721 M St NE #103, Auburn, WA 98002


47.315043689444, -122.21440909256


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


4:00 pm – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


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Aberdeen Cafe

Chinese Restaurant in Auburn, WA


15 reviews for “Aberdeen Cafe

  1. Benson Hsu

    Very great place
    Traditional Chinese foods
    Owner is lovely and friendly
    Foods are ridiculously awesome!!!!

  2. J B

    The food is soooooooo authentic and bring back all great memories of Hong Kong. Please give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Maddi Stine

    My husband and I have lived on Lea Hill for 4 years and had no idea this gem was here. We love any sort of Asian cuisine and this quickly became our favorite Chinese food in the area. So happy we finally stumbled into this place!

  4. H. S.

    The nicest owners. Dim sum is good! Authentic Hong Kong food. Our new favorite place.

  5. Robert Hall

    Well, the food is decent if you don’t mind finding hair in your shrimp dumplings (twice). The boba tapioca tastes like licorice (if you like licorice). Unfortunately, I am a big proponent of supporting local businesses, but unfortunately, I will NOT be back.

  6. Elizabeth Garvin

    The beef curry was delicious, with very tender beef and large potato chunks. The sweet chili chicken was crispy, good flavor. We’ll return!

  7. Minnie Mitchell

    Aberdeen cafe authentic chinese food with great flavors!!! food is excellent the owners take their time to make the food. dim sum is yummy yummy!! must try everything ….is great. so good i am here 4 days out of the 7 days. Best Best Best Food

  8. Rebecca Lockhart

    First time having full breakfast here and I loved it. Huge portions.

  9. Annie

    If I could give this place 6 stars I would. Mainly because it’s the one and only authentic Hong Kong restaurant in all of the South Seattle / Auburn area. There’s one other dim sum place in Federal Way but the shumai, pork buns, sticky rice, and spare ribs here are just delicious. You’d have to drive to Chinatown to get something similar. The scrambled eggs and shrimp were perfect consistency and lightly seasoned, so if you’re a heavy salt person maybe order something else.

    We tried calling a few times but they never picked up their phone. Finally learned why when we went in person to try it out. The owners are more elderly and aren’t fluent in English. But be kind since their food is wonderful. Just point to what you want on the menu. I think it might also be possible to text order – will update this review whenever I learn how it works.

  10. Ben Rashid

    I just went here for the first time and I wished I had gotten more food. The bbq pork buns are the best I’ve ever had and the place was very clean, nice decor, staff friendly. Sadly there was no other customers there at lunchtime. I will definitely be coming back!

  11. Julianne Tran

    Delicious and cutest little beef hot pot 😋 we also got dim sum to go. Everything tasted amazing!

  12. Jerad

    The absolute best dim sum in Auburn! The service was a bit slow, but when I came in there was but one person taking orders cooking the food, and serving. The restaurant seemed clean enough and has an excellent food health safety rating.

  13. Chris Lenzi

    Dim sum anytime! Yum yum. Very tasty and easy to notice the care put into their cooking.

  14. Anne Weingart

    One, very sweet, person taking orders, serving, cooking. Would have preferred someone explain the menu options. Food was really good, need more staff. I will keep going back, just to order, and try other options.

  15. C VH

    Been wanting to try this place for a while but compared to other dim sum places I hesitated because of pricing. I finally got a chance to the other day and it did not disappoint. I got there at 1300 and no waiting. Was greeted promptly and shown a table. Menu provided as well as hot tea. I ordered a few basic items because I knew my kiddos would not forgive me if I went to dim sum with out them. Beef balls, Pork dumplings, shrimp dumplings, Sui Mai, sticky rice wrapped in lotus, spare ribs, Char siu Bao. Glancing at the menu they also had main entrees, that will be for another day. I asked for chili oil, they bought over the vinegar also. I asked for rice cake but the sweet owner said they only have sponge cake on the menu… it’s ok, not a deal breaker I was just hoping because I grew up in HAwaii and that is a flash back from my childhood. I needed a dessert so I ordered the bubble drinks for the kiddos. They ran out of the boba but had jelly so jelly it is. Overall there was no left overs and family gave it a thumbs up. The items were fresh not frozen. 1 person taking orders, cooking ,so expect to chill for a bit. It was a nice relaxing experience and I enjoyed every moment knowing I didn’t have to leave Auburn to find dim sum. Thank you Aberdeen Cafe.

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