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6:00 am – 2:00 pm


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Billie’s Diner

Traditional American Restaurant in Airway Heights, WA


113 reviews for “Billie’s Diner

  1. Angela Mariani

    Food was pretty fresh compared to other breakfast places. Not sure I’d drive all the way across town again but if you live in the area it’s worth it. The service was spectacular.

  2. Neo

    Food is excellent!

  3. Bill Traynor

    Moderate food, great service.

  4. Kristi Mize

    We went to Billie’s 2 days in a row for breakfast because it was so good! The portions were huge and the staff was very friendly.

  5. Craig Lemon

    Was a very cozy little diner with a personal touch!! The staff was friendly with great service!! The food was delicious!!

  6. Lynsey Romero

    My husband and I have become regulars for the first time in our lives because this diner deserves it. The food is amazing, we are working our way around the menu. I know everyone says this- but they seriously have the best biscuits and gravy I’ve ever had in my life. High quality and local ingredients. One morning that we came in we literally saw a pumpkin being carved- and then ordered some of the best pumpkin pie EVER. The house made pickles are sooo yummy. Literally everything… a must try.

  7. Ari Alvarez

    Great American diner that is not afraid to bring new flavors (like introducing pork belly on their version of eggs Benedict).

  8. Mark Stenersen

    Some of the best hash browns in Spokane. Wonderful staff, decent prices, and quality food. Coffee is still under $3.

  9. Rob Parker

    Big dishes of good food at a reasonable price

  10. ty landt

    You must stop here! GREAT FOOD, elevated diner classics and the service and atmosphere are stellar. Small town country feel and bomb food and service that can’t be beat. Guy Fieri would love this place, you will too. Try the Pear Bourbon pie

  11. William Johnson

    Very good food & service.

  12. Marianne Shields

    A gem! Small place with awesome breakfast/lunch menu. Saw bloody Mary’s being made. They also look good.

  13. Nickel Van Aken

    Newer dinner in airway. The decor was very nice and the food was excellent! Can’t wait to try something else.

  14. M VuD

    One of the best American diners in town.

  15. Sarah Berglund

    Farm to fresh is the idea here. There’s always a daily soup & pie recommendation. I need to eat gluten free for health reasons and they are always kind & accommodating!

  16. Ari O.

    Some of the best diner food I’ve had in ages. Standard pricing (so yes a bit expensive but you should expect that) for huge portions of DELICIOUS food. Very friendly service and lovely atmosphere! Best toast I’ve ever had at any restaurant, and that’s just the TOAST! Try the apple butter too, it’s so good! There’s so much good food in Airway Heights, and we live far away, so I don’t know when we’ll be back… But I think we’ll be back!!

  17. Gayle Wyche

    Wonderful food, great taste and value. Customer service was perfect.

  18. ernest lee reagan

    The hash browns were hand shredded and cooked perfectly, great bacon😋 wonderful homemade biscuit huge had to try the gravy it was, A Taste of Home I love this place for breakfast

  19. Ron LaMar

    Excellent place to grab breakfast. Fast, clean and great food. My personal favorite is the biscuits and gravy. The only thing missing is sweet cream pancakes!

  20. Brandon Anderson

    I came in yesterday morning. I have been waiting to try this place for some time. I ordered the Brisket Hash plate. I am thankful that there are now two places to enjoy a good breakfast so my review is very honest. My brisket was absolutely dry, like where ever it is kept, is not paid much attention. My potatoes where cooked but some where not fully cooked, very little. My cheese was in a melted ball at the very center on my plate. I had a lot of potatoes and I’m thankful for that, it was the correct amount for the price, but the portion of brisket was very very little in comparison, there needs to be about 1 ounce more meat with this plate, maybe I got shorted or maybe that is the amount I do not know. I wanted to give 3 stars for the brisket portion but I am giving 4. I will be back I will try this place a few more times, it was good, and if it sticks I may be here often. We will see I will keep you updated. The girls in the front where very nice and did there jobs exceptionally, and the customers seemed attended too.

  21. Carissa Flores

    Fantastic experience! Delicious food, friendly staff, and morale was wonderful. Best breakfast!! Definitely be returning!

  22. Kristi Wedum

    Farm to table food. Excellent biscuits. I had biscuit and gravy… had a peppery kick. Hubby had pork belly Benedict, said it was very tasty. Would definitely eat here again

  23. Jack D

    Was just driving by and saw the “Diner” sign so took a chance. WOW! Amazing food. This place is a little gem. Best breakfast I’ve had in…. I can’t remember the last time I had a better breakfast. Friendly servers too. Definitely stop here. Totally worth it!

  24. Brent Flock

    Great food excellent service

  25. Andy Mallach

    Seriously, give it a chance! It looks quite unassuming from outside, but it’s definitely worth the stop

  26. Katie Adams

    Food was wonderful and the service was great as well!

  27. Jon Reeves

    Fantastic service. Great tasting food.

  28. Daniel Cox

    Simple dinning but good food and it does have good portions

  29. Brian Leonard

    Good food everyone likes it and that os why there is usually a little wait for a table. Worth the 10-15 min wait.

  30. Mark Mitchell

    Talk about comfort food. I came here for breakfast and was not disappointed. If you leave here hungry, you are definitely doing something wrong. Everything was cooked perfectly, and the service was very good. Can’t wait to try the lunch menu.

  31. Crystal McCormack

    The food here is AMAZING!! The service is fast and friendly. This is my favorite breakfast place!

  32. marlene frazier

    Staff so friendly and accommodating! Wonderful menu.

  33. Emily Bingman

    Amazing little shop great food amazing service great small dinning

  34. Buck Gossett

    Good food and plenty of it, fair price .

  35. Joe Whitney

    I’ve had most the items on the menu. And a number of the seasonal items. Only thing I haven’t had is pie. I haven’t had a bad meal here. The biscuits and gravy is my favorite in Spokane. The sausage patties are incredible. The staff have always been very friendly. A great addition to Airway Heights!

  36. Janet B

    We’ve tried it for breakfast and lunch and, to us, it was mediocre food. Very friendly staff and the remodel was done nicely.

  37. J.D. Myers

    Local, fresh food made very well!

  38. Nonna

    Enjoyed a friendly atmosphere while having breakfast. The staff service lap over each other so all 3 gals took care of us. No waiting for any one server to get help.
    The cinnamon french toast and Farmers Benedict were both excellent.

  39. Andrew Ross

    This place is AMAZING!! Some of the best breakfast I have had in a long time. They put love in their food.

  40. Sockemtickem

    Awesome breakfast! Was clean and waitress was nice. We well definitely be back again and again.

  41. Lauren Jamison

    i had the garden eggs benedict with herb roasted potatoes! i love eggs benny and am a bit picky when it comes to hollandaise but theirs is fantastic. they were really generous with the vegetables. the service was great. it is definitely worth checking out!!

  42. Rachel Malpass

    I absolutely love it there. The food is amazing. Update. I swear the food just gets better. And the service is amazing!

  43. Shari Lynn

    Great food, friendly staff

  44. Gypsy Danger

    We were pretty excited to finally have a chance to have breakfast here, but we probably won’t be back. It took a while to be greeted, although no one else was waiting and we were passed a few times by staff. It was very loud, tables are closer together than I’m comfortable with, it felt as though we were sharing breakfast with the family next to us. The food isn’t our style, breads are too sweet, hashbrowns were too thick to be fully cooked in the middle and the bacon was burnt on one end and just right on the other. Those biscuits would be awesome paired with something sweet, but not right for our tastes with savory gravy.
    I think it just doesn’t agree with our transplant taste buds, and our desire to have a more intimate meal.

  45. Rick Geiger

    For the second time, not good. The hashbrowns were burnt and extremely greasy.

  46. Greg Johnson

    Billie’s is non-descript on the outside, but very nice, clean and uncluttered inside. People are nice and also efficient, and the burgers we had were very good. Fries were excellent, perfect seasoning blend, but TOO MANY!
    And that’s the worst thing I can say about Billie’s!

  47. Celia Winkle

    Cute little restaurant, love the decor, the food was amazing, close to home from medical lake exit, relaxing atmosphere, clean, good parking, good sized portions. Knowledgeable, friendly, patient, quick service, nothing missing (server). I don’t recall her name think it starts with an A she’s younger and has nose rings ( she deserves a raise for sure)!!! Definitely a great experience & would come again. My friend got the chicken sandwich and a salad, I got some potatos with turkey sausage and egg meal with toast. We both got peanut butter with chocolate pie. Yum!!! I saw everyone’s food come out to different tables and it all looked delicious, want to try everything on the menu lol

  48. Danie Hall

    Tasty food, homestyle, and local.

  49. Shawna Schadl

    A little wait time. Friendly service.

  50. Cark Rowland

    I never thought I would go into a diner on the highway and have a religious experience.

    The food was one of those experiences I always imagined people must have when they go to a five Michelin star restaurant after making reservations a year in advance. It’s truly an elevated diner food journey.

    The pork belly benedict was nothing less than harmony. The tanginess of the hollandaise (which had the perfect texture), the sweetness and umami from the pork belly, the saltiness of the egg (again, cooked perfectly). Meanwhile my toast was still crispy to the last bite. I also highly recommend Billie’s bloody, their house mix is only slightly spicy and the pilsner’s bitterness danced with it.

    Billie’s Diner is an experience you must have… Provided you can catch them when they are open. The atmosphere is that of a small, charming diner. You can even experience those moments where the servers are calling patrons by their first name, and cracking a joke about going into work.

    The service is wonderful and the dedication to their craft shows, and it means something. They have truly perfected the Diner.

  51. Bill Fowler

    Once again 3rd time was a charm. Breakfast again, the garden scramble was excellent. Had a great waitress. Wanted a sandwich originally but it was removed from menu an I mentioned to the waitress and was told they could still make it for. Coming back again to get it. ( It was the mushroom melt).

  52. Emíly Sivorot

    First Timers, the breakfast food was great and quickly served. The homemade Jam was delicious 😋

  53. Angela Pope

    Amazing experience the food wad delicious, the staff where kind and attentive. Will definitely be eating here again!

  54. Jacqueline Wallace

    Great food that is listed as locally sourced, with the names of the farms on the menu! They have garden beds on the premises too! I would say the menu items are a step up/fancier/nicer than your average dinner, which really separates them from other places I’ve been. Service was great even on a busy weekend morning. Full house but wait wasn’t long. We have called in an order for pick up once as well-just as yummy! Look forward to going again!

  55. Malcolm Pelles

    Delicious, locally sourced food. Friendly staff. Cozy, warm atmosphere. Don’t leave without trying their mouthwatering biscuits and pies.

  56. Heather Micek

    Typically diner feels, but food is amazing. That’s fact that it’s all locally sourced obviously helps, but wow it’s freaking delicious.

  57. Dennis Mallory

    Nice old school diner nice people

  58. Kolby Welty

    The food was ok I love bacon but pig belly maybe cook a little more or not on sourdough bread maybe cover up the kitchen

  59. Bruce Nupp II

    Excellent food and very good service! It is definitely one of the best breakfast restaurants around .

  60. Erica Northam

    Place stays busy. Staff are very attentive and polite.
    Food was very good. It’s in a convenient location to grab a bite during lunch.

  61. Joanna Rohrenbach

    Fantastic food, fast and friendly service. It’s exactly what you want when you visit a small diner. We’ll definitely be back!

  62. Tammy Dickman

    The bread was so huge on my chicken salad sandwich not good but the chicken salad in side was amazing half the bread would have been way better…cute restraunt though

  63. FrankPT

    This was our first visit. We’ve been going around town every two weeks to have breakfast at a different location. Can’t give the diner a 5-star rating because of two things. The regular breakfast of eggs, bacon, and eggs were very good. 5-Stars.
    As for the what was not good:
    First the choice of spread for toast. The day we visited it was orange marmalade, or at least that is what it was referred to. Couldn’t eat it. I give it 1-Star. I’ve had orange marmalade in England, and this wasn’t it. Just such an usual flavor to serve, but what really ticked me off was there wasn’t another choice. Really? Grrr.
    Second, the Biscuits and Gravy. At best it deserves a 2-Star. It wasn’t gravy. More like paste. Plus absolutely no flavor. My father-in-law knows his biscuits and gravy and he rarely complains, but not this time. It wasn’t just him though. An older couple sat behind us and the woman took a couple of bites and sent it back. She said she couldn’t eat it. Her husband also had the same thing but he picked at it. He did not take the leftovers home.
    So, overall I will recommend, but stay away from the biscuits and gravy and hope they have something other than Orange marmalade.

  64. barbara pillers

    It would be nice if they have salsas.
    We will let others know they have good food

  65. Cathryn Palin

    3 Stars because we have been there three times, 1st 2 amazing, 3rd not amazing…different cook??

  66. Don P

    Great little place for breakfast.

  67. Josh Bernsdorf

    It’s nice to have a sit in diner. And the food is pretty good.

  68. Klement Monroe

    I had the triple pork sandwich, and it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. I’m excited to try the rest of their food.

  69. Kyle Swaffard

    Great service, food, and value.

  70. Nicki

    If I could give this amazing diner 10 stars I would!!! Absolutely incredible experience! we sat at the counter and chatted w our waitress Donna. Probably the sweetest most friendly women in Washington! We order the garden scramble, the pancakes, and the biscuits and gravy. All were INCREDIBLE! The gravy was peppery and delicious! The pancakes were literally the best pancakes we have ever had! The coffee was hot, fresh and delicious as well. The wait was short and the atmosphere clean and inviting. Service was 5 stars and quick! Thanks Billies! We hope to be stopping by every-time we are in town from Az!

  71. iocgal

    the food was mediocre. it gave all of my family a headache and stomache. the hash browns were burnt and not edible, the pancakes were greasy, and the scrambled eggs weren’t really scrambled but, the breakfast sandwich was good. the staff was extremely friendly and genuine and we felt very welcomed. hopefully we just came on a bad day and were unlucky.

  72. Chris Thew

    Great place to eat!

  73. anna palm

    Best, fresh food ever… the service was AMAZING

  74. dirk uilenberg

    Wonderful place to go for breakfast.

  75. Sandy Roth

    I had the pork belly scramble, with seasoned potatoes. The potatoes were delicious, and it was a GINORMOUS serving of taters 😉
    I did not care for the pork belly, it was um….not so tasty. However, that could just be because I was expecting an unctuous smoky kind of pork belly….this was not smoked, and oddly meaty for pork belly, not fatty (in a good way) like I’ve come to expect. The scramble wasn’t actually a scramble, the eggs were just broken and mixed in, but that was ok.
    I would definitely give them a try, the place is adorable, the service outstanding, and those cinnamon rolls looked AMAZING .
    Maybe a different pork belly ? 🤗

  76. Dave Adams

    Really appreciate the friendly servers, and farm fresh food. Well worth the short trip out to Airway Heights from Spokane. Prices are very fair for the quality and quantity of the food: $10-20 per person on average.

  77. Kris Wilson

    About as authentic a diner experience as one could hope for. But, if you’re looking for something beyond that, like food for example (duh!), you won’t be disappointed. Admittedly I was only there for breakfast but this place hit all the right notes and had an amazing staff/ambience to boot. You won’t break the bank here and will walk away full. PERFECT for folks heading into/out of town. Carb up for that long drive back to wherever!

  78. Marla Rasmussen

    The service was friendly, the food absolutely delicious and prices more than reasonable!

  79. Pamela Moye

    So I got to this place and the building is packed. The waitresses were all extremely friendly and welcoming. They had homemade greeting cards for sale in the front and as an artist that is into giving cards I appreciate that detail. The signs were funny and man do I hope they are true, more places need that. They are farm to table. I love that. They didn’t have tomatoes because it wasn’t in season. So If you’re picky like me come into that establishment with a back up mental meal. The waitresses were knowledgeable about the dishes, that can only come from being a fan of the food. There’s a lot of love in this place you by not just the staff but also the customers. That’s rare to see.

    This has been a review from your friendly neighborhood neurodivergent.

  80. Kerry Clark

    Owner is a delight. Can get lunch or breakfast anytime. Original menu that is very good.

  81. Dawn Steinmetz

    I had the Orange Almond French Toast. It was rich, moist, and very tasty! The turkey sausage was seasoned well also.

  82. Misty Kate Lee

    So yummy! I had biscuit and gravy with hasbrowns and sausage patty…nom nom. Also tried the mimosa Ashlyn recommended orange cran….nom nom. So good, cute place! Loved the food. Ashlyn was amazing!

  83. Jean Otterson

    I was surprised at the bread pudding French toast

  84. Michael Martin

    10’s across the board!!
    Absolutely delicious breakfast food!!

  85. Zachary Worl

    The food is fantastic all there product is sourced locally. They have wonderful biscuits and mouth-watering baked goods.
    The service is warm, and welcoming feels like I’m at a diner when times were probably simpler.

  86. Oksana Looper

    Definitely will be back! Food was delicious, and big portions.

  87. kristal Barbee

    This diner is absolutely delicious. The farm to table menu is amazing with lots of variety for different dietary needs. The service was also superb. I had a large group (20) that I wanted to have a space and McKinzie emailed me back after Inquiring and was very accommodating. Her service is our large group was great! So organized. Everyone was happy with their food and the coffee refills kept coming! I appreciate it so much.

  88. Katie Rykken

    Wow! The food was amazing! I had the Country Benedict. The flavor was next level. The sourdough toast was buttered and toasted to perfection! The bacon was perfect. Our new favorite breakfast diner.

  89. Kadie Bell Sata

    They hosted our family breakfast here before everyone headed off to the airport nearby and it was fabulous! Everything was ready for us when we arrived, a fabulous menu with a dish for everyone, great service, convenient location. A real gem!

  90. Rodney Gile

    Absolutely awesome! Friendly, helpful staff, delicious food in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Bonus points for sustainability and locally sourced farm fresh ingredients. Pastries are extraordinary, but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

  91. Abigail Allbee

    Great food great service

  92. Mikki Sandlin

    Fries were good, the burger was dry and tough and tasted strange. The sauce they used was iffy. Kinda to pricey

  93. Nora Braun

    It was ok. Expensive though. Being winter, cold air sweeping in. No double doors. The servers were very nice.

  94. Leland Modoc

    Absolute gem of a little diner. Wait staff wad kind, fast and accurate. Food was clean fresh and local.

    This diner prides itself in over sourcing over 70% of its ingredients locally and it shows. The menu has a very balanced palate with the meals being diner friendly yet surprisingly refreshing. Gravy had a hint of sage that was uplifting and fragrant.

    100% do reccomend.


    I’m sure you have asked yourself where is Great breakfast spot! Well look no further Billie’s Diner is Legit. Fresh food from the Washington state area. Truly a Culinary dream minded kind of place.
    The owner Mackenzie is very passionate and has an amazing Chef. 👏 The Chef Sarah makes food to please the palette.

  96. Satanya Haws

    We had a great breakfast at Billie’s. We tried the b&d and pork belly benedict. Our server let us sample the gravy. It’s flavored with sage and pepper, and we were all in. The biscuits were toasted and delicious. Their scratch hollandaise was spot on. My phone died before I could get pictures of their bake treats, but they looked so good! Their decor was reminiscent of better times. Certainly worth the trip if you aren’t local.

  97. K P

    I wanted to like it, but it wasn’t worth the hype.. we both got the two different Benedict variations but it fell flat. I think we’ll stick with the diner across the street.

  98. Boeing Boeing

    Went there this past weekend and had a nice breakfast, food was good along with the coffee. Had an omelette and potatoes Check this place out.

  99. Remie H

    Simply put…..The food was absolutely phenomenal.

  100. Kathleen Overton

    We had THE most delicious breakfast here today. The biscuits were out of this world. Highly recommend this diner, it’s the best in Airway Heights. Someone commented that the prices were a little high but you get what you pay for. We will be making it out weekly breakfast spot!

  101. liam

    Billes dinner is the best dinner in Washington state if you live in the Spokane area IT IS A MUST GO!!! 5 stars

  102. Eva

    First time stopping here while passing through. Great food and lots of it! We shared a large breakfast and they split the entire meal and plated it. We didn’t have to ourselves. Will be back.

  103. Crystal Zimmerman

    Disappointment. Greasy, pathetic rectangle of hashbrown. Plain, dry squares of potato. Eggs “slimey whites”, we ordered eggs hard and over medium and they still came raw.
    Update: When we said we didn’t want it the young manager jerked our plates off the table with an attitude. So yea, ofcourse we refused and left!
    Not a fan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ …

  104. Terri Cobb

    Omg if you want really good food come check them out

  105. jennifer corrigan

    I heard through the grapevine that this was a great little spot. It did not disappoint. Breakfast was delicious and the servings were so large I went home with a second breakfast in a doggie bag. The servers are young and give it a fun college vibe.

  106. Patrice Garcia

    Food was great! This was by far the cleanest restaurant I’ve been in, on a long time!

  107. tawnya Fox

    Been wanting to try this place for a while but always so busy. We got there just in time before folks had to wait. Very quaint and simple inside.
    I had the breakfast burrito with the potatoes on the side. Those were yummy with a great seasoning n if I would’ve had them inside the burrito I would’ve enjoyed more. Burrito was a bit bland for my liking. Hubby had the Billie burger and enjoyed it and liked the fries. Our server was Red and she was a sweet young lady. We will be back but will try something else. I think the prices were justified/reasonable.

  108. browncurly bliss

    Food was Amazingly FRESH!!! The waffles was heaven and the toast and apple butter hit every bite. The service was so friendly and RED V was just a Joy to have just so friendly. Great stop to eat!!!!

  109. Yvonne Boyd

    Little diner in Airway heights open for breakfast and lunch. Had the cheeseburger and fries. The cheeseburger was a bit on the dry side for my liking, not sure if they had ran out of mayonnaise and mustard or just didn’t carry it, but wasn’t available the day we were there. The bun was super delicious but because of its size made burger experience rather dry. Fries were especially good though. Would probably try it again.

  110. Duane Zbranek

    A great place to enjoy wonderful food and enjoy amazing people. Y’all’s fun and relaxed personality’s and that great coffee start my mornings the right way.

  111. Mary Cole

    Best breakfast in airway heights!

  112. Nichole Turner

    The BEST breakfast I have had! Everything was so fresh and flavorful! And that sourdough toast with the apple pear butter?! *Chefs kiss*

  113. Bronson Gillespie

    Our new favorite restaurant in Airway Heights. The diner was very clean, and the service was very attentive, friendly, and fast. Most of all, the food was wonderful. The Rasberry Cheesecake French Toast was amazing! They offer a full range of breakfast and lunch options, which also looked very good. The mimosas were also very tasty. Look forward to visiting again!

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