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11:30 am – 10:30 pm


11:30 am – 10:30 pm


11:30 am – 10:30 pm


11:30 am – 10:30 pm


11:30 am – 10:30 pm


11:30 am – 10:30 pm


11:30 am – 10:30 pm

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Mumbai Grand Indian Cuisine

Mumbai Grand Indian Cuisine Menu

Menu current as of 5/3/2024


Samosa $7.99

Potatoes, green peas and flavored with spices.

Veg Pakora $7.99

Fresh cut vegetables, fried & spiced chickpeas.

Paneer Pakora $8.99

Cheese deep fried and lightly spiced chickpeas.

Chicken Wings $9.99

Boneless white meat and deep & fried chickpeas.

Fish Pakora $10.99

Fish pieces deep fried in spicy chickpeas.


Daal Soup $6.99

Dal cooked with special herbs and spices.

Mulligatawny Soup $7.99

Chicken & dal soup with Indian spices.

Tomato Soup $7.99

Tomato soup with American and Indian spices.


Basmati Rice $3.00

Mango Chutney $2.50

Mint Chutney $2.50

Mix Pickle $2.50

Raita $4.00

Onion Chilly Salad $4.00


Naan $3.50

Leavened bread.

Garlic Naan $4.99

Leavened bread with garlic.

Roti $3.75

Whole wheat bread.

Paneer Naan $8.99

Leavened bread, shredded paneer and cilantro.

Spinach Naan $7.99

Leavened bread, spinach and chopped garlic.

Aloo Naan $7.99

Leavened bread, potatoes, cumin and spices.

Lacha Prantha $7.99

Leavened bread.


Dal Tadka $13.99

Lentil sautéed with cumin seeds, garlic and ginger.

Dal Makhni $15.99

Light spiced, slow simmered lentil.

Chana Masala $14.99

Chickpeas and fresh tomatoes cooked in thick onion-based sauce.

Saag Chana $15.99

Spinach cooked with chickpeas and freshly ground Indian spices.

Matar Paneer $16.99

Fresh homemade cheese cubes cooked with green peas in spiced sauce.

Aaloo Matar $14.99

Fresh green peas and potatoes in a fragrant spiced sauce.

Palak Paneer $15.99

Spinach cooked with pieces of fresh homemade cheese.

Palak Tofu $15.99

Spinach cooked with fresh tofu and creamy masala sauce.

Paneer Bhurji $16.99

Scrambled Indian homemade paneer with garlic, ginger and green peas.

Aloo Gobhi $15.99

Fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked in ginger, garlic, onion and spices.

Mix Veg $15.99

Mixed vegetables cooked with fresh herbs and spices.

Bhartha $17.99

Eggplant baked in the tandoor mashed and seasoned with herbs and spices.

Butter Paneer $18.99

Homemade cheese cubes simmered in rich tomato butter sauce and cream.

Butter Tofu $18.99

Fresh tofu tomato butter sauce and cream.

Corn Palak $17.99

Spinach cooked with corn fresh homemade and Indian spices.

Shaai Paneer $17.99

Tomato gravy, onions gravy, white gravy with creamy sauce and spices.

Methi Matar Malahi $19.99

Ginger garlic sote, chopped masala with fresh Methi and Indian spices.

Malahi Kofta $18.99

Onion and white gravy with Indian spices.


Vegetarian $14.99

Tofu $14.99

Paneer $15.99

Specially mixed home spices, creamy tomato sauce.


Chicken Curry $19.99

Special curry cooked in onion gravy with traditional spices.

Saag Chicken $19.99

Spinach with chicken dish enhanced with Indian spices.

Karahi Chicken $19.99

Chicken sautéed in ginger, garlic, onion and bell peppers specifically Karahi.

Mango Chicken $19.99

Chicken sautéed in crackling fresh herbs and onion gravy with mango chunks.

Chicken Coconut $19.99

Creamy coconut in fused with fresh herbs and spices.

Spicy Chicken Vindaloo $19.99

Vindaloo spicy sauce and potatoes and hot curry sauce.

Butter Chicken $19.99

Traditional chicken tomato butter sauce dark meat.

Methi Chicken $19.99

Chicken sautéed with garlic, ginger and seasoned with fresh methi.


House Chicken Curry $16.99

Boneless chicken specially mixed home spices and creamy tomato sauce.


House Curry Lamb $17.99

Boneless lamb specially mixed home spices and creamy tomato sauce.


Fish Curry $21.99

Onion, gravy and toss with tomato gravy and Indian spices.

Shrimp Curry $21.99

Onion, gravy and toss with tomato gravy and Indian spices.

Shrimp Saag $21.99

Sote ginger garlic with chopped masala, fresh spinach and Indian spices.


Goat Curry $23.99

Onion-based gravy with goat meat and tomato.

Karahi Goat $23.99

Ginger, garlic sote, chopped masala, chopped masa and Indian spices.

Bhuna Goat $23.99

Ginger, garlic sote, chopped masala toss with tomato sauce, and Indian spices.

Lamb Curry $23.99

Lamb meat cooked in traditional Indian style.

Lamb Mango $23.99

Creamy sauce with pulp and Indian spices.

Lamb Saag $23.99

Ginger, garlic sote, fresh spinach with chopped masala and Indian spices.

Lamb Coconut $23.99

Tender medallions of lamb sautéed with garlic ginger creamy coconut sauce.

Karahi Lamb $23.99

Indian style stir fry cooked with onion, bell peppers and spices.

Lamb Vindaloo $23.99

Lamb & potatoes in hot and zesty spicy curry sauce.

Butter Lamb $23.99

Traditional lamb entrée prepared in butter and tomatoes sauce.


Veg Biryani $19.99

Basmati rice and veg infused with Indian herbs and spices…served with raita.

Chicken Biryani $20.99

Boneless chicken cooked with basmati rice and spices.

Lamb Biryani $22.99

Boneless lamb cooked with basmati rice and spices.

Goat Biryani $23.99

Goat meat cooked with basmati rice and spices.

Shrimp Biryani $23.99

Jumbo shrimp cooked with basmati rice and spices.


1. Narvana Mix Veg $14.99

Cooked with coconut milk, red bell pepper, onions and Indian masala sauces.

2. Narvana Paneer $15.99

Cooked with coconut milk, red bell pepper, onions and Indian masala sauces.

3. Narvana Tofu $15.99

Cooked with coconut milk, red bell pepper, onions and Indian masala sauces.

4. Narvana Shrimp $18.99

Cooked with coconut milk, red bell pepper, onions and Indian masala sauces.

5. Narvana Chicken $16.99

Cooked with coconut milk, red bell pepper, onions and Indian masala sauces.

6. Narvana Lamb $17.99

Cooked with coconut milk, red bell pepper, onions and Indian masala sauces.


Tandoori Chicken $21.99

Yogurt marinated chicken roasted to perfection in our clay oven with sote mix vegetables.

Tandoori Tikka $22.99

Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt spices roasted in the clay oven with sote mix vegetables.

Tandoori Shrimp $22.99

Shrimp marinated in garlic, ginger touch of sesame oil made in clay oven.

Malahi Cabbaab $22.99

Yogurt marinated chicken roasted perfection in our clay oven with sote mix vegetables.

Lamb Boti Cabbaab $22.99

Yogurt marinated lamb roasted perfection in our clay oven with sote mix vegetables.

Tandoori Mix Grill $23.99

Yogurt marinated tandoori chicken with tikka, shrimp and lamb. With sote mix vegetables.

Salmon Fish Tandoori $22.99

Yogurt marinated fish tandoori with sote mix vegetables.

Paneer Tikka $19.99

Yogurt marinated paneer roasted to perfection in our clay oven with sote mix vegetables


Kheer $5.00

Rice in thick milk almonds and nuts.

Gulab Jamun $5.00

Soft balls made of dried milk, sugar and syrup.

Ras Malai $6.00

Ras malai is a popular Indian sweet delicious made with Indian cottage paneer discs.


Mango Lassi $4.99

Sweet mango and yogurt drink.

Salted Lassi $4.99

Refreshing yogurt drink.

Soda $2.50

Water $2.50

Sparkling Water $2.99

56 reviews for “Mumbai Grand Indian Cuisine

  1. Bombshell Barista

    This place is so fresh and authentic! I had butter lamb with roti and chai tea. Absolutely delicious. Everything was top notch and some of the best that I’ve ever had. I will definitely be recommending this place to friends and coming back ASAP. (It’s not located inside the store, it’s next to the teriyaki place).

  2. Mandy Boggs

    What a fabulous, homey place to eat! It was our son’s 21st birthday & the staff all came out to sing and brought a delicious dessert. What a nice surprise! We had goat curry & a lamb dish and they were DELICIOUS! Highly recommend!👍😀❤️

  3. John Mccafferty

    NEW PLACE!!! TO THE LEFT OF THE GROCERY STORE…(used to be pizza)
    They are open nights till 10:30!!!
    Look at my pictures.
    I ordered several items that were all delicious with large portions.
    They have lots of GLUTEN FREE and vegan options.
    They have substitutions for dairy but you have to ask.
    You can see their menu on Uber eats.
    They are currently fixing the website and online ordering.
    Try it all… One of two choices in Auburn.
    Staff and presentation are Great.

  4. Andrea Smith

    Delicious hole in the wall, great service, good prices.

  5. Joseph Ostheller

    Prepare your taste buds for an amazing journey down a highway of spices and flavor. Dishes contrasted sweet with spice, bright acidic with full bodies deep with savor. The food was fresh. I ordered the Aloo Gobbi and the Dal Tadka along with rice and Naan. Each amazing on its own, but when paired with the provided chutneys, elevated to such great culinary heights.

    Absolutely recommend. Please do yourself a favor and come eat here. Friendly staff. Great food.

  6. Becca Cha

    Tiny place with hearty food. Clean interior and friendly staff. Always happy with their food and service.

  7. Patrick Boatman

    Very friendly and polite. Food was excellent. Will definitely be our new Indian food spot!
    It is spicy food. If it’s your first time try one star lower than you typically order.

  8. Nathan Whittle

    Nicest people ever. Food is amazing and it is art as well. I had the chicken tandoori. Highly recommend! Definitely will be back.

  9. Jkath4Life and Kids

    I would recommend Mumbai Grand Indian Cusine to all my friend and family and anyone else looking for great Indian food. I ordered a Lamb Biriyani and also a Chicken Biriyani. The wait time was about 10min and the Biriyanis were so freaking good. Taste wash fresh and nice spices and I love how they added a boiled egg too it, just enhance the taste when eaten together. Stop by and try their food out its freaking good. The service also awesome kind people and new decorations feels very new.

  10. Irene Rutayisire

    Great place, Great service and most importantly great food.

  11. Shawn Thomas

    This is definitely a hidden gem! Shahi paneer is high recommendation! Worth checking them out !

  12. Elizabeth Zaytseva

    My husband and I had dinner here for the first time as I love Indian food and trying new places to eat! This place immediately became a star on our list of places we would go back to. The service is incredible, they are very humble and nice. We got checked on 3-4 times. We got sprite and coke to drink. I ordered the Lamb Biryani with garlic naan, and my husband ordered butter chicken. Wait time was about 15-20 minutes. Both were so good we couldn’t decide between whose dish was better! The waiter brought us boxes and packed up our naan for us! It’s a small cozy space, parking was so easy to find as we came at 8pm. We parked right in front of the door. 🙂 as we were finishing our leftovers, my husband looks at me and says, “ we gotta go back there”. Yes 🙌🏻 we do. ☺️

  13. B Ferguson

    Authentic fresh Indian cuisine with excellent service. Lots of menu options to explore and always delicious! Establishment is very clean and parking is convenient.

  14. Rachel Smith

    We recently ordered takeout from this fantastic Indian restaurant and had an incredible experience. The standout dish for us was the Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan bread. The chicken was tender and cooked to perfection, while the rich and creamy tomato-based sauce was bursting with flavor. Each bite was a delightful explosion of taste that left us wanting more.

    Beyond the delicious food, the staff were friendly and welcoming. They provided excellent customer service, making the takeout process easy and enjoyable. We could tell that the ingredients were of the highest quality, as the flavors in each dish were wonderfully balanced.

    If you’re looking for amazing Indian cuisine and a friendly staff, this restaurant is a definite go-to. We highly recommend trying their mouthwatering “Butter Chicken” and exploring their diverse menu for a truly flavorful experience. Whether for dine-in or takeout, this place is a gem that will leave you satisfied and craving more.

  15. Firstname Lastname

    This is the best place in the area for indian cuisine. After moving from the East coast I made a point to find a place that reminded me of the flavors back home and I am pleased to say Mumbai Grand is where it’s at.

    The presentation is absolutely gorgeous, the food is rich in flavor and quite delicious, and the staff is very friendly and extremely attentive.

    I usually get the chicken biryani, samosas, and the paneer naan but I have not found anything on the menu so far that I would not also recommend just as enthusiastically.

    If you’re in the mood for filling food bursting with flavor, this is where you want to be.

  16. Sub Alex

    Awesome food and service! They have great tikki massala and chicken vindaloo along with garlic Nan. They always give the greatest quality and try to serve their customers the best. Definitely coming back here again.

  17. Nikola Tesla

    Got the Mango Lamb and it was fantastic. Smooth and creamy and buttery. Garlic naan and rice were perfectly cooked and added amazing texture to the dish. Very attentive service 10/10 highly recommend for good Indian food.

  18. G S

    Best Indian food in the area! Big portions, delicious flavors. Super friendly staff. Perfect dining experience with great ambiance. I would highly recommend!

  19. Morgan Lucas

    By far the best dinning experience I have ever had. Very humble and charismatic service. The food was absolutely impeccable and the service made the experience worth visiting many times in the near future!

  20. tiffany miller

    I’ve had a lot of Indian food in my life, but nothing compares to how amazing this restaurant makes their food. We ordered butter chicken with garlic naan and a mango lassi. The butter chicken was rich, delicious, and mouth watering. Best Indian food around. I have ordered food here many times and had a lot of different things from their menu and I can say I haven’t ever been disappointed. The service that Silas gave us was outstanding. This place is a hidden gem. One more thing I’d like to add is that taking my 1 year old here they had a high chair and it was the cleanest high chair I’ve ever seen in a restaurant. Highly recommend this restaurant! They really take pride in their food and it shows. If I could give more stars I would!

  21. Rae Jay

    This little spot was an awesome find. Tucked in a tiny space next to the Auburn Valley Humane Society thrift store (trust me it is there! and if you get lost, call them and they will guide you in). This spot is the hidden gem you have been looking for, trust.

    The food was fresh, well balanced, and flavorful. The meat was tender and succulent, and simply good. As we sat enjoying our food we could hear the other diners loving their food as well.

    We had the Garlic Naan, the Butter Chicken, and the Lamb Vindaloo. The meal filled up three grown people and we took home enough for an full plate. The left overs warmed up beautifully and tasted amazing the next day.

    The price is fair and really good considering the portions and flavors in the food. If you are sensitive to spices, talk to your server and they will make a recommendation that is flavorful but easy on the stomach.

    The atmosphere is family style and casual, clean and warm. You can see the vision but it is in work. Right now, it is about the food so go there for the great meal.

    The service was given with pride in the product, enthusiasm for the business, and excitement for the future. This spot is the real deal, try anything, you will be happy. We are looking forward to our next meal there. Go check it out!

  22. Shobana Prasad

    Tasty food. Pleasant atmosphere. Friendly staff. Feels like home. Only regret is I didn’t get my chai. They don’t offer chai and I am a must chai person with Indian cuisine. All entries are huge. Worth for the $$ spent.

  23. Malachi Hydrick

    It was great, server was kind and very good curry. Wife has a dairy allergy and she was fine so just let them know and they will accommodate!

  24. Michael Naragon

    The absolute best Indian food I’ve had. The staff is incredibly friendly, and the food is ridiculously good. If you enjoy chicken tikka, butter paneer, or anything in between, you will absolutely not regret eating here!!

  25. Michael Naragon

    The absolute best Indian food I’ve had! You will not regret it!!

  26. Erin Eadington

    The food is really the best Indian food I have had! So fresh and delicious!

  27. 48PlayGuitar

    My vegan son is in town from Oregon and visited again after discovering this “hole in the wall” over Thanksgiving holiday. He ordered the Aloo Gobhi and says he doesn’t know what magic ‘that guy’ has going on back in the kitchen, but it’s amazing!


    Welcome by a very warm young man who took us through the menu.Excellent service and very good food am definitely coming back again.

  29. Edward Waithaka

    Great customer service, wonderful and sumptuous food that has a very homely touch..and lovely all the way with every bite that begs for more..give it a try and you’ll love it…

  30. Sangeetha Venkatesan

    We tried their tandoori chicken, paneer tikka, butter chicken curry. The food was awesome we liked it so much n especially their presentation is very nice ,they are very welcoming!!

  31. J A

    I’ve been eyeing this place for a year and finally had a chance to dive in. I was not disappointed. Ordered the tandoori mix grill, garlic naan, spicy lamb curry, mango lassi. Everything was outstanding. Meat was tender, curry was spicy, portions were large for the price, service was top notch. Easily one of the best restaurants in the area.

  32. Mira

    Awesome place! The staff were very kind and attentive and the food is amazing. The wait time was also short. I definitely recommend eating here 😋

  33. Matt Krachunis

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful food!!! Highly recommend with zero reservations.

    Music choice was a little loud and not on brand for the restaurant.

  34. EliYoungjohn

    Deepti was amazing, our food was great and had great service!

  35. Laura Lexander

    This was our first time here, and we didn’t know the restaurant was actually a new one! I reported the old one as closed. The new owners have a wonderful thing going. From the other reviews I’ve read and now our own personal experience, we’d highly recommend them! My husband and son are omnivores, while my daughter and I are vegan and there was something for all of us there. Pictured is the Aloo Gobhi with Roti and rice on the side. 🌱

  36. Shimone Samuel

    In the area on business and tried this restaurant based on all the glowing reviews. Yes it is 5 star ^_^ Butter chicken was delicious, portion size for an entree was enough to feed 2 people! The naan was fresh and the service was impecable. The atmosphere was cozy and warm and I left with a full tummy and a bag of leftovers.

  37. Mithi

    This is my first visit here and finally l found a very good authentic fresh and delicious food here. We had Dal Makhni and Fish Curry which were superb tasty and spicy. Owner and staff are very welcoming and friendly. Highly recommend 💖💖💖

  38. Mike Herzog

    We have lived in Auburn two years and this restaurant is the only one we don’t leave to another town for. The food is consistent and so so so good! What has me leaving this review is the owners. They are special and truly understand how to take care of their customers. I hope this restaurant becomes everything they dreamed for it to be. 5 stars!

  39. Jake Gale

    Best Indian food I’ve had. I will definitely be back here again. I wish this place much success!

  40. Rishona Green

    The food is so tasty and full of flavor but spicy hot if you ask for zero stars. We had the chicken biryani and the butter chicken and you can tell the biryani was made fresh to order and was a symphony of flavors. If a restaurant does biryani well, then it’s a great restaurant by my book. We also had garlic Naan which is perfect accomplishment. Wonderful service, too.

  41. Sergio Santana

    Amazing food I love it

  42. Sagar Anand Gaikwad

    We got the Methi Chicken and rotis. It was simply delicious and would highly recommend it. The staff had our food ready and greeted us warmly. We will certainly be returning customers. Keep up the great service!

  43. Dalton L'Heureux

    Absolutely fantastic food and the friendly/most helpful staff I’ve ever experienced. With they had a bathroom… But it’s a very small place which I love!… So can’t ding em too hard 😁 Keep it up!

  44. Castern Fernandes

    The business is taken over from Notion of spices since my last visit last year.
    Have suggested the right location since the current location take you behind the neighboring thrift store. Regarding the food it was decent. Ordered the lamb biryani and the quantity of lamb inside it including the raita was amazing however quantifiable for $25 (including taxes). I always came to Bombay plaza / notion of spices once in a while for their amazing lamb biryani and did not find the Mumbai Grand version to match it. I ordered the medium spiced however it was a bit bland for this spice level and could try for more spicier version the next time I go. The raita always balances the little heat from the biryani which is fun however here did not find a need for it. Will give this a one more chance in the near future. Good service and restaurant ambiance a notch up than the previous one.

  45. Tomasso C

    You need to go here. The food is beyond amazing. This place looks so unassuming, but please try it. I am beyond impressed.

  46. Alli Montgomery

    My goodness! I had heard good things, but nothing could have prepared me for the absolutely incredible meal we had awaiting us! We ordered lamb curry, baingan bhartha, butter paneer, mango chicken, and naan – everything was to die for. Rich, flavorful, truly every dish was thoughtfully crafted. Service was so kind and helpful. This place isn’t just the best Indian food I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience, but one of the best meals I’ve ever had anywhere. You absolutely must support them and try it for yourself, you won’t regret it!

  47. Polish Bigfoot

    Great authentic Indian cuisine! Super nice service. Please go spend your money here!

  48. celia calso

    Butter chicken is the best!, people are very polite and friendly.

  49. emzzhura

    The food is spot on. The portions for quality is amazing, me and my partner just shared a chicken dish comes with rice and with garlic naan. Was so delicious, creamy and flavorful. Little small inside which is expected for a new small business and I hope this location expands because it deserves it for sure. The waiters are very kind. Our favorite dish so far is the mango chicken, omg the flavor that the mango pops out is phenomenal. Been here 4 times so far. Very filling.

  50. Karen Nelson

    Husband and I found a hidden treasure tonight. This humble little restaurant in a strip mall in Auburn is the domain of an amazing chef who has created menus for exclusive restaurants around the middle east, the kind of places maharajahs and princes eat at.

    This place looks like your typical strip mall fast food joint. Not too fancy by any means. But don’t be fooled. It’s a GEM.

    The chef just arrived here 6 months ago, showed me pictures on his phone from the international restaurants he’s been at, and the food they brought out to us tonight was plated like art.

    He makes everything fresh for you when you order, nothing preheated before you got there, this is SERIOUSLY THE BEST Indian food I’ve ever had. Like, EVER.

    Do yourself a favor and eat here. Or get GrubHub from here. Or get catering. Before some Michelin star restaurant finds this guy and scoops him up. Because I’m guessing they will.

    Seriously. Eat something from here while you can still afford it!

  51. Dumanshu Goyal

    Excellent food! Prepared fresh and Super tasty! Our entire family including kids loved it

  52. Kavi

    Very welcoming staff-Dipti is very warm and polite gets a 5 star
    The Chef and Owner Amlesh Biswas is awesome and served us delicious and authentic Indian cuisine -5 Star
    Quality , Quantity, Hygiene and Presentation – 5 Star
    We enjoyed chicken tikka masala,methi chicken,palak paneer,roti and garlic naan.
    Definitely recommend for vegans,vegetarians and non-vegetarians.Will visit again.
    Hope the chef adds few Indian Bengali dishes in the menu.

  53. Liz Van Dam

    That moment when you think twice about leaving a review bc you found an awesome swimming hole and want it all for yourself…
    same can be said about Mumbai Grand. I can’t help but rave to the world about this restaurant and am willing to do it- but you better not take my table!
    This restaurant serves the finest Indian food in the state and I’m sure beyond. It’s as delicious as it gets.
    Our family favorites are the tandoori chicken, butter chicken and tikka masala. I am sure every other dish is equally as exquisite.
    Order an extra serving or two of the garlic Naan if you’re wavering, as well.
    Your dishes are prepared fresh and with care and excellent preparation so expect to wait accordingly (both for pick up and dine in).

  54. Srujana Routhu

    Food is so flavorful and delicious. Enjoyed my lunch here ! Would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to eat Indian food.

  55. Justin Barnett

    This is definitely a hole in the wall kind of place but don’t let it’s unassuming spot deter you. The Goat Curry, Butter Chicken, and Garlic Naan my wife and I ate were all really delicious and well made!

  56. Tim Wright

    A number of owners have rotated through this location … and the folks who operate/own it now are doing an absolutely terrific job. Definitely my favorite Indian food restaurant right now. The biryani is fantastic, every curry I’ve tried is delicious, and the most challenging thing is figuring out what on the impressive menu we’re going to order. The food is made with care, and served in extremely generous portions.

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