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Vien Dong

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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63 reviews for “Vien Dong

  1. Adam Scott

    This place exceeded my expectations and is now one of my favorite new restaurants to dine at! I tried the Curry Beef at 4 stars on the spicy scale and it was the perect amount to make me sweat! With generous portions, very flavorfull dishes, a clean and friendly atmosphere, I highly recomend this place to anyone!

  2. talia beebe

    Delicious pho, cheap banh mi and good Asian dishes for those not super familiar with Vietnamese food – bbq pork and fried rice for example. Their cashew shrimp is also amazing.

  3. Yar N

    Got take out multiple times here ! Very good !

  4. SugarWitchLir

    Last time I went in person and the egg rolls were served on a bed of lettuce with some basil and the fish sauce. It was amazing and reminded me of a Vietnamese restaurant from my childhood. The only thing that could have made it better would be mint with the egg rolls instead of basil. Then it would be just perfect.

    This time I ordered to go with my Dad. I was excited to show him a nostalgic flavor based on my previous experience… but I was disappointed as they didn’t include any fresh lettuce or basil, even though I specifically asked if it would be included and was told it would.

    I’m still giving 4 stars because the other food we ordered was wonderful. The wonton soup comes with a rich broth full of flavor and perfectly cooked veggies, mushrooms, and pork wontons.

    I also had Honey Nut Prawns and they are best eaten fresh because they’re served with a lot of honey butter sauce which makes the fry soggy after sitting for a while. The fry was a little dark this time but it was still delicious and the prawns were cooked well but not rubbery.

    I will probably come here again but next time I won’t order to go.

  5. Robyn Jacobson

    This restaurant is the bomb.. I ordered the beef PHO soup and the The special Chow mein. The vegetables were so crisp and the flavor of both the soup and the chow mein were the BEST I have had. I love Pho and I have tried many restaurants, and this is by far the Best!!!. Prices are very reasonable as well. I did take out and they don’t use styrofoam for the broth. It was hot and fast.

  6. Tom Harry

    Most legit Viet food in Spokane. Great service. Very clean, though the decor is quite stark. They serve a solid bahn mi and the pho is perfect. My favorite is the number 32 vermicelli noodles with egg roll, grilled pork and grilled shrimp.

  7. fadya hakare

    I like the place it was so clean and food was great
    U most visit;)

  8. Chris H

    Great food, outstanding service, and very friendly staff! Will definitely be back for more!

  9. Dan

    New restaurant sorely lacks the crumbling charm of the old building, but the food is still delicious.

  10. Jon Stone

    Horrible, actually the worst pho I’ve ever had, I don’t even think you can call it pho

  11. Irene Grendel

    Love this place. Can’t get enough of this place! I have my favorites, but this place has absolutely won me over with the freshest ingredients, amazing Pho broth and the absolute best service! And all is consistent, never had a bad experience here! ❤ An absolute must visit, and it will become a favorite!

  12. Jeremy Armstrong

    Great food, super fresh!

  13. zues maher

    Incredible food. Looking forward to going back

  14. Julie Ryon

    Introduced my grandson to pho. He was amazed at the flavor. Great food. Kind wait staff.

  15. Mary Compogno

    Love their Pho at Vien Dong! They have something for everyone including vegan and gluten free rice noodles. 😎

  16. Mrs Robertson

    First time visit was fantastic and really satisfied my craving

  17. Joseph Conner

    Large portions, fresh veggies and super affordable (avg price is $12). They filter their water by Ecowater, so it tastes good and ice cubes are clear. It might be why the broth is so good and noodles awesome too! Clean bathrooms that smell good which is rare for Asian places. Will be back many times over.

  18. Michelle Lowell

    Excellent fresh food. Love all of it! Worth driving 6 miles for. You won’t be disappointed! There was not one place we tried while they were closed due to family emergency that compared. Couldn’t wait until they opened again!

  19. Emily Keeney

    Just have the best Pho I’ve ever had in my life. Tons of fresh veggies and the flavor was amazing. I’m sick with Covid and I think it cured me, I feel so much better 😂

  20. Lisa Bond

    Best pho we have found in Spokane! Very good! Also the restaurant was very clean and the staff were friendly! We enjoyed our meal and will be back! Also , check out the spring rolls!- Yum!

  21. Mara Kracher

    Excellent pho and fresh vegetables every time we’ve eaten here.

  22. R Chu

    Found a body hair while I was having pho. Hope it was hair from head…

    Such a Small portion for $11 with not so fresh veggies, not much meat in soup.

    Service was quick and Place seems clean.

  23. William Nakoa

    Hands down, the best pho in town. Great place to have lunch or dinner. The special chow mein is amazing. Honestly, everything on the menu is good!

  24. David Bingham

    Had the chili beef noodles. Very good. Spring rolls were good. Wish they had a soda fountain versus cans.

  25. Chris Pick

    Wow.. first visit.. the flavor was to die for.. Will be back for sure!!

  26. Hailee Coan

    Amazing food, great portion sizes and friendly staff

  27. delanea taylor

    The food is immensely flavorful and plentiful! We ate two days on our meal and it was as tasty day two as on day one. The staff are friendly and happy; cooking and sharing food is a true delight for them.
    Thank you to everyone at Vien Dong. We will be back shortly!

    Every time I eat at Vien Dong it gets better. The food, the service, and the Girl Scout Cookie table (on sale while supplies last) are all the best!

  28. Tim

    The fair priced delicious lemon grass beef and chicken makes up for whatever the place lacks in decor and ambiance.

  29. Joe Russell

    Been meaning to go here for quite sometime. Finally stopped by and was extremely surprised. I got the number 22 Pho, brisket and steak I think. They offered condiments but it was very delicious on its own. And got a huge portion for $12. Couldn’t finish it all so we asked if they had any “to go” boxes and one of the employees said no but we are open till 8. LOL. Great staff with a good sense of humor. Will definitely be going back.

  30. B M

    Very busy today but still quick friendly service and delicious pho!

  31. Yasmin Yordi

    Discovered this place on a rainy day when we were craving pho in Spokane. A quick Google search said this is the place we wanted to be and we walked in in what seemed to be the lunch rush but we still got served very quickly. The pho is AMAZING and I can’t wait to go back for more. We were pleasantly surprised that they sell bubble tea! Yum.

  32. Jeremy McClintock

    Food has always been fantastic, prices are great and everyone is friendly. Best Bahn mi I’ve found in town yet.

  33. Andres Ortega

    Clean place , good food , low prices , variety and good selection, maybe only needed pictures about dishes

  34. Raffi Tahtakran

    For the first time I was really disappointed in the food, it’s gonna be a very long time before I ever eat here again,

  35. Mike

    Real Vietnamese food at its finest. I absolutely love this place. Each time is better than the last

  36. MrGsmith333

    We have always loved this place! Give it a try they are wonderful people

  37. Lacy D

    Amazing food, ok service

  38. Kerry Noblin

    Fresh food, great flavors, good portions and fantastic service! Cant ask for much more

  39. Dale Empert

    Service was was great. They should expand the menu to include Chineese.

  40. Audrey DeAngelis

    Visited my family in the area and Bahn Mi sounded good so my neice suggested Vien Dong. It was very good, the baguette was delicious as was the peanut sauce for the salad rolls. Really good place.

  41. Amelia Clack

    The pho here is so good and flavorful. The honey shrimp is one of my favorite appetizers along with the spring rolls. The price is reasonable and their Bobby tea is so good. I always go here to get their high quality pho.

  42. Deb Wery

    Average. Large parties take notice. I’m a new diabetic and menu isn’t diabetic friendly. I ordered a side of steamed veggies and never got them. Another person never got their combo pho either. Cashier argued with person paying stating yes we got our food. Food isn’t that good either. Last time I was there I ordered chicken fried rice; very bland, didn’t even taste like any seasoning was used.

  43. Diana Smith

    One of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants to get vegan pho. They fill it with so many veggies. Their broth is delicious and service is good. Love all their food. Portions are huge as well.

  44. Evan Wharton

    Excellent Bahn mi! Great value.

  45. rachel Pearson

    Eaten here several times and the same woman laughs and makes fun forgets my order or doesn’t get it right everytime given hoisen when I told them I have a severe gluten allergy I called to say they got my order she agreed to replace it for putting it in wrong than attempted to charge the full amount very dangerous for gluten argues it’s such a shame the customer service sucks the food was decent never be disrespected or gamble with my allergies again will not return to a place that laughs in your face for giving you the wrong order completely rude and embarrassing

  46. Hannah Thomascall

    Quick service, delicious food, and low prices – what more can you ask for! My husband is obsessed with their Banh Mis but everything is really good.

  47. JoanneMarie G. Grenier

    Best tasting food always served with a smile. Try the chow-mein (spelling?) special – it is SO good w tons of meat and veggies… HUGE portions.

  48. Amber Joplin

    Attractive and clean. Decent pho, generous sized fresh spring rolls:)

  49. Trent Edwards

    This was fantastic food. The familly owned buisiness was very freindly and attentive. The flavors were refreshing and fresh. I would give more stars if possible.

  50. Valarie Marchbanks

    Great food and clean restaurant! We go here every time we are in the area.

  51. Mimi Zheng

    This restaurant is a mix bag of good and bad, but overall it’s good. There was a child working there, which I am not sure is legal and he doesn’t seem mature enough to be part of the wait staff. He delivered my to go drink by slamming it on the table, startling me. I am not blaming him for anything, I just think he probably shouldn’t be working there because he should just be a kid not be worked. The rest of the waitstaff were hard working and kind.

    With that out of the way, we ordered the bun bo hue, which was good. The flavors were great and the lemongrass came through. The beef broth could be richer in my opinion. The banh mi sandwich was good. The spring rolls though tasted like it was sitting there for a while. The rice paper cover and noodles were hardening up so it was difficult to chew. The lettuce didn’t seem fresh.

    All in all, it was a good meal.

  52. william bleau

    No words can describe how fresh the veggies are. I go there at least every other week. Pho is amazing and so far, from what I’ve tried from the menu. Tastes, home-made.

  53. tachypnea

    the com tam was alright. the pho was very disappointing..

  54. C C

    Always amazing food and excellent customer service. If you haven’t been here you have to try it, you won’t be disappointed

  55. Gunner Madsen

    First off, I have driven by this restaurant for 10+ years, and I can’t believe it took me until today to eat here.

    The food was great! Some of the best Vietnamese cuisine I’ve had in Spokane.

    I was very pleased, and I can’t wait to return. Wonderful service, kind and friendly staff, and clean restaurant.

    100% recommend!

  56. Ari October

    This is our favorite restaurant in all of Spokane. Been coming here since the Sprague location, still run by the same people, same amazing food! The location is very nostalgic for me because I came here when it was still Crossroads when I was a child. I love the bigger restaurant, it’s never been too crowded when we’ve gone and there’s a very relaxing atmosphere. We have to drive a long way to get here but we do it for every special occasion because it’s just the best. Well priced and big portions too!!

    Kid-friendliness: We have a one year old daughter who we brought with us. Not only did they immediately bring us a high chair when we seated ourselves, they brought her a water with a straw in a plastic cup just for her too! We didn’t even have to ask! I love that they acknowledged her and helped out in those little ways. She loves the food too!

  57. Patricia Flores

    Great price awesome food happy customer 👍

  58. Judy H

    The food is fresh and awesome! Try the Special Chow main with big chunks of 9 different wonderfully fresh vegetables ( no bean sprouts in this deluxe dish) and. 4 different meats, including plenty of big, plump shrimp! Amazing quality!

  59. Chris Long

    Very fast service. Pho bowl 🥣 was large. Spacious seating 💺. Friendly staff. Busy enough to believe they are popular for a reason. Stir fry was a little bland but had a lot of vegetables.

  60. Leigh Fox

    Hadn’t been since they moved to the new location a couple of years ago. Definitely have been missing out! We came during a busy time, but we were seated & helped immediately. Food came out quickly even though they were busy with both dine-in & to go. Everything was fresh & delicious.

  61. Brennan Sahagian

    The best Pho and banh mi in Spokane. Authentic Vietnamese cuisine and experience. Highly recommend eating here!

  62. Noreen Marie McConnell

    Great atmosphere, wonderful staff, we ordered chicken broth with vegetables, they catered to our every need.

  63. Susan Bates-Harbuck

    Delicious food, healthy, service is super quick. Restaurant spotless.

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