13701 24th St E A1, Sumner, WA 98390


47.236222965761, -122.24510655328


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


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Brank’s BBQ

Barbecue Restaurant in Sumner, WA

50 reviews for “Brank’s BBQ

  1. Ray l

    It’s been a while since I’ve had some good barbecue on the road I’m a truck driver by trade this place was a very welcome surprise. I ordered the tri tip and sliced brisket and the chicken. Top Notch food quality coming from a Native Texan.

  2. Jess Miller

    Excellent BBQ! Great smoky flavor, spicy sauce with a hint of chipotle. I had the pulled pork sandwich, cowboy beans, and sweet potato fries. Pork was juicy and flavorful, beans were spicy and tart, and sweet potato fries were perfectly done. Best BBQ I’ve had in a long time (and I’ve had BBQ all over this country)

  3. Rob Van Orden

    Bbq chicken sandwhich with beans and mac and cheese hit the spot. Hidden gem of a BBQ joint.

  4. Eat Carbs Outdoors

    Love this place!

  5. Colby Morrow

    Food is outstanding. It’s so good I don’t have words to describe the experience. Just go to it and buy the Sampler plate. It is soooooo good.

  6. Joshua Godsey

    Visiting Seattle from Tennessee!
    I had a absolutely great experience, staff was wonderful! The Brisket and Babyback ribs were cooked to perfection and moist!

  7. Darryl Coker

    The brisket is phenomenal here they do a really good job. I just think that the brisket sandwich should come on regular bread white or wheat
    But again, that’s just me coming from Kansas City, where the sandwiches you need 2 hands That’s all!

  8. Mike Kimball

    Great BBQ

  9. Ryan Dougherty

    I’m not trying to bash this place. But the food was not that good at all. The brisket was very dry and the ribs weren’t anything to write home about. The Mac and cheese was the worst I’ve actually ever had besides Denny’s that’s uses kraft :/.
    The corn bread and pulled pork was 7/10. With so many good BBQ places around here I won’t be going back.

  10. SheriAnn Taylor-Nihal

    Food is excellent every time.

  11. David Huber

    We have eaten there twice and both times the food was excellent. They are fast and so far I like all the sides. We had the baby back ribs and they bit right off the bone. The chicken is good as well.

  12. Aaron Vaughn

    Cold fries and food. Long wait for check. Mistake with order. Sauce isn’t as good as it was when the founder ran the place.

  13. K Johnson

    Awesome 4th of July! Thank you 😊

  14. Abraham Carrasco

    I went and ordered the pulled pork sandwich, cowboy beans, and sweet potato fries. The beans were missing, and I didn’t realize that until I got to the hotel, I was excited to try the beans.

  15. Marshal Todecheenie

    Apparently been around for 18 years!

    I had 1/2 chicken, potato salad, beans and cornbread.

    Chicken was moist and tender with good flavor on its own, BBQ sauce on the table only added to the experience but not needed!

    Potato salad was a little more on the dill pickle side, which for some do not like but I loved it.

    Beans had a great smoky flavor with a slight hint of spice, perfect!

    Cornbread that comes with all the entries was great on its own, I was not able to add butter, other family members got but I was some how missed. But the cornbread held its own, not needing the butter but it would have enhanced an already great bread. Honey on this (they did not have any for it to my knowledge) would have been a game changer!

  16. m. G,sr

    Brank’s BBQ provides an authentic BBQ experience where the sauce doesn’t overpower the meat. With the sauce served on the side, you can truly taste the flavors of the well-cooked meat without any fuel aftertaste. The meat is tender, juicy, and satisfying. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the staff is friendly. If you’re looking for genuine BBQ flavors that let the meat take the spotlight. Brank’s is a solid

  17. Kaylyn Fiedler

    Best BBQ I’ve had at a restaurant! Thanks

  18. Michael Allen

    We were in Puyallup for a baseball tournament, and stopped here for lunch. I’m always looking for some good bbq, unfortunately this was not it. When we rolled up and saw the huge pile of wood and smokers out front, we were excited for some fresh made bbq. We all ordered combinations of brisket sandwiches. We MISSED big time! The brisket was tough and chewy. The coleslaw was fine and the beans were delicious (according to my wife). How do you home smoke your brisket and serve it tough & chewy? No real crust on it either. Had to dip it in the bbq sauce for flavor. I know it’s tough right now for small family restaurants, so I hesitated on writing a bad review. I understand prices have gone up for everything, but the brisket just wasn’t good. Looks like they have been around a long time so I hope they can turn it around.

  19. John Lucier

    Best BBQ we have eaten in longtime

  20. Jorge Molina

    Really good food. Meat is flavorful and sides are really good too. The service is good too. I would definitely come again!!!

  21. Cedarriver Inc

    Absolutely a cut above best of the best. We used to go to longhorns regularly this has become our go-to barbecue place locally prices are amazing the food is absolutely the best. Or you can eat barbecue on Saturdays

  22. Jason Gonzales

    Great food!!! Reasonably priced.

  23. Teri Wheeler

    My son lives here in orting and I fly out from Colorado usually when he picks me up from the airport we usually stop by for lunch. So I come twice a year and I always make sure that I have them take me to branks.

  24. Tyler Dooley

    Food was great! Typical prices for a BBQ place. Rubs and brisket were tender and seasoned well. Sides tasted great and service was above average. Restaurant was clean as well.

  25. Gloria Rodriguez

    Very cozy atmospheres that makes you feel like you are visiting family. The BBQ sauce with a little bit of heat was amazing. I appriecated some heat carrying into the cowboy beans. Very much recommand!

  26. Rachel Radford

    Love Branks! Every time we are able to visit from out of town, we come here! The cornbread muffins are my absolute favorite.

  27. Marisa Floyd

    Such good BBQ!!! I live in Albuquerque and can’t wait to come in town to eat at Branks!!!!

  28. Rhonda Sample

    Some of the best BBQ in town! Yummmmmm

  29. Victor Petrik

    Great food, excellent service!

  30. Danielle Herron

    Only place so far in Washington with real sweet tea. Food is good and the service is great. Great place for bbq.

  31. R A

    Other than food everything else was good.
    the meet was super dry and I had to eat it with loads of water

  32. Nick batson

    Great food and great people running the restaurant. I highly recommend eating there.

  33. Paul Darnell

    Love there food. The ice cream is the best soft serve in town also

  34. Cindy Gardner

    Bbq but no beer! No ambiance. Reminded me of a school cafeteria. Mac n cheese bad. Brisket dry, ordered 2 pcs got 1 n half. Bkd potato was ok. Was a lg family w outta control kids constantly wandering past everyone’s tables, making noise, couldn’t relax n hard my sisters n I to have a conversation. Kinda spendy. Chicken and our waitress were both very good… I won’t go back. I’ll miss the chicken …..

  35. Nathan Hunter

    Best bbq I have had in a long time. The spicy sauce was amazing.

  36. Tim Hostetler

    Good food and quick service.

  37. mike larson

    Food was great 👍

  38. WILLIEBEATZ ProDuctionZ

    Best BBQ in Washington 😊

  39. lee santos

    I drove from Tacoma to enjoy the best barbecue around !

  40. Jonathan Brewer

    Amazing food! Quick & delicious. Brisket was awesome! Recommend 💯 Owners are of a Christian faith & proudly show it. 😁

  41. Thomas Erik Knutson

    Excellent food friendly atmosphere

  42. Pamela and Andrew Jeffery

    We had them cater our wedding venue, this place is well worth it. Great food, stress free service, punctual, and mess free, would highly recommend.

  43. James Weidenbach

    Excellent, Excellent grillin’ .. and I really enjoyed their mild BBQ sauce .. thank you!

  44. Dionne Washington-

    Great BBQ, so tender and the sauce gives my life!

  45. Frank Ruiz

    The food is good; the ribs are well made and tender, the chicken was a bit dry. BBQ sauces are good and the side dishes compliment the meat nicely. Service is good and prompt.

  46. Tracy Blount

    This is second time we had gotten food here. Food is tasty and the Corn muffins are the best we have had. Great food and lots of leftovers. Pricey, yes, but worth the price.

  47. MrRoxtar70

    Sorry I didn’t take any photos. Pulled pork sandwich, cowboy beans, and Mac n cheese. Sando was killer, and spilling out with pork. Cowboy beans were great – tasty. Mac was not as thick as I would have hoped, and sorry to say, kinda bland. Granted, I didn’t use any salt or pepper. Just hoped for some more flavor. Their spicy bbq sauce was just right. Didn’t take my breath away, but still had kick. I can’t wait for my next visit!!

  48. I'm Ungabunga


  49. John Mietus

    I bought takeout. The brisket, chicken, corn bread, sweet potato fries and coleslaw were all good. Like that sweet potato fries are a standard option. No upcharge. BBQ sauce was good, but not exactly the style I prefer. I will go again.

  50. Joe Melton

    Food is actually really good here. For a restaurant it’s really good! We always get the same thing pulled pork sandwiches. Mac and cheese, coleslaw, beans , and fries. It’s a great grab close to our work

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