322 East Heron Street, Aberdeen, WA 98520


46.975465401916, -123.81375457758


9:00 am – 9:00 pm


9:00 am – 9:00 pm


9:00 am – 9:00 pm


9:00 am – 9:00 pm


9:00 am – 9:00 pm


9:00 am – 9:00 pm


9:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Billy’s Bar & Grill

Traditional American Restaurant in Aberdeen, WA











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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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41 reviews for “Billy’s Bar & Grill

  1. Scott Thurnau

    Fun place

  2. Stan Holder

    I went for breakfast. Service was great, and the food was good too.

  3. Eileen Kelly-Meyer

    Great food, fantastic service and absolutely the best fries! We’ll be back for sure next time we’re in the area.

  4. David Ryan

    Awesome place!

  5. Debbie ODell

    Didn’t make it past entryway. After calling and asking if could accommodate a very large person & large wheelchair & told yes, clearly the 2 aisles available to go down too narrow & the one spot next to entrance would block customers in & staff seeming to not really care…we left.

  6. Bellinda Gallien

    Jalapeno corn chowder was AMAZING!

  7. J.Douglas Brady

    I asked for the onion rings extra crispy and they were perfect. Just right. Most places they ignore your request but these were great. I’ll be back for more

  8. Steve Peterson

    Love going there! If you are wanting to wrap your lips around the tastiest French dip sandwich this is the place for you, ask for Ghost cheese it’s hot but very good. Guarentee you will be back.
    Bon Appetit.

  9. Lisa Petrich

    Good food! Good service, small portions for the money.

  10. michelle Spies

    Food was ok, atmosphere was ok, staff was very nice

  11. Len Poole

    Nice little place food was good staff was friendly

  12. tonya Marie

    Good food and waitress was fun and nice and fun as you can tell she enjoys her job

  13. Steven Williams

    3.5 Stars. Place was busy!!!! I had a steak that was a little tough and Stringy. Mashed Tater and gravy was good. Clam Chowder was good. Service was so so, but very busy. Not many options in Aberdeen for a sit down dinner…..

  14. James Koval

    Food was delicious and the staff was amazing and the atmosphere of this location made my experience there so much better. Will be going back next time I’m over this way.

  15. richard barber

    Had the Smoothered Chicken. Simple, but very good. With mashed potatoes and gravy. I recommend it, highly.

  16. Michael Taylor

    Awesome food and service

  17. Betty Finley

    The service was great and the food was even better

  18. Chris Dail

    A cool space that wasn’t too crowded when we were there. Service was super fast and very friendly. We really enjoyed our waitress. The food came fast, the portions were generous, the mimosas were large, and everything was delicious. We had breakfast – biscuits and gravy, eggs, sausage, hash browns and breakfast potatoes all on point. I wish we lived closer so we could go more often!

  19. Ed Gegen

    Very good food. Friendly service. Priced right. Chicken can salad is huge. Could be shared

  20. RoJo's Reviews

    Great atmosphere, Awesome friendly service. Delicious breakfast at a reasonable price.

  21. Jason Rissmann

    Whoooo!! Amazing burgers with toasted buns . nice setting for family and sports fans as well. There is usually some tvs going with football or baseball games on. Must try the pretzel bites with beer cheese sauce😊

  22. Ricky Mhahute

    Some of the best chili I’ve had in a long time. Cornbread muffin was worth the $10. Chicken fried steak and gravy was great.

  23. larry banks

    Very good burger and jalapeno corn chowder. Good service. Would reccomend.

  24. Rita DePoule

    Steak was great, potato must have been held in warming place for a long time and the broccoli was overcooked and inedible.

  25. Jesse Warren

    French Dip! If you’re on your way to the ocean stop here if you want one. It’s better than the french dips in ocean shores. Good flavor and crisp fries with a nice sprinkle of sea salt!

  26. Kristina Fischer

    We were driving through and decided to stop after we saw all the good reviews. Maybe I expected too much but this is all deep fried food that cost alot of money. My daughter had a seafood platter for 24.99 and it was nothing but fried fish nothing fresh. It’s fine for someone who likes fried food but it’s definitely not something I would recommend for a family lunch. Reviews are definitely misleading on this one.

  27. Carol Blaine

    absolutely fabulous meal – clam chowder excellent and navy bean one of the best – will need to come back again and have a drink – cool historical building and staff caring and attentive 👍

  28. Lost River Photography

    The staff were friendly but that was really the only good thing about our visit. The two tables next to us which were seated after us all got their meals before our appetizer even showed up. We barely got started on that appetizer before our entrees arrived. My burger was luke warm and my wife’s French Dip was hard and dried out both meals felt like they had been sitting for a while prior to being brought to us. Sadly probably won’t be back.

  29. Rosanna Boulton

    Great diner food and drinks. Fast and friendly service. We started with Cajun tater tots and then moved on to grilled oysters, a patty melt and a chicken breast smothered in mushrooms, onion and topped with cheese. About $90 for dinner for 3 with 1 drink each.

  30. Barbara Kiourkas

    A little disappointed. We had dinner there on Saturday. Paid $94.00 for dinner for four and my daughter in law left the tip on the table. Got my debit card statement today and Billy’s added $10.00 to my card. Not close to fair when you leave the tip on the table.

  31. Shawn Roselli

    Had a good burger, good service, and great beer. Atmosphere was more restraint than bar which was unexpected.

  32. Phil Guge

    Excellent jalipinio corn chowder. I call ahead to see if its availible.

  33. Lynda

    I would have a picture, but it was so delicious, we gobbled it up too fast! Great burgers and fries, good homemade soup and the best reuben sandwich.

  34. BBOND

    Chicken fried steak was great.

  35. Zachary Parker

    I have been here twice now, both times for work, and I would recommend any hot sandwich and especially the clam chowder!

  36. Tawney Jorgensen

    My siblings and I …8 of us
    Food was really good and the service was even better.
    Best place in Aberdeen to go for good food,excellent service and clean.

  37. Kellie Qualls

    Sodas were flat, the person with me had the wrong order delivered to the table

  38. Jeremy Waldner

    This bar and grill was rather interesting, honestly I’m not sure I’d recommend it. I had a burger and their house soup, as far as the food goes it wasn’t terrible. The burger was actually pretty good, it lacked overall flavor but was nice in it’s own way. The soup was a bit too salty and lacked substance, it was more like a creamy broth.

    It got weird with the decor. It looks like it was decorated by a great grandmother and taken over by great grandfather who recently turned bachelor. It was dark and appeared rundown, bordering depressing. The music was alright, but it wasn’t enough to help the vibe. If you’re looking for something lively I wouldn’t recommend it.

  39. Gabriel Skynrd

    Finally stopped at Billy’s for lunch after living here for over 5 years. Yes, it’s a cool, historical building. Yes, it’s a local landmark. Beyond that? I won’t be back.

    First, the positives: Service was excellent. Friendly server, everything was correct and fast. The food was mostly fresh and correct temperature.

    Sadly, there are many more negatives: The booth we sat in smelled like old urine. Not exaggerating. I know it’s an old building, I expected old wood, a bit musty, but where we were sitting smelled like grandma’s Depends.

    The prices appeared average for “tourist-targeted” establishments on the harbor. However, a “small” chicken almond salad cost $14, and was served on a side salad size plate. For that price I expected a lunch meal-sized serving, not 1/2 cup of romaine and a handful of chicken topped with some almonds. Because the portion was so tiny I ordered a “pretzel bites and cheese dip” appetizer ($7). This is where the “mostly” comes in on freshness. The pretzel bites were disappointing. They appeared to be frozen pretzel nuggets that were deep fried. Change your fryer oil, folks. They tasted overwhelmingly like rancid fish. The cheese dip was spoiled. It had a curdled appearance and tasted like sour milk. I set it aside after one taste.

    My dining companion enjoyed their chicken burger and cup of chowder, but said the burger tasted “off.” After my cheese experience I didn’t have a taste to verify.

    Between the off-putting odor and lackluster, small portion of my salad, along with lazy preparation and questionable cheese on the appetizer, I can’t recommend the food. Our total with tip for 2 lunches, no alcohol or dessert, was over $50. I can only assume they are surviving on tourist traffic, because locals will only be fooled into dining here once.

  40. Bobinator

    We had the clam chowder. It was delicious. And shared a cheeseburger. Which was also good.

    Nice atmosphere. I like that it has a bar on one side and dining booths on the other side.

  41. REK

    Great selection of beverage. Delicious menu. Had the saloon melt… very tasty.

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