallory Lindsey

    Wasn’t sure what to expect when going here, but the food was great! And the owner is a good guy. He gave us some baklava on the house. The gyros are so good I made my husband give me a couple bites of his when he wrought some home from his lunch

  32. Hazel Kay Victorious

    Gotta love their food here. It was amazing. Besides eating gyros, I was introduced to a new dish today. The service was amazing because it is done by the owner. It was slow but it’s good. He engages with us throughout the evening.

  33. S L

    Went here with a friend for lunch today. I got the hoummas plate and she had one of the seafood dishes.

    Great food, super hospitable service, very nice owner, and definitely cute space. The place was full of patrons by the time we left, which was so great to see. Quick time between order and food coming out. Can’t wait to come back and support this great spot!

  34. James Garmon

    It’s small, it’s old, the owner is clearly overworked (it’s just him running the place) but he keeps such good spirits and is so nice and funny too!

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