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Billie’s Diner

Traditional American Restaurant in Airway Heights, WA







“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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52 reviews for “Billie’s Diner

  1. Ryan Warden

    Got ignored the entire time we waited while they got everyone else drinks and food before us.

  2. Kayla Cartelli

    Billie’s has great food and friendly staff in a beautiful space. We enjoyed their veggie burger (which you can tell was homemade), West Plains burger, biscuits and gravy and finished with homemade apple pie! Everyone in our group was satisfied. So many options to try, we can’t wait to go back!

  3. Michael Wolfgram

    I seriously fell in love with the atmosphere and the wait staff plus the owner!

    I had the BLT with fries and this was the best effing BLT I ever had in this city! For dessert, had a slice of their homemade apple pie. Seriously this is the best food I ever had!

    I can’t wait for tomorrow morning to go back for more!

  4. Patty Hughey

    We had a delicious breakfast, baked beans, biscuits, frittata. and hash browns. The food and service were outstanding. We especially like that the food is sourced from local farmers. We are telling our friends and family about Billie’s and we will definitely be back!

  5. Warrin Johnson

    Wonderful food and staff. I’ll be telling all my friends! After my experice I would bet any negative reviews come from those who can not be pleased. Plus everything is locally sourced. Doesn’t get much better than this!

  6. Jessica Greathouse

    Yaaaay! This place is hands-down the best food in Airway Heights. Ingredients are locally sourced so that when you enjoy the delicious bites, you have a growing sense of pride about the area. Everything inspires pride, especially the sauces! The fry sauce (ask for it!!) is bright and cheerful; the syrup on the apple pancakes was even kicked up with a lovely bright acidity; and the hollandaise was expertly and freshly made. Every dish is thoughtful and expertly prepared with pride. We went for breakfast but had a taste of the Pineapple cream soda – it would make an excellent float! So excited to come back and share this gem with friends and family! Cheers!

  7. Michael Rideout

    Best place to eat and very friendly staff!

  8. Timm Taff

    Excellent breakfast and lunch menu! The staff was professional and helpful. The fries are dangerously delicious! Highly recommend for a solid diner experience.

  9. jeremy tikka

    This restaurant has a great atmosphere and very friendly, helpful staff however I am really picky with breakfast as it is my favorite meal. I ordered the eggs over medium and could tell as soon as my plate was delivered they were cooked way to fast with to much heat as they had a hard brown coating over them. Bacon is a tough one as everyone likes it different. One piece was very good bit the second one was cooked to black. On a lesser issue I ordered wheat toast but was served white. That said the toast was good especially with their homemade blackberry jam. I had peppermint to which was some of the best tasting peppermint tea I have tried. Hashbrowns is another tough one as everyone likes them prepared differently. I’m my opinion they were to crispy. That said next time I will ask for them not to be as that may be a possible.
    All on all this was only one meal and I am willing to try different meals there and add to this review. I must say the eggs were very disappointing as was the bacon.

  10. C B

    Good atmosphere, helpful wait staff, and great food. We had a bit of a wait for our food but it was quite busy, and the food was well worth it. Highly recommend their breakfast here. Coffee, honestly not good, extremely bitter no real flavor but it’s hard to find a good cup of coffee at about any diner. Overall great experience.

  11. Phyllis Dennis

    Friendly staff, and good food. We will be going again in the future

  12. Angelic Akins

    Excellent service and very delicious food!! Definitely will go back!!!

  13. Taylor

    I got the bread pudding French toast and it was so so delicious! I could only finish half, really great portion size! Our server was really sweet too 🙂 super cozy place for breakfast.

  14. will smith

    the place was clean, the staff was friendly and the food was good. some foods are overpriced, and it was a 20-30 minute wait from the time we ordered.

  15. Ashley Maye

    Went here with my friend last week. I’m going to try y’all again after you get your bairings because I love the atmosphere and concept!
    Two stars seems harsh but we had to ask for everything including a spoon to stir coffee and silverware to eat food. Nothing worse than staring at your food and drink right in front of you and not being able to enjoy it. 🙃 that itself not really the biggest deal…. my scramble was brown all over, chewy and just not enjoyable, potatoes were overcooked as well but more edible. This is what broke my fat girl heart. Now…. we also shared the bread pudding French toast, so freaking good even with the edges burnt. 😬 I really believe you will be a great spot, so I’ll see ya in a month and changing my review 🤞

  16. charlene Roman

    The staff was so fun to talk to.
    Food fantastic
    Prices were reasonable given the food is prepared with as much local options as possible.
    Even the tables were decorated with local flowers. Such a nice place.

  17. Ann Gillet

    The food is absolutely delicious!! The French Toast and pancakes are an absolute must. Farm to table quality in an adorable diner atmosphere.

  18. FrostBite19

    Me and my girlfriend live a couple blocks away and have been watching the place come together for months now and finally got to go and try it today! Very very good and the waffle was outstanding and the jam for the toast was really good

  19. Arron Thompson

    Great Breakfast. Different spin on some classics that absolutely taste great. Service is also great. Small diner feel, great food. Locally sourced items, fantastic bacon, Booey’s hot sauce….. Glad we went in!

  20. Wendy Holnagel

    Awesome biscuit, gravy and roasted potatoes. Bummed they were outta gravy and couldn’t bring me more. Excellent coffee.

  21. Alexander Illig

    All the other “karen” like posts either are super super picky and should just cook for themselves or just want to complain.

    Wother way all the food was cooked perfect, nothing burnt. All seasoning was done super well, not over or under done.

    Definitely best dinner this side of Idaho.

  22. Rachel Mackey

    Exactly what Airwayheights needed. Quality food with a local focus. Thankful to have this spot in town. But most importantly the food is GREAT and the service is friendly! The eggs Benedict was worth writing home about, waffles were delicious and sides were all quality additions.

  23. Jara Baker

    Billie’s Diner is a great spot for breakfast, we stopped by to check it out and was very impressed with the menu items which were separated out by sweet and savory. I like the fact that they also offered gluten free options on certain menu items, its hard finding a decent place with gluten free options if you have someone in your party that cant have gluten.
    We went with the savory side, I ordered the salmon benedict while my husband ordered the farm. The atmosphere was very welcoming, the place was very clean.
    What makes this place stand out compared to most breakfast/lunch places is you can tell that everything tasted fresh, nothing was overly greasy. The homemade jam tasted amazing, was very happy with what we were given with our coffees constantly filled.
    We also enjoyed paying our bill on our phones, which made it super convenient and the receipt automatically emailed back.
    One of these days I will try the pies. If you really want fresh tasting food, this is the place to go.

  24. Chung Evert

    Came in and was put on the wait list. Waited 10 minutes and it was our turn next. For some reason, the hostess told the 2 ppl that just walked in to sit at the table that should’ve been ours. We werent too happy with that so told the hostess to take us off the list; hopefully service improves in the near future. Would love to come back and try the food. Poor rating is only based off of service, not food.

  25. Libi Hendrix

    BEST FRENCH TOAST I HAVE EVER HAD!!! So clean and very cute atmosphere. The gravy is very strong with tyme or rosemary but I like the concept. Will be going back!

  26. Karl Schichtel

    Good food great service fresh food
    This was a grilled 3 cheese and a chicken sandwich. Clean restaurant clean restroom
    They serve breakfast all day and Pie as well

  27. Georgia Murcat

    Fantastic, Local, fairly priced and fast! I believe our waitresses name was Ashley or Ashlynn? She was so kind and personable! Everything is locally sourced and made fresh, there were absolutely zero shortcuts used and it shows. We needed a place like this in town!

  28. Jeri Schwinden

    It’s a brand new place. Clean, cute and very professional. Breakfast and lunch served all day. Excellent food presentation. Breakfast was great. I had the hog belly benedict. I can’t wait to try lunch.

  29. Liz M

    Best breakfast in Airway heights! Farm fresh, delicious food and incredible customer service. Please come eat here and support our local community.

  30. Sharon Olson

    You know how sometimes, you really just want to slow down time and enjoy simple pleasures, while also indulging in local, homegrown farm-to-table wholesome goodness? Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it?

    Yet, to celebrate my husband’s birthday today, we decided to visit the new diner in Airway Heights — where all those boxes were checked. We were greeted at the door where we waited about five minutes for requested booth seats. Everything about our experience was soul-nourishing.

    The staff is attentive, the food is delicious, the coffee is fresh, and the environment is relaxing and clean. Some unique — and much appreciated — aspects of Billie’s Diner: free coffee for active duty and veteran military and first responders; free piece of pie if you visit on your birthday; and the volume of the music playing in the background was so low that we could hardly hear it… sooo good to be able to connect with one another without competing to be heard over the music! All this, and then the taste of fresh, homemade food made from locally resourced ingredients made for a five-star experience.

    We’ll definitely be back. And we’re recommending Billie’s Diner to those who appreciate elegant simplicity, fresh ingredients, homemade food, and a relaxing atmosphere.

  31. Charity Justice

    Food is delicious and the owner is the sweetest! Please support local and visit this beautiful diner! She buys her ingredients local!

  32. L L

    Billies Diner is brand new to airway heights and already bustling with life! Grabbing a seat here means you get to experience farm-to-table homestyle breakfast at its finest! Friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere tie this place together nicely! Our food was delicious and we are excited to add this stop to our restaurant rotation!

  33. Thomas Holmes

    Fantastic food, one of two places i know that makes their Hollandaise sauce fresh. Their weekly pies are fantastic, the french toast and even their lunch sandwiches are great. We have been waiting for a place like this to open nearby and we couldnt be happier!

  34. Camilla Calistro

    Really great dine-in experience! I expected longer wait times but even with a full house and training staff we were seated quickly and our food came out in a decent time. The food was absolutely delicious. We had the Bourbon Brown Sugar Bacon Waffle and Hog Belly Benedict and both were made perfectly. We will be back and will recommend to friends!

  35. Dan Huneywell

    Adorable place! My Eggs Benedict was delicious!

  36. Jonathan Walter

    Absolutely fantastic food and the best service possible given the popularity and size of the restaurant. I and my family and friends will be regular customers! Literally a culinary jewel hidden amongst fast food chains in Airway Heights and Spokane.

  37. Amber Roal

    We went in for breakfast. The food was delicious with generous portions. There are staples you would expect a well as a few culinary surprises. The service was prompt and joyful. I highly recommend a visit.

  38. Rob Lough

    Wonderful pork belly benedict. Great, friendly service. Local made hot sauce was wonderful.

  39. Karry Watkins

    We had a great experience at breakfast this morning! Great food, atmosphere and service. We will be back! Thank you!

  40. Steve Jensen

    Adorable little diner, good scratch made food, great pie. So nice to see a new restaurant doing so well right out of the gates.

  41. Bob DeBolt

    Very nice. New owners and nicely remodled.. Simple, yet very well done!! Will visit again soon!!

  42. Jacob Grantham

    Very busy and small, they didn’t follow the order. Hashbrowns not good

  43. Vickie Johnston

    Had an amazing breakfast today. The biscuits & gravy was excellent all homemade. Will definitely be back again!!

  44. C Graves

    Finally able to enjoy a breakfast at the new Billie’s Diner in Airway Heights! Simple & clean, with wonderful server. The food is fresh, unique, and tastes so good. Great atmosphere. My eggs had pumpkin and kale in them on fresh bread. Very yummy! Had a slice of homemade pumpkin pear pie with wonderful coffee. Tasted like coming home. So happy you opened here. Will be back! Recommend to everyone. Make sure you check hours first. Worth the wait!

  45. Jayson Williamson

    For those trying to decide on a place to eat I’ll get to the negatives first. My biggest complaint is the menu.

    It’s not that there is anything unreasonable on the menu, it’s the lack of key breakfast items that, in my opinion, are necessary to have if you are going to call your establishment a breakfast diner. I was disappointed to see not even one single option for omelets and no country fried steak. These two items are a must in any breakfast place. What they call a large orange juice is laughable. No ketchup, jelly, or hot sauce at the tables. They did send a tiny cup of ketchup with my meal but it wasn’t nearly enough. My pancake was pretty undercooked. The few bites I took tasted great but then I got a mouthful of raw batter.

    The food was passable. Don’t expect a mind blowing experience here. The entire breakfast menu consists of things I could have easily made at home and kinda wish I did.

    On to the good things. The service was exceptional, it’s so refreshing to have friendly, professional and efficient service. The interior is amazing looking, having been a regular at the previous restaurant at this location, I can say the new owners put alot of effort and money into fixing the place up and they did a great job. It has a modern yet comfortable feel with a classy look.

    I got the hog belly scramble (scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese, hashbrowns). I would rate the meal a 6/10 mainly because while it tasted good with a generous portion it frankly just tasted like scramble eggs and bacon, nothing special.

  46. Amanda Trickey-Morris

    I lucked out to get the last biscuit, and let me tell you, this place has the BEST BISCUITS I’ve EVER had. I enjoyed mine with real butter and what appeared to be homemade apple butter which was also wonderfully delicious. The hog belly scramble was cooked to perfection and everything that came out of the kitchen looked amazing. Put this place on you must stop list!!

  47. Kendra Corey

    The food was honestly just your basic diner breakfast food, which was a little disappointing considering the branding sets an expectation of something special. Was impressed by the menu, but when we got our food it didn’t wow. It was good, don’t get me wrong, just not remarkable. The restaurant itself is very small inside and felt crowded. Service was excellent and had very cute little touches with design elements.

  48. Kerry Weible

    We’ve only been twice so far, but both times were great. It’s a busy place but staff is attentive and the food comes out quickly. Biscuits and gravy are delicious: the gravy is a little spicy…so good. Get there early if you want the bread pudding French toast, as they may run out like they did the first time we went. We’ll continue to frequent this place!

  49. leonard anderson

    Ok this review is not meant to reflect bad light on the food or the staff because they are great. But the prices make me feel I need to get a second job to eat here. My bill for 2 people eating breakfast came to $61 before tip. The food and service are good but not $61 good. So make sure you take out a second mortgage before visiting Billie’s diner.

  50. Alisa Morrison

    Wonderful food and menu! Kind and caring staff. Family friendly small town feel. I found my regular weekend morning spot!

  51. Eflyn Hall

    Nice diner that uses local farmers for their products. Has a nice home feeling. Their food is excellent, you can taste the freshness. I would definitely recommend their burgers. The staff are very friendly and attentive. Prices are fair for the quality of the food.

  52. Debby Fixel

    Was our first time in today and the food was incredible!! Especially the beans. The staff was very friendly and service was excellent. Highly recommend

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