31515 Pete von Reichbauer Way S, Federal Way, WA 98003


47.3193966, -122.3107265


11:00 am – 9:30 pm


11:00 am – 9:30 pm


11:00 am – 9:30 pm


11:00 am – 9:30 pm


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11:00 am – 10:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Jasmine Mongolian Grill

Mongolian Grill Restaurant in Federal Way, WA

65 reviews for “Jasmine Mongolian Grill

  1. Chris Hamel

    Food had always been good at all locations but the value has disappeared. 25 bucks per plate and they no longer serve soup. Very disappointing.

  2. Sheena G

    Love love love this place one of my favorite go to restaurants just wish there was one closer to my house
    Plenty of choices for you to create your own dish it can get real busy especially on a Sunday after church
    Only one thing to complain about if you bring your baby toddler and they see them eating all of 1 noodle sucking on a broccoli they will charge you for a full plate happen to be with my 9m old she was sleep when we came in in do time she woke up I gave her a noodle lady was going to charge me and luckily she didn’t that day I won’t do that again


    This is a Must Experience Restaurant!!! One of my all time faves

  4. Corey Mathis

    Awesome food. Coming back soon

  5. Shemeca Barrientos

    It was nice and quiet on a Wednesday early evening. The Cooks did their thing. A quality filling meal for a great price.

  6. Ann Michelle

    Update May 2023
    Just took my mom there for a pre-Mother’s Day lunch. Just as good as the first visit. Mom loved it!

    March 2023:
    Saturday was the first time I’d been there. I liked the seating area arrangement. You could choose an open area or a table in a more discrete corner. We were there in the late afternoon. It wasn’t very crowded. We chose a table and then got our meals. The choices seemed endless! We moved rather quickly through the line. It was fun to choose what I wanted & watch it cook. Make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach! No doggie bags allowed for food you can’t eat! We left about 6pm and not only was the restaurant completely filled up, there was a line waiting to get in that stretched out the door!! Well worth going, and I’m making plans to come back with my mom this time!

  7. Justin Heaston

    Okay, let me start off by saying that the food is great and it’s a HUGE Mongolian Grill with lots of seating and tons of options. Inside is very nice and accommodates large parties.

    My issue was that the cooks were not very welcoming and seemed to hate their jobs and although my server was great about drinks, they didn’t seem to be able to handle us splitting the bill without being confused 4 times.

    So as far as a Mongolian grill goes, the food is great and has more options than any I have ever seen. But seeing as how service is half of the experience or more since you kind of make the food yourself in a way. I was not overly impressed.

    Vegetarian options: Vegetarians beware. They weren’t very careful when making sure not to mix other people’s food in my food. I found bits of my friends dish in mine. Just a friendly warning that you may have to express to the chef the importance of not letting someone’s food touch yours.

  8. Amy Alexander

    Wonderful food as always! Huge variety and always tasty!

  9. Alonso Delgado

    Usualy it takes me like a month or two for me to come here because I get full easily. BUT it never lets me down and I always leave with a big fat smile on my face. And to me, that’s life.

  10. Debi Olson

    The food was rather bland, even with spicy additions. The cook was arrogant, directing people to move with his spatula apparently just because he wanted them to stand where he wanted them, nothing to do with making room for others. It was late and almost empty. There was no refill of waters or other beverages offered. It’s very expensive for what it was.

  11. Taylor Noel

    The food is good but the adult plate is 24.99. It is all you can eat but is not good for a small appetite. And they wont let you take your leftovers after you have spent that much! They throw them away!! I will not return unless they have a choice for smaller appetites. The waitress was really good though

  12. W Lin

    the waiter is nice! The food is great!! And they actually offering steam rice and rice sheet to roll the ingredients

  13. Jane whittle

    Great time with friends

  14. Jay Sungvorn

    Quality of the food did not match the price. Service did not match 18% gratitude charge. The food was ok. I will go to KBBQ or Sushi buffet and will pay more but I will feel better paying than $33 person at this place.

  15. walter h

    Plenty of choices in both meat and veggies. The weak spot is the sauces… not much flavor. Great service, and friendly servers.

  16. Paul H

    Really liked the selection of veggies available. The service was spot on from the cooks handling the large amount of people’s meals to the waitress attention to our table. Really enjoyed Jasmine.

  17. Viktor Chernomor

    Really awesome place, I’m first time, and I really recommend

  18. Pavel Solop (Paul)

    The food is always delicious. I stop by every time I’m in the area. The price seems to also go up every time.

  19. Julie Fulton

    Other than the cook accidentally giving my food to the guy behind me in line, I was impressed with how clean the decor and food bar was. Will definitely return. Love the new location!

  20. Chris sullivan

    this was a very nice dinner experience. the food was really good and there was so many choices I do wish they had plum sauce but everything else was amazing and will definitely be back. though it is a expensive dinner so it’ll only be on special occasions

  21. Audrey Peters

    Very friendly staff and quick service.

  22. Haakon Steindal

    Edit: Back up to 5 stars now that covid is over and it’s back to normal business. It IS a little pricey considering 2 plates end up over 60 dollars plus whatever you decide to tip the cooks. It’s still my favorite place to eat though, probably the best food I have ever had and everything is fresh. Employees are exceptionally friendly and professional, it’s always very clean and we have not gotten sick a single time eating here.

  23. Celestino Martinez

    Great food and service drinks

  24. Robert Collins

    Nice place. Our server (I didn’t get her name, but she was on top of our small group of 10+) did a great job. The food is good, and the decor is great. Here is the thing about this place, it is an all-you-can-eat type restaurant. So the prices are geared towards them expecting you to have larger servings and/or go back for another round. It was my first time so I probably loaded my plate too much (which I did because I had no idea how much it would reduce down and it’s so easy to grab what your eyes want). I think it is a bit pricey. Especially if you tend to eat smaller portions. The cooks could act like they like their jobs (they were very standoffish).

  25. Rhaghen Sih'he


  26. Pamela Bates

    Been a family favorite restaurant for about 25yrs.

  27. Jandel Daniels

    Went at the right time, barely anyone there!! Always good!! Take my money!!

  28. Carolina Saraiva

    It’s hard to find an all you can eat for a good price around, but this place is awesome. My only complaint is that the music was a little too loud so it was hard to hear the people further away in the table. The food though? Absolutely excellent. Good variety for the buffet, so there’s something for everybody! (even the picky ones)

  29. Ted Saalfeld

    Always a great time, chef once again was amazing

  30. Chuck Kidd


  31. Avery S

    This place is awesome.

  32. Keith Harris

    great food! nice staff! And there was not a long wait to be seated.. on a Saturday!

  33. Boater Girl

    This is my go to place for Mongolian grill.

  34. Allen Lessenger

    Very polite staff and the food was amazing.

  35. Manaia Bucknell

    I hate to give 2 stars for service but…I had to get my own water and things because the poor lady was sooo overworked I fealt like she had to wait all the tables alone.
    But other than that everything was 👍 Great 😀

  36. Justin Newlun

    30 dollars for this now. Use to love it but not 30 dollars worth now


    Nice one I like that

  38. Krystal Turner

    Loved watching them cook my food

  39. charlene Mitchell

    Always nice to go. The older Asian man I think is head Chef and cooks your food better than the younger ones . They are ok just have lack of care imo

  40. Mister James

    This is the spot for Mongolian Grill in Federal Way. Very nice atmosphere and restaurant with plenty of seating and the food is plentiful and excellent. Great customer service also.

  41. James Wells

    Almost unlimited choices on what you can create, and the cook always nails it. Staff is super friendly as well!

  42. Jon Miller

    Great food, very clean and service was fantastic. Will be back again.

  43. Vlad Karmanoffsky

    It is became my favorite place to relax and eat with no worries. There’s wonderful (for the lack of a better expression) waitress named Sasha, that you could always expect around for all of your questions and needs. (but, if you combine pork with seafood – it’s your problem, not their🤣) over all – it’s one of the best place to spend your “yammi” time.

  44. marcy soriano

    Our first time here and I’m impressed, only 4 stars on the food because my husband’s 2nd plate tasted burnt, chef did not scrap small piece of burnt part out which tasted into his food

  45. Felicia C

    It’s great to select your ingredients. There is heavy traffic (see peak hours) but it’s ok as sometimes the lines move faster than slower. My friends and family love eating here. I always tip the chefs.

  46. Traci Roberson

    Love this place, love the food!

  47. Leo Ward

    Everything was perfect except the wait time for the food to get cooked. We will visit again but at times that is less busy.

  48. Lori Knight

    What a great place. Your basically in charge of the outcome of your food, you pick it out put it in the bowl and the put it on the grill. So I guess I put the right things together. 😆. Decent service, 1 person for a number of tables. I left a good tip, she definitely earned it!! I’ll go back!

  49. Wesley Wallace

    Fun experience! Good food

  50. Elaine R

    Good very nice hostess

  51. Justin Wade

    Decided to stop in. The place was very modern and clean. When I got there around 2pm on a Sunday, the line was fairly large. Looked like a lot of families after church.

    The food selection was pretty amazing and made the wait more bearable as I got to decide what all I wanted to put in my bowl. Pro tip, do two bowls at once.

    The cooking was fun and the chefs were great. They offered me a little ice cream at the end and it was delightful.

    Will definitely return

  52. Gerald Florence

    Good food. Great selections to make your own bbq while they cook it for you

  53. Steve Pincsak

    This is a must if you’re in the area. Please treat yourself to this amazing restaurant. It’s all you can eat, and the food options are unlimited, super fresh !!! The staff is very friendly.

  54. Joey Hillyer

    Value for the money. All you can eat. I love this place after a long week. Make sure you go hungry

  55. Karla Luna

    Always have an amazing experience
    , I’ve been coming here since they were at the commons mall.

  56. Liesha Russo (Prplemnkey)

    This is quickly becoming my bew fave place! Can’t complain about food you picked yourself haha. Only criticism would be the people cooking the food. First time I went they looked so bored/unhappy and it was a slow time. Second time it was very busy and the food came out a little overcooked/charred but it was still good.

  57. Tatiana Lisitsyna

    Cozy, fresh food, good service, and free parking.

  58. Casey Negley

    This place is way too expensive for what you get. No doggie bags, which is insane, and drinks that cost as much as a really nice place for only meh quality. No atmosphere either. The waitress was really nice tho.

  59. Brandy Hoyt

    Literally my favorite place ever


    One of the best Mongolian places I’ve ever been to.

  61. alex andrade


  62. Pi Kositphon

    Good foods, Clean & Nice place, Reasonable prices.

  63. Lauren Graves

    I really love this place! Selection is usually the same but really solid overall. Chefs are great and the waitress we have consistently is amazing. I can tell people actually care about this job and it makes me happy to see it.

  64. Alston Mitchell

    Best Mongolian grill around!

  65. Cesar Tolentino

    Love this place. Our Kent place closed a few weeks ago, and this one now is our go to place. Interior is fantastic. It can handle large group of people easy. Great for birthday parties.

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