831 S Main St Suite M, Deer Park, WA 99006


47.944755199948, -117.47566806686


11:30 am – 10:00 pm


11:30 am – 10:00 pm


11:30 am – 10:00 pm


11:30 am – 10:00 pm


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Masters Brewhouse

Traditional American in Deer Park, WA


39 reviews for “Masters Brewhouse

  1. Ellen Lentz

    AMAZING food and fun place to go

  2. Becca Howden

    Awesome food, drinks & atmosphere.

  3. Melissa Villegas

    This brew house and restaurant has an interesting atmosphere and excellent food. I ordered their blue burger and my brother order corn chowder. The burgers are hands down among the best I have ever had. Service was limited to the bartender and so it was only fair. A burger, 2 beers, an iced tea and a bowl of chowder @ lunch was $40. I am dieing to return for thier burgers!

  4. Nicole Zerba

    This was our first time at Masters Brewhouse and I was surprised at the size of the Brewhouse! It is tucked in between other businesses in Deer Park but once you are inside, you forget what is on the outside! We really enjoyed our beer and both of us had the Bleu cheese burger. The parmesean cheese fries were amazing! Staff was friendly and attentive…we got to listen to people song karaoke later on in the night. We had a great time!

  5. Melissa Mendoza

    Love everything on their menu. Homemade soup everyday. Today was clam chowder. The best I have ever had.

  6. Roy Seely

    Great food, exceptional service, relaxing atmosphere! Will return again and again!

  7. Ryan Besenyody

    Fantastic food, beer, and atmosphere. The staff and owners are all amazing.

  8. The 8-Track

    I legitimately like this bar, great food, kind staff.
    However, I also consistently get the slowest service. Even when sitting at the bar, sometimes even sitting there with no food or drink in front of me for 15 minutes just waiting for my bill. Would be a solid 5 stars if the service wasn’t consistently slow .

  9. rebecca lupinacci

    Delicious! The giant 10oz pretzel really hit the spot. I had to kill a little time while my daughter was visiting a friend and this was a great spot to relax have a snack. They aLso had live music that was incredible

  10. Ted Brown

    Great beer and atmosphere! Makes you want you tell “Norm!” When someone walks in…

    Update:. Just had lemon basil cider, Parm fries, pickle fries, and beer batter soup… Omg! So good. You should go and eat the food and drink…

  11. Erik C

    Damn good food and solid beer offerings.

  12. Nicholas Allard

    Amazing food and great service!

  13. Tracy Kelly

    Food is always amazing! Great beer options, and kid friendly. We go every time we are in Deer Park.

  14. Sierra A

    Omg!! This place is so good! We live just south of Deer Park and are always looking for new places to try. I really think the food here is excellent! We had their special – the wagyu burger with fries. SOOOOO tasty, honestly one of the best burgers I have ever had! Also their fries are super good!

    AND TRY A PRETZEL IF YOU GO! Whats better than a pretzel with mustard and cheese?

    We have been here twice and will be back 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  15. Denise Albrecht

    Wonderful food every time we come in. Never disappointed!

  16. IronRod

    What a find! If you’re in the mood for burgers and sandwiches, this is a place you definitely need to check out. My wife had the Cuban and she said it was the best she’s had since her visit to “little Cuba” in Florida. I had the “Jam Packed Burger” and it was cooked perfect! I asked for “well, no pink” and that’s exactly how it came — it wasn’t a charcoal patty, was cooked through, was soft and tasty. One of the best burgers I’ve had.

  17. Samantha Dorony

    Amazing food, great spot, thumbs up to the cooks and the staff. This place rocks.

  18. Heather Grant

    Always great food and the staff is awesome!

  19. Sai Lakewolf

    Excellent place, excellent people, excellent service. Ceiling lights are a little cold in color, might make the place feel even better if they were warmer. Try the burgers!!!

  20. Sandy Johnston

    I would give this place more stars if I could. We had 2 cheese burgers with garlic fries to go. Seriously one of the best burgers we’ve ever had.
    I had a glass of their Locals Lite beer while I waited for our food. I loved it. Service was GREAT! Our new FAVORITE place! We will definitely be back!!

  21. Raymond Lusk

    Went in for their Taco Tuesday and trivia night. Tacos were so full of oil from being either fried or deep fried that they were inedible. They served with veggies on the side Street Taco style but with them being deep-fried there was no way to put them on the taco. Like pulling apart a grilled cheese sandwich. Ended up having to remove the filling and eat it like veggie covered dog food. My wife had the “ultimate bacon cheese burger.” There was so much liquid cheese on it that you couldn’t even pick it up. If you need a fork and knife to eat it, it isn’t a burger. Other than to grab a decent beer, I wouldn’t recommend it.

  22. Jim C

    Finally got in as this place is usually packed and for good reason. We had a party of four with each getting something different. Not one of us were displeased. The simplicity of the brat with the hoagie roll made it perfect. No need to hide anything with a bunch of junk. I was pleased with the chocolate bacon and got two more to join the crew who thought it was great. Nice atmosphere and the waitress was top notch. We will return just in off hours…

  23. erin haney

    The best burgers!!

  24. Jason Quigley

    We went here for the first time with our 7 and 4 year old kids for lunch. Great family atmosphere, it had a pinball machine, a couple arcade games, and 2 pool tables. The food was great, and the service was friendly.

  25. Shawn Lombardi

    Great for a party, this was our third time going as a large group and always very pleasant, excellent food, great service, variety of drinks on tap can’t be beat. I will be returning!!!

  26. C CzMiller

    Most of my group ate in, but due to the wait, two of us ended up getting ours to go. Our server was very accommodating but she seemed overwhelmed. She was the only server I saw waiting on at least 50 people. Apparently I ordered the wrong thing. Everyone that ordered a burger was happy. I ordered the soup, salad and breadstick. I opted for the chili instead of soup. It was soupy and mainly consisted of peppers and onions. A LOT of bell peppers. My salad came looking old and brown and I was given the wrong dressing. The breadstick was meh. The server forgot to put my salad and breadstick in the to-go bag, so I had to ask for it, which constituted a little further wait. They DO offer a military discount, which is always appreciated. All in all, my meal was completely forgettable and unappetizing. I hate spending $16 on a meal only to throw it in the trash. Out of the 10 people in my party, the 3 adults and 2 kids that ordered burgers were satisfied with their food.

  27. Sccimar Ramiccs

    Masters has expended a lot since first opening. lots more room. nice atmosphere, and excepting/accommodating children. We went for my wife birthday so we had a larger party of about 10.

    Great selection of beers and ciders. Poisonberry was very tasty as well as the barrel stout.

    the food and service is where I felt like this placed lacked. Either short staffed or maybe our party was too much I’m not sure. we had 2 people in our party have our drinks brought out way late. most of the rest of our table was almost done with the first round before we even had ours. Not as delayed as our food times, (see later in review) But long enough to make a difference. Apparently they were sitting at the bar but the server forgot or wasn’t’ enough people to bring it.

    they did accommodate one person in our party for an allergy which we loved. Their food was good, however when it was brought to our table, it was warm at best; and the fries were cold. Food was also brought at way different times. About 20-30min difference between when the first people at our table got food and when the last people got theirs. I realize we are a big party but it makes the eating experience tainted when the first half of the table is done eating and the second half hasn’t gotten their food yet.

    I would take with review with some salt as we where a larger party, and the experience may have been better with a smaller group.

  28. Ari Alvarez

    Impressive menu and location. Better than many brewhouses in Spokane.

  29. william lee

    Really cool place. We booked the “party room” for a meeting. Perfect place for any casual get-together.

  30. Rachel Dehn

    Good food, great service, good family pub.

  31. Lisa A

    I am grateful that they have kombucha as a beverage choice, just make sure to tell them no ice tho! The Cuban was not the same as a year ago when it was sliced bread, better quality meat, and was made in a panini press. This one was sub sandwich bread that was grilled. Soooo much better the other way!

  32. Jack Young

    Boss took me too lunch while at work. Best cheeseburger I’ve ever had. And those fries🤤🤤🤩
    I don’t drink much, but they had a great selection and I had a local brew, forgot the name but it was pretty damn good 👍 me and my lady are going back asap😁

  33. Alias Flashcball

    Really nice people cold beer good food. Today a little different! Extremely slow service for a small crowd of customers!

  34. No Matt (No-No)

    Descent place good service. The Brothers should be proud.

  35. Mary Norris

    Loved the atmosphere, and the blonde waiter was nice. But she seems all over the place. There was no structure to the waiters service. We came in before this big group of people yet the waiters both of them got their others first before ours. When we ordered drinks my daughter getting get hers for about 5+mins after ours. Then my daughter got her meal a good ten minutes before ours so she as a four year old ready to go before we even tryed ours. I asked for medium rare didn’t get medium, the bun was burned.
    The good things: sauces were great and the drinks were good. The blonde waiter was nice and charming while the other waiter looked like she hated being there but was supper nice to the big group of people.
    The burger was actually pretty good even with it being not how I wanted it. The fries are great too.
    So in conclusion, the waiters need maybe assigned tables so they don’t get overwhelmed and forget things. Food is good. I would maybe just go on a slow time not lunch time or dinner lol

  36. Ron Spradling

    Food is always good. Service was lacking on the last visit.

  37. Ken Hoekema

    The beer and service were great and we loved the look of the place. But, oh that burger. I can’t wait to come back!

  38. chris coffey

    Excellent craft beers, food was excellent as well, & the wait staff were seriously awesome! Highly recommended.

  39. Maria Swinger-Inskeep

    Pickle fries and chili were superb!

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