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J’s Kitchen

Puerto Rican Restaurant, Bellingham, WA

41 reviews for “J’s Kitchen

  1. Alexander Lopez

    Everything about J’s was amazing. The food genuinely tasted like home cooked Puerto Rican meals. My family and I are Hispanic and from Miami so we have tasted a lot of Caribbean food throughout the years. This place feels like home from the music, the dominoes on the table, to the food. This is it.

  2. Emileigh Kinnear

    The food was fantastic, and a great price.

  3. Francisco Ortiz

    The best food, in the best place, with the best service!

  4. Bruin 34

    Great Cubano sandwich, and my wife had the Pollo Guisado. Delicious and fresh ingredients and a nice and relaxing, friendly atmosphere. Would highly reccomened to anyone.

  5. Oceanna Boulanger

    Delicious food!!!!

  6. Casey Cunningham

    A very cute spot with great flavor. I got the colada cocktail, which was excellent. They have the best empanadas I’ve ever had

  7. Jen Shaffer

    Amazingly delicious food! Service is outstanding and great atmosphere. Authentic cocktails!

  8. Hallie Fuchs

    Came in for drinks, service from Christian and Justin “J” was fabulous.

  9. Alexandra Toyoda

    Amazing location and service! Great cocktails, kind people, beautiful spot.

  10. Heather Keay

    Our first time to J’s Kitchen did not disappoint! Delicious!

  11. Necia Dallas

    Wow, I’ve had mofongo before but I was NOT prepared for this unbelievably delicious riff on it. I seem to recall having had it where the pork and plantains are discrete portions, rather than a hash topped by fried cubes. But this was the best I’ve had. Loved the cilantro aioli on top and would recommend doubling up if you like it saucy or more tangy.

    Stopped by on a sunny winter day and the host offered to bring a table outside to the front patio just for me, in spite of the growing queue and crescendoing busyness. After years taking it for granted in San Francisco, I’ve missed truly tasty Latin fare; what a welcome change. A local treasure!

    Lunch was $22 with a bubly before tip.

  12. Evan Turner

    Delicious pernil and drinks. Generous portions.

  13. Samantha Branch

    The food is amazing. It’s like when your friend invites you over for dinner and you’re so exited because their mom makes the best food. For me, this is the highest compliment. The rice, the beans, the chicken, the tostones – they are all amazing. Don’t sleep on the Mi Madre hot sauce that’s on every table.

  14. Sue Doster

    Excellent food.

  15. Angelina Fox

    Best Puerto Rican food. Staff is friendly and attentive. Bathroom is clean. Everything tasted fresh. Bowl portions are huge. Drinks are strong. Can’t wait to go back.

  16. Chris Wittman

    Great food, nice atmosphere, and decent prices! Great place to grab lunch.

  17. Sarah “SB” Brush

    J’s Kitchen is a really special spot and a MUST GO when you’re in Bham. I met J, who is a kind and generous soul cooking up recipes from his abuela with a lot of love and care. In the PNW, where Puerto Rican food can be hard to come by, J’s is really doing it right! Don’t leave without trying the mofongo !! It’s food for body and soul 💕

  18. Karl Ruter

    Great food. We had the Mofongo and a meat bowl. Exactly what we were hoping for. Hit the spot.

  19. Christopher Gassaway

    They need to have more Puerto Rican dishes and pizza and pasta dinners kole sode and carry out services Okey thanks

  20. Halie Brandon

    claims to be puerto rican food but they couldn’t make mofongo the right way the color was more brown instead of yellow looked like a mangu (dominican plate)

  21. Chris Elison

    Glad to see this food finally represented in our community. We had empanadas the carne bowl and the cubano. Everything was super fresh and delicious. If you havent been youre missing our

  22. Steve Goll

    Really good Cuban sandwich.

  23. Marilyn Wong State Farm Agent

    Really cute place with great food! Staff is nice and friendly! Great flavors! Plantain with the cilantro dip is really good!

  24. Karen dopheide

    Very good fresh food and very pleasant service!!

  25. Tino' Pressure Washing

    Amazing food and excellent service!

  26. Jordan Smith

    Had a cubano from these guys a few days ago and it’s been on my mind for the past few days and not in a good way. Let’s start with the food. It was alright, it was a decent sandwich. Albeit on the smaller side. Service was good too, very polite woman at the counter when I picked my sandwich up. My problem lies with this restaurant seriously over estimating their value. If I pay $18 for a take out sandwich it better be one of two things. Either it should be the best darn sandwich I’ve ever had (it wasn’t even top 50 for me), or it should be big enough to where it ends up being two meals. It wasn’t that either. $18 for that sandwich was a robbery. IT DIDN’T EVEN COME WITH A SIDE ARE YOU SERIOUS??? In a town that is oversaturated with good sandwiches, one has countless options that are not only miles better in taste, but also don’t make you feel like you’re getting robbed when you’re eating it. I understand the price of everything is rising, but this is unacceptable. At most that was a $15 sandwich and it should come with a small side for that price.

  27. Anthony Cruz

    Great Puerto Rican food.
    Source: I am Puerto Rican

  28. Tom Jesionowski

    Very authentic. It was like my Puerto Rican mother-in-law was in the kitchen! Great island flavors and Caribbean seasonings. Well worth the stop.

  29. Richard

    Mofongo is delicious and Cubano is a hit.

  30. William Case

    Great little Puerto Rican restaurant with very nice service. They checked in on us throughout the evening. The empanadas, Cubano, and the tostones were all good. They have cool decor and nice music playing. It’s a great place to eat and work, either at the window tables or upstairs. Small but cute!

  31. Stephanie Joy

    The Tres Leche cake is life changing!! Please give J’s a try. It’s amazing !

  32. Ian Krause

    This place is super chill.
    I had a Cubano sandwich and Cuba libre drink.
    Between those and the vibe here I kept having nostalgia from my trip to Cuba.
    Similar vibe.
    Will definitely be back

  33. Ivonne V

    We drove from Seattle to have Puerto Rican food. The atmosphere of this spot is super cool. Loved the dominoes on the table and the colorful decor. The prices in the menu were very reasonable. We were actually a bit shocked that it wasn’t more expensive. All of us ordered Mofongo. The Mofongo wasn’t great. It left a lot to be desired. The drinks were quite strong, no complaints there. They were kind enough to switch my Mofongo for another dish. I picked a the chicken guisado bowl. It was DELICIOUS. Four stars because the star dish was disappointing but everything else was great. Los pastelillos were also delicious. The beef ones were the best but all options were on point.

  34. Chris Campos

    What happens when you’re walking around Fairhaven and work up an appetite? You eat J’s kitchen and forget to take photos of course! Excellent Puerto Rico cuisine, and generous portions! The staff was polite and provide great recommendations!

  35. Sheryl McCrary

    We’ve had the pollo guisado with arroz con gondoles ten times in a row and it’s amazing every time. I haven’t been able to try anything else yet! The staff are super friendly and the space is beautiful.

  36. Derek Anderson

    Portions are generous, and the flavors are exceptional. The Cubano is one of the best I have tasted, the Carne Fritas was crispy and juicy. If I lived in Bellingham, I’d eat here more often. Like too often.

    Only criticism is that their menu is pretty limited, but the small selection is executed fantastically.

  37. RJ Halloran

    Real delicious food! My take-out box was approximately 4 times too big and unnecessarily sturdy for the sandwich I wolfed down in <10minutes, the environmentalist and cost-hawk in me would definitely prefer a butcher paper wrap. To each their own though!

  38. Sarah Costello

    Delicious food, and very kind people. I ordered something I thought would have a lot of veggies (my fault, not theirs). It was delicious, but the veggies were minced in the rice. They gave me chick peas and potatoes to add on top. Very considerate! And not at all expected. Thank you guys.

  39. Milianet Santiago

    Amazing puertorican food! Great taste y buen sazón!! Thanks for your service!

  40. Curran Emeruwa

    Our new favorite restaurant.

  41. Doel Cintron

    Try the mixed Mofongo al Mojo!!!!👌🇵🇷❤️❤️❤️

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