1012 Ryan Ave, Sumner, WA 98390


47.203731186981, -122.24011954911


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 9:00 pm


11:30 am – 9:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm

Happy Hour 2 – 6 pm

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Sorci’s Italian Cafe

Italian Restaurant in Sumner, WA

66 reviews for “Sorci’s Italian Cafe

  1. Christina Mott Frans

    Stopped in after a cookie decorating class with friends and had a lovely time over a delicious meal.

  2. Vonda PJ

    Everything was excellent

  3. Tim North

    It was a long drive from Lynnwood but it was my mom’s cousin’s 80th birthday the food and service was definitely worth the drive.

  4. Julie Iunker

    Great food, can be a bit noisy! But wonderful.

  5. SilentKnife EXE

    I always love trying new food and other culture cuisine’s especially Italian food and I can say that I was disappointed it was tasty and enjoyed every last bite

  6. Joyce Siano

    I love the place here, it’s my favourite. The food is great and the staff are nice

  7. not me

    The food is amazing it came hot and even after being full I still wanted more I could eat it all day and still be satisfied

  8. Jody Wilkins

    This place is off Main Street in Sumner and the south sound’s best kept secret. The ambience warm and cozy, the service second to none, and the food is off the charts. If you’re lucky, the owners will be there and serve you themselves. I’d order anything on the menu as my last meal.

  9. Nancy Franklin

    The food is amazing, hand crafted – truly homemade. I tried the stuffed avocados and potatoe Kale soup. Both were remarkable. The soup tasted like it was fresh made by grandma herself and the avocado was stuffed with gost cheese and olive tapenade. Perfectly ripened avacodos and cooked to perfection served with fresh baked bread. LOVE!

  10. Terry Zirkle

    Try the pannini’s, very good. They make a fine mojito as well.

  11. Mike Hancho

    My wife and I stopped for dinner on a Friday late afternoon. We don’t live in sumner but in a neighboring city. We like this little italian restaurant.
    The food is always spot on, the service is great.
    They just do it right.
    Thank You

  12. Sara

    I came in at opening and was the 2nd customer to be sat down. I asked for a few more minutes after the server (josh) came to take my order. After 10 minutes passed I had to ask one of the girls to place my order and then my server finally came 6 minutes later to take my order….After waiting more than 25 minutes for my half panini to come out, I told my server “I didn’t expect it to take this long, I have to go, can I just pay for my salad” he said it should be ready now and he can box it up. One of the girls then brought it to my table unboxed. My server didn’t even acknowledge how this long took to come out. The girls were really friendly and great. Good food.

  13. JoshC81

    Do yourself a favor should you find yourself in or near Sumner and visit Sorci’s. Fantastic service, probably my favorite Chicken Marsala in the western US and a very inviting and comfortable atmosphere. 5/5 stars.

  14. Joshua Gerlach

    Absolutely love this Cafe! The food is so good and the staff are friendly!

  15. Mark Nickel

    Simplicity at a price. To get to the point right away. A lot of Italian places are great for their home made sauces. This place has a great red sauce that’s got good flavor and isn’t acidic with decent seasoning. That being said, I got the tuttu pizza. The crust tasted distinctly like a red baron pizza crust. It killed a really good tasting pizza. The shrimp scampi is really lacking salt and we used the dips from the bruschetta to liven it up. The staff was amazing and knowledgeable. Don’t mistake that part, but none of this accounts for mediocre food. The atmosphere is nice enough, but to the tune of a 32 dollar pizza that’s 12 inches, simplicity and ok ingredients doesn’t solve keeping things simple and understanding for their price. Fix the dough on the pizza, add some seasoning to the pasta and extras or fat alternatives to add to the meal or acid for plain pasta or butter… Something.

  16. Addy Rogers

    Gibson “Gibby” was incredible. He ensured we were taken care of. I have a gluten allergy and he gave me recommendations. All mof my food was incredible. My father and sister are not gluten free and said their food was just okay. This isn’t about their existence so just ignore that. I loved it and will 100% come again if I am in the area. Thank you Gibson. I appreciate you.

  17. Jenah Mahan-Williams

    I adore sorcis! It is a perfect place for a happy hour or friend meetup! The food is always good! Their back patio is great, but on a hot day, the dining room does get really hot, so just prepare! Their pizzas are amazing!

  18. Stacy Watson

    When you split a sandwich, they could at least deliver it on two plates. The presentation was lacking as well. Bare plated don’t impress.

  19. Cynthia Keller

    Found a new favorite place!

  20. Sjon Scarborough

    The service was GREAT along with the food. I had the SALMON PICATTA. Which was a change & DELICIOUS. Our server Josh or Justin was GREAT.


  21. Ka-Ge

    Blown away by the food and drinks! Incredible!


    The food has ALWAYS been GREAT when I go here as well as the service. I like sitting at the back patio area.

  23. Briand Sanderson

    Clearly not a place that is friendly to out-of-towers. We got turned away even though there were several available tables that could accommodate us, probably because we were not local and had kids. Reading other reviews this seems to be a pattern. There are many other Italian restaurants in the vicinity, and if you’re from out of town, I would recommend looking at them before coming here.

  24. Heath Filbert

    The staff was great and the good was delicious.

  25. Cheryl McKnight

    absolutely wonderful place! Food, service, price and atmosphere! Will be back for sure. The seafood fettuccine was the best I have had!

  26. shannon l

    While I love eating here. Today’s experience wasn’t the best service wise. I am unsure if our server was new, but we never saw him after we received our meals. I had to find someone else to ask about our check, so we could pay. Normally this place is really good, today was not up to par.

  27. Dennis Coates

    Had wonderful time with great service

  28. Debbie H.

    Fun new find in Sumner! Delicious Italian food. Friendly, attentive service. Lovely atmosphere. Looking forward to enjoying the restaurant again.

  29. Rachel Milanesi

    Sometimes it’s GREAT service and sometimes not but still a good meal and cocktails. Very charming inside— especially at night. Wonderful outdoor setting. Happy hour is so enjoyable on a nice spring summer day- outside- gorgeous garden area to look at.

  30. Misty Barber

    Amazing food, relaxing environment and excellent service. When the menu item says spicy it will be spicy. I had the Sausage and mussels appetizer. The tiramisu is heavenly. I will be back to this cozy Italian spot

  31. tarajsch

    Perfect lunch spot downtown! I like their lunch combo menu. Service is excellent!

  32. Kat C

    Delicious food!

  33. Rob Laishley

    Very disappointing. We have been in the past and enjoyed it but not last night. When we entered the hostess was not welcoming or well trained. It felt like we were an inconvenience. It was not busy and we asked for a table outside. Were told not sure and had to wait. Once seated we ordered an appetizer and when it arrived were told they didn’t have all the ingredients but we would be charged less. That didn’t happen. The table service was not personal, genuine, or attentive.

  34. Kevin Shields

    Great little Italian restaurant!

  35. Mikayla Puterbaugh

    SO GOOD. The classic bruschetta was the best I’ve ever had. My whole family recommends.

  36. Teresa Puterbaugh

    Food was amazing!

  37. Lauren

    Very fresh and flavorful food! They accommodated my allergy and have great drinks.

  38. jim harris

    Vegetarian options: Several wonderful dishes. Vegetable manicotti. Butternut squash ravioli etc

  39. Valentina Virreira

    The place is warmth and nice, the food is great and the service is excellent!

  40. Sharon Wolfe

    Lovely small-ish Italian restaurant. Always good food. The lasagne has a hint of spiciness ..really good. And the stuffed avocado is amazing.

  41. Andrew Shoot

    Excellent dinner options and an extensive wine selection.

  42. Lance Boyle

    I had dinner here for the 1st time tonight, and it was out of this world. My wife, myself, and 2 of our friends absolutely loved our dinner, the antipasto, the bread, the drinks, the service and everything else.

  43. Josh Powell

    The prices on their website was a little outdated. But, we had an amazing server and the food was phenomenal. We will be back again soon!

  44. Debby Patterson

    Food was great.. everything fresh and delicious.. service was slow

  45. Guy C

    The food was 5 stars but service was fair to poor. First appetizer arrived before table was marked with silverware. I’m not sure if it was the manager (she was dressed different than the rest) but she brought over my side salad and sat it down right on top of the open drink menu I was looking over with somewhat of a loud thump and clatter. Not sure what that was about. Food taste amazing.

  46. Jan Siesser

    Adorable place to visit with friends. Yummy food too!

  47. Jeffrey Horsman

    I came in around 6 o’clock and sat outside for a table of one. First, it took around 20 minutes before I was greeted and asked what I wanted to order. My second complaint would be that with him 30 minutes of eating Sonja. I developed extreme stomach ache and diarrhea. Not only would I appreciate my money back, but whatever is going on Kitchen manner she’s got a look into it I ordered the charcuterie board a Caesar salad and the lasagna.

  48. Cassi Curtis

    First time and it was lovely!! Everything was wonderful. Katy is a great server and all the staff is super friendly and helpful. Will be back for sure!

  49. David Miller

    It had been so long since I had been to an Italian restaurant and I was impressed. Three of us came for a quick business lunch and it was delightful!
    I had the lunch special of half a sandwich and Mac and cheese. Italian restaurants are one of the few places I’ll get Mac and Cheese and I wasn’t disappointed.

  50. Jim Askervold

    Service was really good. My food was burned and surprised they served it to me. Matched how hot it was in the dining room. Need A/C. On a more typical NW day, I’m sure that would have been better but need to be prepared if open during the summer.

  51. Garrett Mills

    Ravioli looked and tasted like something I could of bought at Safeway.. the sauce was watery and tasteless

  52. Alfredo Patiño

    very good service but their food is too excellent 10 stars..

  53. Brian Hage

    Great food, staff was quick, and the food was delicious.

  54. brittanie erickson

    Food was Amazing

  55. Robert Lancaster

    I met Lucia for the very first time. It was one of her favorite places to have a glass of wine. It is now one of my favorite places to have a glass of wine. But now I need to go back and have something from their menu.

  56. Frans Keylard

    Excellent as always. Good gluten-free options, and very tasty drinks.

  57. Deborah Wolz

    This is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. I’ve been coming since they first opened over 20 years ago. Great Food and Staff too.

  58. Connie Gray

    Thus is SUCH a fun place. Truly wonderful food, fantastic mixed drinks and fun atmosphere

  59. Rhonda Thompson

    🍷Super Yummy Food, Drink & FUN atmosphere!!😍

  60. Alexa Bragg

    I love having dinner here! It’s a date night go to.

  61. EDNA

    I took my mom there for lunch on Mon 10/2/23. The atmosphere is great and the wait staff were happy to be there. The only thing that I didn’t like was the portion sizes. The cheese bread was 1 ciabatta roll, sliced open with melted cheese on top. It tasted good but for $5, I would have expected maybe 3 of those. The Lasagna was tasty, meaty and a small square. My mom ordered the spaghettis with 2 meatballs. That portion was great and zesty. For the prices, which are higher than shown on the websites Menu, it needs to be bigger portions.

  62. kelly alexander

    Had the veggie manicotti. Highly recommend. Unless you don’t like lots of delicious cheese lol.

  63. Beth Marker

    Had a wonderful lunch with friends at Sorci’s. The service was top notch, thank you Katy! The soup and sandwich was delicious!

  64. Jason Britcher

    The sausage and mussels were terrific.

  65. Jay Marshall

    Only the BEST of everything, a little noisy but that’s all part of the fun.

  66. Ben Burrowes

    Nice place with decent food and service. Recommend mainly because there aren’t many better options nearby.

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