15808 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99037


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Zip’s Drive-In

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  

63 reviews for “Zip’s Drive-In

  1. J P

    Took about 45 minutes to get through the drive through, no one was wearing a mask as mandated, there was no salt on the fries and they forgot our sauces. I used to absolutely love this place but the last few times were terrible.

  2. Emily Fischer

    I won’t be going back to this location. I got a 6 piece chicken basket. They didn’t give me a couple of my chickens and this is what I get for fries. Definitely not worth over $11. Very angry. Everything was cold and gross. The guy at the first drive thru window spilled our drink and started cussing. I’m not happy with the service I received. Don’t go to this location.

  3. Chris Gagnon

    Had their Fish and Chips (Cod)
    with a side of onion rings. But they were so greasy, fish
    was overcooked and everything else was just to greasy.

  4. Alejandra Vargas

    Will not be going back to this location. On top of having to wait 25 minutes for my food in the drive thru, all of the workers were very rude, especially Phillip who took my order on the headset. He sounded very unprofessional and was very impolite. They also forgot to give me a root beer float I had ordered and I had to wait an extra 10 minutes for the employees to run back and forth to each other and try and find out what size I had ordered. I have never had such bad service at a Zip’s until I started going to this location. Will not be going back.

  5. Kathleen Wieber

    I have really enjoyed all Zips in Idaho. Every location has had a friendly staff with a happy spirit and welcoming.

    I like their ice cream cone- swirl! Yum!

    Double bacon cheeseburger with fries and fry sauce.

  6. Sam Hobbs

    Amazing shake and my favorite fries out of any fast food restaurant! Good cheeseburger too.

  7. sarah hobbs

    Ordered popcorn chicken, two big pieces were raw.
    The tater tots were soggy, barely cooked, and shoved so hard into a bag they all squished together.

    This is the worst food I’ve ever had from zips.

  8. Dan Wells

    Was an excellent change from the standard fast food joints. Everyone in my group left full and happy. Prices are super reasonable. Will definitely be back.

  9. E Davis

    We got the family meal with 4 papa Joe’s. The service wasn’t that friendly which may explain the amount of people here compared to other chains. I really hope they stick around such a local area icon.

  10. Ladonna Kelley

    We ordered two belly buster sandwiches and received two wrangler burgers. We ordered two cheeseburgers and got to hamburgers. Drive through.. not what we ordere! No more zips for us.

  11. WaterMELon

    This Zips still open and when we went through the drive through the employees turned off the lights, and left the intercom silent wouldn’t let us give our order. We wanted some late night hurricanes but they failed to meet our expectations. Also we heard yelling within the zips and felt uncomfortable so we left. I hope this helps anyone questioning the reliability and costumer service of this establishment.

  12. Nicholas Bailey

    Burger was really good, French fries definitely could have cooked a few more minutes.

  13. Tracy Barraza

    So much better than the Q. The service is good. The servers are friendly and the ice cream cones are yummy.

  14. Dan Wing

    Terrible service and rude employee at drive through, will not be visiting this zips again

  15. Seriously Kidding

    Asked for no mayo.. got the driest burger outside of the Sahara desert. Zero ketchup packets even though we asked for them. $20 for two of the worst burgers ever.

  16. Richard Ridgeway

    I love zips. When I am in need of all of the calories… I get them here. My go to is a wrangler + mayo and an order of deep fried mushrooms with tartar sauce. Prices are a little higher than their national counterparts, but I don’t mind the extra dough to get their tastey tastey food.

  17. henry McGuire

    I was only person inside building they took my order.. two cheeseburgers and tub of fries took 30 minutes while I stood there and waited. One of the cooks and the gal that took my order were arguing back and fourth about something that I didn’t need to hear. Food was getting cold by the time I received it. Sad but true ill never go to this zip’s location again. Very disappointed with the service. Un believable.

  18. Gary Smith

    Usually okay food. They are expensive. I used to go a lot more. 2.80$ for a not so large Pepsi. Good cheeseburgers! Okay service…

  19. Carolyn Summers

    visited again 4/8/22 went in after waiting in non moving drive through for 10 minutes specially asked for crispy onion rings & tub of fries got a LG size fry and a ball of soggy onion rings- called and the manager (kid) started laughing at my complaint.
    4/5/22 went drive through 3 nights ago soggy fries and they didn’t give me the large drink

    Usually great food but last 2 of 3 visits were soggy fries & onion rings

  20. OtherMe


  21. Charlie Johnson

    Got thru drive thru real fast
    And im not sure what happened but my turkey club was awful and no napkins in bag

  22. Bryan Clapp

    I waited in Line and was expecting to have a decent meal but was disappointed with the two cCheese Burgers that were on the menu. There was no pickles and the buns Were dry. As far as I’m concerned Zips Don’t got it!!

  23. Debra Day

    My favorite fast food place, staff are always friendly and helpful.

  24. Vic Crouch

    I hadn’t been into Zip’s for years and not much had changed. Food and prices were both good.

  25. Rez Guy

    Use to like going here but the quality in food and employees has gone down hill.

  26. Niki Butler

    Got there at 8:40pm doors were locked and 3 people sitting inside eating. Checked the time on the door and say closes at 10pm. No closed sign on any the doors

  27. Samara Kelly

    THEY ARE ALWAYS SO SLOW!!! I have watched people drive away mad every time i go there!

  28. meshil franseen

    Absolute worst Zips I’ve ever been to. Absolute worst. Orders are never right and employees will literally argue with you and slam the window in your face if you demand they fix their error. I’ve been in this store more than once and the order is never right. Take the extra drive further west to a different Zip’s and avoid the issues.

  29. Amy Bailey

    I love Zip’s

  30. Christian Kittel

    Very good burger

  31. Lori Blackwell

    Good service, good food

  32. Tiffany Klauba

    My father and I both got sick after eating here – 12 hours later and it’s the only thing we ate in common and we do not reside in the same house so definitely not a stomach bug.

  33. Neo Frost

    Pickles were dry and my burgers had dry buns and mold on them (granted I had already eaten 2 before I noticed) next thing I know I got food poisoning and I’m bed bound…..I’m absolutely disgusted and I’m writing this review from bed…..I’d been puking all day and I missed work and my step kid missed school

  34. angel steed

    This place is a mess the person at the counter was weird and didn’t get anything I told him were deaf and he didn’t listen got our order wrong 3 times and forgot our drink when I got my sundae it was watered down and k gave it to his coworker and said what is this I wanted a sundae and that she said I’m so sorry I’ll fixe that for you and started yelling at him took use forever to get our stuff and get out of there

  35. Korey Devine

    It’s Zip’s. If you’re from here, you love it or not. I love it and I’m not gonna Apologize!!!
    Just put your pretentious nature to the side and munch a double. Do it in your car, alone and in the dark. Make a mess and don’t give af. Celebrate deliciously unhealthy.

    Personally, I eat all my feelings in the Zip’s parking lot. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

  36. Misty Jacobs

    Love their huckleberry vanilla swirl cones. Only place in town with this year round!

  37. K.O.

    The young people who work here are so nice and efficient. Food is good too!

  38. Jake Devlan

    I’ve no car, and a person not able to order and pay for food because of this to recieve no service, ain’t what being American is about! Grow a pair!

  39. Josh Tully

    It’s a burger….I believe independently owned, every tarter sauce is different

  40. Michael Williams

    Just don’t, they couldn’t get a burger order right if they had a pop-up book to tell them how

  41. michael councilor

    All I ever see is bunch of kids hanging out. And that’s the service ur going to get. Food is inconsistent, service is the worst I’ve experienced in this whole town. Anytime of day inside or drive thru takes 30 min to get ur food. I’m a huge fan of every other zips I’ve been too except this one…

  42. James Garmon

    This place is just notorious for taking forever. My most recent visit I had only two cars in front of me and was in line for 18 minutes. There is a reason I rarely have gone there, just happened to be in the area. Food was acceptable when I got it. Fries were already getting cold.

  43. Ann McLaughlin-Metting

    Went through drive-thru and staff was efficient, courteous, and food was great.

  44. dawg washington

    Still one of the best place to eat. Always good to come back and go straight to Zip for good food.

  45. tracy fitterer

    Yummy papa joe!

  46. Jason Mansfield

    Always good food every time we visit the area.

  47. Ashley Farnsworth

    I wanted to go out for a nice lunch at zips, i enjoyed the food it was served hot and fresh. Always love zips crinkle cut fries with fry sauce!! Staff was really friendly and made it a great experience for me 😊

  48. SV

    Pay your worker better! With such a big franchise around town! Why dont owners improve the conditions of the work place!

  49. Chrome Sapper

    So went back tonight and what a difference from my last review!!!! Food (3 dbl cheese burgers and fries) was to served in less than 7 min. It was hot, well cooked and tasty! NICE JOB

    3 weeks prior…….
    So hit a bad night, it took 1hr from the payment window to getting food at the other window. Good news burgers were hot and good (except 1 slightly undercooked). Bad news they must have loaded the fries first cause they were cold. Actually went in the store from the drive through to see what was up. No explanation other than the food was now ready. The other cars ahead seemed to go ok. Took 10min from the order speaker to the payment window then all slowed way down. So there you go. We said a prayer for the staff that they get through the rest of the night ok.

  50. E. C.

    I should’ve just walked out before ordering! Very dysfunctional, nobody came to the counter to help us right away. The cook was constantly yelling for help and yelling at her coworker’s to take our order. There was so much cursing. (I had my grandkids with me). Since we were already inside we put in our orders. Our chicken strips and fries were so greasy we just couldn’t eat it. As we were getting ready to leave I noticed the kitchen area, how dirty it looked. That’s when I seen another employee sweeping and touching garbage but never washing her hands🤢. We’re Never coming here to eat again!!

  51. Kenneth Drobny

    What can you say about Zips…decades of great food and wonderful service! Always clean with a winning attitude! Burgers and fries are great, and the fish and chips…wow!

  52. William Rawley

    I don’t usually get burgers here. Their fish & chips is great! Milkshakes are awesome and the tarter sauce is the best! Drive-thru service is fast & efficient!

  53. Amy Nicole

    I never leave reviews but I just left the drive thru, there was no line but I had to wait a couple minutes before being greeted, which was no big deal. They didn’t have ranch but offered jalapeño ranch instead. I ordered mozzarella sticks that weren’t even cooked. The cheese itself was not cooked and the breading was lukewarm. They didn’t give the ranch but instead tarter sauce, not ideal for mozzarella sticks.

  54. Ed Freeman

    Went for shakes. Hit the spot and each flavor was on point


    Worst zips I’ve ever been to. I never leave reviews that are negative. But it’s sad that I ordered a meal for myself and my girlfriend only to get home to find out that my order is wrong (they missed the fry’s). No big deal I’ll just head out and grab what was missed and not even complaine about it. Left my house whent back to this zips and then ordered a tub of Fry’s extra crispy. I get home thinking everything would be good…. And here I am with fry’s that are old and squishy, not only that the tub is half full. Not to mention I had to walk-in for them to fix the order before I left the first time. They forgot my girlfriends ice cream, soda, and fries to begin with. Working at a burger joint isn’t hard I know from experience I worked at zips when I was in highschool. It’s just sad that the standards aren’t held anymore in one of Eastern Washington most iconic Burger spots.

  56. Jeff F. Olson

    Maybe not Zip’s fault, but the fish & chips were absolutely horrible.

    Due to new, inflationary pricing, this was really hard to ‘stomach’ – – literally.

    I’m Not going to pay these prices specifically and in general for fast food much, if at all.

  57. darklampshade

    I used to love Zips food. I’m not sure what has happened but it’s changed for the worst. I have stopped going. It’s to bad. Used to be the best.

  58. Samantha Wickstrom

    Apparently it’s okay to feed customers undercooked food. When asked to fix the issue I get more undercooked food. Fries are not meant to be translucent and saturated in oil. Stop pulling them early because you are busy! Glad I was able to get hot cooked fries with my cold burger!

  59. daniel stickney

    Best zips in the Spokane county

  60. karl womack

    came in 25 minutes before closing they gave me a burger that had been sitting for at least an hour ordered large fry and got about 8 fries this place is run down and makes sense why they cant find employees go to any other Zips!

  61. Brian Romero

    Once again every time I find her they cannot serve something, this time they can’t fry the fish, super frustrating when there’s an issue every visit, WILL NOT BE BACK TO THIS LOCATION

  62. Kersten Huit

    Been eating zips all my life but found out I have coeliac a while back. Realized tonight they have gf buns!! It’s so good. I’m so excited.

  63. Mustang cis

    Always great food

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