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11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


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Curry Corner

Curry Corner Menu

Menu current as of 5/2024


Vegetable Samosa $5.99
Two crisp patties stuffed with savory potatoes and peas

Vegetable Pakora $5.99
Pieces of cauliflower, potatoes, spinach, and onions dipped in spiced chickpeas batter & fried

Aloo Tikki $7.99
Delicious fried potato and green peas patties served with chana masala

Paneer Pakora $8.99
Homemade farmer’s cheese dipped in chickpeas batter and fried

Chicken Pakora $9.99
Tender pieces of chicken or fish dipped in chickpea batter and fried

Fish Pakora $10.99
Tender pieces of cod fish dipped in chickpea batter and fried

Assorted Veggie Appetizers $10.99
Veggie Samosa, Veggie Pakora, Paneer Pakora and Aloo Tikki

Assorted Non-Veggie Appetizers $13.99
Chicken Tikka, Fish Tikka, Lamb Tikka and Kebab


Lentils Soup $6.99
Lentils seasoned with herbs and spices


Serve with Rice

Tandoori Chicken (half) $11.99 / (full) $18.99
Chicken marinated in yogurt, garlic, ginger, spices and fresh herbs

Chicken Tikka Kebab $16.99
Boneless, succulent pieces of chicken breast marinated in yogurt, delicate spices and herbs then cooked to perfection in tandoor

Seekh Kebab $17.99
Tender rolls of succulent lamb minced skewered in tandoor

Lamb Kebab $17.99
Tender lamb cubes marinated in spices and herbs

Tandoori Fish $18.99
Cod fish marinated in garlic and exotic spices

Tandoori Shrimp $18.99
Shrimp marinated in garlic and exotic spices

Mixed Tandoori Grill $20.99
An assortment of Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Shrimp, Cod Fish and Lamb Kebab


Serve with Rice or Naan

Chicken Curry $16.99
Boneless chicken thighs cooked in a blend of curry sauce blend of onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, spices and herbs

Lamb Curry $17.99
Boneless lamb cooked in a blend of curry sauce blend of onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, spices and herbs

Fish Curry $17.99
Cod fish cooked in a blend of curry sauce blend of onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, spices and herbs


Serve with Rice or Naan

Chicken Vindaloo $16.99
Boneless chicken cooked in a tangy tomato and curry sauce cooked with fresh herb and cubed potatoes

Butter Chicken $17.99
Succulent chicken cubes broiled in tandoor with a delicious blend of creamed tomato curry and exotic spices

Chicken Shahi Korma $17.99
Boneless chicken cooked with cream, cashews, raisins, and spices

Kadahi Chicken $16.99
Diced chicken sautéed with onions and cooked with curry sauce

Chicken Palak $17.99
Chicken cooked in a healthy blend of spinach, cream, curry sauce, and spices

Chicken Tikka Masala $17.99
Boneless chicken breast from the tandoor cooked with creamy sauce and spices

Chicken Jalfrezi $16.99
Boneless chicken cooked with curry sauce, fresh vegetables, and herbs


Serve with Rice or Naan

Rogan Josh $17.99
Lamb cooked with curry sauce, yogurt, and spices

Lamb Bhuna $17.99
Diced lamb sautéed with curry sauce, tomatoes, mint sauce, and spices

Kadahi Lamb $17.99
Diced lamb sautéed with onions, tomatoes, spiced and cooked in curry sauce

Lamb Vindaloo $17.99
Tangy tomato and curry sauce cooked with herbs and cubed potatoes

Lamb Palak $18.99
Boneless lamb pieces cooked in a healthy blend of spinach, cream, curry sauce, and spices

Lamb Tikka Masala $18.99
Boneless lamb pieces cooked with creamy sauce and spices

Lamb Mughlai Korma $18.99
Lamb sautéed with creamed curry, cashews, raisins, and spices

Lamb Jalfrezi $17.99
Lamb cooked with curry sauce, fresh vegetables, and herbs


Serve with Rice or Naan

Garlic Shrimp Curry $17.99
Shrimp cooked with garlic, tomato sauce, and herbs

Shrimp Jalfrezi $17.99
Shrimp cooked with curry sauce, fresh vegetables, and herbs

Shrimp Palak $18.99
Shrimp cooked in a healthy blend of spinach, cream, curry sauce, and spices

Seafood Mughlai Korma $20.99
Seasonal seafood cooked with creamed curry, cashews, raisins, and spices


Serve with Rice or Naan

Chana Masala $13.99
Garbanzo beans in a tangy tomato, onion, and garlic curry sauce

Dal Makhni $13.99
Lentils cooked together with onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and spices

Vegetable Jalfrezi $13.99
Fresh garden vegetables and herbs cooked to perfection in exotic spices

Dal Tarka $13.99
Yellow lentils cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and spices

Aloo Gobhi $13.99
Cauliflower and potatoes cooked together with onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and spices

Jeera Aloo $13.99
Potatoes cooked with spices, ginger, garlic and cumin seeds

Eggplant Bhartha $14.99
Smoked eggplant from tandoor, cooked with onions, tomatoes and fresh herbs

Palak Paneer $15.99
Spinach cooked with garlic, ginger, tomatoes, and exotic spices with cubes of farmer’s cheese

Mattar Paneer $15.99
Cubed farmer’s cheese cooked with peas and creamed curry sauce

Paneer Tikka Masala $16.99
Cubed farmer’s cheese cooked with creamy sauce and spices

Shahi Paneer $16.99
Cubed framers cheese cooked with a blend of creamed curry, cashews, raisins, exotic herbs and spices

Navrattan Korma $16.99
Seasonal vegetables cooked with creamed curry sauce, cashews, raisins and spices

Malai Kofta $16.99
Deep fried dumplings made with vegetables, farmer’s cheese, cashews, and raisins cooked in a creamy sauce


Non Vegetarian $21.99
Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken, Choice of Chicken or Lamb Curry, Raita,
Naan, Basmati Rice and Rice Pudding

Vegetarian $20.99
Navrattan Korma, Palak Paneer, Dal, Basmati Rice, Naan, Raita and Rice Pudding


Serve with Raita

Vegetable Biryani $13.99
Basmati rice with green peas, herbs, cashews, raisins, and spices

Chicken Tikka Biryani $15.99
Basmati rice cooked with succulent pieces of chicken tikka, and green peas with cashews and raisins

Lamb Biryani $16.99
Basmati rice cooked with juicy lamb in a masterful blend of spices, and green peas with cashews and raisins


Chapati $3.99
Whole wheat bread baked in the tandoor

Papad $3.99
A light and crispy lentil-based flatbread heated in the tandoor

Puri $3.95
Whole wheat very light and puffy bread

Naan $3.99
A traditional white flour bread baked in the tandoor

Garlic Naan $4.99
Naan garnished with freshly chopped garlic and baked in the tandoor

Kashmiri Naan $5.99
Naan stuffed with raisins, cashews, and sugar then baked in the tandoor

Paneer Naan $5.99
Naan stuffed with cheese then baked in the tandoor

Parantha $4.99
Multi layered whole wheat buttered bread baked in the tandoor

Onion Kulcha $4.99
Bread stuff with minced onions and baked in the tandoor

Aloo Parantha $4.99
Parantha stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes and peas baked in the tandoor

Gobi Parantha $4.99


Raita $4.99
Cool refreshing yogurt blended with diced cucumber and carrots, freshly seasoned

Mixed Pickle or Mango Chutney $3.99

Basmati Rice $3.99
Naturally aromatic long grain rice indigenous to Northern part of India

Kashmiri Rice $5.99
Basmati rice sautéed with fresh onions, green peas, raisins, and cashews

Green Salad $4.99


Thandi Lassi $4.99
Chilled yogurt drink sweet or salted

Mango Lassi $5.99
Chilled yogurt drink blended with mango

Guava / Mango / Lychee Juice $3.99

Chilled Soft Drinks $3.99
Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, Root Beer, or Dr. Pepper

Coffee or Indian Tea(16 oz) $4.99
Iced Tea (No Refill) $3.99


Mango Ice Cream $4.99
Prepared with mango pulp

Mango Pistachio Ice Cream $4.99

Strawberry Ice Cream / Ginger Ice Cream $4.99

Rice Pudding $4.99
Freshly made with crushed rice cooked in the whole milk

Kulfi $4.99
Ice cream flavored

Gulab Jamun $4.99
An Indian delicacy made from a special dough, fried golden brown in a homemade syrup


Served until 2:30. Available Veggie Choices: Chana Masala, Palak Paneer, Navrattan Korma, Egg Plant, Aloo Gobi

Chicken Curry with 1 Veggie Dish $13.99
Served with one vegetable, dal, rice, and naan

Lamb Curry with 1 Veggie Dish $13.99
Served with one vegetable, dal, rice, and naan

Chicken Tikka Masala with 1 Veggie Dish $13.99
Served with one vegetable, dal, rice, and naan

Butter Chicken with 1 Veggie Dish $13.99
Served with one vegetable, dal, rice, and naan

Two Veggie Dishes $13.99
Served with dal, rice, and naan. Your choice of Veggie Dishes: Chana Masala, Palak Paneer, Navrattan Korma, Egg Plant, Aloo Gobi


Choice of any protein or any veggie from the menu. This excludes all appetizers

Any 2 Meat Curry $25.99
Served with Tandoori Chicken, rice, naan, rice pudding, and raita

1 Meat Curry and 1 Veggie Curry $24.99
Served with Tandoori Chicken, rice, naan, rice pudding, and raita

Any 2 Veggie Curry $23.99
Served with Dal, rice, naan, rice pudding, and raita

45 reviews for “Curry Corner

  1. Jasmine Vasavada

    Best Indian food in the region

  2. Pothga Phillips

    This curry house is AMAZING!
    The servers were so gracious.
    Mucic was lovely 🌹
    Lunch buffet was awesome!

  3. Amanda Blackwell

    What a great place for dinner! The chef special is an amazing deal. Everything from the lamb curry to the chicken tikka was flavorful, tender and fresh! I really enjoyed the cheese naan as well. I look forward to trying more from Curry House.

  4. Chris

    Amazing food! Family-owned, extremely kind and warm staff. Always playful with my (rambunctious) children. We are vegetarian and they have so many delicious options. Our favorites are the Bharta, Palak Paneer, Paneer Tikka, Veggie Korma, Aloo Gobi though many others. Can tell that a lot of love and care goes into this business, and we appreciate that each time we come.

  5. John S

    Always a good place to go for me!

  6. Chuck Meade

    Absolutely love this spot! Great Indian food, you will find something you love here! Bartha is smoked eggplant curry, I swear my wife dreams about it she likes it so much. It is super smokey, rich and buttery with some nice spice. I love anything here, lamb curry and anything paneer. lunch buffet is great to try a big variety.

  7. lahari choudary

    Food was not good and no hygiene maintained.


    Regret choosing the buffet. Very limited buffet that sat out longer than it should have. Rice was dried out from sitting on the warmer for so long and was not replaced with fresh rice until some unknowing customers emptied the tray. Communication was an issue as well. Our waiter kept answering our questions with nothing to do with what we asked. It felt more like he was avoiding the question than a possible language barrier. Wouldn’t recommend and won’t be returning.

  9. Sarah

    Love this spot. I alternate ordering take out from here and from curry corner because both are good and I like different dishes from each. Highly recommend the samosa chaat, the Rogan Josh, and the butter chicken. The mango Lassi is very good too! The spinach lamb dish is great as well. Very good prices, we always get two meals put of what we order!

  10. abon jeadrik

    The lunch buffet has goat curry. Only Indian place to offer on buffet. Great spot for Indian food and close to the base..

  11. Sydney Hardcastle

    We came here for dinner with our seven month old baby on Valentines Day. They were really busy taking care of everyone dining in along with to go orders. Even though they were busy, you wouldn’t know it with how quickly they found us a table, took our order and served our food in a timely manner. They also were super friendly and accommodating. They went above and beyond with their service – the waitress helped get my baby comfortable in the high chair and she made my baby smile so much throughout the whole evening and kept her happy! As a mom this means everything.

    We got the chefs special which was enough for my husband and I to share. We loved every bite! Especially the butter chicken for me… my baby loved the raita. So many great flavors and a menu full of great options! I highly recommend this place. Great consistent service and quality of food every time.

  12. Sailorx (Sailorx)

    Husband had the lamb vindaloo while myself and the kids had the chicken tikka massala. We loved it! We left happy and stuffed.
    UPDATE: still yummy and left stuffed! We decided for some spicer tikka massala and lamb vindaloo this time tho. LOVE the garlic Naan also!

  13. Chels M

    Was on a long drive home and just picked a random place and was absolutely blown away this is some of the best food I’ve ever had. I got the curry house special and it was huge and could definitely feed 2, and everything is well priced! My bf got the mixed grill in the clay oven and he really liked it too, only thing was it comes with a very large amount of onions. The rice is super moist (no oil like the previous comment) and good service even tho they were very busy!

  14. Sairah Gaur

    Absolutely loved this restaurant, My boyfriend took me here, we tried a little bit of everything. spice levels are great, quality, amazing presentation, and the staff are so sweet!

  15. Ashley Thornburg

    Garlic Nan + b.chx was absolutely amazing.

    I recently got the vegi byrani so much flavor and the Rita

    Definitely check this place out

  16. Casey Boyd

    Delicious food! Highly recommended!

  17. Melissa “Missy” Cook

    This is quickly becoming our go to place for dinner on our weekly trips to the Lacey Costco. The service is fast and the food amazing. I enjoy the platter the food is served on. I found the spice level to be mild enough with a level 3. I will increase that on my next visit as I do enjoy some heat. Love this meal combo as you get so much food and dessert is included. I would absolutely recommend the restaurant, and will be back in the future.

  18. David Quinton

    I had the lunch buffet and tried almost everything. The flavors were very good. The chicken was a little dry. The goat in the curry was tender. The staff were very friendly.

  19. Richard

    I ordered carryout food – Naan , chicken curry and chicken tikka , the service was fast and also tasted great.

  20. Zackary Katsel

    Love the Bollywood music videos silently playing on the TV. Lunch and a show! Also Indian food buffet style is so smart. It’s like the perfect food for it. Y’all are brilliant!

    The service is excellent, very reasonable price, extremely well made curry, and a great selection! If I HAD to critique anything it would be the place is kinda small so be careful when weaving your way to the buffet table.

  21. Kevin Rundle

    Always a fantastic, extremely tasty experience! Very friendly staff!

  22. Aj

    Service is great and the food is great too. Definitely recommend.

  23. Emmy Day

    Very good lunch buffet. Many options for non-meat eaters. Food is quite mild.

  24. Dolce Far Niente

    Good buffet, reasonable price.

  25. Adam Mowitch

    I got the chicken tika misala and garlic Nan. So good! Glad I de ided to give this place a try. I’ll definitely be back!

  26. Patrick Burrows

    First time there. loved it. The food was excellent,will definitely be returning.

  27. tradertomy

    Great food, friendly staff, abundant vegan/vegetarian menu, nice portion sizes and good prices

  28. LittleSignal

    Always my go to in the area for Indian. So delicious.

  29. Cliff Polston

    If you like Indian Food, this is the place.

  30. Carissa Sentelik

    Some of the best Indian food I’ve had – worth every penny.

  31. Gabe Toma

    I had dinner ordered and the food was disappointing, dry chicken tanduri, not enough meet on lamb curry, too much rice that was overcooked. This place used to be a nice place for indoor Indian food, but now they only do take out orders. Waiting time is long. The store looks like it is under construction, The staff is young and inexperienced with no knowledge of the Indian products. Over all, needs improvement.

  32. Kelly Floyd

    We dig the vegetarian special and vegetarian appetizer sampler. Unfortunately this place is tiny and does not accommodate seating right now.

  33. reina shiel

    Not very flavorful. I ordered the Butter Chicken because of the rave reviews. It was reddish-pink (red dye #40?) and ok, but a far cry from flavorful, authentic Indian butter chicken. Ordered the cauliflower for a veggie. It was half full of potato. Not bad tasting, not great either, but not the no-starch veggie side I wanted. No dine in option, take out only. Beautiful state park nearby, the best part of our meal was eating it in their covered picnic area. So pretty.

  34. Brian Hoffman

    The best Indian food I’ve ever had in my life hands-down. If you’ve never been here And you enjoy Indian food this is a must.

  35. Lauren Pype

    the best indian food i’ve ever had!! they are always on time and always great quality. its not super spicy, even when asking for spicy, so something to keep in mind!

  36. Patrick Seifert Saint

    Hands down best Indian food in this region.

  37. Aj Heath

    This is one of our favorite places to eat in the Olympia area. If you are looking for Indian food in Thurston county, this is the best one had.
    They only do take out now, which is weird but the food is still good.

  38. Justina Jose

    I want to thank this restaurant constantly making homely food and serving the community. When we were busy and needed to depend on this restaurant to satisfy our hunger with good ole traditional Indian food, this restaurant have never let that down and continues to serve good Indian food. Thank you for your consistency and thank you for making it right.

  39. Jennifer Branham

    It’s all about the food here. The best tasting curry I’ve ever had.

  40. Scott Andrews

    Always great food. Get their vegetarian (or non-vegetarian) special for a sampling of various superb dishes.

  41. Thomas Daugherty

    Our favorite Indian food in the area:)

  42. Leah Colley

    We got the butter chicken, the spicy lamb and the fish curry. All were super delicious!

  43. easygoinn

    My favorite place to get curry. The butter chicken is godlike and so is the naan. You get a ton of food too, can’t ask for anything more!

  44. J Brady

    I was told to pick up an order in 35 mins. I arrived to pick up and had to wait an additional 30+ minutes to receive my order. Once I got the food it was good.

  45. Daniel Caffarel

    If you stumbled on this by accident, congratulations. This is among the best Indian food restaurants I’ve tried, including several in NYC and the Bay. I’ve sampled most of the menu and there’s nothing I wouldn’t recommend. If you have already been here, you know.

    Update: it’s still the best. Take out only
    Update: the prices are up again and it’s not slowing down at all.

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