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11:30 am – 9:00 pm


11:30 am – 9:00 pm


11:30 am – 9:00 pm


11:30 am – 9:00 pm


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Trailbreaker Cider

Traditional American Restaurant and Cider Tasting in Liberty Lake, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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71 reviews for “Trailbreaker Cider

  1. Chelsea Durgan

    I really enjoyed the ciders. My boyfriend and I ordered happy hour food, and we received wings that were raw in places. We were offered a new batch, but too grossed out to eat more after biting into raw chicken. Such a bummer cause we were digging this place.

  2. Duce

    Ordered wings, and they were raw in places. I was offered a replacement, but I did not feel comfortable with this after eating raw chicken.

  3. Zero Signal

    Great cider, awesome live music Wednesday’s, and amazing food.

  4. Ryan Miller Art

    Gluten-free people and people of regular digestion listen here! This is a fantastic place to enjoy a delicious beer or cider. Particularly cider. I’m a beer guy, and they have good beer. In fact, an excellent selection of beers. It’s not extensive but it’s everything you need. For you gluten-free folk obviously the ciders are going to go over well. But for your beer drinkers you will not be sorry if you choose one of their delicious ciders. They drink like beers and there are plenty of strong ones indeed. My wife had a gluten-free brought worst and she was happier for it. I didn’t eat anything because I like drinking more. But if I was of a mind to eat the options they had would suffice. We got to take our dog out into their yard which was big and spacious. They had some yard games which are important. I highly recommend that you stop by if you’re in the Liberty lake area.

  5. Rick Gill

    Great venue (wrestling). Great cider. (Tried 4 flavors all interesting.) Good food. Friendly and helpful staff and owner.

    Good cider is hard to find but this is the place. Made on site. It appears that there are new flavors rotating in to the menu so multiple visits necessary.

    Pricing is in line with a night out.

  6. Corey Haskins

    Wow talk about an incredible atmosphere and a good selection. They cater and do events as well. Very good place to visit.

  7. Smirk (Off-Duty)

    Had a fruity flavored beer, was delicious. Would try again.

  8. Nate Elliott

    I love this place. They always have top notch ciders, great staff, and really good food. My favorites have to be cougar gold grilled cheese and either the triple berry, watermelon or blackberry cider. Outdoor area has expanded and they have amazing seating options in the lower part, upper loft or outside!

  9. Sara Smith

    Great selection of gluten free food and cider! Loved the happy hour all day on Monday, a bit hot in the indoor seating area, but otherwise great atmosphere. Can’t wait to go back!

  10. Lisa Wadel

    The cider was very good and the French fries were great. The staff is very nice.

  11. Elias Whitefoot

    Best Cider in the Spokane area, no question!

  12. Alicia DeArth

    Crisp, Delicious & Refreshing.

  13. Clayton Mc

    Highly recommended. Amazing selection of drinks, and a great atmosphere. Plus they have outdoor music and is dog friendly

  14. Renee Hilton

    A favorite for us. We love their ciders, though we often get their local beer on rotation. They have awesome food, a great facility for events or for your family. Huge green yard for outside play and two patios. Come to Liberty Lake and try!

  15. Chris White

    A great space for relaxing after work. Delicous cider selection. Food is basic, but tasty. Self pickup and bussing seems a bit out of place for the area, but seems to work well with a smaller staff.
    I would expect at least an indoor server. The lawn is amazing atmosphere with games, dogs, and kids around.

  16. Nancy Wing

    Large variety of cider flavors. They also have Beer and Wine for those that are not cider fans. Great selection of food items available. Excellent outdoor dining area and upstairs areas that can be reserved. The upstairs overlooks the production facility where you can see the operations.

  17. Carolyn Harbolt

    Food was great, drinks were great, service was good. If you want wait staff this is not the place, but we totally enjoyed the atmosphere!! The self service is bit a big deal to us…might be different if it was super busy. We will be back!!

  18. Rachel O'Hara

    The Funk berry Cider was good. Really good in fact. I’d go back for that cider.

  19. Dustin N

    One of the best Ciderys in the area. They have lots of indoor and outdoor seating and a good food menu. They definitely have more local ciders than anyone in the area. They have ciders that range from dry to sweet to tart and tangy. Very nice bar with blue epoxy that looks like water. You can even get a table above the brewing area to get a great view of the whole place. They also have live music on occasion.

  20. Tim Zarra

    Fun place with lots of cider options and some great lunch options too, highly recommend

  21. M B

    Great food and tasting room and very friendly service!

  22. sam stowers

    Their cider is becoming really one of a kind. Cool random spot to watch wrestling.

  23. Sandy Mullikin

    Fabulous food, fabulous cider. Great for eating outside if you have pets. Pets welcome. I highly recommend the Reuben sandwich and the watermelon cider. Gotta try this place it’s a A+++ plus staff working here is so friendly

  24. Michele DeWitt

    Great outdoor space, very nice and knowledgeable staff, and great rotating selection of ciders!

  25. Alex P

    Excellent Venue! Quite the gem just outside of Spokane in Liberty Lake. Plenty delicious ciders to choose from as well and some beers and wines available for those not on the cider bus yet. Food was good, we’ll have to try a few other things but the wrap was solid. Definitely worth a try if you’re in the neighborhood or quick drive away.

  26. Marvin Jones

    Drove two hundred miles out of our way to go there again very very cool place

  27. Jessica Rolland

    Wonderful selection and delicious food. Check out the mustard bar!

  28. Zeroturnpete

    Excellent selection of ciders and some good beer and wine as well. Great environment with nice outdoor seating area. Lots of space inside as well. We had 4 different apps, the food was good, but not inspiring. I think with some intentional recipe design they could really up their food game, they need bolder flavor and uniqueness. Overall a good experience.

  29. Matthew Pelletier

    Wife and I had a great time last night. We had the black berry cider and it was really good. Food was good as well. Staff was super friendly and welcoming. We’ve been looking for our new local spot close to home and I think this will be it when we need to go get a drink and don’t want to cook. Loo forward to next visit!

  30. Collette DeVries

    Great service, nice selection of ciders and really good wings!!

  31. Amanda Hutyler

    Love this place! Cider and food is always great and awesome atmosphere. The big building works great for a casual dinner, Sunday brunch, business meeting, or whatever else you need.

  32. Mary Ann Shuler

    Just moved here and went here for the first time! Loved it and the fact they didn’t mind me sampling most of them they weren’t super busy and just chit chatted with me! Will be back!

  33. Evan Zimmerman

    Wow. Incredible selection of cider – outstanding traditional ciders at levels of sweetness, fruit and floral flavors, and a bold group of spicy ciders.

    Solid food that stands above most other options in Liberty Lake. Their fries are great – hot and crispy.

    Accented by a cozy atmosphere and glass walls to the brewery and outside, Trailbreaker was one of the highlights of my two week trip to Liberty Lake. I visited many times to sample all of the ciders they had before I had to fly home!

  34. Luke Snyders

    This place is awesome- keep looking for reasons to go back. Staff is kind and attentive, the food is amazing (best pretzels and cheese EVER) and the cider has a huge variety to choose from. Every detail of their business is well thought out.

  35. Sam Espinoza

    Very great place to visit. Cider was good and a good wrestling show. Thank you

  36. Michael Hancock

    Wow! This place is absolutely amazing!! What an amazing menu! The food was fantastic! That Tri Tip Sandwich was so flavorful and the Apple Pie was devine! Yhe salad was so beautiful! Loved every second that I was there!

  37. K Ko

    Service is awesome, the cider selection is unique and excellent. Food was incredible and great portions. So cool to be able to see them make the cider while you’re having lunch! Love this place

  38. patte goben

    Friendly, clean. I ordered the fish dinner and I am sorry to say the fish dripped with grease. Good flavor but Was a bit too much grease. The cider was delish!!

  39. Local Mom

    Absolutely LOVE this place!! Amazing food, great service and the cider is the BEST!!

  40. Kate

    I was really excited to go after reading the reviews, but was bummed after going there. Sundays menu was very limited, there were kids screaming the whole time and the food looked like something you would pull out of the freezer to heat up. Was really bummed, but the Cider was really good and staff (the guy) was really nice. 🙂

  41. Trixey D

    My favorite Liberty Lake hang out! Food has always been great, ciders- love, staff- excellent! I have to be gluten free so when I bring friends here, they are impressed. I’m so happy to share this place with family and friends! Modern and fun atmosphere.

  42. Mel Cardenas

    Just love this place! Fast, friendly service. Cider heaven! Great views

  43. Debra Butler

    We reserved the production floor for my husband’s 50th birthday party on a Saturday. We had a little over 35 attendees and a local musician Lyle Morse play. Trailbreaker staff was very helpful in showing him where to setup. The space setup was perfect with some low tables and other high setups at wine barrels. The food was absolutely amazing and we heard tons of compliments regarding the brisket and Cougar Gold mac n cheese. We were so very happy with the entire process from start to finish!

  44. Colton Ostermiller

    Extremely busy Friday evening. Ciders we’re all amazing and a super cool atmosphere.

  45. Samantha Thompson

    Always an amazing experience 🙌🏽💯 Good drinks delicious food! 😙 🏽😋

  46. ty landt

    I saw reviews that say great service but big NOPE, you just order at a counter and they hand you a pager. You’ll have to carry your own food and bus your own table. The girl that takes your order will huff and roll her eyes if you actually need to read the dirty menu laying on the counter. Watch out for the Liberty Lake yuppies who bring their 6 spoiled kids who run wild with zero supervision or control destroying boothes and asking random people for food and chucking stuff on the ground. No joke, there is a trail of discarded food between these people’s table and the door. The Cougar Gold fries are a waste, there’s no actual cheese on the cheese-fries. Food is mediocre at best. Cider isn’t too bad tho, look for it in stores and make your own food at home.

  47. Holly Merrill

    5 stars for cider selection and taste; 3 stars for food and ambience (the food is just very low quality like almost like fair food, and the ambience can be easily ruined by how loud it gets in there due to the acoustics).
    I’d go back for cider flights but that’s about it

  48. Ashley Rittenhouse

    Cool place for sure! Plenty of outdoor space go relax with friends (and dog friendly!).

  49. Fred_The_Bot_

    Food was excellent and service was quick and simple. The resturant is gorgeous and there is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

  50. Ron c

    Open up your pocketbook. Sampler of 5 tiny Cider cups, less than 2oz.each=$15. Pint of a beer=$8. Fish n Chips(3 chicken nugget size pieces of fish and about 25 skinny little fries=$14…i was still hungry afterwards. I know that everyone is raising their prices everywhere…but this was a rip off.

  51. Michelle Tretheway

    It was the closest to R&R, getting RV fixed. I ordered sausage, very good. However came with fries. Can’t eat potatoes. Wish there was Cole slaw.

  52. BeverLi Joi

    Great cider and fries. Sandwich was not memorable but nice outdoor seating and fun to see all the equipment of cider making

  53. Tiffany patton

    Such a cool spot! Grassy spot ipa flights cougar fries and cornhole. Strangers with lighters. Loved it #daydrinking #idaho potato run

  54. Judah Larsen

    Informal and comfortable. We sat outside and it really felt like we were surrounded by friends and family.
    Simple self service but all the staff is friendly and kind.
    Gluten-free fish and chips is a small (but totally sufficient) three pieces with super crisp, light batter. Unlike any I’ve had but I liked it.
    Excellent ciders leaning towards the sweet, which we like. Though there are some dry and spicy options
    Non gluten free family had nice looking burgers, Reubens and tritip sandwiches.
    Salmon croquettes were like a delightful cross between a hush puppy and a crab cake.
    Wings were a little disappointing. Just done but not crispy. I’d skip those next time.

  55. AlexGraeberPilates

    Tried to eat here for the second time, kitchen closes 1 hour before they close. We rushed over and got there 5 minutes before the kitchen closed, and they told us it closed at 8. We were there at 7:55.

  56. Kailey G

    We just found this place and absolutely loved it. The Pretzels with Cheese, and Hummus w/pita and Veggies were delicious. The cider and seltzer were fantastic. We will definitely be back! Dog-friendly patio, as well!

  57. Ian Smith

    Trailbreaker is in essence Liberty Lake’s “town square”. My family seems to find ourselves meeting up with other friends and families at least once a week. Their ciders are all great, they have a mustard bar, and their outside lawn area is the perfect spot for kids. They also host some of the coolest events in the zip code, from professional wrestling matches, to Christmas parties, to benefits. Highly recommended.

  58. Michele Parker

    A wonderful cider house! They have many different flavors and they make the cider in house. Food is delicious and Wednesday evenings in the summer they have music. Super nice outdoor area for family’s to gather.

  59. Mathieu Ferland

    Fantastic menu and the band playing at just the right volume to still have a conversation was perfect. Can’t wait to go back !

  60. Nonna

    New-to-us! Loved it. Tri tip sandwich, fish n chips & cheese sandwiches were all delicious. The fries were wonderful and lots of them.

  61. Darbee ZB

    Great service, pet friendly +, ciders were on point & delightful…this is a go to establishment

  62. Amber Liptak (Nemo Styxx)

    If you have a wheat allergy (or gluten-free) and miss fish & chips; theirs was phenomenal.

    Lots of cider options – the apple spice cider was Fall in a glass.

    Ordering is at the counter.

  63. Michael Shoaf

    Great atmosphere great people and great service I recommend it to all

  64. Ed Nyberg

    We are starting a cidery in N. MI (Heartwood Ciders), so we stopped in to see Trailbreaker Ciders. We toured WA state to see the best cideries and Trailbreaker Ciders were at the top!! The ciders were very good and the food was awesome!

    Kody (cidermaker) took a few minutes to discuss their cider making process, it was so helpful! Nikki served us and was very knowledgeable about all their ciders. Thanks so much Kody and Nikki!!

    Their building and outside seating area was the best we’ve seen throughout the state.

    Please stop by and show some cider love to this outstanding venue, you won’t be disappointed!!

  65. Jeremy Renken

    Had a bday party there upstairs. Good service, jalapeño peach was awesome!. Their seltzer was great too.

  66. Jessica Ruetsch

    The Thai chicken wrap wasn’t great….but we LOVE the atmosphere and appreciate the doggy friendly zone!

  67. Amy Beth

    Great outdoor space! Easy to get to. Great brews and cider. These pretzels were so yummy!!

  68. cailyn rogers

    Love this place! Super fun atmosphere with three levels of indoor seating and outdoor seating. I got a wrap with a great gluten free tortilla. We also got a French dip and cheeseburger. They had a ton of cider on tap and a couple seltzer options as well. I will definitely be back here. It’s also dog friendly both inside and outside!

  69. Nick P.

    Had a great time here trying out different ciders. The watermelon flavor was a big favorite. Pretzels and chicken wrap were good food options as well. Nice indoor seating was available along with a big outdoor grass seating option as well. Highly recommend this place for some delicious ciders!

  70. Linda Carlyle

    Simple clean and enjoyable food and beverages.

  71. Kaeli Dry

    The atmosphere is great, service is on point and the food is DELISH! Highly recommend the Cougar Gold Truffle fries and a flight of ciders!

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