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Zelia’s Cheesesteaks & Subs

Sandwich Shop in Spokane Valley, WA










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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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19 reviews for “Zelia’s Cheesesteaks

  1. Richard Tooley

    I was on my way to another restaurant and saw the sign out front that said cheesesteaks. I immediately began craving a good cheesesteak. I ordered a foot-long with fries and a water. When my food came out they gave me two napkins and one pack of ketchup. I knew I would need more ketchup. I went ahead and ate my fries with the catch-up she provided and then when the single packet ran out I went up to the counter to ask for more catch-up and stood there for over 10 minutes with the owner nowhere to be found. When she finally came to the front I asked for more ketchup and she told me there would be a charge for the catch-up and it would be $.20 for each pack of ketchup. Ketchup is a condiment and should not be an item that is charged for. Then after I sat down after a brief argument over her trying to charge me for ketchup she came over and sat another single packet of ketchup on the table and I refused to take it at that point it was the principle of the matter. Then she went back to the counter and proceeded to discuss our argument with the next customer in line describing that I was dipping every single fry and ketchup which last I checked is what the ketchup is for is to dip your fries in it. It was extremely unprofessional to discuss our encounter with other customers standing at the register and I certainly will not be returning back to his business. Restaurants are a dime a dozen in to try and charge somebody for catch-up or any other condiments is completely unrealistic.

  2. Joe Grieshaber

    Hands down one of my favorite cheese steaks in Spokane. The owners are extremely pleasant people that always have a smile on their face. The store is always clean and pleasant. Every time I come in here I’m greeted with a smile. The food is amazing and reasonably priced. It’s all cooked to order so you’re not getting lukewarm ingredients that have been sitting out all day. They carry RC cola which is pretty cool. Definitely worth checking them out!

  3. Nathan Mccargish

    I’ve driven past this place so many times and wanted to stop, today I finally did and I’m happy I did. The Sullivan cheese steak is super yummy! Owners we’re very nice also

  4. Ron Passmore

    By far the best cheesesteak I’ve ever had.

  5. Svetlana Krupko

    By far the best cheesesteaks I’ve had! Great place, amazing food, and the sweetest owners:)

  6. Thomas Farrish

    The best cheesesteak (get the Sally’s) in Spokane and quite possibly WA! The owners are very pleasant people who bring a charm reminiscent of a generation gone. As I sat and waited for my order, the sounds from the other people eating were nothing but moans of pleasure and comments about how good the food is. Definitely recommend this place and I will be back for sure – and soon! *no photo because I inhaled mine

  7. Sean Bahr

    Just had the 12 inch Sally’s special and it was delicious. This is going to be my new favorite place. One of the best cheesesteaks I’ve had in a long time. Cannot wait to go back.

  8. b204life1

    First time there and the French dip is amazing would definitely go back

  9. Joel Harding

    Ordered 4 Large Sally specials and ended up getting there right before they were about to close, let me in and had all my food hot and ready waiting for me, 5/5 stars every time, great food and even better service!!!

  10. M k

    Ohh man!! BEST CHEESE STEAK PERIOD.. fresh bread, delicious ingredients, owned by couple of amazing people that been in the spot for over 17 years!! give it a go you would not regret it.

  11. Zach Dennis

    I’m not sure how accurate the other reviews are that rave about how nice and sweet the couple that own this shop are. I haven’t met another business that openly treats their customers worse and is as disorganized as they are.

    The hours are very inconsistent and do not coincide with google, yelp, or anything online, so don’t assume they are open at their posted hours. The owners are both incredibly rude and the entire experience was just off. After the lady at the counter inspected my credit card for three minutes (why are you reading the cc numbers??) and glared at us while we were waiting for our food, I knew this would be my last time coming to Zelia’s. After 30 minutes in an empty shop the food was finally ready. Overall, the food was decent, but the service and sketchy behavior from the owners was shocking… The atmosphere was similar to the movie Get Out. So if that sounds like a good time then this is the perfect spot for you.

  12. Sandy Balch

    Very delicious, pleasant older couple manage the business! Best cheese steak ive ever had!

  13. Taila Bold

    These sandwiches are so very good. However, if you’re on a lunch break you’ll use your whole hour waiting. One guy makes one sandwich at a time. I came in a couple months back (after being in 3 mo ths before and waiting q hour 10 mins for my order … there were 5 orders before mine) and was told it would be 45 mins … left without. Was told to order online so it will be ready. Ordered 35 minutes before I was to be there today, was 10 mins late … and it hadn’t been started. This was at 11am, before they were terribly busy. Listened to the couple argue the whole time and was told that next time I need to call at 9:30 in the morning for an 11:30 pick up and “Sorry, not my fault”. Even as good as the food is … I won’t be back.

  14. James Garmon

    Very nice old folks. Very good food, but super poorly kept inside area.

  15. David Whooley

    Excellent sandwiches. Great service. Will definitely have again.

  16. Barbara Robinson

    The Italian chicken cheese steak (no pepperoni) food was delicious and seasoned very well. The bread was freshly baked and very soft. My friend and I couldn’t stop talking about how delicious our food was.

  17. Chanda Muse

    I don’t like to leave bad reviews as I have family in the restaurant industry but here we are. I ordered online from Zelias website, which I also noted on signage when I picked up my food. I was scolded because apparently the price of the onion rings was wrong on the website and they were actually $2 more than what I paid. They were the only thing I ended up eating. After the woman complained some more about what she would or would not be paying taxes on, she handed me my food. I didn’t pay through their own website mind you, but in person. She was shaking her head angrily the whole time while ringing me up and muttering under her breath. Not sure why or how I was such an annoyance to her??? I was smiling and polite throughout and even gave her a tip. I took my food to go. By the time I got back to my office the bread of the cheesesteak was completely soaked through with grease and was soggy. And the sandwich had no flavor whatsoever. So disappointing. She gave me a number to call in the future if I wanted to order from them again. Tossed it in the bin with the sandwich. Won’t be going back.

  18. Haleigh Wayne

    Do not come here unless you want to spend 25 minutes waiting for a sub sandwich. It’s run by an elderly couple. Only the husband cooks and he cooks one order at a time. So unless you got infinite time so spare I suggest going else where. Then when I got home they forgot the mustard on my sandwich and it was dry and gross. Don’t come here.

  19. tmlangan

    Came in today around 2pm. There was no line and only took 10 minutes to receive my order. I’ve waited much longer at jersey mikes. Had there been a line perhaps maybe 20 minutes. Big deal. For the taste and flavor it is well worth it. The all meat is incredible. The sausage and pepperoni complements the cheesesteak so well, with just the right amount of spice. The couple that owns this place is a delight. It will be a sad day when they have to shut this lovely place down. Please let us know well before you do!! Thank you both for an incredible experience!!

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