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11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


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11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm

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Bigginz Burgers Seafood

 Burger Food Truck in Neah Bay, WA






“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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35 reviews for “Bigginz

  1. Harvey Duncan

    After seeing the sights around Neah Bay, we were getting quite hungry, it was a bit late and a lot of places were closed around us. Lucky for us, Bigginz Burgers was open and we couldn’t be happier with the food and service. The Bigginz burger was KILLER! I got mine with jalepenos and it really took it to the next level. It comes with fantastic fries as well. The shakes are awesome and made on the spot (get the back berry shake), the fish is great too! Everyone was super friendly. It was a little on the pricey side, but totally worth it. I highly recommend this place if you are traveling to Neah Bay.

  2. Amy Renee

    We saw an ad for Bigginz while at Cape Flattery and I am so glad we stopped. Best fish n’ chips I’ve ever had! The halibut was SOOOO fresh (I mean it tasted as if it was caught within the hour). Flaky, glistening, truly superb and fries were just as perfect. Do not hesitate one second! You will not be disappointed!

  3. Shawn Luo

    Got halibut & chips and it’s amazing! Freshly fried to order and the halibut is super tender and flavorful, the best I’ve had. Highly recommend.

  4. Theresa Wells

    Love there burgers and curly fries and there lotus drinks

  5. Dusty Kirk

    Bigginz is awesome! I’ve been eating their burgers for awhile now, but I recommend the bigginz double, it hits the spot just right! They also have great milkshakes, spritzers, chicken burgers and fish!

  6. Heather Rickets

    Pretty expensive for not being fresh seafood. Its all prefrozen generic kinda food pre packaged food at fresh cost

  7. Charles Harrison

    Worth the drive awesome food great service friendly people try it you’ll love it

  8. Rowan

    Chicken strips are seasoned well so that you don’t need anything to dip it in, fries are similarly well seasoned. Owner is friendly. For our group of 9 it took about 15 min to get food. Nothing else was open on a Monday which couldn’t be said for most other restaurants.

  9. Jim Thompson

    Great burgers and fries. Haven’t had anything else yet, but I’ll update it once I try it.

  10. blair biaggi

    The food was amazing! The halibut and chips were the best I’ve had, and the jalapeño popper burger was out of this world! So delicious highly recommend!

  11. Kelly Xing

    The portion is very large, and I ate two 🤣fish fillets and hamburgers and it was very refreshing👍

  12. James Hall

    Absolutely delicious fish and chips here. I am seriously impressed! The service was spectacular too, and had such a warm community vibe – will definitely be back if ever in the area again!!

  13. Margot Reynolds

    This was a great lunch stop. The cod fish and chips were tasty, crisp and fresh and the fries were perfect. The bacon cheeseburger had excellent bacon and the person inside was very helpful when we had questions about the best place to go to eat.
    There are no seats as of now but the park around the corner has a few picnic benches with a good view.

  14. Jennifer Haas

    The *best* halibut and chips I’ve had in maybe my whole life. The burgers are delicious too. Plus the young men working the food truck were very sweet and professional.

  15. Sean Ramalho

    Wow. Impressed is an understatement. Do yourself a favor and get the halibut and chips. Hot, melt in your mouth halibut chunks with perfectly cooked fries as a side. Blackberry milkshake was a great touch to complete the meal. This was our first time in Neah Bay, and this spot is a must stop for our next adventure. Staff was super friendly and helpful.

  16. eric brown

    Great food and service. We got the halibut and chips and they both tasted amazing, cooked right when we ordered it. If we’re up in neah bay again we will definitely come back!

  17. Jen B

    We got burgers today, there were great, nice and fresh and awesome fries

  18. Jos B

    Great fast service. I got the bacon cheeseburger and it was lovely!

  19. Aaron Gibbs

    I wish I could give them 5 stars but a couple of things take away from that. First, I don’t know why no one mentions they take cash only. Not a big deal as there is a gas station less than a block away with an ATM. Second, I got the halibut fish and chips and while the fries were perfect and seasoned well, the halibut, though cooked perfectly, was bland. I’ve had a lot of fried halibut both here and Alaska, and I’ve never had it not seasoned before. Third, the tarter sauce is just Sysco brand and honestly not very good. I’ve had worse but not by much. Lastly, on a positive note, the halibut fish and chips was a fantastic price. Average in my experience is 20+ for the same quality and quantity.
    Basically, if they seasoned the fish and had a better tarter sauce I would happily give them a 5. Maybe I’ll get lucky next time in in town

  20. Greg Smith

    Bacon cheeseburger after a nice surf session.
    Would recommend a pit stop here!!!

  21. Karine C

    Best fries I’ve ever had : Freshly made and so so crispy. The halibut was also absolutely delicious. Big portion too !

  22. Benjamin Rucker

    Best fish and chips I’ve ever had. Remember to have cash on hand. The Halibut was so fresh and juice, just the right amount of breading. Donny was super cool, such a positive experience. Thanks Donny!

  23. Betty Wong

    Some of the best cod and halibut fish and chips, and the owner (I think he’s the owner) is super friendly! There’s no dining area, but we grabbed it to go and drove 1-2 minutes down the main road, going east, and found some waterfront tables. Great way to enjoy Neah Bay!

  24. Steph D

    Ordered the cod fish and chips and it was amazing; definitely one of the best fish and chips I’ve had! Serving sizes are big and the fries were actual proper thick fries. Highly recommend trying out the food here if you’re in the area.

  25. Honu Donovan

    Thank you men!! Double bacon cheese burgers, fries and shakes were delicious!!!!!

  26. Michela Dwyer

    Absolutely delicious, went after a backpacking trip hit the shpot. Fried shrimp! Chocolate milkshake with whipped cream! Yes!

  27. Adam

    Wasn’t expecting a food truck parked on a quiet street in a small town on a remote Indian reservation to serve me the best cheeseburger and fries I’ve ever had, but that’s exactly what happened. We’re visiting from Seattle, which is a modestly sized city with a reputation for culinary excellence, but this humble food truck puts Seattle’s trendy gourmet hamburger restaurants to shame. Quality meat that’s perfectly charred, fresh vegetables, and perfectly crispy fries all served quickly at a very reasonable price. This place earned my highest recommendation.

  28. Cj Thompson

    Delicious fish & chips, very friendly people. Place absolutely slaps

  29. Dana Franz

    Good burgers. Ingredients great, though minimal. Bun was cold – so cold, I could feel the cold through the paper the burger was wrapped in. I’m thinking it came straight out of the fridge. I got a #3 bacon cheeseburger. At this price point, $10, this burger should be larger. This is about the size of a McDonald’s quarter pounder. For $10, it should be larger, and there should be more toppings and a warm bun. Overpriced, but yummy for sure.

  30. Paul Rink

    My sister and I had a truly remarkable experience at BIGGINZ. When we found out that they only accept cash, we had to reduce our order because we didn’t have enough cash on hand to cover everything. The woman at the counter ended up making our whole order anyway and didn’t charge us the full amount. She really made our day and left us with fond memories of our time in Neah Bay!

  31. Jessica Buck

    Stopped after I read the reviews for a post-hike snack. As previously mentioned in other reviews, the fries are BOMB! The portion was definitely not skimpy for the $5 price tag (I’ve paid more for less and much lower quality). The chocolate shake I got went great with the fries (they were out of blackberry 😞). If you’re up in Neah Bay, hit them up!

  32. Jordan Cheek

    Great find! It is cash only. We had fresh halibut and chips, burger with jalapeño cream cheese, jalapeño and cheddar tots – all had wonderful flavor. Staff was super friendly. We took it to the park across the main road for a great lunch with a view!

  33. Mikayla

    First time out in Neah Bay and tried this place out with some friends and omg it was so good! We got the burger and chicken strips and all of it was delicious! The fries are amazing and perfectly crispy. The man who served us was also very nice to us. 10/10 recommend!

  34. Julia Y.H.

    Probably the best fish and chips I’ve had! The fish was fresh and the batter was light, and the fries had the perfect crisp!

  35. Chris Murray

    My wife and I visited Neah Bay on the 4th of July. We were starving after hiking the Shi Shi Beach trail, and we stopped by Bigginz on our way to Cape Flattery. We may have overindulged slightly, but the burgers, fries, and shakes that we got were the best we’ve ever had. We are from Indiana, and we are no stranger to good burgers, fries, and milkshakes, but we were blown away by the quality found at Bigginz. Everything was perfectly cooked, the fries were crispy, delicious, and perfectly seasoned, and the milkshakes were the perfect thickness and with tons of flavor. We loved our experience on the Olympic Peninsula, but Bigginz is what we miss the most! Keep doing what you’re doing, please!

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