3615 W Valley Hwy N, Auburn, WA 98001


47.340196745752, -122.24984532141




10:00 am – 6:00 pm


10:00 am – 6:00 pm


10:00 am – 6:00 pm


10:00 am – 6:00 pm


8:00 am – 4:00 pm


8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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West Hill Deli

West Hill Deli Menu

Menu current as of 5/6/2024


Avocado Toast & Egg $6.73
Empanada Beef $6.21
Sausage & Egg Stuffed Biscuit $8.23
Pancit Palabok $12.42


Toasted Coconut Waffle $9.83
Ube Pancake $10.35
Corned Beef Hash $11.38
Ube French Toast $9.83
Plain Pancake (2) $9.83
Ube Pancake (1) $3.62


Crispy Pork Belly Bowl Up $13.45
Pandan Fried Chicken $13.97
Abodo Braised Pork Belly $12.42
Meatloaf Crunch Moco $12.94
Barbecue Brisket Bowl $13.45
Broiled Chicken Inasal $11.38
Teriyaki Chicken $10.87
Pancit $12.42
Palabok $12.42
Karekare $14.00
Sisig $13.00


Roasted Turkey Chop Salad $9.31
Ranch Chicken Salad $10.35
Chicken Caesar $9.31


Peppered Bacon Cheddar & Egg B $10.35
Mushroom Swiss & Onion B $10.35


Longanisa Burrito $10.35
Biscuits & Sausage Gravy $11.38
Classic Benedict $12.42
Eggs Your Way $9.31
Ham & Cheese Omelet $11.38
Pork Belly Benedict $12.94
Spinach & Feta Omelet $10.35
Eggplant Torta With Rice $11.38


Adobo Fried Rice & Eggs $11.90
Beef Steak Tapa & Fried Eggs $12.94
Longanisa & Fried Eggs $10.35
Tocino & Fried Eggs $11.90
Side Tapa $9.83
Side Tocino $7.76
Side Bangus $9.83
Bangsilog $13.97


Vegetarian Meatballs Bowl $10.35
Veggie Burger $10.35


Ube Smoothie $5.18
Taho $5.18
Buko Pandan $5.18
Caramel Banana Smoothie $5.18
Cola Float $4.14
Halo Halo $7.24
Ice Cream Cola Float $4.14
Ice Cream Scoop (Double) $5.95
Ice Cream Scoop (Single) $4.66
Mango Smoothie $5.18
Strawberry Smoothie $5.18


Bibingka $2.07
Ube Cookies $2.59
Spanish Bread $3.11
Mango Crumb Cake $2.33
Ube Crumb Cake $2.59

15 reviews for “West Hill Deli

  1. Carrie DeLeon

    The pandan chicken & ube waffles are always a hit, everyone in my family (especially my daughter) loves them – the syrup ties it together perfectly.
    The avocado toast is just ok, a plain whole wheat slice of bread, about half an avocado, some diced tomato, and scrambled eggs (why?) with a spicy mayo. It would have been better with an overeasy or poached egg. No one asked me, I assumed it would come poached – I bet you could ask for the eggs to be cooked as you like.
    The garlic fried rice only has a light garlic flavor.
    Everyone working there greets you with a smile, classic Filipino hospitality!

  2. Han Chuang

    Small deli that has fantastic Filipino and some more American diner style, but still Filipino inspired. Their Meatloaf Crunch Moco bowl was fantastic.

    Service was a little slow, but that could be mostly attributed to the amount of people there.

  3. Franklin F

    The place was unusually crowded. The food is good. The pricing is reasonable. It seems people order breakfast more like the waffle dishes. The service not as friendly. The “deli” name throws people off – it is not a standard deli so driving by is not ideal, google the restaurant before you come in. You’re not going to expect sub sandwiches

  4. Janine Chinn

    I ordered the special of the day – Uber waffles with pandan (?) chicken. The waffles were tasty and a pretty purple! The chicken was basically a type of fried boneless chicken. I think my chicken was fried too long – it was a little on the burnt side and a bit dry. Other people who ordered the same item had much better looking big pieces of chicken and not as dark as mine.

  5. S.A. J.

    My fave place to eat & get my Filipino food fix whenever I visit the Kent, Washington area.

  6. Alana McDonald

    Everything was delicious!! Will absolutely be coming back next time come to visit Seattle again!

  7. Christy Kang

    4.5 stars: Solid food! Loved just about everything we tried: crispy pork belly bowl up, tocino, pandan chicken and ube waffles, ube pancakes, corned hash. Favorite brunch place in Auburn! Only drawback is their service which is not so responsive but it’s a serve yourself place so it’s somewhat expected.

  8. Stephen P

    It’s so hot in here! Food was good but had issues on both plates. Even if the food was perfect it was really hard to enjoy anything with the temperature inside. It’s over 80 outside, it’s well over 80 inside with no air flow. One of my eggs was undercooked on my Benedict. Hash browns were hash ‘whites’. Wife’s eggs were over cooked, but she loved her food. I just can’t say I’d come back based on how uncomfortable I am sitting here sweating.
    Update: we’ve been back since and as long as the weather is cooler the experience is better. Food was really good.

  9. Peter Park

    I love West Hill Deli and highly recommend this place. It’s conveniently close to my workplace, making it my go-to spot for delicious lunches. Here are some dishes I’ve tried:

    Crispy Pork Bowl: ★★★★★
    My favorite dish with a generous portion. The taste hits the right notes, and true to its name, you get wonderfully crispy pork.

    Kare Kare: ★★★★★
    Definitely worth trying, especially considering the price. Highly recommended.

    Adobo Braised Pork Belly Bowl: ★★★★
    Also a worthwhile choice.

    Chicken Teriyaki: ★★★★
    Perhaps the most affordable Chicken Teriyaki in Auburn. The taste is decent.

    They also offer a selection of Ube desserts. In my opinion, West Hill Deli is the best restaurant in Auburn within its price range.

  10. Kelly Kang

    No frills spot with yummy Filipino fusion food and brunch items, plenty of free parking, and friendly service in a clean environment. We arrived for a late brunch on Sunday, and there were a few open tables. It’s a deli style environment, so you order at the register, they bring the food to your table, and you bus your table. I got the Calamanci juice, which reminded me of my last visit to the Philippines (yum!) We also got the smoked brisket slider (sammie) which came with house made chips and the pandan fried chicken that came with a generous scoop of rice, Mac salad, and picked veggies. Everything was flavorful and delicious. If you’re in the area, it’s well worth a visit! We’ll be back to try other items.

  11. Ivan Lievanos

    Delicious food, great service. Recomend the waffles and chiken.

  12. Jerelyn

    Best ube pancakes 🥞

  13. Krystal Son

    Unique and excellent!

  14. Mike Liu

    Not bad Filipino fusion food. My favorite was the ube pancakes with the ube butter. The food overall was not too bad. I didn’t taste any pandan in the chicken and Benedict’s were okay. They also have an interesting ice cream section which had flavors I haven’t seen before.

  15. Nick Powell

    What a surprise! We just wanted to get breakfast and found the first location we drove by. The food is phemonemal. The ube dishes being the standout, but the rice dishes, eggs, and more were also great. And the staff was all extremely kind.

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