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Just Poke Covington

Just Poke Covington Menu
Menu current as of 9/1/2023


Rainbow Roll $14.99
Shoyu salmon – Hawaiian ahi – cucumber – scallion – masago – citrus ponzu – crab salad – furikake avocado – tempura crunchies

Heat Wave
Popular dish. Spicy ahi – sweet onion – scallion – pickled fresnos – spicy aioli – house shoyu – edamame – spicy crab salad – roasted corn – jalapeño crunchies – umami crunch

Seared Salmon
Popular dish. Torched mentaiko salmon – scallion – spicy aioli – edamame – roasted corn – pickled ginger – chili threads

Crispy Tofu
Fried tofu – cucumber – scallion – garlic onion sauce – turmeric daikon – furikake avocado – chili mandarins – crunchy onion

Hawaiian Classic
Hawaiian ahi – hijiki seaweed – house shoyu – seaweed salad – pickled ginger – chili threads

Kalua Pork
Kalua pork – sweet onion – scallion – garlic onion sauce-Hawaiian mac salad – roasted corn – crunchy onion – umami crunch

Dynamite Scallops
Creamy scallops – shrimp tempura – scallion – pickled fresnos – eel sauce – crab salad – hot cheeto crunch

Pike Place
Popular dish. Shoyu salmon – scallion – house shoyu – torched crab salad – turmeric daikon – edamame – pickled ginger-chili threads

Spicy Salmon
Shoyu salmon – scallion – masago – pickled fresnos – spicy aioli – seaweed salad -roasted corn – jalapeno crunchies – chili threads

Honey Karaage
Popular dish. Togarashi hot honey chicken karaage – scallion – pickled fresnos – edamame – pickled cucumbers – umami crunch


Base: Sushi rice, brown rice, organic greens, organic zoodles
Protein: Ahi Tuna, spicy ahi, scallops, salmon, seared ahi, shrimp, organic tofu, sweet potato

Sauce: Truffle garlic aioli, house shoyu, gluten-free house shoyu, wasabi shoyu, ginger citrus, citrus ponzu, spicy aioli, eel sauce, Maui fire, roasted sesame, dynamite

Mix-Ins: Hijiki (seaweed), avocado, sweet onion, cucumber, fresh ginger, jalapeno, pineapple, scallion

Toppings: Roasted corn, crab salad, edamame, wasabi, seaweed salad, pickled ginger, housemade kimchi, spicy crab salad, masago, hawaiian mac salad, tamago, crunchy onion, crispy garlic, furikake, tempura crunchies, sesame seeds

Add Ons: Torched eel, shrimp tempura

Build Your Own Bowl (regular)
Regular, choose 1 – 2 proteins, choose 1 – 3 sauces

Build Your Own Bowl (large)
Large, choose 1 – 3 proteins, choose 1 – 3 sauces


Miso Soup (8 oz)
Miso soup with green onions


Side Hawaiian Macaroni Salad (8 oz)
Hawaiian macaroni salad

Spam Musubi
A Hawaiian classic. Grilled spam atop rice wrapped in seaweed

Shrimp Tempura Appetizer (3)
Crispy fried shrimp tempura with choice of sauce


Furikake Chex Mix

Aloha Macs Chocolate

Apple + Mango Fruit bar


Reusable Water Bottle

Coconut Water

Oi Ocha Green Tea

Diet Coke / Coke Bottle

Hawaiian Sunday

Sanzo Sparkling Water

10 reviews for “Just Poke Covington

  1. Kim Mcdowell

    This is my 3rd time in a month. Love the food! Today Jaylen served me and he was very friendly and professional. Thank you!

  2. NeomaGhost

    This company was kind enough to deliver a BUNCH of meals to the medical staff at Covington Medical Center. Very hardworking and kind people!

  3. Anthony Mai

    Very good nice restaurant nice owner gave me extra rice when it was too hot

  4. Patrick Popowski

    Great poke place in Covington. They give you a lot of food for no extra

  5. Maiann Walton

    i ordered online and picked it up and there was no one there and one guy working there. my order was ready before the estimated time it would be ready and when i picked it up the guy working there was nice. i ordered a regular bowl and asked for only 1 scoop of rice instead of the usual 2 scoops in my bowl in the special notes but when i got home to eat, i received a large bowl with SO much rice like the rice was 80% of the bowl! it also tasted kind of weird and not like usual but it might’ve just been because i got pickup and it was in a warm car on my lap for like 20 minutes.

  6. Colin Olson

    Very good food and very good customer service. I accidentally ordered to the wrong business and they took care of me very well.

  7. Serena Locke

    Helpful Staff and Delicious Food!!

  8. Karen Flixk

    We’ve been meaning to try this since they opened since it was not too far from our home. We saw the Tuesday $10 special advertised so decided it was a good time to check it out. The food was great and plentiful. So many choices it was hard to decide. The employees were friendly. We’ll definitely be back.

  9. James Flick

    Y. U. M.!! Very helpful and friendly staff serving up some tasty, healthy food! I had the Rainbow Roll Bowl and I highly recommend it. They also have vegetarian options if you prefer. This is my kind of fast food!

  10. Aaron Burton

    Wow! Awesome place for those love Poke. Hidden gem in Covington!

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