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Vagabond Station

Chicken Restaurant in Anacortes, WA










“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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46 reviews for “Vagabond Station

  1. david sullivan

    Sadly I will only have to rate this 2 stars. And the extra star is because my sandwich (the arbbbbby) was really good. But the fries were horrible. We also got the chili cheese fries were not chili fries at all. It was spaghetti sauce with a some beans. We didn’t even finish it. We ended up trashing it. And my wife ordered the chicken and ribs basket. The pork ribs where deep fried and served over cooked and dry, chicken wings had the flavors of everything cooked prior in the oil.

  2. Melissa Green

    Amazing food, amazing owner! This place has a down home feel and everything on the menu is good. The owner is the one that served us and she’s so kind and genuine. This place is a must eat if you come through Anacortes. I got the ‘level up’ and had to eat it again before I left town.

  3. Cheryl B.

    I don’t normally do reviews but I ordered the chicken tenders and fries too go based on a review that said best chicken ever. Well.. thin fries were grease logged and chicken tenders were burnt blackened coatings that tasted like cardboard.

  4. KL M

    The food was INCREDIBLE! Service was friendly, efficient, helpful. I would absolutely recommend Vagabond Station, and would certainly return.

  5. Tianci Jones

    Based on the high ratings, we expected their fried chicken to be really good but it was just okay. We ordered the spicy chicken sandwich (think it’s called barn burner) but it tasted regular, no spiciness to it all all. The cornbread is delicious, worth a try. Overall, food is alright, but if you’re craving fried chicken sandwich, a McDonald’s chicken sandwich will probably do it at half the price.

  6. Tricia Davis

    You HAVE to try this place! I saw another review that said the fries were no good… we personally thought they were AMAZING! The prime rib is done in house and is so juicy, not dry! Lori one of the owners is awesome and is all over taking care of her customers. Great beer and drink choices. We will frequent this place. Thank you!

  7. Tracie Y

    The best service I’ve ever had at a restaurant. Friendly staff, quick service even though they were short staffed.
    Definitely check this out.
    The food is so yummy 😋 the upside chicken sandwich on pretzel bread and the waffle biscuit with honey butter is delicious.

  8. Miki Moto

    Pretty good chicken sandwiches.

  9. Carrie King

    Excellent food, fun atmosphere and great service.

  10. Roy Chambers- Real Estate Guide

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Loved it! Parking is tricky but the staff are great & the food was amazing. The Shelby & Turkey Jack were both great. The pretzel bun adds a nice flavor. The French fries are truly fresh! I will have to find an excuse to go to Anacortes again soon.

  11. Josh Hartman

    Chicken and waffle sandwiches are the best

  12. Darren Olshefsky

    Great old school vibe. Great beer selection, fresh real fries! very tasty Yard Bird chicken burger.

  13. Laura VandenBoom

    Great food and service! Good gluten free options as well.

  14. gina englet

    This was a really good place. The Establishment looks super comfortable and the people were really nice. I ordered one of the chicken salads not expecting there to be full pieces of boneless chicken. The chicken was perfectly fried! I’m from the south so I know me some fried chicken. The only thing I would ask, because we got our food to go, is that the salad dressing is upped by about three containers as opposed to the one that it comes with. Wouldn’t be a problem if we would have eaten in-house because I’m sure we could have just asked for more. As it was, I saved much of my meal for the following evening after I could procure more salad dressing. The ranch dressing was thick and delicious and just didn’t go that far. Now, that is the only complaint I can think of, so that ain’t bad. I would definitely go here again! But next time I’ll try to eat in-house. 🙂

  15. Heather Chase

    The food is fantastic! Try the prime rib dip or chicken sandwiches. Drinks were tasty and they have a ton of beer selections. Service was wonderful.
    The only thing I’d like to see if some upgrades on the games in the back. Especially pinball. 😉

  16. Rob Wingard

    Great food and drinks. The chicken is what they are rightfully known for.

  17. D Bitty

    Stumbled upon this place and totally Love it!
    Great food and great service 💞
    Definitely recommend

  18. ken boyle

    The xhicken is always good. Moist and tasty. Love the fries and always a good beer on tap

  19. Todd Mayberry

    Great food great staff

  20. korelinlakes

    We’ve eaten here a few times. The yardbird and chicken and waffles are really good. The fries are overcooked every time. If you look through the reviews you’ll see most of the complaints are about the fries.

  21. Jon Franklin

    Stopped in on the advice of a buddy, had a burger and a beer, friendly staff, smallish place with limited parking burger was decent but nothing to write home about and the garlic parmesan fries were good enough. In my opinion they are trying and maybe I hit it on an off day but there are better burgers in town for the money.

  22. KevinandErin Knox

    As frequent visitors to Anacortes I don’t know how I managed to miss this restaurant but I’ll be making amends on a regular basis.

    We ordered burgers and fries to go and everything was excellent! The sautéed onions were – as is so rarely the case – almost carmelized as they would be for French onion soup – and those along with the green chile on our cheeseburgers were delicious.

    And then there’s the perfect fries made from skin-on russet potatoes. You can get a decent burger elsewhere in Anacortes but the fries will be mediocre at best and made from frozen stuff from a Sysco truck.

    While waiting for my order I saw several delicious looking orders of chicken and impressive salads heading out to diners. Add that to the warm welcome at the door and you’ve got a restaurant well worth going out of your way to support.

  23. Michael Guthrie

    Loved the chicken and waffles. The dollars on the ceiling is fun too. Very fun place.

  24. Joshua Ryder

    This is a special little spot. Came in while staying the weekend nearby, and was delighted how cool this place was. Old fashioned style handcut fries, delicious sandwiches, and solid beverage selection. I could tell the staff really cared, adding their own spin to this quirky spot.

    These are the places you hope to stumble upon. Give’em yer business!

  25. Jacqueline Bayrd

    When u first walk in seemed ok tgere were 2 big families also had a small arcade rm o one end. But tge menus had absolutely no prices, i asked our waitress hiw much were the chicken strips n she nvr answered just assumed thats what i wanted so i let it go. Wish i had not tho strips were more like big chunks which was ok but they were sooo overcooked and fries too tasted burnt. I hardly ate it.
    And the bbq sauce was sooo sweet that it can bring some1 into a diabetic seizure n it also tasted horrible. Their sweet ice tea was tasted like lipton packets n also not good nor sweet.
    I did not care for the waitress young w an attitude becuz i asked for tarte sauce becuz bbq was gross. Their tarter tasted like horse radish n i asked her if they use that she said i dont think so?? Seriously??. I dont like horse radish n it sure tasted like it. We were very disapointed !! Not only was it too expensive it wasnt good. Not worth it. My friend ordered a big cheeseburger he said it was also over cooked. We wont be baK.

  26. Gabe Scott

    Great burgers and atmosphere! Definitely coming back.

  27. NANCY Ballmann

    There food is great got a burger and fries they were fast and the and waitstaff was extremely nice and friendly 😋

  28. Quentin Chalmers

    Best poutine I’ve had outside Canada. Thick, savory and salty gravy. The cornbread with honey is also really good.

  29. Sharon Thramer

    Amazing chicken! Atmosphere was relaxed and relaxing. Great place I will definitely be going back!

  30. Rachel Savage

    The Buffalo chicken salad is good. More of a bar that you can take kids to, if you want. Games in the back.

  31. Surin Hohlachoff

    Food was extremely Bland. Service was Ok. Poutine was not authentic. Fries were soggy and curds and gravy were cold. The food looked good. Not returning.

  32. Paul Mat

    It’s really a great place to eat and they are open late! Vagabond Station is a Southern chicken restaurant in the middle of Anacortes. It’s not really diet food, but it’s fresh, tasty and the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. Excellent place for dinner after whale watching.

  33. Anthony Hartman

    Wait staff and food always amazing

  34. Thera Bradley

    Good food and fabulous staff.

  35. Ben Jammin

    Fantastic everything. I’m not sure I saw many things that weren’t “spicy”, but it was all delicious!

  36. derek lahti

    Awesome food and drinks and staff. Always a great service and eats. Local brews are amazing. Always a fantastic experience. Peach habanero sauce is great. This place never fails to amaze me with great service and eats

  37. Sara Martinez

    After a long hike around deception pass area , this place had amazing garlic fries and burgers that hit the spot ! We ordered take out since we had long drive back but I am sure come back again

  38. Happybuddhabear (Happybuddhabear)

    I love this place. The food is great the people even better. My go to place when I’m off-island and not sticking to a low-carb diet. 🤣

  39. Kent Schluter

    Chicken is on the menu with lots of awsome choices. Love the fries as well. Lots of good beers to finish with

  40. Tessa Gilfillan

    Their chicken is awesome!! And you got to try the waffles with the honey butter so good 🤤

  41. Alison Blankenship

    Omg the yardbird, I don’t think there’s anything better. Add that egg, add that bacon; and the fries…..sweet baby Jesus. Everything about this place from the staff to the pennies on the tables to the ARCADE in the back, they got it right. Anacortes needed a place like this.

  42. Jackie G

    Delicious Dr Pepper ribs, fresh smashed potatoes and yummy grilled veggies. A local lager to wash it all down. A served by friendly, helpful staff.

  43. John Kurtz

    Family fun and great food, but still an Adult bar as well

  44. sky -

    One of the best burger joints in anacortes!
    Amazing atmosphere and staff. Even though it’s a bar it’s great kids and for a family dinner.

  45. akr 619

    Great atmosphere and location, very accomodating and great customer service. I came in late night.. deep fryers were already closed sp they offered and gave me a delicious mashed potato.

  46. Susan Geyer

    Rachel is a great server. Food was awesome

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