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11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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Umi Sushi

Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Ocean Shores, WA










“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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24 reviews for “Umi Sushi

  1. Linda Pizanti

    Portions smaller than usual but prices inflated. One piece of sushi fits in my mouth… Used to be two bites. I understand rising prices. . But for a lot less food? I’m not impressed. Fresh and tasty but too much for the goods.

  2. Cyndi Durnell

    I love the flavor. Not just typical rolls. The flavors really play off eachother. Very authentic. I don’t like fish in general, only sushi. Usually i have to load the pickled ginger on to deal with fish taste. NOT HERE. Ised 3rd of what i usually do. I look forward to trying the teriyaki on next visit. Mochi balls. Yes….. glad they have them.

  3. Angee Smith

    Excellent customer rolls! Step out and try something new. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. Lori Morgan

    Heard such good things about UMI SUSHI upon arriving in Ocean Shores we decided to try it. And it was DELICIOUS! The flavors flowed with perfection and the portions generous. All working there were friendly and attentive. We’ll be back 👍

  5. Sarah Mathis

    The Crazy girl and crazy boy rolls are very good. Sadly the music was filled with profanity. Sitting with my kids and listening to it did not make my time there very comfortable. I didn’t complain because I could’ve walked out but my order had been placed. I don’t recommend the calamari. It was burnt and hard.

  6. Em Mathis

    We were the the first ones in. Everything was clean but…. The music was not family friendly. They were playing things like cardi b and others, this music is fine in a club or such but not in a restaurant. My sister is 12 and doesn’t need to be hearing such things. The calamari was burnt so bad and was nasty. When the waiter put down my miso soup he spilled it on the table making me jump in surprise. The sushi rolls I got were soggy and not rolled together the best.

  7. Ang Mar

    Our order had no seafood and I called and was told we had to ask for the seafood even though obv when you order the sushi it should have seafood. We didn’t have the avocado or seafood cream cheese and rice and seaweed was what we got. We had pictures and kindly explained as we are locals and this has happened more than once. He acted offended and gave me the same answer “ask for seafood if you want seafood.” I would go to Bennetts or anywhere but here. I do not recommend.

  8. Evan Wilkinson

    All the food was wonderfull but we had to wait a while even when there was barely anyone in the restaurant

  9. Bo Ngol

    Fresh and delicious food. Simple and clean!

  10. Sarah Drake

    The sushi was okay, but I paid 19.00 for the smallest amount of sushi. I mean you get more sushi at Safeway and it’s half the price.

  11. Mayah Pulido

    Mongolian beef wasn’t completely cooked, expensive pricing for very little portions, yummy roll and gyoza were alright.

  12. Tiff2 Stsw

    Portions were small , glasses were dirty , and server seemed unhappy to be there .

  13. faith webster

    The sushi is ok, but since the new owners took over the quality has dropped significantly. We have had fish too tough to bote, frozen squishy cucumber, over cooked soft shell crab, we still go because its the only sushi in town, but I have started to expect disappointment

    This was the review under the previous owners: As a fairly picky sushi consumer, this place is good. For put here at the edge of nowhere, this sushi is incredible

  14. Daryll P

    This place used to be really good, but on our recent visit, we were disappointed. The servings are small for the price, and nothing fancy or super yummy. It was fine, but for a $20 box, I expected much more/better.

    What was the final insult to injury? To charge $6 for two small cups of green tea. I have been to literally multiple dozens of Japanese restaurants, and never EVER have I been charged for green tea.

    Friendly staff though.


    After the rather rude reply from this establishment, I feel I must clarify…… The meal was $20 each plus $3 each for green tea. I am all for spending good money on good food and experiences.

    The meal was more strange/different than other Japanese restaurants (again around 30-40+ different Japanese places over the last 30 years ). For example, the teriyaki chicken was laid over squares of raw, uncooked cabbage and the salad dressing was bland and tasted pre-packaged. Tempura was a strange white colour and had a different taste and texture than I’ve ever experienced before.

    These are simply my opinions, and my review is simply a reflection of my feelings about my opinions on my experiences.

  15. Ronnie Towe

    Of the very few vegan options in ocean shores, this place has a couple and I was very impressed with the quality and presentation

  16. Blue Jae

    Really solid service and a pretty excellent selection. Family friendly with a large seating area, and a TV which at the time I was there was playing Encanto for the families there. Great staff and delicious sushi, take the family and try it out.

  17. Mork&Morty

    🍣 I really enjoy the salmon sushi. Good portion. Really tender.

  18. Samantha Plante

    We had a good experience. The sushi was normal price for Ocean Shores restaurants, if you live here you know the price of restaurants, it’s not cheap. The portions were good, we had two rolls and two orders of Nigiri, house Saki and a beer. The food was good, the service was normal, they brought us everything we needed and we had a good meal. Thank you Umi Sushi!

  19. kapil rajpal

    Way over priced for what it is also the guy taking orders does not understand and places extra items on your order and pretends he understands not a good experience food is so so

  20. G Alvord

    So sad raved about this place to my whole family from previously eating here. We had a party of thirteen with a bill of 250.00 and the service was beyond horrible. Brought drinks to the table sat them in the middle and walked away. Asked for water more then 3 times and finally had to get up and go to the counter and ask again. Beef teriyaki came out cold like it was from the fridge. Very rude and unprofessional. Never will return again. I do not like leaving horrible reviews but they were not busy to act as though we were a Nuisance

  21. Scott Braden

    Food is decent. Service is terrible.

  22. Anthony Rizzuto

    The meat is too chewy, sushi too watery and given small rolls

  23. Chang Choi

    Poor quality and too expensive

  24. Carol Matthews

    I am allergic to artificial crab so I asked if I could replace it with shrimp in the rolls I wanted to order. I said I would pay any difference in price. The chef refused to allow it and would not even look at me or talk to me. I was the only customer in the restaurant. When I go to Samari Sushi in Aberdeen they always treat me with respect and kindness and accommodate my food allergies and intolerances. I was stunned when the chef refused to work with me and concluded that Umi Sushi does not want or need my business.

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