327 W Wishkah St, Aberdeen, WA 98520


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11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm


4:00 pm – 8:00 pm



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Samurai Sushi

Samurai Sushi Bar & Grill Menu

Menu current as of 4/27/2024


Edamame $8.50

Boiled green soybean with sea salt on top

Gyoza (8) $9.50

Deep fried pot sticker, pork & veggie

Seaweed Salad $9.50

Green seaweed in sesame vinegar sauce

Taco Sunomono $15.00

Lightly steamed octopus leg with house ponzu sauce

Vegetable Tempura $14.00

Tempura fried with side of house tempura sauce

Shrimp Tempura $14.00

Tempura fried with side of house tempura sauce

Calamari Tempura $15.00

Tempura fried with side of house tempura sauce

Fire Bomb $17.00

Batter & fried jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese & spicy tuna with 3 house sauces on top

Avocado Boat $17.00

Battered & fried avocado stuffed with spicy tuna with shredded crab & 3 house sauces on top

Tuna Tataki (6) $18.00

Slightly seared tuna in house ponzu sauce (albacore tuna tataki is also available)

Hawaiian Tuna Poke $18.00

With house poke sauce

Deep-Fried Soft-Shell Crab (4 pieces, 2 full crabs) $17.00

Battered & fried with side of house ponzu sauce


Samurai Regular (7) $29.00

Nigiri (chef’s choice) & California roll

Samurai Deluxe (9) $36.00

Nigiri (chef’s choice) & spicy tuna roll


Yellowfin Tuna – Nigiri (2) $8.00 Sashimi (3) $10 Sashimi (6) $18.00

Salmon – Nigiri (2) $8.00 Sashimi (3) $10 Sashimi (6) $18.00

Smoked Salmon – Nigiri (2) $8.00 Sashimi (3) $10 Sashimi (6) $18.00

Yellowtail – Nigiri (2) $8.00 Sashimi (3) $10 Sashimi (6) $18.00

Fresh Water Eel – Nigiri (2) $8.00 Sashimi (3) $10 Sashimi (6) $18.00

Cooked Shrimp – Nigiri (2) $8.00 Sashimi (3) $10 Sashimi (6) $18.00

Scallop – Nigiri (2) $8.00 Sashimi (3) $10 Sashimi (6) $18.00

Octopus – Nigiri (2) $8.00 Sashimi (3) $10 Sashimi (6) $18.00

Albacore Tuna – Nigiri (2) $8.00 Sashimi (3) $10 Sashimi (6) $18.00

Red Snapper – Nigiri (2) $8.00 Sashimi (3) $10 Sashimi (6) $18.00

Oilfish – Nigiri (2) $8.00 Sashimi (3) $10 Sashimi (6) $18.00

Mackerel – Nigiri (2) $8.00 Sashimi (3) $10 Sashimi (6) $18.00

Smelt Fish Roe – Nigiri (2) $8.00 Sashimi (3) $10 Sashimi (6) $18.00

Flying Fish Roe – Nigiri (2) $8.00


Daikon (6) $7.00

Inari (2) $7.00

Marinated deep fried tofu nigiri

Avocado (8) $9.00

AAC (8) $9.00

Avocado, asparagus & cucumber

AAG (8) $9.00

Avocado, asparagus & green bean

Cucumber (6) $7.00

Asparagus (6) $7.00

Sweet Potato (8) $12.00

Deep fried roll

Vegetable Tempura (8) $14.00

Cream cheese available for extra $1.00


Tuna (6) $8.00

Spicy Tuna $11.00

Spicy Salmon $1100

Spicy Scallop $11.00

Spicy Yellowtail $12.00

Salmon (6) $8.00

Unagi $11.00

Unagi, cucumber & avocado with unagi sauce on top

California $9.00

Imitation crab, cucumber & avocado

Cream cheese available for extra $1.00


Sake-Don (12) $29.00

Fresh salmon on top of sushi rice

Chirashi Sushi (14) $34.00

Assorted sashimi on top of sushi rice


Alaska $14.00

Imitation crab, cucumber, avocado with fresh salmon on top

Philadelphia $15.00

Imitation crab, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese with smoked salmon (raw) on top

Tiger $14.00

Imitation crab, cucumber, avocado with ebi shrimp & unagi sauce on top

Mexican (6) $15.00

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cilantro, jalapeno with spicy mayo sauce & sriracha sauce on top

Crunchy (6) $14.00

Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado with tempura crunchy & unagi sauce

Las Vegas (deep fried) (6) $15.00

Imitation crab, unagi, masago, avocado, and cream cheese with unagi sauce on top

Spider (6) $14.00

Deep-fried soft-shell crab, cucumber, avocado, and masago with unagi sauce on top

Salmon Tempura $16.00

Salmon tempura, cucumber, and avocado with unagi sauce on top

Calamari Tempura $17.00

Calamari tempura, cucumber, and avocado with unagi sauce on top

Rainbow $17.00

Imitation crab, cucumber & avocado with tuna, salmon escolar, yellowtail, and shrimp on top

Westport $16.00

Imitation crab, avocado, cream cheese with salmon torched & honey sauce on top

Bloody Dragon $17.00

Shrimp tempura & avocado with spicy tuna, sriracha, and sweet chili sauce on top

Snow Dragon $15.00

Shrimp tempura, avocado with escolar, topic, sriracha, and sweet wasabi sauce on top

Perl Dragon $17.00

Shrimp tempura, avocado with yellowtail & green onions on top

Dark Dragon $18.00

Shrimp tempura, avocado with unagi & unagi sauce eon top

Angry Tuna $18.00

Tuna, albacore tuna, cucumber & avocado with spicy tuna (torched), tobiko, sweet chilly and spicy mayo sauce on top

Volcano $17.0

Imitation crab, cucumber & avocado with shrimp, scallop, masago, and spicy sauces mixed on top

Vampire $18.00

Spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado with albacore tuna (torched), cilantro, jalapeno, spicy mayo sauce & sriracha sauce on top

Samurai (10) $22.00

Spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado, jalapeno with tuna, escolar, tobiko, sriracha, sweet wasabi, sweet chili sauce on top

Aberdeen (10) $25.00

Tuna, salmon, albacore tuna, yellowtail, escolar, red snapper, asparagus, cucumber with unagi sauce on top

Iron Man (deep fried) (10) $24.00

Tuna, salmon, albacore tuna, escolar, red snapper, avocado, jalapeno, cream cheese with tobiko spicy sauces on top

Diablo (10) $24.00

Deep-fried soft-shell crab, spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado, daikon with tobiko, jalapeno unagi sauce & spicy mayo sauce on top


(Udon) – Japanese thick noodles & fresh vegetables

Plain Udon $14.00

Chicken Udon $18.00

Shrimp Tempura Udon $17.00

Beef Udon $18.00

(Yakisoba) – Pan fried noodles with fresh veggies & fried egg on top

Plain Yakisoba $14.00

Chicken Yakisoba $18.00

Shrimp Yakisoba $19.00

Beef Yakisoba $19.00

(Ramen) – Spicy noodles with fresh vegetables

Plain Ramen $13.00

Chicken Ramen $17.00

Beef Ramen $18.00

Seafood Ramen $18.00


4 pieces of California roll, steamed rice, shrimp & vegetable tempura, gyoza, and seaweed salad or house salad

Chicken Teriyaki $27.00

8 oz chicken breast with teriyaki sauce

Spicy Chicken Teriyaki $28.00

8 oz Chicken breast with spicy sauce

Bulgogi $29.00

7 oz Marinated thin sliced beef loin with fresh vegetables

Unagi $33.00

5 pieces fresh water eel (broiled)

Sushi/Sashimi Bento $37.00

4 pieces nigiri & 8 pieces sashimi, served with no steamed rice


Served with a side of steamed rice

Dak Bulgogi $25.00

14 oz Chicken breast in spicy sauce with fresh vegetables

Bulgogi $25.00

14 oz Marinated thin sliced beef loin with fresh vegetables


Bottomless Fountain Drinks $3.75

Flavored Lemonade $7.00

Juice $3.50

Pure Leaf Tea $3.00

Glass Bottle $3.00

Huckleberry, Root beer or Cream Soda

Hot Tea $3.00

41 reviews for “Samurai Sushi

  1. Byron Gudino

    Great place for Japanese food.

  2. Sue Romero

    Great little sushi spot! Will definitely be going back! Sushi was really good! But the teriyaki chicken in the bento box wasn’t very good.

  3. That Sailing Guy

    Great food amazing food go here for the food

  4. Albert Leggett

    Fantastic! The avocado boat was great. Also enjoyed the Westport roll & the Dark Dragon. First time going, won’t be the last. Busy Saturday night & the staff handled it well.

  5. Sumie Khamvongsa

    Came Herr from oregob for husband work. It was my birthday so decided to.try this place out and good thing wensid. Service was great restaurant was clean. Sushi was amazing and fresh. Would recommend this place they deserve your business

  6. John Reeves

    Great selection of sushi as well as other Asian cuisine.

  7. Aron Redifer

    Great staff/owner. Very nice. Clean. Fresh tasting

  8. Joshua Foust

    The best service I’ve ever experienced

  9. C J

    Favorite sushi place!

  10. Wendy & Russ Glass

    4 stars on service because our waitress ignored us, so the chef took care of us personally. We spent 8 years in California so it’s hard to find comparable sushi, but this place was amazing. We even got stuff to go! We ordered all this food and it was less than $150. We normally spend twice that much at other places.

  11. Afsaneh Noori

    One of the best sushi I have had.

  12. Brian Sorensen

    Best sushi in Aberdeen!

  13. Cheryl Turchan

    Very attentive to each individual order and much thought is put into each dish made. I would recommend people to travel here, just for their food. You won’t be disappointed and will leave satisfied. 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Eddie Pond

    Food was absolutely amazing, service was also top notch, super friendly and fast, definitely going again again

  15. Cyn Ocampo

    Hidden gem in Aberdeen! Great food and awesome service. Don’t forget to try the lemonade!

  16. Melissa Zawlocki

    So delicious! Never had sushi so good in my life, made me want more, so we ordered more! Must try avocado boat! My favorite addiction! Even took some home this time. Thanks for making our anniversary, wonderful!

  17. Evelyne Kalama

    Amazing service and great food

  18. Tim Lowndes

    Didn’t know what to expect and we were really surprised! Great fresh food! Great flavors and good service!

  19. Brent Threadgill

    The food was decent but bad customer service both the middle aged lady and younger lady doing cashier was very rude but the older man that worked in the back was very nice i wont be back tho for awhile hopefully changes and they work on it….

  20. Tanner Spargo

    I love the sushi

  21. Tracey Horton

    Never had good sushi in Aberdeen in 25 yrs, always go to Olympia, but this place has amazing sushi. The fire bomb and the advacado boat appetizers were amazing.

  22. Kelsie Radka

    This is the best place for Sushi! My absolute favorite roll is the Westport roll; with crab, cream cheese, avocado and salmon! They have weird hours and sometimes they’re so booked up that after 7 or so they no longer take any orders.

  23. Anthony Kerley

    Great Sushi (though I noticed that the fish portions were smaller this time). Service is friendly and attentive. Small dining room. Good beer.

  24. Talvi Jeff

    Best in aera!

  25. Meadow Berkley


  26. J.S. Barnett

    Soft shelled tempura crabs !!! Oh boi!

  27. Dan Ayres

    Great food and very friendly staff. We like to sit and watch the chefs prepare our sushi and enjoy a friendly chat.

  28. Ashley Johnson

    As a former resident of Seattle, now residing in Aberdeen, I have found it incredibly difficult to find notable establishments in the Grays Harbor area, that aren’t the typical ‘Sysco Food Truck’ type of dwelling.

    Samurai Sushi Bar and Grill is one of the few establishments in this area that I frequent and it always exceeds my expectations.

    The menu offers many dishes in addition to its namesake- Sushi, which are each delectable in their own right . A few of my favorites are the Yakisoba noodles and Chicken Teriyaki. My 6year old LOVES Samurai and is the only restaurant she requests with excitement, which is a BIG deal, as she is incredibly picky. Some of her favorites are the Edamame, Ramen, Teriyaki and Yakisoba.

    The quality of products used are high, the presentation is stunning, and the staff goes above and beyond to ensure you’ve had a pleasant dining experience. The atmosphere is modern and warm, you can tell that they genuinely care about your dining experience as a whole, from their attire, to their dishes (like the hot tea pots!) and decor.

    I HIGHLY recommend you go to this place. Thank me later 😉

  29. Morgan Thomas

    Damn good, everything.

  30. Grace Engel

    I absolutely love the atmosphere and the staff here. Super cozy date spot with great food.

  31. Lauren Garrett

    For my kiddo’s 7th Birthday we let him choose dinner. He picked Samurai Sushi and asked me to write this review and give a million bajillion stars! The servers were so kind and even put candles in his wasabi, gave him a special birthday treat and the table behind us bought him mochi for dessert. He had his first taste of sushi here as a baby and it’s been our go to for special occasions ever since.
    “This is the best sushi place I’ve ever been in. The sushi people are like my family to me.” -O (7)

  32. Kate

    Our new favorite spot! We go every Wednesday, not only for the delicious food but for the wonderful staff who are so kind and fun.

  33. Tracey Horton

    I love the Never had good sushi in Aberdeen in 25 yrs, always go to Olympia, but this place has amazing sushi. The fire bomb and the advacado boat appetizers were amazing.

  34. Alisha Myers

    Always so amazing! Very clean, amazing service and beautiful delicious food every single time!

  35. E Brown

    Absolutely delicious Hawaiian Tuna Poke. The side serving of their edamame was more than enough besides being very tasty

  36. C D

    I normally adore this place. I ordered 4 rolls. The Dark Dragon, Unagi, Vampire, and Salmon Tempura roll.
    The fried salmon on top of the Salmon Tempura was raw in the middle and I almost vomited immediately upon it entering my mouth.

    Everything else was great but he salmon tempura roll was not cooked the way it was supposed to be.
    According to the chef if you want your fully cooked roll to be fully cooked you have to ask for it to be that way

  37. Ryan Porter

    A true stand out in Grays Harbor.

  38. Michelle Joy Collins

    Very tasty, big rolls, very filling. Great flavored lemonades!

  39. All Reviews

    Absolutely amazing place. The staff is always very friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere is very chill, and always clean. I have eaten a lot of sushi from many places around the country, and the world. Some places save money by buying cheaper fish, and to someone who doesn’t frequent sushi you might to be able to tell. However someone like myself can tell right away, and samurai buys top tier fish, you can tell. To top it off, with using top tier fish their price is extremely modest, you would expect to pay more. Not only do they serve top grade fish, the presentation is always spot on. You can tell that a lot of care goes into every dish served, and you can care that their employees really care as well. We have never once been unsatisfied. From the servers to the chef, it’s absolutely amazing.

  40. Reba VanBrunt

    Very cozy place with delicious food and great service. They even offered to our our lemonades in a to go cup and fill them up when we left. We will definitely return.

  41. Jamie Collins

    Lovely small place. Food was really good. Try the lemonade.

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