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12:00 pm – 6:00 pm


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12:00 pm – 6:00 pm


12:00 pm – 5:30 pm



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Pat’s Place

Taco Restaurant in Neah Bay, WA





“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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28 reviews for “Pat’s Place

  1. Alliance Dragons

    Horrible service. Waited forever to get seated, waited forever for our order to be taken, waited forever for the food. When we got our food, we never even got silverware. When we managed to get someone, we asked for forks and we never got them. They weren’t even busy. We just left

  2. Whitney Chase

    Delicious food with wonderful owners! Can’t wait to be back for a sunny day and enjoy the outside seating and view. Fry bread was incredible, along with the pork special. Food was so delicious it was gone before I got a photo, but the view!

  3. Dawn Fornear

    Everything here is delicious! Save your appetite because you’ll want Indian tacos and a slice of pie. And more fry bread to go.

  4. Ryan Campbell

    I had the Nachos Supreme. It was big and good. Well worth the loot. Use a fork or you’ll be sorry.

  5. Nancy McHenry

    Love Pat’s Place! Fry bread is the best, and I love the tacos

  6. Kendra Frazier

    If you stop anywhere to get your recreational permit to visit Cape Flattery then stop here (make sure to have cash). Pat’s Indian fry bread with blackberry jam was the perfect snack after a long car ride. Thank you, Pat! Love, Ms. Iowa 😉

  7. Tim Watkins

    Amazing, tacos are awesome and pulled pork was great as well. Pat is awesome. It’s a must stop if you are in the area.

  8. Susan McKee

    Fantastic fry bread, great location and outdoor dining

  9. Treena Lynn Bridges-Jeffrey

    Fabulous Indian tacos! Blackberry pie to die for, heavenly 😋 extra bonus, Pat makes homemade jams. It is delicious! I bought a blackberry and strawberry jam. We opened it when we got home, luscious PBJs. Go see Pat & Julio at Pat’s PlVe.

  10. Xandie Cash

    their indian bread are so good, my favorite is taco! so yummy!

  11. PhilandDiane Spohn

    Stopped in here because of the road signs. This is a must stop anytime you want to eat. The food is amazing and very friendly owners. Thanks for the great meal.

  12. Scott Robinson

    Legendary fry bread lived up to its reputation! Charming people running the place.

  13. Jessica Mountz

    If you’ve never had frybread, you really should give it a try. Best to try with jam to actually taste the bread itself. If you opt for the “taco”, it is super filling, but the pile of toppings makes it hard to appreciate the bread itself. Think Texmex style toppings, not California. Pie is always an excellent choice and generous portions. Seating is outside only. Wear your mask to order.

  14. Emily Stirling

    Food is good but the very aggressively enforced rules are quite off putting. Everywhere else on the reservation we experienced kindness and warmth, but the proprietor at Pat’s place seems to resent outsiders and was very abrupt from the minute we walked in the door. Bring your own forks – they decide which meals they serve forks with and which ones don’t deserve forks in an effort to ration forks. Also, leave your bottled water or kid food in the car – even if you’re buying 7 dishes for 7 people, they will strictly enforce the rule of no outside food or drink, so my kids had to go eat their sandwiches in the car since they are lactose intolerant and can’t eat the lunch options there.

    Just sharing for fair warning especially for folks who these service issues might be a deal breaker.

  15. Linda Walker

    Excellent fried bread and pie!

  16. Hans Hahne

    Excellent taco and friendly service

  17. Kelly DePaolo

    Very good stop! Indian Taco was amazing! Definitely worth the stop!

  18. Donna Smith

    Loved our stop here. You do need to pay with cash but prices are so great that it shouldn’t be a problem for people. We wanted to have the Indian Flat Bread. We got it with cinnamon sugar and it was so delicious. We saw some people with the Indian Tacos that looked great. If you are on your way to Cape Flattery, you should definitely stop here. You can also get your recreation permit here as well.

  19. Balboa Traveler

    Pat is a wonderfully kind person and the food is really nice. Be sure to finish off with a dry bread for dessert! Beautiful view of the marina and Canada at the tables in the back, too.

  20. Andrew Rogers

    Indian Tacos were super amazing, Patty and Julio were awesome. They had actually just closed but served us anyways, the food and service was top notch, and the views were astounding. Watched 6 bald eagles fish of the coast as we ate! 🤟

  21. Parker J

    This is the best fry bread I’ve had anywhere! Might have to travel 4 hours to get here from Seattle but will worth it. Just remember folks it’s a small town and not some large restaurant chain. Which also means caring about those behind the counter and wearing your mask. Get there 15 minutes before 4 and you’ll get fresh fry bread every time ♥️

  22. Kate Mcmahon

    Best Indian Taco Ever. The owner’s are kind and hardworking. Clean place with great view while you eat.

  23. Sneha W. Singh

    The lady was rude at first but when you buy something she was really nice in a flip of a second.
    The food was great. We ordered supreme taco, and it was huge and delicious. They had a limited options & it’s cash only.
    They sell the recreation permit and scare People that they’d get a ticket, while they could have been honest about the fact there is no people in reservation and advice not to loot people.
    Later we ordered again, which made the lady in the front extremely nice.
    Other people were really friendly.

  24. Ronak Patel

    Great fry bread and pie. Make sure to get the peach jam with the fry bread. The owners are friendly and love to chat and are proud of their community. Cash only.

  25. billskubi

    We had a great mid afternoon meal here on our 43 rd anniversary. We appreciate their masking policy. They are playing it safe for special health reasons.

  26. Jenn Raven

    The fry bread was pretty good. It was topped with taco bell toppings, but it all came together alright I guess. Luckily the place has a nice view of the harbor, because we were waiting outside staring at it for over an hour before our food came.

  27. Paul Mccrary

    The stew and buck bread was divine. Best fry bread I ever had. Great views of Vancouver Island. Cash only, but 2 adults and 2 teens ate for under 50 bucks.

  28. Seth Salisbury

    RUDE. We stopped by and didn’t have mask. Which it’s no big deal because my wife and I will wear a mask if we need to. But when we walked up we saw a sign that said there were people in their restaurant that would not do well with getting sick, so they asked everyone a mask we were like “okay. No big deal. We’ll just go find a mask to buy or go someplace else if we can’t find a mask to buy.” While we were walking away, am incredibly rude lady said “you could’ve checked the internet” as smugly as she could possibly say it. We came from Port Angeles to hike to Cape Flattery and stopped by next door for a permit. Which the woman next door was incredibly nice. Anyway. We did not have service the entire way and stopped there on a whim. Completely unplanned. So, not. I could not have checked the internet as I had no service to do so. If you’re okay with rudeness then by all means try it! Rating off the experience we had not the food which I’m sure is amazing. It was just a real deal breaker for us when we would happily abide by any masks enforcement their establishment had. We just didn’t know in advance and was met with rudeness.

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