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10:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 10:00 pm


10:00 am – 10:00 pm

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Haveli Indian Grill


Menu current as of 4/30/2024


Aloo Tikki Chaat $10.99

Gluten-free. Indian potato pancakes, topped with chopped onions, tamarind, and mint chutney.

Chana Bhatura $11.99

Mix Achaar $2.50

Paneer Pakora $14.99

Gluten-free. most popular Indian snack served with homemade sweet tomato chutney.

Samosa Chat $10.99

Triangle pastry topped with chickpea curry mint, yogurt, onion coriander.

Veg Pakora $10.99

Fresh vegetables dipped in spiced batter & fried to golden perfection


Amritsari Fish Fry $13.99

Chicken Kabab $18.99

Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, feta cheese, and Greek dressing.

Chicken Pakora $12.99

Deep-fried chicken in traditional Indian spices

Chicken Tikka $17.99

Gluten-free. boneless pieces of chicken marinated in homemade sauce with cilantro, ginger, garlic, and spices.

Chicken Wings $11.99

Chili Chicken $16.99


Tandoori Chicken $15.99

With bone


Fried Papadum (2) $3.99

Green Salad $8.99

Fresh salad with a variety of green vegetables typically served on a bed of lettuce.


Chana Masala $14.99

Chili Paneer $15.99

Homemade cheese marinated with house special recipe & lightly fried with chiles & onions

Cream Paneer $17.99

White gravy

Dahi Bhalla $10.99

Soft lentil dumpling in yogurt, topped with tamarind, mint sauce coriander.

Dal Fry $13.99

Dal Makhani $14.99

Black lentils cooked in butter with onions, tomatoes, ginger & garlic

Karahi Paneer $15.99

Matar Paneer $15.99

Green peas and cheese cooked with a creamy sauce.

Mix Veg $14.99

Mushroom Masala $15.99

Mushrooms cooked in a tangy tomato cream sauce.

Palak Chana $15.99

Palak Paneer $15.99

Fresh spinach cooked with tomato, garlic, ginger, onion, heavy cream, paneer, kasuri methi, and fenugreek leaves.

Plain Yogurt $5.99

Shahi Paneer $15.99

Fresh homemade Indian cheese cooked with onions, tomatoes, cream, and spices.

Yogurt Pakori $8.99


Butter Chicken $16.99


Chicken Curry $16.99


Chicken Tikka Masala $16.99


Coconut Chicken $16.99

Gluten-free. Malabar style chicken cooked with turmeric, coconut milk, and curry leaves.

Cream Chicken $18.99

Boneless with white gravy

Goat Curry $19.99


Karahi Chicken $16.99


Lamb Chicken $19.99


Lamb Curry $19.99


Mango Chicken Curry $16.99

Palak Chicken $16.99

Shahi Chicken $16.99


Chicken Biryani $16.99

Curried chicken cooked with basmati rice in a Punjabi style with nuts and raisins. served with raita.

Egg Fried Rice $13.99

The ingredients included onion, egg and shallots.

Lamb Biryani $20.99

Curried lamb cooked with basmati rice in Punjabi style with nuts and raisins. served with raita.

Plain Rice $5.99

Vegetarian Biryani $13.99


Aloo Paratha $8.99

Whole wheat unleavened bread filled with spiced mashed potatoes, cooked in the tandoor and served with fruit chutney.

Garlic Naan $5.99

Leavened flat bread sprinkled with fresh garlic and baked in tandoor clay oven.

Mix Paratha $9.99

Paneer Naan $9.99

Leavened flat bread stuffed with spiced paneer and baked in tandoor clay oven.

Plain Naan $4.99

Leavened flat bread baked in tandoor clay oven.

Tandoori Roti $4.99

Indian roti made with wheat flour and baked in a tandoor.


Hot Gulab Jamun (2) $4.99

Mango Ice Cream $5.99

Ras Malai (2) $5.99

Rasgula (2) $4.99

Vanilla Ice Cream $5.99


Mango Lassi $5.99

Punjabi Coffee $4.99

Punjabi Tea $3.99

Salt Lassi $5.99

Soft Lassi $2.99

Sweet Lassi $5.99

35 reviews for “Haveli Indian Grill

  1. Alberto Cotton

    This is just some good Indian food!!

  2. Aman Mahajan

    Amazing authentic Punjabi food I have had in the US. I ordered chole bhature and aaloo parantha and both are worth it. Amazing staff and vibes.

  3. Shubhangam Agrawal

    Very legit Punjabi food.

  4. Aisha Gupta

    Food was great. Taste was authentic north indian – homemade food like taste but so much better. Naans were tandoor (oven) fresh. Extremely good quality and great value for money. Would 100% recommend

  5. Mathew Stockstad

    great food and nice service

  6. Dragon Tiger

    Great food, friendly staff!

  7. Marshall Hiller

    Super delicious, authentic and actually spicy when requested! Chana masala was fire!

  8. Elizabeth Hiller

    This place is amazing! We dined in and the service was also fabulous. My husband and I are vegan and loved the Palak Chana and Chana Masala. Rice was perfectly cooked and regular naan and garlic naan were cooked perfectly. Portions were perfect.

  9. Sydney

    Such an amazing spot!!! Definitely a hidden gem that so many more people need to come to! We came here at 6pm on a Friday night, and we are the only ones which is INSANE after the amazing food we just had! We had chicken Tika masala, butter chicken and our friends had 2 amazing vegan dishes! Soooo flavorful, the atmosphere is great, very clean and welcoming! This is definitely our new favorite spot and we will be returning often!

  10. The Beauty Of Afghanistan

    We ordered a group order for three people 2 butter chicken and on chicken curry cost us almost$70 $80 but there was only four small pieces of chicken in the curry and after that I couldn’t find the fifth piece of chicken even with microscope that is crazy that is how you treat people do you want a good business that not how you do it . I won’t recommend Haveli

  11. DJSaints

    Takeout food was great and had a generous amount

  12. Bernie Rice

    Delicious food! I ordered Chicken Tika Masala and the garlic naan. It’s not cheap but good food costs money (best ingredients, etc.). Can’t wait to come back and try something new. 10/10 I recommend this place.

  13. Jasmine

    Super delicious Indian food! And wonderful customer service.

  14. Susan M

    The rating high here for a reason. The Health Department thinks their food is, “Excellent” – sooo true! So flavorful (Although, I like it spicy to a 4, I ordered 3.5 and was still delighted at the heat). The Tiki Masala is some of the best I’ve had. Great butter naan. Happy customer!

  15. Stephanie B

    The food is delicious ! The chicken tikka masala was buttery and creamy and the tandoori chicken was well seasoned and fell of the bone ! Will coming back for more !

  16. Shruti Nittala

    The best Chole batura, samosa chaat, shahi panner and the naan was so yummy and so fresh. Excellent quality and great service

  17. Vicky Ayers

    I ordered Garlic Naan, Egg Fried Rice (Biryani), and some Chicken Curry. My order was “to go” so my Naan was foiled, and my rice an curry was seal with a layer for plastic wrap which I so appreciate. The food itself (spice level 3) is absolutely authentic, hot, and delicious! The blended spices on my rice, the scent and taste of the curry, and the hot & lightly garlic taste on the naan – absolutely delicious and worth a try. I hope the location doesn’t hurt this restaurant – if only it was near the Outlet Mall where it’d sit visible to those coming & going to the mall – because it’s a hidden gem. Inside it has a huge tv and the establishment itself is very clean. We were greeted with a huge smile and the hostess did such a great job in explaining the dishes as we asked questions.

  18. Mahesh kothagere Siddalingappa

    Loved the food here. We got the butter chicken and dal makhani. Both of them tasted 10/10 in every bite. The fragrance, taste and quantity were all great. Will be definitely back for more soon.

  19. Haldito

    I’ll start by saying the food was very flavorful my wife and i got two garlic naans, chicken tikka masala and tandoori chicken for $60 after tax. All very good and flavorful however one of the chicken breast from the tandoori was leaking blood and severely undercooked and when brought up seemed disregarded. Food was very good once again just be cautious when you’re eating

  20. Valentine

    The food is divine and the staff are kind! I know I could order anything here and it would be great. Can’t wait to come back

  21. Shelton Cooper

    Excellent Karahi chicken, freshly baked naan, and attentive service.

  22. Matt Estrada

    Great, attentive service and excellent chow. They were preparing to host a large party as we arrived but our service and food was prompt and great.

  23. Aaron Oliver

    This place was gearing up to open as we moved to Auburn. Just now got around to trying it and the food was delicious! Best butter chicken around and we loved their tandoori roti as well. The atmosphere of the restaurant itself wasn’t anything fancy but you come for the food and that’s what you come back for.

  24. Bitu Aulakh

    The food is so good nd I like it so much the spices of the food is osm nd the staff is so nice the girl explain everything in details nd I like it everyone can visit there to get good food

  25. Former Customer

    Their food is wonderful, can’t wait to order again!!

  26. Ella Campbell

    Great customer service
    Very friendly and respectful service

  27. Brandon OToole

    We had a wonderful experience. We will be coming back for sure. The food was delicious and the options were interesting and substantial. If you are looking for something more substantial than just butter chicken, then this place will not disappoint.

    Vegetarian options: It can be rare to find a restaurant that dedicates half the menu to vegetarian options and has unique dishes instead of just tofu substitutes. This vegetarian menu was such a treat! I usually only have one or two dishes i can eat but I actually had trouble deciding between the dishes.

  28. Parmjeet Kaur

    Hi…i was there Thursday food & service was best loved this place and im going back again today with family!!!!!!

  29. Danu Rotari

    Clean interior, polite staff tasty food, definetly give it a shot

  30. Sim Tiwari

    First time here. We ordered Chole bhature- was authentic and tasty. The Dal makhni was tasty but not as spicy as we would have liked after requesting spice level 5. It came with a big dollop of white butter which reminded me of home. The tandoori roti was pretty good too. Will definitely come back to try other dishes.

  31. Jenifer Luong

    This place as the kids say or use to say, SLAPS. I will be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went in, but everything smelled right when we had a moment to sit down and take everything in. Ordered the butter chicken, palak paneer, tandoori chicken, and garlic naan. We had plans to make some Indian pizza tonight and we needed our toppings. Well, we had to restrain ourselves from eating all of it, we had plans and we had to keep them! Also, we’re trying to get healthy by not over eating. Palak paneer was so deliciously creamy and flavorful, what creamed spinach wish it could be. Tandoori chicken was cooked perfectly with amazing seasoning and amplified with the chutney. Butter chicken was honestly the star of lunch today and I would have ordered more naan if we didn’t have plans. BF and I agreed we need to make this part of our regular rotation for takeout or dine in. We will be back!

  32. David Kim

    Fantastic place. Totally going there again. Food was flavorful service was kind and prompt. They do the thinner naan here just a heads up it’s really good

  33. Ansuman Acharya

    Amazing food, and great service. The veg biriyani was just delicious.

  34. 20 Pardeep kaur Brar

    Vegetarian options: Tikki chart and chole bhature were amazing . I just loved it

  35. Sukhjit Kaur

    Good service and goat curry , dal makhni was amazing. Good tandoori roti. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

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