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Breakwater Seafoods & Chowder

Seafood Restaurant in Aberdeen, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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49 reviews for “Breakwater Seafoods & Chowder

  1. Phillip Clark

    First time to the coast of Washington since moving here and Breakwater Seafoods did not disappoint. My wife had the grilled crab and cheese sandwich and said it was mouthwatering. I had the combo plater and the fish was amazing, very moist and the breading was light and crispy. The shrimp and clam strips are worth a shout out as well as they were cooked to perfection, very tender and breading was perfect. And I would be amiss if I didn’t tell you how good the clam chowder was, let’s just say I bought a quart to take home with me.
    I will be back next time we are in town.

    Thank you for a great experience.

  2. Rea Le Miel E. Franco

    The cod and halibut were very good and not over/undercooked. The fries were crispy and delicious. The chowder also is delicious.

  3. Dan Goodman

    Always love coming here, great fish and chowder. People are always nice, and restaurant is always clean. Definitely recommend, good local place.

  4. Norman Snook

    Atmosphere is great! Food is pretty good. Menu seems a little small. But that may be COVID. And there were some supply issues. I feel a little bad only giving it 4 stars for things that may have been beyond their control. But I will make a trip back after Covid to try it out again.

  5. William Jeffs

    Went with the Grilled Crab and Cheese sandwich. It was delicious. The clam chowder was excellent. The staff were friendly and personable and food was fast. You should try it.

  6. Joanne Jeffs

    This was delicious! We sat on the patio overlooking the water. The chowder was fabulous. Also tried the grilled cheese and crab sandwich. Loved it. Service was quick and reasonable prices.

  7. Cydney Batchelor

    Crab salad was extremely bland, shrimp salad not a lot of flavor, and the shrimp is tiny. Calamari and chips were okay, calamari was rubbery the fries didn’t have flavor. But, the grilled cheese and crab sandwich was great! And so was the chowder. I probably wouldn’t come back here, I feel like it is overpriced for the amount of food that we all received.

  8. Chief Max

    I had the 3 piece cod and fries. Food was hot and tasted great. My wife had grilled cheese, fries, and coleslaw. No leftovers at our table. Staff polite and friendly while providing great service.

  9. Maxine Bender

    I love Breakwater Seafood. Before my ex- husband and I divorced we used to go there a couple of times a month. Their fish and chips and the chowder is wonderful. But we used to mostly get the prawns and chips. They are excellent .Writing this is making me want to go down there
    Maybe dinner tonight. 😁

  10. Ashley McBee

    Expensive. Limited menu. Its understandable that fresh, local seafood is expensive. I support that! (I am assuming it is fresh, not frozen and at least some of it is caught regionally. But that is an assumptiond). But this is expensive and the only good thing is the probably fresh, local seafood. Baked Salmon for $17, no rice or veggie sides and a romaine salad. $20 crab salad, not big enough to fill up on and on a bed or romaine only with sad toppings. Great location. Just need to step up the pairings and delivery for the seafood. The 20 somethings guys behind the counter could use a little customer service training too to get to par.

  11. Abby Sloan

    The food is good. The lost star is from the one staff member. Nice service from from wait staff at the counter and the deep fryer staff. The older woman who is serving tables was quite grumpy and didn’t seem to be as friendly as everyone else. She must be hard to work with and I feel sorry for the younger staff that may be at the whim of this older staff member taking down the positive feel of the place. We’ll be back but just worl with the friendly younger counter staff.

  12. Aaron Patterson

    First time there. My wife and I both got the cod and fries. It came with coleslaw, which was a little dry, but fresh cut and overall very good. The cod on the other hand was amazing! It was a bit pricey for a weekday lunch, but good for a cozy place to eat. The balcony was really cool. I really thought we would be over run with birds, but not the case. I will go back soon.

  13. William Vanderberg II

    My First Experience was on a Saturday early afternoon. The Fish Sandwhich was the BEST I’ve ever had. The French Fries were crisp and Tasty as well. Kind Folks working here as well. Great spot and view ..

  14. sarah allen

    Frozen fries, Cod fried breadcrumbs from
    Alaska. Should be battered and house made fries. Packaging and plates not environmental friendly. Nothing special.

  15. Ken Wrobel

    Oh my gosh! Hands down the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. Better than London. Better than Wisconsin Friday night fish fries. Crispy batter. Cod was perfect. Crispy fries. Clam chowder was excellent. And surprise yourself with the grilled cheese and clam! This is a definite stop.

  16. Paul Greco

    Great seafood. The butterflied battered prawns are incredible. They have the best fries (lightly battered?) Nice and crispy while still being moist inside.

  17. Daniel Mcbride

    Terrific crab and cheese sandwiches 🦀🧀😁
    Also 99 cents for a bag if ice. Great deck over the wishkah seating on a nice day dine outside.

  18. Nick Antoni

    Good seafood kind of expensive didn’t receive the best customer service on a couple of my visits. Asked for regular smoked salmon and somehow left with bbq. But still good.

  19. Darrell Stoops

    If you like fried fish this place is great!! Crispy without being greasy and yummy eash time we have been here. Loved the breading on the cod for the fish and chips

  20. Jim B

    Great fish and chips. I thoroughly enjoyed the chowder. The fish is very good I might be fresh not frozen?. Either way the crispy batter is perfect. I did wish for something more for the fries than the treibble ketchup for packets.. Friendly service and quick.

  21. Christina Gutierrez

    By far one of the best places I’ve had prawns!! Love the tater sauce as well. Service was friendly and all employees had masks on, overall a great experience.

  22. Stan Holder

    I had a cod sandwich which was a bit unwieldy due to the generous portion of cod, but it was delicious, and they shouldn’t change a thing. I’m anxious to return and try some other items. Staff js friendly and prompt.

  23. Christopher Heath

    There’s nothing terribly wrong with this restaurant. Your French fries are pretty tasty. The rest is kind of mediocre at best. Very thin fish-and-chips. The clam strips were pretty thin and the beverages unless you bought them out of a bottle were on the light side as in there draft beer in a 10 ounce glass.

  24. Sebastian Madajczyk

    Not great. Didn’t like the batter on the fish (too much, too crispy, not my cup of tea). Fries also the style I don’t like I.e. battered. If you like very unhealthy style fish and chips you might like it.

  25. John O'Gorman

    Great seafood and beer on the patio. Had the cod and chips and the crab n cheese and both were tip top. Folks there were super nice too. Great stop on our pnw road trip!

  26. Kerry Liliedahl

    Great clam chowder.. tidy little deck area to eat on.. felt as if I were on vacation. Had the crab cocktail..fresh crab.. it’s been years. I was still hungry so they sold me one piece of their fried cod that’s usually fish and chips. It was also great..I was happy they let me put together my odd meal…

  27. Linda Lea

    Clean and cozy. Fast service. We enjoyed Halibut and Chips along with some Chowder. Deeeelicious!! I’d rate their chowder better than Mos. 3 large pieces of halibut fried just perfect with a nice bit of crunch in the topping along with a big serving of fries that were a bit crunchy too😊 Even their ketchup was good…the tarter sauce could use a bit more onion flavor and chopped dill pickles. Not much of a downside I’d say.

  28. Alice Lewellen's wonderland of pets

    This place was amazing! Food was amazing and we were able to sit outside with our dogs which was so nice because we were waiting on our trucks tire to get fixed. I highly recommend and will be back in the future.

  29. Todd Bahr

    Literally the best clam chowder I’ve ever had. And I went all up and down the Oregon/Washington coast to find out. Everything ingredient was fresh and stood out. Their fish ‘n chips uses that light/crispy panko breading instead of the usual ‘battered’. So much better.

    If you are travelling thru or near Aberdeen and want fresh seafood, THIS is your spot.

  30. Loretta Riley

    Disappointed. Primarily fried foods. Expensive for a mediocre meal. Crab salad was a 1/4 cup sized in a dip cup. No effort to offer decent presentation.

  31. Shamim Remtulla

    A good amount of deliciously comforting seafood. Very casual. Clean space. Quick service. Crab grilled cheese, yum. Cod fish and chips, yum. Clam chowder, chunky yum! A road trip gem.

  32. Rothmany Khin

    We stopped by this unassuming place not knowing what to expect. We ordered clam chowder and the fried seafood platter to share for lunch. Everything was so good and fresh. You could tell everything was freshly breaded , even the shrimp which were big and juicy. The chowder had noticeable pieces of clams in it and not overly thick. The service was prompt and very nice. I haven’t had fried seafood this good since moving from the Florida coast. I look forward to returning next time we pass by again. Keep up the great work!!

  33. Nikki TheHousekeeper

    Lived here all my life and have never been there until today. I deeply regret not coming sooner. The food was exceptionally good and the staff were wonderful! The fish and chips were so good, and I’m already planning my next visit!

  34. Shauna Marie

    This place has the best fish and chips! Great portion for the price, delicious and feels straight from the sea. The best we had in our time in Washington/Oregon. The chowder was also incredible! Warmed us up on a rainy day.

  35. Cassie Zievers

    I had been craving clam chowder for a good week, and I had always heard Breakwater has awesome clam chowder. I only wanted a small one with a dinner salad. I was SO not disappointed!! Their clam chowder is truly epic!! The dinner salad was great too!

  36. Justine Dombroski

    We stopped in for a quick bite of chowder and were blown away. I highly recommend the loaded chowder. Service was very fast and friendly as well.

  37. Trevor Wong

    Good lord. The best fish and chips I have ‘ever’ had. The breading on these is out of this world. I do not exaggerate when I say it is Michilen Star worthy. I will also add that they are good friendly people.

  38. Riki York

    Lots of seating inside and out. Be aware they have good food but it’s not a fancy restaurant by any means. Your food will come in paper order styrofoam. The fries were crisp on the outside with a nice crunch while being soft on the inside. The tartar sauce is really good. Some of my favorite versions of tartar. The chowder is so very good. Halibut wasn’t available so I asked how big the cod fillets were. The gal lifted a fresh piece of fish to show me. Super fresh food here. Excellent service.

  39. Eddie Chen

    I ordered the Crab & Cheese Sandwich, Cod and chips and a clam chowder. Each was delicious! The chowder was very meaty and perfectly seasoned. The cod was crispy and the fish had a beautiful flavor. The crab and cheese sandwich was also amazing! Minor nitpick is that the crab was a little unevenly distributed towards the edges. Would definitely return!

  40. All Wall

    The guy behind the counter taking my order was looking at his phone the whole time. He didn’t say anything. I stood there feeling super awkward for about 30 seconds. He looked up at me to motion hurry and order then looked back down to his phone. He made me feel like I was wasting his time being there. No one wore gloves the whole time. When my food was done. I asked twice about refills and was ignored both times. So I got one anyway and felt super weird because they were staring at me the whole time. The drink machine was right by the front counter. The food wasn’t cooked all the way. The menu has only 15 items. They were out of crab and 6 of the items were crab related. I recommend going to Billy’s. They have really good seafood and the service is respectful and fast.

  41. Andrea Kenny

    We were told by the gal working the register our Breakwater combos would come with 2 pieces of fish, 2 prawns, 3 clam strips, and calamari. So we ordered 2 to go. Each of our meals were missing the calamari and the second piece of fish. They also forgot the clam chowder as we upgraded to a combo. I had to run in again to get the chowder. The food itself is good but the amount of food served for the price is not. I understand it’s busy, but please make sure the correct amount of food is in the containers.

  42. William de Freitas

    My wife and I went to this place from out of town for the first time today. It was dirty, cramped, and the employee taking orders quite rude. We just looked at each other and decided to leave. Didn’t even order. Won’t be returning. If you want to spend your money here, please feel free to do so but don’t say you weren’t warned.

  43. J.Douglas Brady

    GREAT FOOD. the onion rings are extra money but you only live once and you can’t take that $2.50 with you. Live a little and you won’t be disappointed. The shrimp, prawns, were great and the onion rings were extra crispy as requested. I will be back.

  44. Khalil Khoury

    The best clam chowder in the area. Always a pit stop for us whenever we go out to the coast. The chicken strips are really good too. Beautiful outdoor seating in the summer.

  45. C Cacy

    I would give this place a zero if I could of, but the staff was great. My friend an I stopped in there for lunch cuz the reviews were good. Well let me tell you, the food was horrible, we both ordered the double crab grill cheese sandwich an we both took one bite an it was horrible, It just didn’t taste right, it was spoiled tasting, and bleach tasting, so we took it back an got something else off the menu clam strips/chips an cup of clam chowder and fried halibit/chips, that was ok, but nothing to brag about, we would not recommend this place to anyone. I don’t know why the reviews are rated so high, but I guess they don’t get out much, an never had real seafood.

  46. Paige Scholl

    Cute seafood stop on the water. The fish was nice and crispy, personally I had to add pepper to the clam chowder but the clam strips and shrimp was just alright. The clam strips were thick rectangles strips and the butterflied shrimp had rather thick batter. Nothing bad just nothing to rave about.

  47. Bobinator

    We had clam chowder and fish and chips. It was all good. The price was very good. The associates were really nice. Excellent service.

  48. Jordan White

    Absolutely amazing place, food was to die for and the employee where so kind and helpful 😀 10/10 recommend

  49. Carolyn Christensen

    Chowder was excellent. We had some really shoddy chowder the previous day and it was imperative that we find some better chowder to end our trip. All other chowders are pale in comparison to this hidden seafood gem.

    5/5 customer service was great too. Happy staff. Nice decor, and kept clean.

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