20760 E Indiana Ave, Liberty Lake, WA 99019


47.675480454982, -117.12995381959




11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Versalia Pizza

Pizza Restaurant in Liberty Lake, WA









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61 reviews for “Versalia Pizza

  1. Brittany Allen

    Mike P is awesome! You guys picked an awesome employee who clearly knows how to bring in business! Mike P is the real mvp!💪I will definitely be sending other liberty lake residents over for delicious pizza!

  2. Gage Lang

    Delicious addition to Liberty Lake! The rebranding looks like it could be on a national scale and our pizza was delicious! Happy to have them closer!

  3. Carlie L

    Love the new Versalia location in Liberty Lake! It’s a great space with plenty of seating where you order at the counter.
    I stopped in for lunch and had a veggie slice with their tomato basil soup and house made focaccia. Their pizza remains some of the best in the area, but I’ve never tried the soup before and I’m so glad I did. Yum!

  4. Kevin Schmieder

    Best pizza in liberty lake area hands down and possibly entire spokane area….i havent had them all so i can say they are the best around BUT they are the best ive had and ive tried a lot of places.

  5. Nargiz Abdullayeva

    The pizza was perfect! Such a cute and clean place!

  6. Tamara Marie

    Staff appreciation on National Pizza Day! Excellent service. Delivered on time. Would order again and again.

  7. Jared C

    No frills. Half price beer during happy hour. Several types of New York style pizza by the slice. Ingredients are top notch. Highly recommend.

  8. Rawg

    New Pizza and more. Excellent service and Food

  9. Darla Buck

    I don’t understand the high reviews. Their pizza in Kendall Yards is amazing, perfect Italian crust and light runny sweet sauce, but the pizza here was nowhere close. Also, a confusing and crowded setup as nothing would lead you to believe you had to go to counter to order; and it is a crowded spot when several folks waiting to order and a table right there and servers squeezing by. Not the relaxing atmosphere or amazing pizza we were expecting. We have been to Kendall Yards so many times and never disappointed.

  10. E Davis

    First time was really a great experience. Will be back but in greater numbers. 😁

  11. Team Pitcher

    Excellent pizza; well balanced (crust to toppings,flavors andchoices), quality elevated ingredients outstanding crust thinness, elasticity, texture and mouth feel.

  12. James Baird

    The pizza is so good and the staff even better. We enjoyed our time. Thank you

  13. Paul Puhek

    Great pizza. It’s bright and cheery inside with a good view of the valley.

  14. Cynthia Elliott

    The pizza we ordered was super greasy and the crust was soggy. We had their pizza before and it was good. Not so this time.

  15. Sue Gordon

    Pizza was delicious. My neice bought dinner that made it even better.

  16. Melissa Walters

    Friendly staff and scrumptious pizza.

  17. Hunter Jones

    Wonderful place. We were on a 20 mile bike ride so all we got was bredsticks but they were AMAZING. I definitely recommend

  18. Travis Gonder

    Amazing pizza, with a fantastic staff.

  19. Dennis Nagy

    These guys do great pizza and have a nice draft beer selection. I’ve had their pizza for some years now and always good.

  20. Al Persondek

    Great Pizza and Drinks here

  21. Zaven Capehart

    Friendliest staff by far, food is amazing! Best pizza place and location

  22. Sharon Johnson

    We love their pizza but they need to be more organized in the kitchen or maybe hire some more people. We ordered 45 minutes ahead of time on and we were told our pizza would be ready at 12:40. We got here at 12:40 nobody else was in line in front of us and they had not even started our pizza. It is now 12 o’clock and they are just getting to put our pizza in the oven. That is our second pizza. Anyway a minor complaint hopefully this will resolve itself. I know everyone has a labor shortage but honestly this was crazy

  23. Jamie Driscoll

    You’re only cheating yourself if you don’t get pizza from Versalia Pizza. The pizza is second to none and the workers are just as amazing as the food. It’s my Friday go to dinner every week, so pick a different day to go. Lol

  24. Sarah Lawson

    Absolutely delicious food and the cutest location/decor/atmosphere! I have tried the pesto chicken pizza and rosemary focaccia and would highly recommend both.

  25. Damian Fischer

    Sarah Lawson

  26. Corey Haskins

    Now this place can make a pizza! The atmosphere is loud almost like a bar but the service was really good and the staff are super nice. The pizza…some of the best I have had in a long time. Really great job and when you are done eating, you can cross the street and go to a huge park with lots of fun stuff to do for the kiddos.

  27. Russ Ward

    Good pizza and salad. Friendly service. Nice new neighborhood and area.

  28. Allie Greene

    Very clean, nice workers, and the food was amazing!

  29. Idahofoodie

    Amazing pizza, even reheated.

  30. Michael Sanders

    First off, I don’t write reviews. I read reviews, take them with a grain of salt, and make up my own mind. That being said, this pizza is so good that I felt compelled to write a review…while I’m still eating. I’m old and this pizza is in my top 5, all-time…and I’ve had pizza in NYC, Austin, Denver, Seattle, LA, KC….you name it. Love wood fired, love the crust – thin, a little chewy & a little crunchy, definitely foldable, great cheese blend, light sauce – barely detectable AFTER you taste the toppings, delicious! Great job. Keep it up, because you are now my pizza “go to”.
    And, if you are wondering…best pizza of all time, East Ramp in Fairbank, Alaska.

  31. Tom Fomasi

    Pizza was amazing, great tasting great service, awesome place to eat

  32. Lisa Brooks

    Phenomenal pizza!!! Chewy, thin, foldable crust. Like a New York pie!!! Sauce was flavorful but not over powering and not too much. Toppings and cheese balanced to perfection. The pie was also a good size. We had enough for another dinner. Yup! Just moved here and have tried several not so good pizza places in Liberty Lake and hands down this was the best one yet. Absolutely delicious!!!

  33. Ashley Mecham

    I ordered take out told me 45 minutes it would be ready. I walk in and they tell me another 30 minutes they were just putting it in the oven. Didn’t even offer anything didn’t really say anything. Super rude I will not be back.

  34. Donna Walker

    First time trier yesterday and I’m sold! Delicious pizza! Fresh ingredients! The crust is even tastier! Worth the trip!!

  35. snejka ertner

    Best pizza in Spokane for sure.

  36. Jeff Carlson

    The thin crust is fantastic. I am looking forward to going back and trying different toppings.

  37. Bryan Knecht

    Love the flavor and sauce was delicious little bit on the extra greasy side which made the dough so soggy couldn’t even fold to eat it.

  38. Nate

    Good pizza, the Mediterranean pizza was delicious! First time being out there. It was a great time! Good atmosphere, good location.

  39. SV

    So glad they opened closer! Love the vibes.

  40. Dave Nance

    Love there pizza at Farmers market. Slices were not fresh and that is what makes there pizza among the best anywhere. Its disappointing a single person can’t experience how awesome it is since i believe only full size is made fresh. Would love a smaller single/mini pizza serving thats fresh option. Beer is $7.50. Seating is wood boards inside. So close to exactly what I hoped it would be.

  41. Faith Ibbetson

    As always deliscous pizza and wonderful service. Though the pizza is fantastic, the tomato soup is the best it’s perfect.

  42. moxie99027

    The best I’ve had in a long time.

  43. Scott Boles

    The staff is friendly and helpful. They seem to use very good ingredients for their pizzas.

  44. Jana Castelan

    The pizza is amazing. The friendly efficient staff completes the experience. My absolute favorite. The hidden treasure of Liberty Lake. A must try.

  45. Tyler R.

    Awesome thin crust pizza. They serve beer on tap too

  46. J M

    Their pizza is incredible. We live nearby and come once a week, then take the kids to the playground after. However, every SINGLE time they mess up our order. Six times now. We aren’t going to be coming here anymore, really wanted to support them (and enjoy their pizza) but tired of having to wait for an extra 20 minutes every, single time, for them to remake our pizza.

  47. Scott Hege

    Not my cup of tea so to speak as far as pizza goes. The crust is fairly cracker thin and crispy which many folks love. I’m not a fan. I like a hearty chewy/crispy on outside sourdough type of crust. Facility was nice and the folks were nice, the service was slow (Friday night busy). Like I said, just not my kind of pizza, but you might like it.

  48. Oliver Lawrence

    Delicious pizza and great service. Nice to have a great alternative pizza place to go to in Liberty Lake. This place is located in a residential community.

    9/8/22 – another visit, food is still delicious and service great. The brussels and bacon pizza had sparse toppings compared to my previous visits.

  49. Terry Grubham

    Great space and really nice pizza options. Steve behind the counter provides amazing customer service.

  50. James Kleinig

    Great place. A little expensive but great pizzas. The staff are young but are all great.

  51. Heather

    So while I like the pizza, I’ve been a handful of times and I’m always put off by the behavior of the staff, they have…….attitude. I feel as if they are barely suppressing their anger at our presence; it’s disconcerting, not the way a friendly customer should feel. I don’t know about you but getting bad vibes from employees whom I’m handing my hard earned money to just rubs me the wrong way. Good customer service is parallel to good food for me so this place falls in the back of the line when I have a pizza craving.

  52. Luke W

    Best pizza in the Valley area.

  53. Warren Frunz

    Very delicious and great salads. I brought my sister in law from Texas and she loved. The pizza is like wood fired so very good the staff are amazing. I will diffently go back.

  54. Jo Lovell

    Pretty expensive for pizza. Good atmosphere. Ok wine and beer selection

  55. Bryan Hall

    I’m a pizza lover for 40 years. It’s literally my favorite food. I’ve ate it all over the US, Europe, Mexico and even Africa. This is probably the best I’ve had that’s closest to being truly authentic. Crust, sauce and ingredients were perfect. With most chains skimping on dough quality, this place does the opposite. Worth every penny and now I’m a customer for life

  56. Halla Mar

    It was my first time trying this place out and I have to say the pizza is great! The pizza is thin, but in a very good way you feel full, but not overly! Also, the salad was great. And the seating area outside is really relaxing! Definitely will be back again!!

  57. Nikolay Zhuravlev

    Very good pizza and has a very nice vibe.

  58. Danny Carrao

    Good soups, gluten-free pizza crust is available

  59. Jacob Halvorsen

    10/10 pizza was outstanding and the employees were very nice and down to earth

  60. m shaf

    Heard good things about this place from my wife about the pizza so we decided to try and get a couple slices. Walked in, they had no pizzas on display, we walked up to the counter looking around for some help, and the three girls working never once acknowledged us, said hi, asked anything. Just chatted amongst themselves as if they wished we would leave, so we did. Go to River City pizza if you want to be acknowledged and have good pizza

  61. Michael Antoldi

    I order from here at least twice a week. Best pizza in Spokane.

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