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11:00 am – 10:00 pm


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Vieux Carre NOLA Kitchen

Cajun Restaurant in Spokane, WA



Red Crab Beignets $15

Herb blend, Washington red crab, fried dough

BBQ Shrimp $14

Beer, lemon, Worcestershire, grilled bread

Whipped Honey Cornbread $9

Cast iron seared, whipped honey butter, scallions

Hushpuppies $10

Served with Louisiana come back sauce

Red Beans and Rice $10

Red eye beans, long grain rice, andouille sausage

Vichyssoise $11

Creamy potatoes, leak, onions

Gator Bites $17

Cajun honey or creamy creole sauce. You choose!


Hama Hama oysters $18/36

Hama Hama Washington oysters, raw or grilled

Pappadeaux Salad $15

Soaked mozzarella, Cajun crouton, papitas, cherry tomatoes, olives, romaine, arugula

Poached Pear Salad $14

Poached pears, goat cheese, spiced pecans, dried cherries

V.C. Gumbo $13

Shrimp, andouille sausage, long grain rice

Gumbo z’Herbs $13

Collard greens, okra, cabbage. Add protein for $8

Rabbit Handpies $15

Slow cooked rabbit, onions, cabbage, potatoes


Cajun Burger $20

Local beef patty, Cajun seasoning, white cheddar, coleslaw

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and Grits $20

Stone ground cheesy grits, red eye gravy

Fried Catfish $23

Herbs, grilled lemon, hot sauce, cheesy grits

Jambalaya $19

Chicken, andouille, herbs, tomato, Cajun spice

Crawfish Etouffee $20

Crawfish tail meat, holy trinity, herbs, rice

Red Fish $24

Fingerlings potatoes, spinach,& bell peppers, lemon, V.C. Seasoning

Jerk Spice Sticky Ribs $35

Half rack spare ribs, Cajun slaw, pickled habanero

Frog Legs Hopalong Cassidy $19

Confit & fried frog legs, pepper, onions, herbs

Coulotte Sirloin $25

8oz Coulotte, collard greens, fingerling potatoes, Cajun butter

Pork Grillades and Grits $22

Slow roasted pork, pickled peppers, cheesy grits

Clams & Linguine $18

Linguine pasta, clams, andouille, white wine, Cajun butter



Red Crab Beignets $15

Herb blend, Washington red crab, fried dough

BBQ Shrimp $14

Beer, lemon, Worcestershire, grilled bread

Whipped Honey Cornbread $9

Cast iron seared, whipped honey butter, scallions

Hushpuppies $10

Served with Louisiana come back sauce

Red Beans and Rice $10

Red eye beans, long grain rice, andouille sausage

Vichyssoise $11

Creamy potatoes, leak, onions

Gator Bites $17

Cajun honey or creamy creole sauce. You choose!


Hama Hama Oysters $18/36

Hama Hama Washington oysters, raw or grilled

Pappadeaux salad $15

Soaked mozzarella, Cajun crouton, papitas, cherry tomatoes, olives, romaine, arugula

Poached Pear Salad $14

Poached pears, goat cheese, spiced pecans, dried cherries

V.C. Gumbo $13

Shrimp, andouille sausage, long grain rice

Gumbo z’Herbs $13

Collard greens, okra, cabbage. Add protein for $8


Handhelds are served with your choice of fries, sweet potato fries, poached pear salad $3, cheesy grits $3, red beans and rice $3, collard greens $3

Cajun Burger $20

Local beef patty, Cajun seasoning, white cheddar, coleslaw

Jambalaya $15

Chicken, andouille, herbs, Cajun spice

Fried Chicken Sandwich $15

Brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, Louisiana come back sauce

Po’Boy $15

Shrimp. Oyster or fried catfish

Andouille Sandwich $15

Andouille sausage, collard greens, creole sauce, pickled peppers

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and Grits $20

Stone ground cheesy grits, red eye gravy


Bananas Foster $10

Howler banana whiskey, caramel, ice cream

Beignets $6

A New Orleans classic French doughnut

Croissant Bread Pudding $8

Bourbon creme caramel sauce

Beignet Coffee Affogato $7

Espresso, vanilla ice cream, beignet

VC Fruit Cobbler $10

Add a scoop of Tillamook vanilla $2



Bread Pudding French Toast $12

Add bourbon poached peaches or bananas foster topper $5

Honey Cornbread French Toast & Grits $12

Bacon red eye gravy

Breakfast Beignets $9

Banana, pecans, powdered sugar

Sweet Potato-Pecan Waffles $11

Powdered sugar and maple syrup. Add bourbon poached peaches or bananas foster topper $5

Fried Chicken White Cheddar Waffle $17

Fried chicken thigh, white cheddar waffle

Biscuit and gravy $11

House made biscuit, andouille sausage gravy

Red Crab Benedict $17

English muffin, red crab, two eggs, creole hollandaise

Egg Sardou $17

Artichoke heart, ham, two eggs, creamed spinach, bacon shrimp, creole hollandaise

Cajun Scramble $15

Andouille sausage, two eggs, fingerling potatoes, collard greens, white cheddar, green onion

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and Grits $20

Stone ground cheesy grits, creole hollandaise, red eye gravy

Pork Grillades and Grits $22

Slow roasted pork, two eggs, cheesy grits


Praline Bacon $9

Parmesan bacon gougeres $9

House Made Biscuit $5

House made seasonal jam $1.50

Andouille Sausage Gravy $5

Grilled Andouille $7

Stoneground Cheesy Grits $8

Collard Greens $7

Plain Waffle $5

Two Eggs $5









“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

122 reviews for “Vieux Carre NOLA Kitchen

  1. Kelsey Schilling

    The staff was great and the food was delicious! They do take reservations but we got lucky walking in later in the evening. Our server was awesome and helpful and the bartender makes a perfect sloe gin fizz!

  2. Stephen Artman

    First time eating at Vieux Carre, or really having a true start-to-finish NOLA meal ever. I’m not a big fan of cajun flavors or spicy food in general, so going here was a chance to explore the food.

    The cornbread appetizer was delicious. The hushpuppies were okay, but the sauce really added to them. The bacon wrapped shrimp were amazing; I couldve eaten them all night.

    I had never had beignets before, but had always been curious to try them. The bread pudding was delicious.

    We’ll definitely be eating there again.

  3. Keith Congleton

    Excellent food and service. Nice decor. Renovated historic building with great ambiance. Staff was friendly without being intrusive. Authentic Cajun food. Delicious.

  4. Julie Silbar

    Being a frequent visitor to New Orleans I was anxious to try this restaurant. Overall, it was good. The service was slow, unfortunately, but the food was good as were the drinks. Beignets are never as good outside NOLA, but theirs weren’t bad. Definitely want to try the bananas foster next time, as well as the jambalaya. Worth a second visit… Just make sure you factor in time for a leisurely meal. Loved the maps on the wall in the restroom as the wallpaper! Very fun idea.

  5. Stephanie Matthews

    I had been really looking forward to eating here for quite awhile, went yesterday. I doubt I’ll ever go back. I was very disappointed with almost everything. Had the Red Crab Beignets, an Oyster Po Boy, with the poached pear salad. And, Beignets for dessert. KThe Red Crab Beignets were not very good. There were hardly any oysters on my Po Boy, what were on there must have been microscopic, over breaded, and over cooked. I couldn’t even tell Oysters were in there, there was no meat to it period. Nasty. The Poached Pear Salad was delicious. The dessert Beignets were not great, the one’s at Disneyland are better. Where they seated us sucked, we had a reservation,got there at opening, other people were in the main dining area that was prettier, they set us at a tiny seat in the lounge. The server was inattentive and wasn’t really paying attention. I only asked how the Red Crab Beignets were as I was thinking about trying them, didn’t order them, and next thing you know they show up. She split up our bill wrong as well. A total waste of $30 for lunch for 1 person.

  6. M O

    Friendly staff and great service. Love that they re-used an existing building vs. building new (All of Kendall Yards). I thought the food was pretty good – had the hushpuppies, jambalaya, and bread pudding. Prices were OK. My only complaint would be that we couldn’t hear each other at times. No acoustical treatments, low ceilings, hard surfaces. On the plus side, the seating was very comfortable. A fairly wide cross section of guests while we were there, at least in terms of age, which I appreciate. Bottom line: We don’t have a burning desire to go back, but probably would if friends wanted to.

  7. Aaron Vincent

    What a place!! Great ambience, charming aesthetic, convenient location, and ……..holy cow…..the foooood 🤤

  8. Jenny Bloom

    I highly recommend the shrimp and grits, but everything was delicious.

  9. Erik Clausen

    Very friendly, I thought my dish was okay, but my lunch partner loved his. All I can say is check it out and see what you think.

  10. Steven Ellison

    Great menu. It was very busy I would recommend making reservations.

  11. Laura Salas

    The atmosphere was electric and the food was amazing! We will definitely be going back!

  12. Brian Bonipart

    Food was fantastic. Pace of service was Very Slow. Lunch on a Monday, with maybe 50% occupancy, took two hours. It took more than an hour to get any food. I’d go again, but hopefully they get their service issues fixed soon.

  13. kduffmccall

    Amazing food! The picture is of the bacon wrapped shrimp and grits – absolutely delicious. Highly recommend!

  14. Joshua Finley

    Great food, excellent service! The atmosphere was pleasant with lots of New Orleans imagery. Would be awesome if live music was playing as well. The cornbread starter was really really good and the gumbo was spicy and delicious! We were seated without a reservation, but it is recommended that you call ahead just in case. We will definitely be returning to try more of their menu. Wish we had room for dessert because their offerings looked delicious!

  15. David Lohman

    The food was tasty, especially the French fries accompanying the burger! They might be the best ever, seriously!

    Unfortunately the service was very slow. We were a table of 2 at 4:20 on a Sunday and it took more than half an hour before the server took our order and another half hour after that for our food to arrive at our table. At that time only 4 out of 11 tables were busy and all of them had food when we sat down. I want to like this charming place and hope they can work this bug out.


    Poached pear salad and honey cornbread were perfect. Finished meal with beignets and a Banana Foster. Hostess was wonderful and attentive. Will go back!

  17. Linda Jenks

    Slow service. Gets quite noisy when there are more than 10 in a section. Cute place. It was fun.

  18. Jazmine Sandoval

    Be patient, in my experience the service was really slow but I think their kitchen is really understaffed. The food is great, loved their cornbread and my husband loved their chicken sandwich. It’s a really cute place to take someone out for a date and the waitress was really sweet even though she seemed extremely busy. They obviously still care about their customers but I would be frustrated so it was nice to see happy faces regardless.

  19. Carrie Pierce Pierce

    Cute place…Sazerac cocktail was very good and the catfish poboy was delicious. Need to save room for dessert next time!

  20. Mark McHugh

    Great place with a unique vibe! Unfortunately the V.C Shrimp dish literally comes with only one piece of shrimp for $13, this was a bit disappointing. I still say check the place out and see how you like it, the décor is awesome!

  21. Rachel Arana

    What a cute little restaurant! Love the style and the food was AWESOME. It’s a very busy restaurant, we had a reservation and got seated right away. A lady went and played the piano for a bit which was just too cool. Our waitress was friendly and informative. And, this might sound a little dumb, but the chairs were SO comfortable! We will definitely be returning.

  22. Davis White

    I’m from South Louisiana. This place is a welcome taste of home in a land with a different regional flavor pallet.

  23. Lawrence Ramoso

    Cajun/Creole food here in Spokane. Tried their Gumbo, Jambalaya, Rabbit Etouffee, and Beignet. You can taste the southern charm with every bite. Spiciness is just right. Make reservations because they are full.

  24. Ashley Black

    We’ve been meaning to try this place for a while and finally got in last night for a (very belated) birthday celebration. The food was AMAZING. We got the shrimp and grits, rabbit etouffe, and jambalaya. Everything was super flavorful and exciting. The cocktails we tried were delightful as well! Definitely well worth the wait!

    I wanted to mention our bartender, I believe her name was Lydia(?). She was working the entire VERY BUSY bar area almost completely by herself and looked very overwhelmed. Despite that, she still did her absolute best making sure each and every one of the guests in her section had the best experience they could. She was amazing!! We wanted to give her a hug when we left, but settled for giving her a big tip instead. She truly was the cherry on top of a wonderful experience!

  25. Tara Bradford

    Went for a lunch date with my husband. We each had the poached pear salad. He had the catfish po boy, I had the muffelata sandwich. The food was excellent!

  26. Britney Bozanich

    I am shocked to see any poor reviews for this restaurant. The food and drinks are to die for! What a wonderful treasure for Spokane. I will be craving the food until I can go back again. We came on a busy Friday night, sat at a high top in the beautiful bar area. Stillman was our waiter he was kind, super knowledgeable and had great recommendations… excellent experience all around. Nice work!

  27. Aaron Garrett

    Good food and friendly service. Had the fried chicken sandwich with red beans and rice. The chicken was crisp and moist seasoned really well and the sandwich was great. A good portion of red beans and rice had spice and flavor that was great. Will definitely put this one in the regular places to eat.

  28. Janet Farris

    What an incredible dining experience! Amazing food. Fantastic service. We will be back soon!

  29. Larry Cebula

    Great food and atmosphere. The traditional southern dishes are spot on.

    The cocktails weren’t good. A Vieux Carre is supposed to be a spirit-forward drink, served with a single large ice cube to avoid dilution. Mine was weak and oddly sweet and served on chipped ice. My wife’s Sazerac was also sweet. Stick to beer and wine here and enjoy.

  30. Rickie Rosales

    The atmosphere was amazing, staff quick and friendly, delicious cocktails and apps. The spice was perfect. This is definitely my new go to for a nice date

  31. Colleen Moore

    Features: The Redfish was amazing. My teenage boys love the burgers. Husband had the jerk ribs…spicy and delicious. King candy martini was a very sweet treat and the bourbon smash is worth a try or 2!

  32. Heather Doering

    Best catfish id ever had! Service was great! Comfortable seats.

  33. Jon Adams

    I live on the Gulf Coast, stopped by here to get a little taste of home…. it did not disappoint! This restaurant does a good job of delivering some great Gulf Coast/Louisiana dishes, but of course with a Northwestern twist. 👍👍

  34. Lizzy B

    The food was absolutely incredible! For Cajun food in spokane this is an absolute must visit. The food was seriously so good! The cornbread and crawfish handpies were incredible, as well as our entrees. The bannana foster was also so good!
    The interior of the restaurant was also very cool, the art was all about new Orleans and it was a very fun vibe!
    Would absolutely recommend this restaurant and we are very excited to visit again!

  35. Audrey Halkett

    The vibe is super cool, a piece of New Orleans in Spokane. However, the service was extremely slow and our food was cold and worse than mediocre. It took 30 minutes just to be served my first and only drink – champagne. Not going back, but cool ambiance nevertheless.

  36. Darth Maul

    This place was absolutely fantastic! Our first destination was Direct Damage Games who told us about Gamers Haven and the amazing cajun food downstairs. Mid afternoon we spent an hour or so in Gamers Haven and tried to make dinner reservations, which were all full.

    We decided to return and try again this time making a late reservation and boy were we glad we did. Well worth the wait the food was absolutely delicious, and extremely kid friendly. Our son loved the beignet and our daughter loved the cornbread. Rabbit was delicious as was the gumbo. I ordered a bourbon smash that was amazing!

    Our server was great to us very nice to chat with made us feel very much at home. We will ne back!

  37. katryce phillips

    Omg may be our new favorite restaurant. Exceptional food and service and surprisingly decent prices!

  38. Barb Rogers

    Great menu, nice folks (E, the bartender!) very helpful
    [Sorry folks, I just never do 5 stars. That implies near perfection, but we’re all just human.]

  39. Elinor Enz

    Service was extremely slow but pleasant. The menu sounded good but food servings were very small and very bland. Gratuities are automatically included on the bill. I will not return to this restaurant.

  40. Douglas Smith

    Very comfy cute place. Very well prepared fresh local ingredients.

  41. Karen Janish

    My first time at Vieux Carré ~ awesome!
    Great service and the food was fantastic!
    I’ll for sure be going back! 😀

  42. MaryAnne Winniford

    On a cold spring day, those big windows meant the room was freezing. I really liked my muffaletta sandwich, but two other people could/would not eat theirs. One dish was too spicy, although my friend had asked if could be made mild. We had a large group of 10, but still the service was very slow.

  43. angela arnold

    Loved it! Went on a recommendation from a coworker; so very glad we did. These restaurant folks are from New Orleans or sure do know how to do some research. Just wow.

    Got seated without reservations (late afternoon on a Sunday) by prompt and friendly hostess who turned out to be our server as well. As mentioned by previous reviewer the seats are comfortable. Cornbread app was perfect. I hate grits. Hate them. Have never like them. Ever. Until Vieux Carre—my catfish was served with them. I ate my grits all up with a smile on my face.

    Cornbread, catfish, shrimp, jalapeño margaritas and hurricanes. A perfect way to spend a NOLA Sunday in Spokane.

  44. Diana Passmore

    Excellent food. Loved the shrimp and grits. Hush pippies absolutely amazing and cornbread almost a dessert. A little spendy but worth it.

  45. Jay Johnson

    We were excited to try this restaurant, its hard to find good Cajun food outside of the south. After reviewing the menu online we were ready to try the food. What caught my eye was the fact that they had Redfish on the menu. Not having Redfish for years I was looking forward to the meal, only to be very disappointed when I was served a piece of Trout. When I said something to the waitress the only response I got was yes it’s Trout. It’s my fault for over anticipating the Redfish however, in my opinion this is false advertising you can’t call Trout Redfish just because of the color of the meat.

  46. Midwest Mayhem

    I can’t say I started a review before leaving a restaurants before but there is a first for everything. The hush puppies are perfect, I am not sure what kind of sorcery they are using but my god. Then moved onto the corn bread and I had to pinch myself. Crab Beignets were equally good. THE CAT FISH AND GRITS THOUGH… So the food was one of the best experiences we have had in Spokane but they follow that up with equally amazing service. Our bartender and server Skillsman deserves as much credit as the cooking. I could keep going but you really should do yourself a favor and make a reservation. We will be back multiple times a year, you have life long customers.

  47. Hayley Hanson

    Loved the food! I had the jambalaya and it was delicious not too spicy but still had a kick. Husband had the fried chicken sandwich and said the sauce was great but that the grits were the star of the meal. We also had the cornbread which was good but I think I’d try the hush puppies next time. Drinks were very tasty. We will be coming back to this restaurant!

  48. Kyle McCarty

    Amazing. First thing, you walk in and see the sigil of the King in Yellow and some amazing NOLA ambience. The food tasted authentic and exploding with flavor. The red beans and rice were legit. Too legit. Too legit to quit. So were the bacon wrapped shrimp and grits. The catfish was moist and delicious with a savory crust to die for. We will be back to try the gumbo and jambalaya.

  49. Brennan Sahagian

    Very good food and cocktails, service was pretty good too. The atmosphere is incredible. Definitely recommend this fun New Orleans restaurant!

  50. Garrett Busch

    A unique French Cajun style restaurant in a 1903 brick house with Victorian characteristics. Gotta try it if you haven’t! From the burger to the fish, it’s all cooked to perfection. The coctails are also superb. Happy eating!

  51. Annella Bauer

    We had dessert and coffee and it was delicious. The service was excellent. The restaurant was clean and nicely decorated.

  52. Becca Cotton

    Oh wow, yum!! The food is spectacular to match the ambiance and cocktail menu. I got the Catfish and enjoyed every bite. Our bartender was incredibly busy but still made us feel seen. Will absolutely return.

  53. Paul F

    We had a very enjoyable meal in this cute New Orleans style restaurant. The service was excellent, and the food of high standard. We really enjoyed the shrimp and grits and jambalaya, though the jambalaya was a little spicier than one of us would have liked…but quite in keeping of what you’d expect from New Orleans food. We had the hush puppy appetizer to start. The hush puppies themselves were okay, but the accompanying dipping sauce was excellent. We finished our meal with the bread pudding and beignets. The beignets were warm, tasty, and well made, but didn’t light the world on fire. However, in marked contrast, we’re still trying to put out the blaze caused by the bread pudding. It was outstanding. Our only complaint with the bread pudding was that there wasn’t more of it.
    We definitely recommend you give this restaurant a try.

  54. Rick Bartko

    New Orleans Cajun fare served up at a raucous dining venue. Rabbit etouffe was wonderful. Red fish wrap was exceptional. Tasty cocktails rounded out the main event. Finished up with tasty beignet. Mighty good.

  55. Kevin Daily

    Jambalaya was great. Drinks and atmosphere were fun, too. Can’t wait to go back and try something else.

  56. Elise Azara

    Y’all. I just had bacon wrapped shrimp and grits. In Spokane, WA. It was legit. Go. Go now. The vibe of the entire place is amazing. Spokane, you are stepping up your game and I see you.

  57. Kelsey C

    Had dinner here with my family a few evenings ago and it was wonderful. I ordered the rabbit etouffee and it was simply divine; this is coming from someone who has never had rabbit before! The cocktails were also delicious, especially the Southern Lady. It was the perfect place to gather and celebrate the life of my aunt, whose memorial service we attended the following day. I only wish she could have been there in-person to enjoy it with us.

  58. Kaela Taylor

    Tried this restaurant last night and it was delicious. The staff was incredibly kind and welcoming, the decoration and location was beautiful, and the appetizers, drinks, meals and desserts we ordered were great. Will definitely come back.

  59. Renee Stroud

    Great place for family and friends. The cuisine is Cajun style filled with a few southern touches. You have to try the croissant bread pudding! The only recommendation would be to have the staff make a suggestion for first timers.

  60. Jason Miller

    My favorite restaurant in Spokane hands down. They update the menu regularly, and everything is good. Reservations are recommended for Friday night and the weekend, but there is usually always room at the bar on weekdays or before prime hours.

    Highly recommend getting the gumbo. I have to get it every time because it’s so good. Also, the cornbread is phenomenal.

  61. Melissa Podeszwa

    No tables were available when we came in but we were able to get seats at the bar. All of the staff were friendly and attentive, even with the extremely busy restaurant. The fried green tomatoes included fresh mozzarella—great combination! It was just a little salty but the cheese helped to take that edge off. Hubby and I share a poached pear salad, which was tasty and had a variety of crunchy and sweet! The crawfish boil was cooked and seasoned well with so many crawfish! While I enjoyed the bacon wrapped shrimp, I was surprised by the cheesy grits because they had a slight sweetness to them—still flavorful though! We finished off the meal with the DELICIOUS croissant bread pudding including caramel sauce—it was extremely rich and sweet. We would definitely return!

  62. Kelly Hewson

    We recently ate dinner at Vieux Carre and had a great time! Food & drinks were great! Will definitely be coming back!

  63. Jessi Brooke (DawnyBrooke77)

    I wanted to love it but my experience was not good. Service was so slow, it was so cold that I was shivering. Cornbread came out borderline burnt, my husbands order was input in the computer wrong so he received a completely diff entree. The $15 cocktails were a disappointing glass of ice with maybe 3 oz of the actual drink and did not match the menu description. On a positive note, my shrimp and grits were delicious.

  64. Steven Muse

    Can’t say I’ve ever had a better meal. Fried green tomatoes, cornbread, and bacon wrapped shrimp. If ever even remotely close to Spokane, WA do yourself a favor and stop by.

  65. Judie Zyskowski

    We Love this restaurant and especially Eian our waiter, who also works for the Spokesman Review. He recently returned from 3 months in the Ukraine, and told us a little about it. He is very attentive. Everything I’ve had from there is wonderful. The okra and greens sharable was surprisingly good.

  66. Devin Hannas

    Third stop here, tried the cajun burger which was good but suffered from the same issue I remember about the chicken sandwich. Huge, great piece of meat, slightly lacking supporting cast. Will likely default back to the jambalaya next time, it is superb. Chicken sandwich on the first visit was good but that amazing piece of chicken overwhelmed the weak bun and toppings. Excellent jambalaya though!

  67. Avery Foster

    Great atmosphere , friendly service, and the Catfish PoBoy is fiyah! Red beans and rice were on point too! Add Boudain to your repertoire and I’ll be down here at least once a week!

  68. drew adrain

    some of the best service & food i’ve ever had. everything had huge flavor & was wonderful. highly recommend the oysters & cornbread for appetizers!

  69. Cheryl Corrigan

    Server was good. Experience was very good! We had the cornbread and BBQ shrimp for appetizers. Meals varied; all in our party were satisfied with meals. We had crawfish boil, jambalaya and bacon wrapped shrimp and grits. We enjoyed every meal!

  70. Harlee Wayne

    I HATE doing this to a restaurant, but this was such a disappointment. I lived in the south 16 years and my husband is from Louisiana; this is some of the most bland “cajun” style food I’ve ever tasted. I came in with high hopes but I should have known better being in Washington State.
    We ordered “Crab Beignets”, “Rabbit Etouffee”, and ” Jambalaya” and all three were horrible and had zero flavor. 🤦‍♀️
    I make better Jambalaya at home as well as rabbit. I asked for hot sauce, and she basically brought me some spicy ketchup. I have managed and ran restaurants/bars for 12 years now, so I have experience in this business….I would never advertise this place as “authentic”.
    I will not recommend this place to any of our family, friends, or customers because it unfortunately is just so plain and unflavored. I get it though, people from Spokane really don’t know any better.
    Absolute waste of $115 (we tipped out waitress well despite the food). Will not return 😒

  71. Gh

    Lovely atmosphere and great staff making you feel welcomed. I ordered “Crab Beignets” and it was okay. I enjoyed the dough more than the crab mesh filled inside it. I think it would have been yummier, if it was with chopped up pieces of crab or a full king crab inside it but I’m no chef! Also most other food options have pork in it! Just a heads up for people who don’t eat pork, this won’t be an ideal place!
    I would come back for those Beignets as a dessert maybe!

  72. Amber Robertson

    I just had the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had in my life. Beautiful brioche bun, perfectly cooked chicken (so moist & tender inside, wonderfully crisp outside). I will be dreaming about that sandwich. Cocktails are perfectly crafted. We also had the poached pear salad, which I recommend as well. This will be our new destination restaurant in Spokane. We look forward to coming back next time we’re in town & trying some of their other menu items

  73. Mary Thibodeau

    Fantastic!!! Bbq shrimp and cornbread were great duo appetizers. We’ll be returning.

  74. Carson C

    Simply put… You’re the one missing out if you don’t eat here. This is a great little place that has nailed it. The ambiance was great, service was great, and we loved the food. It isn’t in the middle of the downtown hustle either, so getting there and parking are easy too.

    We had the cornbread, jambalaya, and bacon wrapped shrimp. All awesome 😎

    Make reservations, they are probably too busy to count on being able to just walk in.

  75. Nicole Carpenter

    Food was very bland, not what I was expecting from a Cajun restaurant.

  76. Kelly sutherland

    The menu and service is spot on. Having lived in multiple southern states I am impressed with the flavors and presentation. A must for the area if you are nearby! Prices and portions are accurate and affordable.
    Their drink menu is fun and eclectic with great flavors.

  77. Karen A Brandt

    Had the most wonderful lunch there today! Bacon wrapped shrimp, shrimp and grits, and the World’s most wonderful bread pudding!
    Thank you for creating this fabulous dining place! Bravo!

  78. Lindsay Teter

    Absolutely fantastic experience – atmosphere was warm and inviting and the food was incredible. From appetizers to entrees to desert, each bite was perfect! One of my new favorite places for sure!!

  79. Marty Griffin

    Really good food, I’ve spent a lot of time in New Orleans and I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food, service and atmosphere was. We will be back.

  80. Shelby Beedle

    Holy moly, I feel like I’ve been missing out on this and am lowkey mad at myself for not coming here sooner. This is so dang good. Drinks, vibe, service, THE FOOD. Everything we ate was absolutely wonderful. Perfect for a celebration, date night, or a treat yourself dinner. We will definitely be back!

  81. Peggy Difilippo

    PERFECTION. So excited to go to a local restaurant with outstanding food,staff and decor (including music playing). When we left all of us were already talking about returning for anther meal.

  82. Zoe Ye

    Crawfish boil is the best for sure. Cornbread is more like a dessert than an appetizer. The vibe at the restaurant was great and staff were friendly.

  83. Stephan Reckie

    Excellent crab beignets, Jambalaya, and awesome Cajun burger!

    Very cute place and great service!

    Looking forward to coming back and trying more menu items!

  84. Joshua Pesek

    This place was truly amazing!!! My wife and I had to try one food from each section. Appetizer: Fried Green Tomatoes, Sharable: VC Gumbo, Entree: Jambalaya and Rabbit Etouffee, and Sweet: Banana Foster. All were unbelievably great. It is a must try.

  85. dawn fulton

    My husband and I went last night (8/7/22) for an early dinner (5pm) for our anniversary. There were four other customers when we arrived. So not busy yet. About 5:30 more patrons had started trickling in. We ordered fried green tomatoes for an appetizer, and fried catfish with grits and crawfish boil for our entree’s. First the food, and the reason I give them two stars and not one. The fried catfish and grits were good taste wise, but the amount for the $$, was underwhelming. One fillet and maybe, at most, 1/2 cup of grits. The grits covered a sizeable portion of the plate but was less than 1/4″ thick. Thank goodness for the appetizer. I am not a big eater, but without the appetizer I would not have been satisfied. Now for the crawfish boil. According to my husband, and confirming what another reviewer stated the lack of seasoning made for a pretty boring meal and definitely not worth the money. On to the wait staff. We were well attended to up to the point we received our dinners. After that if we needed anything, another drink, another napkin, the check we had to literally flag someone down. Believe me we were very patient waiting for someone to help us. It wasn’t for lack of staff because they had plenty of people on the floor “working”. I watched one waitress play with forks while visiting with another waitress. Our primary waitress was also the bartender. I had my back to the bar but my husband said she spent alot of time BSing with patrons and staff. Perhaps the owners can hire either another waitress or another bartender because obviously she can’t do both well at the same time. Before anyone gets steamed about our comments regarding the staff, my husband and I dine out frequently and the staff have a large influence on whether we come back. This was just poor time management. Sorry we won’t be back.

  86. Heather Gottschalk

    There is a great selection of classic New Orleans and Southern Style Cocktails that are served in fun, unique glassware.
    We had a party of 6 and ordered everything on the appetizer menu. I highly recommend doing that. Everything was shareable and enjoyed by all. The group favorite was the Honey Whipped Cornbread- so much that we ordered a second one. It’s divine.
    Some of the Entrées we ordered were the Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and Grits, the Fried Catfish and the Crawfish.
    The Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and Grits are so good that you will be talking about them for weeks… well, at least I did.
    We polished off dinner with the Croissant Bread Pudding and Beignets. Both were incredible.
    We’ve been twice and both times were seated promptly and the servers we had were darling.
    We are seeing more and more fun, unique restaurants in Spokane lately, but this is the best restaurant I’ve been to in Spokane in years.
    I highly recommend.

  87. Ankita Gupta

    Who would have ever thought Spokane food scene will surprise me. I found the best catfish in Spokane. This restaurant takes you back at NOLA. Their ambiance was so cool and food was absolutely amazing and mindblowing. Their herbed vegan gumbo is so good. Their fried catfish is by far the best I have ever had. Definitely worth a visit!

  88. Ashley Bales

    Went here tonight for the first time after recommendations and we were not disappointed. The cornbread was amazing as well as both entrees- shrimp & grits and pork & grits dish. We sat at the bar due to no tables and the bartender was our server. He was super attentive and gave us tips on what to eat including the bread pudding style dessert. It was so good. The flavors were great and not too much, loved the ambiance, easy parking. We don’t drink but the bartender was making some pretty awesome looking drinks if you do. The only thing I would recommend to make your experience better than ours is to book reservations for a weekend. Loved it and will be back for sure.

  89. Anthony Henderson

    Absolutely amazing. We ordered the cornbread, crab beignets, and fried green tomato appetizers. For entrees we got the crawfish boil, jambalaya, and ribs. And of course 2 orders of beignets for dessert along with drinks. Server did an amazing job and even came to show us how to shell the crawfish. Everything was terrific flavor wise and portions were very good for a nice restaurant . Highly recommend stopping in, especially if you’ve never had NOLA cooking, it’s an experience like no other and flavors like no other. Very impressed

  90. Zeb McClure

    Delicious and perfectly cooked catfish. A great dish if you’re not super hungry. Cheezy grits were a nice pairing to the crunch of the fish.

  91. Andrew Pedersen

    Bruuuuuuuuunch! The French toast bread pudding bananas foster plate is worth driving miles for. Everything is so amazing.

  92. Denise Isenhower

    The best Bacon wrapped Shrimp and Grits I have ever had! The atmosphere is perfect and you feel like you are in New Orleans. You must eat here if you are in Spokane as you will not be disappointed!

  93. Michael Martin

    Decided to have my wife’s birthday dinner here. Very nice building and chairs were comfortable, but as the place filled up it does become quite noisy inside (some may find that okay). A somewhat limited menu, if you are going for lunch/dinner just be aware they only have a few individual entrees.

    The beignets (both Red crab & dessert) are just nothing like real ones from NOLA; too dense and not fluffy at all…overworked dough! Also red crab was VERY lemon flavored, could barely taste crab meat even though it was packed with crab! Maybe it was old crab and they were covering the taste??

    Crawfish boil was delicious but easily enough for 2 people to split! Shrimp & grits came out cold which was a bummer because cold grits aren’t good at all!! Grits should be piping hot when served!
    Attentive server although not very welcoming and enthusiastic, but the food came out as ordered (except for cold grits), which is about all you expect from a server nowadays.

    It was a neat place that is inspired by New Orleans but having stayed in New Orleans many times it just misses the mark on creole/cajun cooking. But then again, only NOLA can do it properly so kudos for trying!

  94. Dustin Vander Plaats

    Do NOT get the ribs. They are undercooked- don’t get me wrong, they’re cooked all the way through, they’re just not fall-off-the-bones cooked. Get the shrimp and grits instead. Those are wonderful.

  95. Londyn Van Zyl

    Not just delicious food but a true experience. The ambience here is impeccable. The service was amazing. The food…omg…the food!!! Everything was delicious!! I want to go back right now and I’m still full.

    The honey butter corn bread was so perfectly moist, crisp and soft…all at once. The hush puppies were crispy and delicious but not oily at all. The dipping sauce for them was scrumptious as well. The fried catfish was seasoned so well and fried to perfection. The cheesy grits almost did me in!! I got beignets to go because I couldn’t take another bite. Still need to snap pictures of them. I’ll see if I can update my post later.

    Overall, I can’t say enough good things about this place! Also, espresso at 9pm was probably a bad idea, but I wouldn’t take it back!! Go here or be square!!!!

  96. Charlotte Rose

    The 1st time we went to try this restaurant they were out of the crayfish, and the oysters , which was the main reason we went there.We had a drinks and left.

    The 2nd time we went there was for my brothers birthday.
    They were out of the crayfish and oysters again.
    They server explained that someone left the refrigerator open and there was alot of food that was spoiled so they were limited on what they had.
    We all ordered 2 drinks per person , 2 appartizers, meals, and deserts.Our tab was over $300.

    My brother ordered the shrimp and gritz dish and it was overly salty and he couldnt eat it. The server ask if there was something else she could get him since he wasn’t pleased with the meal, so he ordered something else.
    The $20 shrimp meal was left of the table so everyone tasted the meal to see how salty it was in thier taste buds.
    When we went to pay for the bill that was over $300, and the server wasn’t able to take off the $20 overly salted shrimp meal due to the manager not being present and she wasn’t able to issue a refund, so she gave us the managers/owners phone number . The server said it was out our her hands.

    My brother’s girlfriend called the next day and chatted with her. After a hour conversation, of explaining our situation, and her stating that she doesn’t do refunds because of people scamming her business she agreed to give us a $20 gift card and would leave it under my name.

    Paying a tab over $300 is not scamming the business and the server left the food on the table, so the table tasted it since it would have been thrown away anyways.

    I waited 2 weeks to pick the gift card up.

    When I went in and said the manager left a gift card under my name the hostess couldn’t find it and had to ask either a supervisor or the assistant manager. Then she couldn’t find it so she had to call the owner/manager.
    After the phone call, she told me that whoever called was a liar and manager/owner reviewed the cameras and decided to not leave of a gift card for shrimp meal that the server left on the table, that she even said would have been thrown away anyways.

    This restaurants owner/manager has no customer service and the both times I have been there have been horrible experience.

    I suggest going to a local restaurant that takes care of thier customers and believes in doing the right thing when it comes to customer service , then to go to this restaurant and be treated the way our group was treated over a overly salted $20 meal item that was left of the table.

  97. Alex

    We went here a while ago and it was delicious! A very cool little restaurant with incredible food and service. The red crab beignets were to die for. We tried out the bacon wrapped shrimp and grits as well as the jambalaya and both were *chef’s kiss* – we definitely will be going back here and recommending it to all of our family and friends!

  98. Taylor Ray

    My favorites place in Spokane. The vibe is 100% the food, EVEN BETTER! Definitely a super relaxing environment with friendly staff! Try the corn bread, and bananas foster for desert! You won’t regret it!

  99. Heather

    A nice experience for sure, we will be back. My takeaways:
    -Oysters were just oysters.
    -The crab stuffed beignets were good but not stove hot.
    -Whipped Honey Cornbread was just WOW! (Get it!)
    -Crawfish, don’t bother, not stove hot and lacking in true southern spice/flavor. However, if you’ve never done a legit crawfish boil with crawfish from Louisiana then you may not know the difference.
    -Bacon wrapped Shrimp & Grits, little too rich and sweet but flavorful.
    -Jambalaya was good; definitely heavy on the tomato flavor but good spice level.
    -Beignets were a “NAH, don’t bother”
    -Croissant Bread pudding was divine! Very satisfying end to the meal.
    I will try other things on the menu next time but I would order the cornbread, bread pudding and jambalaya on a future visit. Possibly the crab stuffed beignets but would send them back next time if they weren’t nice and hot.

  100. Jen Holyoak

    This place is a must! The atmosphere was fantastic…and the food! The food was so incredible. We tried Bread pudding French toast with Banana Foster topping (literally to die for!) Red crab eggs Benedict and an absolutely amazing biscuits and gravy.

  101. Kenny Gluck

    Pretty good New Orleans cuisine. We had the Jumbalaya which was perfectly spicy, Shrimp Gumbo which was very tasty but a little too heavy on the rice. The real star was the whipped honey cornbread which we will absolutely be coming back for. Service was great!

  102. Jose Aguilar

    Great food here! I was thoroughly impressed especially living down in the South then moving here and coming across this gem. Don’t skip out on the cornbread, it definitely was the star of the show. I had bacon wrapped shrimp and grits and the barbecue shrimp appetizer.

  103. Alex C

    Can’t be beat. The food is absolutely amazing. The only thing I’ve had here that wasn’t up to their standard (which is absurdly high) is the ribs. They’re a little tougher than I’d have liked. That’s it. The staff are excellent, albeit maybe a bit too stern with their pacing to get you in and out/reservations, but that’s expected in a place this small. I’ve been through NOLA. This is it. Order anything. Anything at all. You won’t be disappointed.

  104. Chris Engelhardt

    Great food, and large portions. The Fried Green Tomatoes are amazing!!! We will definitely be back!

  105. Paul Means

    Excellent food, mine was Bacon wrapped Shrimp, it was superb. The 5 others at my table were equally pleased with their choices. We’ll return.

  106. Cynthia Warner

    Excellent food and cocktails. Fair prices. Authentic creole, Sourhern menu. Great menu selections. Excellent bartenders, waitstaff. Beautiful atmosphere. Really nice restaurant. Glad to see Spokane have a gem like this.

  107. Victoria Wuesthoff

    The atmosphere is gorgeous. The shrimp and grits my friend ordered looked delicious and the dessert impeccable. I ordered the jambalaya and asked on the spice level. It was way spicy even though the waitress told us it wasn’t. Which I should’ve went with my gut! But everything else was delicious. Just kinda bummed I couldn’t really eat my $20 meal. Once again this is kind of my fault. Just kinda bummed.

  108. Bobbie Riley

    Very unique and authentic looking place in the Spokane area that gives you the feeling like you are in New Orleans, LA. Food it’s excellent and worth the visit. If going with a group, especially for dinner on the weekend be sure to make reservations. Parties of 2 will have better luck getting seating without reservations during busy nights but will likely have a long wait. The restaurant is right next to a game store in the same building so killing time with a quick visit next door is easy. I definitely would recommend visiting at lunchtime or midweek when it’s less busy so you can look around at all the amazing design detail of the interior.

  109. Courtney Bloom

    There really is no place like this is Spokane. We recently traveled to NOLA and this place reminded us of a nicer restaurant you might find there! The Kings Cake martini was my favorite cocktail, and is so visually appealing! They were out of the Etouffe but we have a reason to go back! I recommend making a reservation rather than trying to snag a table last minute because this place is no secret!

  110. Bethanie Nowell

    Absolutely fantastic!! Such a charming place. Very small, so I HIGHLY recommend reservations. The drinks were great, the service was lovely, and the food was sooo good. Unbelievably good. We can’t stop talking about it.

    We were a party of four, and started with the honey cornbread to share. It was deliciously seared on the outside, warm and soft on the inside, with drizzled honey, and scallions to add a perfect zip to the sweet. The red beans and rice were wonderfully spicy, the crawfish etouffee was incredible (and I really dislike most shellfish), and the jerk sticky ribs were spicy and succulent. The crab beignets weren’t what I was expecting, as the crab mix was cold inside the warm dough… but still delicious. I was a tiny bit disappointed in the bananas foster, which is my all time favorite dessert. The bananas weren’t caramelized at all, but they were warm, and the caramel sauce, ice cream, and bread pudding at the bottom were outstanding!

    All in all, very highly recommend this gorgeous little place!

  111. Brandon Collins

    First off, the hush puppies and Beignets are good and the Jambalaya was also very good but this place is worth it just for the cornbread. Seriously, the cornbread was amazing.

  112. Mo

    This is a great place IF you enjoy spicy cuisine. I had the linguine and clams with andouille sausage and it was very spicy. We Sat in the bar and the bartender had to serve in the dining room as well, so everything took a very long time to order and get. They needed at least two more wait staff. The atmosphere is cute and cozy. I won’t be going back. Not my type of food.

  113. Dominic Sarria-Wiley

    This place is one of my favorite new spots in town to grab a drink or brunch and have an intellectual conversation. There is also a game store next door where you can bring your kids for an EPIC game of magic or warhammer. The clientele here is professional and classy despite being in a gentrified neighborhood. The developers here have a gem on their hands and run a great business. Well done!

  114. Sabrina Lewis

    I’ve been wanting to eat here for a long time, and I was not disappointed. The restaurant itself was so beautifully decorated for the holidays, it was a feast for the eyes. Then came the food; it was absolutely phenomenal. We had the hushpuppies and coulotte steak with collard greens & potatoes. I don’t even have words to describe how good this was. The steak just fell apart in my mouth and was so savory that my mouth was watering as I ate it. The collard greens were soaked in bacon and will definitely become an obsession. The hushpuppies were slightly sweet & spicy, absolutely delicious. I took the croissant bread pudding to go because I was too full, but I ate some of it as soon as I got home. I have NEVER had a bread pudding so amazing. There was a caramel sauce that is what dreams are made of. I had a daiquiri that was slightly sweet and tart that was drink perfection. Not only was the food a 10/10, but the staff were so friendly and had the comraderie of a family. I really appreciate it when employees clearly love where they work. This is definitely going to be a new favorite. Go for the food, for sure, but also really take in all the details of the decor and building. This place was put together with so much thoughtfulness and love, and it really shows. I can not recommend this place enough. My pictures of the food aren’t great, but I was too busy eating it.

  115. Lauren Lackaff

    I cqlled at 4:00 to make a reservation for 4 people for my dad’s 68th birthday and got a table at 7:00. We arrived at 6:55 and while our table wasn’t ready, we were able to get a round of drinks in the bar. After 20-30 minutes of waiting, our server/manager (?) offered to comp our round of drinks and assured us our table would be ready soon, which was greatly appreciated, and we opted to push 2 tables together and remain in the bar. We continued to have amazing service by the bartender and waitstaff, with great food and drinks! One of the best dining experiences I’ve had in a long time, even though it technically went “wrong”. I would recommend Vieux Carre to anyone and everyone. Thanks for the great night!

  116. Kristine Lackaff

    On a very busy night, the staff and food were phenomenal. The Bacon Wrapped Shrimp w cheesy grits were to die for! All 4 of our meals were excellent!! Go get some!!

  117. Steve H

    We had a group of 6 last Saturday night. I was able to sample all 6 dinners. Every one was solid! I have had my unfair share of New Orleans cuisine. Their take on it offered an interesting, non traditional twist.
    The place had fantastic ambience, the staff was professional and offered great service, and as a bonus, we enjoyed wonderful cocktails. What’s not to love? Plus, at s fair price. We all loved it!

  118. Nick Contabile

    Vieux Carré is among the friend circle favorites, it’s pricing is about right for the caliber of food you’re enjoying but I will say the service can be a tad lack luster during peek hours, I believe this issue to be that they’ve gotten to big for their own good and now they struggle to keep up. I will say that the service is not terrible by any means. The food and drinks are great 😃 Highly recommended.

  119. Chris Nelson

    I’m discusred I payed $30 to taste gater! Was that a 4 ounce portion? The entree was honestly better. Please don’t order the jambb you will be pooping liquid for days. I was willing to taste all the unique ( fun stuff on the menu) top ramen tastes better

  120. Suzie Lam

    The prices are reasonable. I ordered the crawfish etoufee. The flavors were good but the crawfish was so small that it was almost non existence. The clam linguine looked great but the broth was bland.
    The best part of our dinner were the beignet and coffee.
    The service was very good and so was the environment.

  121. Ksanka WM

    Absolutely the best meal I’ve had in Spokane. I can not recommend this place enough. Drinks are perfection. I’m pretty sure I had to remind myself to breath in between bites of their catfish dish.

  122. Kari Hough

    I don’t usually write reviews but the service was so bad I have to say something. We waited 45 minutes before anyone took our food order. It took that entire 45 minutes to get our coffee. We finally got our food at 1 hour 45 mins. Some of the food was ok but most was so bad we couldn’t eat it. I don’t recommend eating here.

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