12924 W Sunset Hwy, Airway Heights, WA 99001


47.643315664246, -117.59056098113


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 10:00 pm


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D’Bali Asian Bistro

Chinese Restaurant in Airway Heights, WA



Signature Chicken Wings (6 pieces) $12

Szechuan wontons (7 pieces) $10

Steamed Bao Buns (2 pieces) $10

Crabby Patty (8 pieces) $8


Tofu & Veggie Soup $12

Beef & Veggie Soup $13

Chicken & Veggie Soup $13

Pork & Veggie Soup $13Shrimp Veggie Soup $14

Famous Boat Noodle Soup $13

Famous Beef or Shrimp Noodle Soup $16


Lao-Style Larb Salad $15

Som Tam Papaya Salad $12


Lucky Buddha Rolls (2 pieces) $10

Crispy Pork Spring Rolls (4 pieces) $8

Veggie Spring rolls (8 pieces) $8


Hong Kong & Pork Chop $15

Nasi Goreng $13

Kimchi $13


Hokkien Mee $16

Pad Kee Mow $15


Kalbi Short Ribs (Lunch) $13 / (Dinner) $18

Bombay Chicken (Lunch) $13 / (Dinner) $18

Singapore Ribs (Lunch) $12 / (Dinner) $17

Kor Moo Yang (Lunch $12 / (Dinner) $17


Coconut Garlic Prawns $18

Sumatran Beef Rendang $16

Bulgogi Beef (Lunch) $12 / (Dinner) $17

Garlic chicken (Lunch) $12 / (dinner) $17

Classic Stir Fry with Veggies $12

(D’Bali Asian Bistro) SEASONAL CURRY

Made from scratch

Phanaeng Curry $13

(D’Bali Asian Bistro) BISTRO BOXES TO-GO

Takeout orders only

Items 1 – 5 served with steamed rice. Fried noodles & fried rice does not come with steamed rice.

1. Bulgogi Beef $9.99

2. Bombay Chicken $9.99

3. Garlic Chicken $9.99

4. Kor Moo Yang Thai Pork $9.99

5. Veggie Stir Fry $9.99

6. Fried Noodles with Chicken or Tofu $9.99

7. Fried Rice with Chicken or Tofu $9.99

(D’Bali Asian Bistro) D’BALI BOWLS TO-GO $9.99

Takeout orders only

Mini bowl of steamed rice or field greens topped with fresh julienne veggies, and choice of beef, chicken, or tofu. Includes one signature sauce of your choice. Signature sauces: Creamy sriracha, cilantro lime, spicy garlic miso, & sate peanut.

(D’Bali Asian Bistro) FAMILY AND PARTY PANS $45

Feeds 4 – 6. For takeout only. Choose one: Hokkien Mee Noodles, Hong Kong Fried Rice & Pork Chops, Garlic Chicken with Steamed Rice, Kor Moo Yang Pork with Steamed Rice

Party Appetizer Sampler $40

Includes Signature Wings (12), Crabby Patty (8), Crispy Smoked Pork or Veggie Spring Rolls (4 – 8)


Includes choice of a free dessert to share. Available for dinner only

Indonesia – Eat, Pray, Love $41

Signature chicken wings, nasi goreng fried rice, Sumatran beef rendang

Thailand – Street Food $42

Lucky buddha rolls, pad kee mow drunken noodles, kor moo yang grilled pork

Korea – Seoulful Dinner $42

Kim chi fried rice, signature chicken wings, bulgogi beef & vegetables

Hong Kon – Dim Sum $43

Szechuan wontons in chili sauce, crispy veggie spring rolls, lacquered pork in steamed bao buns, Hong Kong fried rice with crispy pork chop

Singapore – Hawker Style $46

Seasonal curry, hokkien mee fried noodles, Singapore BBQ pork ribs

Vegetarian – Feast of Enlightenment $45

Lucky buddha rolls with tofu or shrimp, crispy veggie spring rolls, seasonal curry with tofu, classic stir fry with mushrooms, veggies & tofu, steamed rice

(D’Bali Asian Bistro) SIDES

Fried Rice or Noodles $6

Brown or Coconut Rice $5

Extra Steamed Rice $3

Steamed Veggies $4

Extra Meat, Veggies, or Tofu $3

Extra Shrimp $4


10% of dessert profits donated to local animal rescue charities

Cheesecake $8

Crispy Banana Lumpia (2 Pieces) $6

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta $5

Forbidden Rice Pudding $5




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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  

47 reviews for “d’bali Asian Bistro

  1. Lorena Catalusci

    Amazing! New Business. I counted 6 Asian style restaurants in 5 blocks. This place was a winner. We will be back!!!!

  2. Emily Sanchez

    Thai iced tea, Hong Kong pork chop fried rice, lumpia with ice cream all to die for… Love love love.

  3. John Ransom

    Simply fantastic service and delicious food. Highly recommend to anyone with a taste for southeast Asian food!!!

  4. B

    I visited D’Bali Asian Bistro with a few friends who had also never been here before. When we arrived we were seated promptly. Our waitress was very kind, but it took over 40 minutes for our table to receive the food we ordered.

    I ordered a plate of the Garlic chicken. When I finally got my dish, it was cold and had a strange freezer burnt after taste. The chicken was soggy and drowning in sweet and sour sauce. The portions were also very small and I did not receive the rice that should have came with the dish. At 15 dollars a pop, I felt like my money would’ve been better spent at another Asian restaurant like Thai Bamboo or I Love Tofu.

  5. Ken Martin

    First time there. Won’t be the last time. Great food and service. Very friendly and welcome atmosphere.
    Loved it…

  6. Wyatt Stein

    Has to be the best food option in Spokane. Diverse menu with something for everyone. The staff are super friendly and hilarious.

  7. Danielle Reeve

    Very nice bistro. Food was amazing, service was sweet and we have a very nice time. We will be back for sure. <3 Mama J.

  8. Kate Adams

    One of the best meals we have had in a long time! Everything is fresh and made in house. A MUST visit!

  9. Harry Jones

    Great place to eat, excellent food and service. If you are ever in Spokane this is a must place to visit.

  10. Urissee Gatdula

    Came here for dinner with my family before my flight back to SD and the first thing I noticed was the amazing hospitality and the interior. It is so cute and so pleasing to look at. It’s also so clean. Luckily we went around 7 pm and it wasn’t as full as I usually heard it was. I got the curry (with chicken) and I will not lie, it was the BEST CURRY I have ever had. I’ve had curry in many places in many different states and this is tied with Luc Lac in Oregon. And the owner is amazing. She is so kind and funny and you can tell they put a lot of care and love in their food and service. Highly recommend.

  11. Cory Washko

    This restaurant has AMAZING food! The ingredients are very fresh and everything is so flavorful. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming.

  12. Cara Vern

    In town for the week and this place was amazing! Definitely recommended the Boat Noodle Soup. Was one of the best Pho I ever had to date. Thanks!

  13. Mandy Fish

    The food may be Asian but this is as real as the American dream gets!!! Small business owner who is pouring her heart and soul into her business and her food. Amazing!! For a couple that eats out maybe every other month, this is where we go. Warm smiles and amazing food!! Home made curry sauce, not store-bought paste; just delicious.

  14. Savannah Lawson

    5 star plus best Asain food in Spokane hands down! The owner is amazing as well great experience! My husband an I will be going back soon!

  15. Sierra M.

    Such a cute organic asian bistro. Everything about this place is amazing! The food options, look of the restaurant, and customer service!! Would definitely be coming back here again!

  16. Victoria

    Awesome food, different kinds of Asian food but all authentic. Excellent service as well, 10/10 would go again. Get the vietnamese coffee!

  17. Louis Eberhardt

    Dbali Asian Bistro is a truly amazing and the customer service that you receive is second to none. You will not be disappointed with the food you receive and any food ordered will make you stop and forget about time.

  18. ab c

    Food was amazing, our server was very attentive and helpful! Will be going back and has become my favorite asian resturaunt in Spokane!!!

  19. Nik Stiles

    I’ve eaten there twice now and it’s been great both times. Delicious food, super welcoming staff. Gonna be a regular lunch spot for me now.

  20. Jenna Weiner

    The food was delicious and the staff are very attentive! Make sure to try the tropical cheesecake.

  21. danileo herrera

    This place is awesome and delicious. Great variety of food and great customer services. Owner always welcoming while u enter and greets you with a smile. Like I said great quality and quantity of food.

  22. robert adams

    Great place and good value for money. My wife and I stopped in for dinner and from the service to the food, top notch!!!!! Well worth a visit!!! The 10% discount for military is nice little bonus!!! Being so close to Fairchild AFB, is cool to!

  23. Inkyung Shin

    Personally this restaurant is way better than other restaurants in Spokane in food, service, and price. I always try a gourmet restaurant in Spokane but have never really been satisfied, usually over-priced mediocre food (I have traveled many places in the world). D’Bali never disappoints me! I am going through all the food in the menu!

  24. Stephanie Phillips

    Delicious! The Bali Wings were AMAZING! d’Bali offers a wide selection of Asian cuisine, not just one style. I had a Singaporean noodle dish, my husband had BBQ pork ribs, and we shared a Thai sausage. And the passion fruit panna cotta was heavenly. We’ll definitely go back!

  25. Eliza Corral

    D’bali Asian Bistro is a small, cute, and clean space. The menu is a little small, but the food that is on the menu is packed with a bang! I ordered to go and my food was done within minutes. This place offers a small amount of sides that are perfect for your palate. Sweet, sour, and hot. This Bistro should not be skipped!

  26. Amy Glunn

    My favorite restaurant in Airway Heights! The owners are so so nice and always makes us feel so welcomed. Love the food and the changing menu options. All home made and delicious! Highly recommend!!

  27. Taylor Cash

    This was my first meal upon arriving in Washington and it just blew my mind. Everything was so good, unlike any asian inspired food i’ve ever eaten. I will eat here any chance I get and bring everyone I know here!!!! Loved it!

  28. Jason Marsh

    Food was excellent and hostess is very attentive. This was my second time at this place definitely coming back. My in-laws are in town and my father in-law was stationed over in Japan at one point. He liked it and was impressed.

  29. Kayley Pagio

    What a great find! By far some of the best food I have ever had. Highly recommend the short ribs and wings. The food and service here is top quality! I plan to come back every time I’m in Spokane!

  30. Chad Broadus

    Wow, this is a great little spot. This was my first time here and I had the Malaysian curry and it was divine. It was a huge portion with sticky rice and is also served with about 5 condiment/sides (endless refills), including a delicious kimchi and sweet spicy danmuji slices. Yum. Highly recommend this place and can’t wait to go back and start working my way through the menu.

  31. Thurmin Xavier

    I was told to come here by a friend, and man am I grateful. The food, super tasty. The service incredibly friendly. This has become my new favorite haunt.

    Her fried rice and chicken wings are out of this world.

  32. Nina Hall

    Absolutely the best Asian food in spokane area. Great staff and they make you feel right at home. Foods amazing. Love going here. Definitely a must try. Owner is so friendly and nice. Such a great place to go. Highly recommended

  33. Hexlord of Brushbreaker

    This place is amazing. The food is so good. Every thing is made in house and it shows. It’s like you’re going to your ma or grandma’s house and they just want to make you happy.
    Go here and get something I think you will love it.
    Great food at fair prices and friendly staff. Can’t go wrong.

  34. Jordan Woods

    Wow. I have heard good things about this place and on a serendipitous whim we ended up here. Couldn’t be happier. Well how was the service you ask? Exceptionally tremendous. Ok, ok… Well how was the food though? I’m utterly speechless at how delicious and authentic and unique the food is. Yikes. Well it was probably pretty expensive then, yeah? Nope. Super reasonable. In fact I would have happily paid 50% more than we did, heck double even and still been satisfied with the overall experience. These folks got it going on… If you have not had the chance yet, check them out the next chance you get, you will not be disappointed!

  35. L B

    What a surprise this place is. The food here is absolutely delicious. We were just passing through town and there were like four Asian food restaurants in a row and something said try this place out and so we did. Oh my God you just won’t be disappointed the food here is truly delicious!

  36. David Bingham

    A hidden gem. The food here is amazing. I had the steamed bao as an appetizer and I was amazed at how wonderful and full of flavor it was. I grew up around San Francisco so I am pretty picky about Asian food but d’bali is up there with the best in the Bay Area. Great service, always a warm welcome and just the right amount of checking in. Can’t wait to go back and explore more of the menu.

  37. Grace June

    I have so much love for the owner of this business who offers some of the most incredible food and uplifting vibes I’ve ever been around in a restaurant. Mama Jeannie is the best. As much as I love the food, half of the reason I go there is just to be around her. I love to take my friends there because it’s always such a positive experience and they are blown away by the flavors of the dishes and the quality of everything we are served. Thank you so much for what you’re doing in our community!

  38. Josie-Lynne Yoder

    I had the curry and my husband had the Sumatran beef. Both were delicious. The waitress (I beleive the owner?) was attentive and nice. The food was amazing. It was so full of flavor. I stole a few bites from my husband’s dish and I have to say I have never tasted something like it. Flavorful and aromatic. Amazing.

  39. Jeffrey Ridlington

    Delicious food and very friendly service. Tasty side dishes, and they will bring you more if you ask, just like in Korea. D’bali is my new favorite Asian restaurant- I hope to return often

  40. L C

    Amazing delicious food with good portions. Loved this place, highly recommend!

  41. Kraft Punk

    First time at D’bali today! I decided to order the garlic chicken. It was very delicious. The chicken was nice and crunchy and the sauce wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet. I will definitely be back!

  42. Dan Wilson

    Simply amazing food, a great place to share dishes and dine family style. You won’t regret coming to check it out, arguably the best Asian food I have had in our area. Come by and see what I am talking about. Oh yeah and Mama Jeannie is fantastic.

  43. Adam Escajeda

    In a sea of mediocre Asian restaurants this small eatery rises head and shoulders above the competition.

    The food is delicious and very reasonably priced and the service is quick and friendly. I had the Singapore style BBQ ribs and a side of fried rice (side being a misnomer; the portion is huge). Every meal comes with a good selection of banchan.

    My one issue is the fact that this restaurant is somewhat off the beaten path but the food is worth the trip out to airway heights.

    I would highly recommend this to any fan of Korean or southeast asian cuisine.

  44. Shelley Tabe Arrey

    Best thai/ Korean ever!!!! Larb how it should be made!! So healthy, no sugar with the perfect tanginess! Buddha rolls are so delicious with the sweet mango with all the veggies! The manager is so amazing as well, family level service! I would travel to Spokane just to eat there again.

  45. Sienna Jacobsen

    Really good food and warm, friendly waitress (owner?) who served us. We started with the Szechuan won tons. Very good flavor, although the filling was maybe a bit overworked. For dinner we chose Bombay Chicken and Sumatran Beef Rending. The chicken was very good, but the beef was just amazing! The coconut really came through and the beef was super tender. All of it was well-prepared. Our dinner also came with the Banchan side dishes, which I love. The meal was like an entire tour of Asia! I honestly can’t wait to go back!

  46. Bailey DeHaas

    Best Asian restaurant in Spokane!!! They offer fresh and healthy Thai & Korean dishes. We had the vegetarian drunken noodles, kimchi rice, veggie spring rolls and tofu steamed buns. We were blown away by their service and high quality food for a reasonable price! We will absolutely return and will be sure to recommend to others! 🙂

  47. Justin Anderson

    Homemade southeastern Asian cuisine by a South Korean immigrant who moved to the area with her locally based husband. She is creating Korean and Thai food drawing on all sorts of influences to inspire her locally acclaimed cuisine. She is the winner of the 2018 Spokane Culinary Arts Guild Award for Best Ethnic Dining and it’s clearly evident in her food and hard work. Soups/stews are slow cooked for hours, nearly days, to create a repertoire of decadent flavors that cannot be replicated by others. Her Ban-Chan is all homemade in house and served in traditional Korean style with every meal. We especially liked the crispy sweet and spicy chicken wings and the special noodle soup that is slaved over for hours and laden with beef bones to make a rich, fatty broth. This is a must try for all food lovers in Spokane. Don’t let the Airway Heights scenery fool you – this place is the real deal. I will be back to try more of her specialties. 👍🏻👍🏻

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