998M+43, Neah Bay, WA 98357


48.3651289599, -124.61723225041


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm

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Bigginz Burgers Seafood

 Burger Food Truck in Neah Bay, WA


21 reviews for “Bigginz

  1. Chris Murray

    My wife and I visited Neah Bay on the 4th of July. We were starving after hiking the Shi Shi Beach trail, and we stopped by Bigginz on our way to Cape Flattery. We may have overindulged slightly, but the burgers, fries, and shakes that we got were the best we’ve ever had. We are from Indiana, and we are no stranger to good burgers, fries, and milkshakes, but we were blown away by the quality found at Bigginz. Everything was perfectly cooked, the fries were crispy, delicious, and perfectly seasoned, and the milkshakes were the perfect thickness and with tons of flavor. We loved our experience on the Olympic Peninsula, but Bigginz is what we miss the most! Keep doing what you’re doing, please!

  2. alicia stone

    I’m a bit obsessed with a good fish fry, and this was the best fresh halibut fish fry I’ve ever had! I will be driving way out of my way again for more. The fries were delicious, and couldn’t ask for better tartar sauce.

  3. Olga Meleshkova

    Delicious halibut 😋 accepts only cash

  4. Brittney Muzzy

    Good food & great hospitality! You definitely have to check out this food truck if you’re driving though.

  5. Brendan

    Called in the order ahead of time and picked it up 10 minutes later. Quality fried halibut that had a unique batter. Fries were amazing. Guy was friendly on the phone and in person. Highly recommend if you’re in the area!

  6. Elizabeth S.

    Really good halibut

  7. amy stephenson

    Was so thankful to come across this burger truck as food and gas stations are scarce in this area. Super cool guy and great food. Thanks for being here! We were starving!

  8. Glenn Marsh

    Great burgers, shakes and service!

  9. Michelle Cardiel

    Best burgers on Neah Bay. I highly recommend.

  10. Toby T

    Family and I stopped by for lunch after exploring Cape Flattery and we were so impressed with their food! My dad loves fish and chips and theirs didn’t disappoint – like look at the chunky halibut??? Milkshake was also fantastic and they make your food only after you’ve ordered so you know it’s fresh. Another family we met whilst hiking also ordered their lunch there as well. They have no seating area so it’s a great lunch to take out. This is such a gem that I can’t gatekeep! Definitely helps that they have an adorable mascot aka their dog Winter who is absolutely lazy and adorbs

  11. Bay Schleve

    Best burger I think I’ve ever had 😮‍💨

  12. Joe Segreti

    I’ve traveled all over the world and had fish and chips in many locations including Alaska, Iceland and all 3 countries in the UK. This is the best fish and chips I’ve ever had.

  13. Joy

    CASH only. I missed that important info so I’m writing that first. Second, it is “the best” fish (halibut) and chips we’ve ever had. It’s nothing like baked frozen battered fish you can make at home. Just double check you have the sauce before driving away 🙂 We had to cashback from the mini mart (max $40) they also have atm available.

  14. Jon Scapin

    The Halibut and chips were fantastic! Grab some lunch and go hang out with the bald eagles near the water. Great stop for food!

  15. Priscidia McCarty

    The fries are vegan and my little cousin works here. She’s super nice. 10/10

  16. Hannah

    Amazing burger and shrimp!! The fries were good and chicken strip was kind of decent.

  17. Tim Walden

    Bigginz truly lived up to the hype. We had the fish-n-chips and a bacon cheeseburger, and both were amongst the best we’ve had, anywhere. The fish was fresh and the thin breading added so much flavor. The burger was done to perfection and no bacon was spared. Everything was so piping hot we had to eat slow, which wasn’t easy. If you’re heading to Cape Flattery, do yourself a favor and plan for a stop by Bigginz.

  18. Clinton Pharris

    Always good food at Bigginz!

  19. Michael Elhardt

    Absolutely stellar halibut and chips!

  20. Charlie Chase

    A very solid operation. 1st of all, the guy working the window is charismatic and the kindest man! Genuinely helpful. It is cash only, but it’s right next to a petrol station with an ATM and he’ll still take your order and get working on it before you go and get cash if you don’t have any. We got the bacon cheese burger and fish and chips with halibut. Both were wonderful and especially good after a 20-mile hike in the forest earlier. Perfect comforting food before a hike to Cape flattery to put you in a great mood to see a lovely place and watch a grand sunset.

  21. Brandon Cassady

    The breading on the fish was incredible. I was blown away by how great everything was.

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