About PNW Menus


What is PNW Menus?

PNW Menus, started over 10 years ago, is a restaurant directory for the Pacific Northwest.  Since then, the website had undergone some minor and major format changes.

Who is PNW Menus?

Hi, my name is S. Smith and PNW Menus is my website.  I am a disabled vet who just very recently retired from the normal daily 9 – 5 grinds.  For the past 10 years since I created PNW Menus, it had always been just a past time hobby of mine.  Now that I’m no longer working due to my disabilities, I can apply most of my time making PNW Menus to be one of the more popular websites when diners are browsing for their next dining out experience.

The Purpose of PNW Menus

The reason why I created PNW Menus was because I love to visit small mom and pop restaurants, but couldn’t find any menus online.  Today, there are many popular restaurant directories online, some are a lot more popular than PNW Menus.  Most of them are national directories and cover most of the states in the U.S.

How PNW Menus is Different from Other Restaurant Directories

PNW Menu is a local directory that focused on the State of Washington, because I currently live in Auburn, Washington.

The one thing I had noticed that I can improve on to provide a better directory service than those popular sites is the pictures of the food offered.  Some may have close to a hundred photos on the site, but many are either duplicated dishes, half-eaten food, unclear pictures, etc.  I have tried to put as many varieties of pictures of the dishes that are offered as possible to give my visitors a general overview of the food that are offered by the restaurants.

Last of all, in order to keep menus and prices up-to-date, please feel free to send a picture of the menu so that the directory can stay current for visitors.